Dash cam

Garmin adds an integrated dash cam to its trucking navigation

Garmin International recently announced the new dēzlCamä OTR710, bringing high-definition camera technology to its 7-inch dēzl browser. Aimed at on-road trucking applications, it features a 1080p dash cam with a wide 140-degree field of view that continuously records the journey and automatically saves video of any incidents. Users can view and share important video clips from smartphone. Every video clip is automatically stored in the secure online vault for viewing and sharing using the dēzl app.

The dēzlCam OTR710’s built-in high-definition camera provides advanced driver-assisted warnings, including forward collision and lane departure warnings to help increase driver awareness and encourage safer driving.

The new dēzlCam OTR710 also offers drivers:

• Custom routing based on rig size and weight;

• Road warnings for dangers ahead, including steep inclines, sharp turns and more;

• Birdseye satellite imagery shows high resolution aerial views upon arrival at destination;

• A directory of truck and trailer services for convenience on the road;

• Display of loyalty points at participating travel centers across the United States;

• Built-in PrePass notifications for upcoming US weigh stations and bypass decisions; and

• Integration with Garmin dēzl headsets, Instinct 2 smartwatch – dēzl edition and BC 50 wireless backup camera.