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Hong Kong man tries to fake car crash in bizarre dash cam footage

If you’re trying to fake an accident, at least try to make it real. But this man didn’t get the memo and ended up embarrassing himself.

Dashcam footage has gone viral showing a pedestrian in Hong Kong going out of his way in an apparent attempt to fake a car accident, in order to make a quick buck.


The not-so-Oscar-worthy man’s performance was an elaborate insurance scam, but he ended up with his tail between his legs.

In the viral images, the man can be seen pacing in a weird way. He then begins turn in circles as soon as an SUV approaches him. As soon as the driver spots it, it naturally slows down and stops.

Knowing that the vehicle is stationary, the scammer tries to improvise and starts fidgeting pretending he got hit before falling to the ground.

Well, the man surely needs acting lessons.

Last year a man in Louisiana, USA, was arrested for allegedly lying about being hit and injured by a You’re here after the vehicle’s 360-degree camera system recorded the entire incident.

Arthur Bates Jr., 47, reportedly told police he was injured after being hit by the reversing Tesla in a gas station parking lot.

But video of the incident caught on the electric vehicle’s cameras proved that Bates had faked his injuries, police said.

Video captured by a 360-degree camera system which was later released by police shows the suspect walking behind the Tesla as it backs up. The car stops and the man jumps back a second later. He remains motionless, one foot resting on the bumper of the Tesla, for several seconds. A man – presumably the driver – then enters the frame, pushes the suspect’s foot away from the car, and then walks away. The car then starts.

Bates then called 911 to allege he suffered back, leg and neck injuries after being hit by the electric car. First responders, including an ambulance and a fire truck, were dispatched to the scene.

Bates told police the Tesla driver fled in the aftermath. When the police finally found the You’re here driver, he told officers that Bates had intentionally jumped behind the car as it was backing up.

Police said Bates was unaware that Teslas are equipped with multiple cameras that record the entire vehicle.

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