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Hollywood actor Richard Kind explains how working in front of the camera comes in handy when playing golf | Golf News and Tour Information

The ability to block out distractions and focus on the shot at hand is essential to golf success. If you think too much or let your mind wander, you are likely to make mistakes. Ask Richard Kind, and he’ll tell you it’s the same in his lifelong profession: acting.

Kind is known for his outstanding performances in “Mad About You”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Spin City”, as well as his memorable voice acting roles in hit animated films such as “Inside Out” and “Cars”. On this week’s episode of Henni & Hally Can’t Quit Golf, hosts Henni Koyack and Hally Leadbetter talk to the Hollywood star about his love of golf and the parallels he sees with the sport and his acting career .

“In golf, you don’t want to think. You have to trust gravity to do its job. You have to train enough to get the club to where you want it to go without you even thinking about it,” Kind said. “Behind the camera are 50 people, scouts, costumers, everyone. You can train yourself not to know those people are there. The average person thinks what they look like in front of 50 people, but you don’t You can’t. Golfers have to do it too. Best of all, they block it.

Kind has something in common with other guests Henni and Hally have had on the podcast: he has had success in his own field and strives to achieve the same greatness playing golf, knowing that the sport can be uplifting and humbling at the same time.

“If you go to the piano and put your finger on middle C, you produce the same sound as Vladimir Horowitz, the greatest pianist of all time,” Kind said. “You can hit a golf ball and it can end up in the same hole as Tiger Woods. In fact, you can get a hole in one, where it takes three to get in. You can be awesome. [Or] you’re just lucky, [but] it is what you aspire to.

Hear stories from Kind’s time on set as well as Henni and Hally’s broadcast missteps throughout the episode, which you can listen to below, or subscribe to wherever you get podcasts.