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Indie Games Spotlight: Adventure Calls

Indie Games Spotlight is Goomba Stomp’s bi-weekly column where we highlight some of the most exciting new and upcoming indie games. As we approach the holiday season, there’s no shortage of great indie games. Ever wanted to create your own brewery or get lost in a new cozy life simulation game? Let’s start!

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Transcend dimensions in Akatori

There’s something inherently satisfying about navigating a well-crafted platformer, and Akatori looks like it will scratch that itch quite comfortably. The story follows a young girl named Mako as she sets out on a journey to prevent an ancient god from being awakened by the power of the “World Warp”, a special ability that transforms areas of the game 180 degrees and transfers Mako through the dimensions.

While the dimension jump sets Akatori Along with other metroidvanias, hack-and-slash staff combat is also central to the experience. From Mako’s fluid mid-air combos to ranged attacks, the simple yet kinetic combat mechanics seek to strike the perfect balance between accessible and fun, especially with dozens of enemy types to face. Akatori will eventually release on Switch and PC.

lonely village
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Bring life to the lonely village

There’s been a noticeable increase in cozy slice-of-life sims in recent years, and lonely village is one of the most promising. Unlike the recent potions license and Rune Factory 5, lonely village is a non-combat farming simulation that prioritizes puzzle-solving and adventure. To help bring a village back from the brink of destruction, step into the shoes of Wes the coyote and gradually gain land to build, garden and fish.

Just because lonely village doesn’t feature combat doesn’t mean there aren’t dungeons to explore and villagers to save. The puzzle-focused approach is a refreshing way to approach the genre, and the dynamic art design makes exploration feel naturally inviting. While it remains to be seen how fleshed out the farming systems are and how well players can befriend characters (are romantic relationships an option?), lonely village is on track to tick off all the major notes when it launches on Switch, Xbox, and PC on November 1.

signaling;  Spotlight on Indie Games
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Pay attention to Signalis

Horror fans are ridiculously well fed throughout this fall and winter season with everything from hit releases like Calisto Protocol and the dead space redo independent projects like Contempt and The last tests. Signalis has always been one of the most anticipated of all thanks to an intoxicating atmosphere and classic survival horror gameplay that requires players to carefully manage their resources and look through the lens of a stationary camera.

Step into the shoes of Elster, a technician who wakes up without her partner and surrounded by nightmarish creatures and cosmic terror. Signalis’ The dystopian setting provides the perfect backdrop for exploration of cold, distant spaceships and abandoned facilities and storytelling inspired by Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch. You won’t have to wait long to be spooked: Signalis sneaks onto all platforms on October 27.

Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator
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Here’s a toast to Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator

Have you ever sat down with a beer and thought “I could do this?” Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator got you covered. From perfecting brewing techniques to naming, bottling and labeling your own brand, Brewmaster allows players to get involved in all aspects of craft beer crafting. Those less familiar with the ins and outs of brewing can follow the recipes while those with experience can tap into the best equipment and ingredients on the market.

Which makes Brewmaster so awesome is all there is to it. Players can decorate their home brewery space and design their own labels, but they can also submit their beers to local competitions and breweries to make a name for themselves. There are craft beer styles to master, harder recipes to unlock, and a whole story-based mode to discover for those who want to learn what it takes to become a master brewer. You don’t have to wait long to start charting your own path: Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator is available now on PC and coming soon to all consoles.

Worship of Babel;  Spotlight on Indie Games
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Run your own Cult of Babel

Kind of like how kill the arrow created a whole sub-genre in its own right following its enormous success, the reverberations of vampire survivors the impact continues to be felt over a year and a half since its launch in Early Access in early 2021. Cult of Babel is the latest roguelite horde survival game that puts its own unique spin on things; instead of choosing from a set of abilities, players will collect cards that can be upgraded and combined to unleash devastating effects on a range of enemies.

Although there are only two classes to choose from at launch (a witch and a wizard), developer Menacing Aura Games promises that more will be added throughout the early access period. Either way, the randomized cards should keep sets from becoming obsolete too quickly, and with over 60 cards available from the start, there should be plenty of variety at ground level. Your ascent of the Tower of Babel can begin immediately; Cult of Babel just released on PC!