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Golf: Tiger Woods tells camera operator to back off during frustrating round at PGA Championship


Tiger Woods was caught asking a camera operator for space at the PGA Championship three times. Video / PGA

An altercation with a television camera operator has highlighted the depth of frustration Tiger Woods felt after a disappointing first round at the PGA Championship golf tournament.

Woods, who is only making his second competitive start since nearly losing his right leg in a car crash 15 months ago, was clearly uneasy throughout the day; grimacing noticeably several times during his back nine.

However, his physical battle was not helped by a camera operator who, after Woods opened the day drive, encroached a little too close to Woods’ personal space.

Tiger Woods had a frustrating first day on the Southern Hills course.  Photo/Getty
Tiger Woods had a frustrating first day on the Southern Hills course. Photo/Getty

Woods was captured on live television asking the person behind the camera three times to “give (him) a break.”

“Would you like to give me some breathing space?” Woods asked. “Please?”

A few seconds later and after a minimal change in the situation, Woods again asked, “Would you give me a break, please?”

Once again, the camera operator barely acknowledged Woods’ call, prompting a third awkward request: “Could you back up a bit and give me some respite? Back up a bit and give me a bit respite!”

At that point, the cover cut Woods off and, presumably, gave him respite from the scrutiny of his walk down the fairway.

After a strong start, with two birdies in his first five holes, Woods ended his day with a four of 74 that left him far in the standings.

“Physically, I feel better,” Woods said, with selfless understatement. “No, my leg is not feeling as good as I would like. We will start the recovery process and deal with it tomorrow.”

Later he developed the problem. “I just can’t load it. Loading hurts, pressing hurts, walking hurts and twisting hurts,” he said before cracking his own joke. “But hey, it’s just golf. If I don’t do that, I’m fine.”

Woods wasn’t the only player to express his frustration at a cameraman in the opening round, as Spaniard Jon Rahm was also caught twice telling one to back off as he approached. a bunker shot.

Rahm, the world number two ranked player, also struggled on the Southern Hills course, finishing with a round three and exiting the course tied for 84th place.