Floyd Mayweather filmed bragging about winning $ 100 million for “fake fight”

Floyd Mayweather bragged about winning $ 100 million for his recent exhibition fight with YouTube star Logan Paul.

The retired boxing superstar faced off against the social media pioneer earlier this month in eight rounds in Miami.

Paul surprised many pundits and fans by taking Mayweather over the full 24-minute distance in a fight that did not declare the winner.

But Mayweather admitted the fight was little more than a glorified fight – and went so far as to call it “bogus.”

The 44-year-old made the comments after his protégé Gervonta Davis won against Mario Barrios on Saturday night.

As the post-fight press conference was about to begin, Mayweather told someone on the platform, “I’m the only person who can do a fake fight and get $ 100 million. could do legalized sparring and get $ 100 million. “

Floyd Mayweather admitted his fight with Logan Paul was a “fake fight”

Mayweather’s purse for his fight with Paul has not been officially announced, but estimates suggest he failed to make $ 100 million.

Despite its exhibition nature, the event was a box office success with $ 50 million generated from sales on Showtime and Fanmio in the United States.

Mayweather reportedly struck a deal where he would earn 50% of pay-per-view sales, which is a share of around $ 25 million.

He is also believed to have received a lump sum of $ 10 million and claimed he earned $ 30 million from sponsors on his shorts, bringing his total winnings to $ 65 million.

Paul, meanwhile, would earn 10% of pay-per-view sales ($ 5 million) and earn a lump sum of $ 250,000.

Mayweather was “fighting” for the first time since being knocked out in the first round by Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasakawa in 2018.

He last fought professionally in 2017 when he stopped UFC legend Conor McGregor in the 10th round to take his record to a perfect 50-0.

And after the lackluster fight with Paul, Mayweather appeared to rule out fights in another exhibit.

“I’m going to the Hall of Fame,” he told reporters after the fight. “I have nothing to prove.

“If they’re happy with the fight and the handling for eight rounds, that’s good for them – I hope the fans were happy.

“I’ve been in this sport for so long, I was letting people see that I could come out when I was 44 and bring 30,000 to the stadium and bring in some good pay-per-view numbers.

“I’m not going to play like I’m 19, it’s all about growing up and getting older – I can’t fight like when I fought people like Gatti and people like that.”

“Am I going to make a comeback?” Absolutely not. I retired from the sport of boxing. I probably won’t be doing any more exhibitions either. “

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