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Jeff Probst Reveals The Survivor’s Hourglass Twist Is Gone For 43

For those who do not know these Survivor switch-ups, the controversial Change History (aka hourglass) twist first appeared in the season 41 pre-merge episode, when the castaways were split from their tribes into two new groups to compete for individual immunity. The winning team enjoyed voting immunity, while only the losers would be on the chopping block. But here’s the catch: The winning team could pick one of two players who didn’t compete to be kicked out to Exile Island, which secretly granted them the power to “change history” if they wanted to. . The chosen contestant could break an hourglass, reversing the outcome of the challenge, meaning the winners would actually be eliminated, not the losers.

This caused more than a little drama behind the scenes. Season 41 Sydney Segalwho was eliminated during this episode, told TVLine in November 2021 that the decision caused “pure pandemonium” in the camp and that his compatriot Danny McCray even “bored Jeff” for the off-camera decision.

So for Season 42, the twist was framed a little differently: Probst told the contestants that whoever goes into exile would have a secret, game-changing power. But in the end, the hourglass was broken anyway, and a member of the winning team was sent home.