Dash cam

Hero Electronix’s consumer tech business launches smart dash cam

Qubo, the consumer technology brand of Hero Electronix has launched its smart dash cam. The dash cam is equipped with 1080p 30FPS HD video quality for recording and live viewing. With a built-in 6-axis G-sensor, it automatically detects a sudden shake/collision and locks the footage to the “event file” which you can access on your phone via the Qubo app.

It also provides a wide-angle field of view to reduce blind spots and achieve 6+ lane wide coverage. Priced at Rs 4,290, the product will be available across all channels including online and offline channels through an extensive network of outlets.

Ujjwal Munjal, Vice President of Hero Electronix, said, “With the addition of Auto Tech products to our existing product portfolio, we are one step closer to our aspiration of reaching one million homes.

Nikhil Rajpal, CEO of Hero Electronix, said, “We have made significant investments over the past few years to understand the needs of Indian consumers and create products that will help enrich the vehicle ownership experience. Our products are feature rich and priced which we hope will drive deep adoption in India.

Given the emphasis on security, the demand for Dash Cams has increased dramatically over the past few years for both personal and business use. Qubo’s Dash Cam, which can be easily mounted on the dashboard, is designed to record images/videos while driving.

Hero Electronix is ​​Hero Group’s enterprise in the Deep tech space with a vision to create cutting-edge tech companies emerging from India.