Dash cam

How to Use an Old iPhone as a Dash Cam

Start by choosing an ideal place to place the car holder for the iPhone. If you’re using one that sits on a suction cup, be sure to place the mount somewhere that doesn’t get too hot in direct sunlight as it could fall over from the heat. Another thing to note is that some States in the United States prohibit vehicle owners from placing anything on the front windshield. So just check the laws in your area before putting on the car mount.

After mounting the iPhone, connect it to the charger using the lightning cable, then open the app you downloaded. Although the options may vary by app, some essential options will be present in every app. These may include video quality, storage space usage, and recording time (including loop recording in some applications). Once these options are configured, hit the save button to get your old iPhone turned new dashboard up and running. Be sure to move recordings to another device or delete older recordings that you don’t need. This will allow the old iPhone to continue functioning as a dash cam without issues with limited storage. While you are using the new economic gadget, there are a few things you need to take note of.