Dash cam

Gosport driver’s dash cam catches hair rising between car and kid on bike

Bridgemary couple Martin and Theresa Deem were traveling along Military Road on Sunday March 27 when they came ‘a millimetre’ from their car hitting a boy on a bicycle as he set off to cross the road – apparently checking his phone but not his surroundings.

Martin’s dash cam footage captures the moment he has to swerve the family’s Vauxhall Mokka into the opposite lane – with no traffic – in order to avoid colliding with the boy.

The 56-year-old said: ‘As you can see in the video he was driving on Military Road which is a 40mph road.

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A Gosport couple caught a jaw-dropping near miss on their car’s dash cam.

“I see this kid on the bike and thought he could do something.

“When he came out in front of me, I thought, ‘oh my god’.

“Because I knew him, I was quick to react.

“If I had put the brakes on, I would have hit him anyway. I needed to swerve.

“There was a millimeter between us.

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Martin stopped and got out to check the boy wasn’t shaken by the near miss – but he ‘ran away pretty quickly’ down Cambridge Road.

He said, “I think he was embarrassed.”

Theresa then posted the images on social media in the hopes they will teach others to be more careful when using the road.

The HR assistant said: ‘It was just to try and get the message across that it could have ended Mother’s Day in a completely different way.

“Please everyone can teach our children better road safety.

“It made us say to our kids, ‘we can’t repeat enough how important it is to be aware of your surroundings.’

“The boy was completely ignoring us.”

The road has seen a few near misses with schoolchildren crossing between parked cars, according to Martin.

He said: “The road is good, the speed is good. It’s just that people need to be more aware.