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Ex-Detective Shares Online Dating Safety Tip (VIDEO)

When it comes to online dating, sharing photos is a common practice to get to know someone. It turns out that these photos could potentially lead to danger.

A retired detective took to TikTok to share an “important” safety tip for those dating online.

Killer Bee Tactical, LLC shared a clip warning viewers of the dangers of sharing photos online.

He filmed the viral clip, which has amassed more than 2.7 million views, in response to a mother’s TikTok revealing how to view location information for iPhone photos and videos received from children.

“You upload the photo to your camera roll and click the little ‘i’ [icon]”, she explained. “It will give you information – what time the photo was taken, where it was taken and even what camera was used.

According CNET“almost every photo” taken on an iPhone contains a “lot of hidden information stored inside” called “metadata”.

“This metadata contains descriptive information that makes each image unique. This includes the creation date, camera information and settings, and your location,” CNET reports. “This information allows apps to quickly identify photos and organize them. On your iPhone, that’s why you can do something like categorize your photos by date taken, or why iOS can create these personalized keepsake videos of you on holiday.”

While this information could be “useful”, the former detective revealed that it could be harmful in the wrong hands.

“If you go online and send photos to a stranger, you just sent them to where you were. So if you were standing on your porch when you took the photo, that could be a problem,” says he in his TikTok video.

“A screenshot does not contain this information,” he adds as advice. “Take a screenshot of the photo, send the screenshot.”

Check out his advice below:

Users were blown away by the tip, thanking the former detective for sharing his insights.

“You have no idea how many lives this could save… Thank you,” one person wrote, while another commented, “So important!!! Thanks for sharing.”

Another woman shared her experience with using metadata to catch her boyfriend cheating. “That’s how I found out that a man I was dating was MARRIED and a full MISSIONARY!” she wrote.

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