Dash cam

Iowa DOT shares dash cam video of truck that overturned due to ‘slippery floors, slick steel and no safety’

Wednesday, Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement dash cam video shared to reinforce the importance of cargo securement for commercial vehicle drivers.

Iowa DOT says the truck driver in the dash cam clip didn’t run aggressively or erratically, but with “smooth floors, smooth steel, and no bindings” he did didn’t take long to overturn the truck.

See the video below.

Iowa DOT says the truck driver’s company shared the video to show others the importance of securing your load:

This company was kind enough to let us use their dash cam video of an accident one of their drivers had. They wanted to use their experience as a learning experience for others. That said, let’s talk about securing the load again! You often hear and see us talking about this, but we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to give you some insight into what can happen when loads aren’t secured or immobilized properly.

Per FMCSR 393.100 – all loads must be secured or immobilized to prevent movement on or within the vehicle to such an extent that the handling and stability of the vehicle is not affected. Typically we see uploads (like this) that are in no way secure. Remember, just because the trailer or other vehicle is closed on all sides doesn’t mean the load doesn’t need to be secured!

In the video, you’ll notice the driver doesn’t act aggressively or make any erratic movements before the suit starts to tip over and eventually lands sideways. With smooth floors, smooth steel and no bindings, it doesn’t take much to turn a good day into a bad one. Fortunately, no one was injured as a result of this accident. Please be careful!

Iowa DOT also shared photos of the aftermath of the crash, which you can see below.