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INNOVV K5 Motorcycle Dash Camera

| October 11, 2022

The INNOVV K5 is an auto-ignition, dual-lens (front and rear) safety motorcycle dash cam with 4K video quality and an app that can share action videos to your social media channels. favorites and your lawyer. The waterproof (IP67 rating) uses an 8-megapixel sensor on the front camera, producing 4K Ultra HD images at 30 FPS. The rear camera also uses a Sony sensor with 1080P HD quality.

By Keith Dowdle

What’s in the box? Here is.

INNOVV K5 Motorcycle Dash Camera | The truth

Outstanding Feature: Auto on/off recording technology with 4K video resolution

MSRP: $458

wheelie 4K shareable video
wheelie Always On
wheelie High quality application and material
wheelie Easy setup
endo-down Son, son, son

INNOVV K5 Motorcycle Dash Camera Remote Control
You can monitor the system and make sure everything is working properly via this handlebar-mounted remote.

INNOVV K5 Motorcycle Dash Camera | Runner analysis:

Having full-time front and rear camera recording while riding your motorcycle could pay off big if you get involved in an accident. Motorcyclists are easy targets for law enforcement and cage drivers in the event of an accident. It always seems to be our fault just because we ride a motorcycle. I started using a helmet camera on my way to work in SoCal years ago after a car tried to run me off the road just for parting lanes (legal in California) and that he didn’t want to be overwhelmed. In this app I quickly learned that action cameras due to their relatively short battery life are not ideal for full time operation and you are just lucky if you have it when something goes wrong. unexpected happens. If I had used a front and back camera full time that day, I could have proved my case and got that asshole arrested, but as it was, I had no proof.

So what if someone made such a device specifically for motorcycles? Well, that’s exactly what INNOVV did. The INNOVV brand took off rapidly in Europe and elsewhere around the world a few years ago, and now thousands of American riders are discovering the benefits of this “install and forget” dash cam technology.

Let’s start with the installation. It’s simple and very easy, with good instructions; however, some threads are really short while others are way too long. Neither is a big deal, but we couldn’t figure out why the power cable is less than a foot long while the wires going to the other components are nearly 10 feet. long. That leaves a huge bundle of wires that needs to be tucked behind a piece of bodywork somewhere. Ugh. Once we managed to hide the wires, we downloaded the app which connects via the K5’s built-in Wi-Fi and offers endless controllability, fine-tuning of the system and lightning-fast video downloading that you saved directly to your phone.

INNOVV K5 Motorcycle Dash Camera Review
The front camera captures the views with 4K resolution.

The K5 records a ton of video in a looped format – up to 512GB on the SD card (purchased separately) – with a 120 degree view. It records in 4K resolution on the front camera and 1080p on the rear and can also capture stills or record segments of video on command using the handlebar-mounted “smart remote”. The smart remote also keeps you informed of Wi-Fi, DVR and GPS status without having to take your eyes off the road. GPS allows time, location, and speed to be embedded into recorded video, each of which can be turned on or off using the app. The device also has a “G” sensor which can detect an accident, or, if your bike is parked and an idiot knocks it over, the K5 will start recording automatically so you can identify the loser and make them pay the damage. How cool is that?

If you want to use the K5 as an action camera and narrate videos while you record, a wired microphone is provided for that. Or you can clip it somewhere on the bike and let it record the awesome sound of your exhaust note as you power through corners. Not to mention it’s waterproof, with an IP67 rating that’s good up to three feet underwater for 30 minutes. I hope we don’t have to test this!

We love the INNOVV K5, and will be using it to capture action footage for years to come. Oh, and if we ever come across another rabid cage driver down the road, we’ll be ready to capture the red-faced bastard for the world and the judge to see.NC

For more information, visit www.innovv.com

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