Have you planned the hunt of a lifetime? Leupold wants to film it

Every year, Outdoor living receives letters from readers about the amazing hunts they are planning. Some have unique labels that they have been waiting for decades to draw. Others go on a special hunt or plan a low odds adventure with an OTC tag. Their destinations are usually adventurous – isolated mountain ranges or grueling deserts – but the people behind the hunt and the circumstances that brought them there are still what makes these hunts special.

Leupold wants to share one of those stories this season. The Portland-based optics company claims its customers are the “most die-hard” hunters and wants to prove it with this Project Hunt competition. Here is how it works.


“Tell us what you hunt, where you hunt and why your story is unique,” ​​Leupold President and CEO Bruce Pettet said in a press release. “If you are selected, we will help you tell, if you have pulled the tag of life or if you are considering hunting over the counter.”

To tell this story, Leupold will send a videographer to find the winner. The images will be made into a limited series or short film for release on YouTube in 2022. The winner will also receive an optical kit. To participate, applicants must submit a 2 minute video submission with their application. Leupold says entries will be judged on the basis of hunting plans, history, and on-camera personality. So if you consider yourself to be an influencer, you will need to bring more than a snapshot Instagram caption to this party. You can find all the rules here, and enter the contest on Leupold.com.

There is the usual fine print. The hunt must be in the United States, so your dangerous safari is over. In addition, this contest does not pay for any part of your hunt. Your badge, transport and all other hunting costs are your responsibility. Meanwhile, there are guesses to be made about the ideal candidate for the Project Hunt competition. DIY seems to be the name of the game, so your mule deer hunt on a chic private ranch is probably over. And, given that Leupold makes top-notch riflescopes, it’s a safe bet that the lucky winner will be a rifle hunter. That said, the contest rules don’t exclude anyone beyond the big game hunter, so it’s fair game for bow hunters, waterfowl, and anyone else who uses hunting optics.

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Thus, you do not receive all the expenses paid for the hunt. But Leupold estimates the cost of the videographer, professionally edited YouTube videos, and the photo package to be around $ 20,000. (Hiring a professional to shoot you for up to 10 days in the backcountry isn’t cheap.) On top of that, the optical package will likely contain one. VX-3HD rifle scope, a set of BX-4 Pro Guide HD binos and a Pro Guide pack, a SX-4 Pro Guide HD Spotter, a RX-1400i rangefinder, and performance sunglasses. In total, it costs $ 2,500.

But the publicity and the precise monetary value of the prize are not the cool part of this contest. The top contender will plan an incredible hunt under remarkable circumstances (and yes, they’ll have charisma on camera to boot). Hopefully, however, this winner will also be someone who wants the chance to remember, blow by blow, what could be one of the best hunts of their lives. The details of the most memorable hunts will fade over time, often subtly changing with each story. It would be pretty cool to look back on your hunt in 20 years and relive all the ups and downs of that season where you hunted caribou across the barren ground with your brother, or marked a trophy bull with an OTC tag after a year. hellish. This prize is worth more than 15 minutes of fame.

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