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Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderland Review

Even though spring is fast approaching, that doesn’t mean winter is over for good, so strap on your skis and snowboards and get started! Or if it’s above freezing where you live, you can always do what we did and jump in Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlandthe latest release from Microids and Toppluva and the latest in the genre of snowboarding and skiing simulations.

Great mountain adventure features 10 different levels, spread across 10 different countries, of absolutely massive mountains that you can ski or snowboard. Each mountain is its own open world, containing a variety of challenges and courses that you can choose to participate in or not, or if you just want to relax and ski in Zen mode, that’s fine too. However, playing in Challenge mode and collecting ski passes from these challenges is the only way to unlock lifts to take you higher up the mountain and unlock other levels and challenges. It’s a well-thought-out, well-tiered system, and it doesn’t require you to participate in any particular styles of challenges as there are more passes available than necessary, both to unlock lifts and levels.

Oh sure, MAP lets you zoom in and out.

The basic structure and gameplay of Great mountain adventure is tall. The tiered lift system and different levels separate the game and keep it from feeling too overwhelming, but still expansive, and the choice to switch between skis and snowboards is absolute perfection. Unfortunately, there are several inconveniences that come with the chairlift ride.

The game’s biggest drawback is the camera work. Great mountain adventure exclusively uses a top-down view, which isn’t a bad thing in itself, but having your person in the middle of the screen at all times means you can’t always see as far as you want, and The inability to zoom in significantly becomes frustrating, especially when you’re stuck. The camera also automatically adjusts while you’re skiing, which is usually good, and saves you the hassle of constantly having to readjust it manually, but sometimes it just jumps into weird or unnecessary positions on its own.

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Here we are !

Great mountain adventure would also benefit from accessibility options. While it’s nice to switch skis from snowboards, it doesn’t inherently affect game play or gameplay. Changing the colors of the slalom markers to make them stand out, instead of just having light blue on a bluish white background would help immensely, as would being able to change the color of your persona to stand out. ‘background. Combined with the unfortunate camera work, I often found myself squinting at my Switch screen, trying to figure out which direction I was going and where I was supposed to go in some of the challenges.

Despite my complaints about accessibility options and the camera, Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderland is great fun for winter sports enthusiasts. There are a ton of varied, low-pressure challenges to find, and the game increases in difficulty as you progress through the course levels. Playing in Zen Mode is also fun and relaxed, and perhaps even more fun than Challenge Mode. Ultimately, if you can handle poor visibility and boring camera work, even in short doses, Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderland is a great choice for casual yet challenging ski/snowboard play.

TechRaptor reviewed Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderland on Nintendo Switch with a copy provided by the publisher. It is also available on PC and mobile.