Sport camera

Jamal Crawford smashes the camera on Inside the NBA set

Cameras can sometimes break during sports action, although in these cases it is often caused by a foul ball.

Luckily for the cameras, no one was injured in the ballparks on opening day yesterday. There was one incident, however, from a completely different sport. And it happened in a studio, not in a stadium.

During a break on Inside the NBA, Crawford, Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal made good use of the on-set basketball hoop, but it would end up being a costly shootout for Turner. A three-point shot attempt from Jamal Crawford slammed into the back of the rim and bounced to the side of the field, where it blasted into a camera, shattering the lens and spraying glass everywhere.

Crawford didn’t immediately see the blunder, turning to look away from the missed shot. But O’Neal made sure to name Crawford as the culprit of the broken camera, immediately exposing his co-analyst TNT with a finger.

“The snitches have stitches!” Wade repeatedly screamed after seeing O’Neal blaming Crawford for the damage.

Crawford has earned over $122 million in his career, so if Turner makes him cover the cost of the camera, you should be fine. Wade, Crawford and Adam Lefkoe have filled TNT’s Thursday night coverage in recent weeks as Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson continue to recover from the NCAA Tournament.