Hacking an adult friend will result in a “domino effect”

A major data breach on the “Sex and Swingers” Adult Friend Finder website could trigger a series of subsequent hacks, security researchers have warned.

Up to 412 million accounts have been compromised, according to monitoring company Leaked Source, exposing the personal data of site users. If confirmed, the breach would be the biggest known personal data breach this year.

This is the second time in as many years that Adult Friend Finder has been hacked, after 3.5 million user records exposed in May 2015. Data allegedly breached in the latest hack includes e- addresses. mail, passwords, IP addresses and site membership status.

If Adult Friend Finder users have the same password for multiple sites and online services, criminals could use it to compromise other accounts. Likewise, personal data could be used in phishing campaigns that use information such as bait to trick people into disclosing sensitive data.

“With this 400 million account breach, we should expect a domino effect of smaller data breaches with password reuse and phishing,” said Ilia Koloshenko, CEO of security firm High-Tech Bridge.

“Enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will likely help minimize this type of incident in the future, but it will take some time. Users should keep in mind that anything they post or share online may one day become public. mind and it will prevent a lot of bad things from happening online. “

Other experts criticized the way personal data was stored, especially regarding the importance of password security.

“Storing passwords in clear text is inexcusable in today’s world,” says Mike Raggo, chief researcher at social media security company ZeroFox. “Prompt password changes for the affected account, and any other accounts the user has that may use the same password, should all be changed as soon as possible.” “

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