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Henderson mom says dash cam video shows need for school crossing guard near charter school | Education

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Patrollers keep kids safe, but as FOX5 reported, there’s a shortage in the Las Vegas Valley and charter schools haven’t provided them by the school district.

In Henderson, near Pinecrest Academy Cadence, when school ends, the intersection of Saguaro Street and Grand Cadence Drive is filled with children and cars, which can be a dangerous combination.

Amy Gold took a video that she says proves it.

“He just cut right in front of my car,” Gold said of his video taken on Tuesday afternoon.

The mother and part-time carpool driver had her camera rolling as she approached the busy intersection. When it was her turn, she began to park in the intersection and a child on a bicycle ran diagonally past her, forcing her to brake.

Gold said if she hadn’t paid close attention or been faster, he would have been hit.

“It triggered something in me, seeing that, because he’s someone’s child. If someone had been through that intersection, the cars going in the opposite direction block the view of a part of that intersection, and they wouldn’t have seen it.” says gold.

Gold said she believes there is an urgent need for a school crossing guard.

“I called 311 as soon as I saw this. I knew they might try to guide me on who I should contact to get a school crossing guard…They directed me to CCSD which at the time , I didn’t think Pinecrest was a charter school, so I called the SDCC police, and they said Me, I have to call the crossing guard company and I called the crossing guard company, they told me said the school should take care of it,” Gold said.

Gold then called the school.

“They told me they had tried. People have expressed concern. She suggested I contact the city,” Gold said.

The intersection in question is off school property. FOX5 also reached out to the city of Henderson to ask about crossing guards near charter schools and got this response.

The City of Henderson does not provide charter school crossing guards. However, the Henderson Police Department offers helpful guidelines for any school interested in establishing volunteer crossing guards.

As the region continues to grow, Gold worries about what could happen. Other parents shared her concern when she uploaded her video.

“People have pointed out that the similar situation is happening with charter schools all around Las Vegas and Henderson. They won’t give them school crossing guards, they won’t give them school zones,” Gold said.