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Giant sculpture in Scarborough wins Camera Club

Photographers photographed costumes, wildlife, and even landmarks for this week’s “borrowed” Camera Club theme.

One winner stood out this week and it was Gordon Craig’s photo of a giant sculpture in Scarborough.

Mr Craig said the sculpture was originally borrowed by Scarborough residents for four weeks and the giant sculpture by Freddie Gilroy now sits on the North Bay seafront.

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Mr Craig told the story behind the sculpture by Ray Lonsdale, he said: ‘Freddie was a working class lad from a mining community who fought in World War II. He was one of the first to liberate Bergen Belsen just before his 24th birthday.

“They found 60,000 starving prisoners and thousands of corpses. Unfortunately, up to 13,000 people were so sick that they also died.

“The survivors became known as the Belsen Stragglers.

“The monument is both a tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and an acknowledgment of the incredible journey of young working-class men facing unimaginable horror.

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“A local resident used her savings to buy the sculpture in memory of her husband and donated it to the people of Scarborough.”

To celebrate the Jubilee, the theme for next week’s Camera Club competition is ‘Party’, so get ready to take photos of all the events happening in Oxfordshire.

To enter, post your photos on the Oxford Mail Camera Club’s Facebook page and if you’re lucky, your snap will appear in the newspaper.

Good shooting!

This story was written by Rebecca Whittaker, she joined the team in 2019 as a multimedia reporter.

Rebecca covers education and current affairs in Abingdon and Wantage.

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