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iVUE Horizon Pro sports camera glasses review

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In the age of recording devices and selfie sticks, it’s fun to see what’s out there in terms of videography equipment. iVue has released the Horizon Pro Sport Camera goggles, which let you record video directly from the goggle frame, and useful for recording while you’re doing outdoor activities or water sports. Let’s take a look and see what features are available in these camera glasses.

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What’s in the box?

Horizon Pro 1080P Glasses
Dark tint and transparent lenses
Hard and soft case
cleaning cloth
USB charging and data cable
Black and red ear cushions
Restraint strap
User’s Guide
1 year warranty

The iVue Horizon Pro camera glasses record HD video at 1080P up to 60fps. They are made with a weather resistant black plastic/rubber frame and black polarized lenses. The built-in Li-Ion battery is 550 mAh, about one hour of recording time, and the camera angle is 90°.


Here’s a shot of the left side of the bezels, with a huge iVue logo – not the sleekest.


The right side of the glasses features a speaker/microphone and the record button, making the frames super thick and bulky.


The goggles come with a thick nose pad that gives you extra grip, in case you are in bad weather or sweaty.


As you can see, the glasses are quite large and bulky. They don’t look too terrible wearing them, but they’re still pretty big.


Here is the bottom of the glasses where several connections are available.


My review unit came with a 16GB MicroSD card and adapter. You can use any MicroSD card up to 32 GB.


The glasses also come with clear frames in case you want to do another sport that doesn’t require sunglasses (maybe surfing or using them in the rain). I haven’t changed mine, so hopefully they’re easy to put on and take off.


The camera is right on the front of the goggles between the lenses. I think it seems rather obvious that there is a camera, but maybe because I already know it’s there.


This is where you can plug in the glasses to charge them with the included micro USB cable and insert the microSD card. The toggle button enables wifi availability when you connect to your smartphone to use the iVue app.


When recording has started, a blue light will flash inside the frame to let you know the camera is on.


The glasses come with various accessories, including a retaining strap for when you really need the glasses to stay in place.


Here I wear the iVue Horizon Pro. They overwhelm my face a bit, but maybe on a tall person with a slightly larger face they would be fine. They were comfortable though, and the rubber pads helped me keep the glass on my nose.


You can see that the frames are quite large. Having long hair, one complaint I have is that the rubber pads pull my hair when I put them on or take them off. I understand the need for the rubber pads, but this is just a warning for people with long hair!



The iVue app (for iOS or Android) allows you to connect to the live video feed from your glasses, just like any action cam app. It is also convenient to change several parameters.


The glasses can record in 720P or 1080P.


Here you can format the MicroSD card, as well as sync the video time with your phone time.


Once you record a video, it is broken down into multiple H.264 .MOV files. Click on the video below to see a sample video footage of me wearing the glasses during a ride:

I wore the goggles for my 20 minute ride and these pups got super HOT. I don’t know how anyone could wear them longer than that. I had to remove them after the 20 minutes, or at least stop recording. I suppose they’d be fun to wear to capture something in small bursts, but honestly you might be better off with an action camera that doesn’t get as hot but is still small and portable. The only advantage of wearing camera glasses is if you do a sport like cycling or running and want to capture the scenes in short bursts. If these images were a bit finer and didn’t get so hot, I would recommend them as the video quality is pretty good. At the moment they are simply too bulky and difficult to use in practice.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Recorder Gear. Please visit their site for more information and pricing.

Product Information

Price: $179.00
Maker: iView
Retailer: Recorder equipment
  • computer running Windows or Mac to view the video
  • iOS or Android phone for app
  • Great video quality
  • mobile app control and live preview
The inconvenients:
  • bulky
  • heats up after 20 minutes