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ISRO Invites Students to Apply for a Free Online Course in Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis

ISRO has announced a free online course called Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis for interested students and professionals

ISRO, through its center the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, offers a free online course titled “Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis”. The course will cover the basic principles of remote sensing. The course will take place online from August 22 to September 16, 2022, and interested participants can register either through their respective institutes or also opt for individual registration. Those who successfully complete the course will also receive certificates.

What will the free ISRO online course cover?

Some of the topics that will be covered in the course are:

  • Basic principles of remote sensing.
  • Earth observation sensors and platforms.
  • Spectral signature of different land cover features.
  • Interpretation of images.
  • Thermal and microwave remote sensing.
  • Digital Image Processing: Basic concepts of rectification and registration techniques, enhancement, classification and accuracy assessment.

Course study materials like pdf lecture slides, video recorded lectures, open source software and demonstration materials will be made available through the online class. The video lectures will also be uploaded to the IIRS Learning Management System.

Who can take the ISRO Free Online Course?

The course would be most suitable for the following participants:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students of any year.
  • Technical and scientific personnel of central government, state, faculty or researchers of universities or institutions.

Other Important Course Details

The program can be received live through the IIRS-ISRO e-class platform or using the IIRS youtube channel using internet connectivity. No specific hardware or software is required. The content of the sessions will be available offline after 24 hours on the e-class portal. The hardware required to take the course is a desktop computer with a webcam microphone and an output speaker or a laptop computer with a microphone camera and an output speaker or a large display screen, a projector or TV. Those wishing to take the course are advised to read the official notification for more information.