Haywards Heath resident embarks on TV adventure in Channel 4’s The Perfect Pitch

Chris Kenrick, 34, of Queens Road, stars in The Perfect Pitch, a competition series that sees a rotating group of campers explore the UK in caravans, RVs or RVs.

It airs weekdays at 5:30 p.m. with the aim of finding the best campsites in Britain that have some of the best activities nearby.

Chris, a security operations manager who lives with his partner Rosie, filmed his part of the show in the Lake District with his friend Chelsie Padley for two weeks in June and July.

Chris Kenrick and Chelsie Padley are on The Perfect Pitch weekdays at 5:30 pm on Channel 4. Photo: Avanti Media.

“My experience has been absolutely amazing,” said Chris, who had never been on a TV show before.

“We did paddle boarding, wake surfing and went on paddle steamers,” he said, adding that the “great mix” of activities also involved riding heavy Cumbrian horses.

The episode with the horses airs tonight (Thursday, September 30, 5:30 p.m.) and is quite emotional, Chris said.

“I don’t know if they made me cry in front of the camera, but horses are a bit of something for me, because I had a horse when I was younger and I had to put it to sleep”, a- he declared.

Wednesday’s episode, which was somewhat scary, saw Chris cross a metal bridge, 1,000 feet above a slate mine and also a zip line inside the mine itself.

“That stuff doesn’t really bother me until I’m halfway there and have nowhere to go,” he said.

“But the feeling you get after doing it can’t be duplicated. ”

Chris got involved in the series after Chelsie, a 30-year-old fitness trainer from Bognor Regis, converted a VW T6 van, nicknamed “Dora,” so she could work on the go and travel at any time.

Chelsie was contacted about the show, produced by production company Avanti, and Chris was also invited to participate and thought “why not? “.

“I’m not used to cameras following me everywhere I go, but this was a free vacation and something I probably would do with Chelsie anyway,” he said.

Chris said that he and Chelsie actually met through a dating app, but quickly realized there was no romantic spark and found out that they would make good friends at the square.

Chris went on to say that he and Chelsie were in five episodes, which began on Monday of this week.

“You get three different pairs every week and you go to five different campsites in one area of ​​the UK,” he said.

“We did the Lake District and other areas featured are the Jurassic Coast, Pembrokeshire and Somerset.”

Chris said participants visit five campsites in each region, do a few activities and then rate the campsites at the end.

At the end of the week, they vote for “the perfect pitch” among these five.

“It’s more of a competition for the campsites than for us,” he said.

“It’s the entertainment value around the campsite and what you can do there and how the campsite presented itself visually.”

The Perfect Pitch aims to show off sites with stunning views, private beaches, adventure activities or spa facilities and encourages viewers to experience these things for themselves.

“Tonight’s episode, Baystone Bank Farm Campsite was my favorite, but I think every campsite yielded something towards what I would say was a perfect location,” Chris said.

“It was just a beautiful landscape, a beautiful setting and the lady who owns the site, Annie Rose, I’m still in touch with her now, she’s just an amazing woman,” he said.

But Chris said parts of making the show were difficult and there was a lot of work involved.

“The hardest part was waiting to complete each task,” he said.

“Traveling to do each activity as well as to go to campsites was a bit taxing as you couldn’t take the direct route you would normally take,” he added, saying they had to be filmed taking the scenic route. .

“Monday’s episode made us build rafts on Lake Windermere,” he said.

“It was about three and a half minutes of TV footage, but we actually filmed it for almost four hours.”

But Chris said the production company Avanti was “just amazing” and it was great to meet everyone involved in the show.

“The best part for me has been meeting these people, both the cast and crew, who I will hopefully stay in touch with forever,” he said.

The Perfect Pitch is weekdays at 5:30 p.m. on Channel 4.

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