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Easter Eggs Only Diehard Fans Have Been Noticed

“Fanservice” can have several meanings. The most common definition is why Mai Shiranui of king of fighters was not allowed to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While the other is to stick in big or small references to appeal to fans. Like Heihachi releasing his Tekken 7 Rage Art in Netflix Tekken: Bloodlineor the Dramatic Finishes reproducing scenes from dragonball series in Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

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So never let it be said that CyberConnect2 didn’t do their homework when they did JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle. They gave it a set of links to the series and then added a few more for the new and improved All-Star Battle R. Here’s a group that only the most enthusiastic fans would recognize.


9 Friends pay attention to friends

One of All-Star Battle RAdditions are supporting characters. Players simply choose their main character, then they choose a second character to jump in and attack or defend them when they’re on the receiving end. They can choose who they want, whether the characters are friends, colleagues, enemies or completely independent of each other.

But if they are friends, the supporting character will make a remark. Usually they just call their name, with Joseph calling Caesar, Caesar defending his ‘Sensei’ Lisa Lisa, etc. But others make other comments. Josuke and Rohan don’t care about each other, so they only help each other out of obligation. Josuke’s phrase, “shikata ga nai”, basically means “if I must” or “it can’t be helped”.

8 New pieces for familiar faces

When the original star battle came out, the anime had just finished its first season. So while they got all phantom blood and Fight Tendency cast to reprise their roles, everyone was new. Only Daisuke Ono, Wataru Takagi, Showtaro Morikubo, and Kappei Yamaguchi would enter the anime as Jotaro, Okuyasu, Akira Otoishi, and Shigechi respectively. The new cast entered the follow-up sky eyesbut were replaced by the anime’s full cast for All-Star Battle R.

This does not mean that everyone has been replaced. Just redesigned. BSAof Giorno, Daisuke Namikawa, became ASBRit’s Anasui. While the original Anasui, Yuichi Nakamura, became ASBRIt’s Bruno Bucciarati. Toshiyuki Morikawa went from being the main villain (Diavolo from part 5 to BSA) to another (Yoshikage Kira from part 4 in ASBR). Shō Hayami voiced a Dio devotee in BSA‘s Father Pucci, then became another in ASBR like vanilla ice cream. The listings for parts 7 and 8 remain the same as the original BSAexcept Yūki Kaiji now doubles as Johnny Joestar and Koichi Hirose now.

seven Great vagaries of heat

Everyone in the game has two super moves: a heart attack (HHA) and a big heart attack (GHA). These are more or less super moves based on the techniques used by the characters in the series. Jotaro’s Star Platinum tears the opponent to pieces. Polnareff (no longer SBA Eiffel) cuts them at high speed with Silver Chariot, etc. Others have their quirks.

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Josuke Higashikata’s Crazy Diamond from Part 4 heals the opponent before knocking them down. He even gives paraplegic Johnny Joestar the use of his legs before taking it back. While Pannacotta Fugo’s GHA isn’t actually based on anything he does in Part 5. It’s a move he does in the finale of his spin-off novel. Crimson Haze Comments by Kohei Kadono. Hoping it becomes an OVA one day.

6 Famous Last Words

If Jonathan gets knocked out by Dio Brando’s HHA, the camera will close in on him getting punched like in the manga. If it’s finished with a jab, it collapses sitting like it’s passed away. Do the same with Caesar, and he will produce a blood bubble. As Esidisi’s body expels his brain and nervous system.

Less rude but equally sinister, Shigechi will call Josuke when Kira finishes him off with his Sheer Heart Attack super move. Rohan will call out Koichi’s name if Kira’s alter-ego Kosaku Kawajiri finishes him off with his own Bites the Dust GHA. If Josuke retaliates and defeats Kawajiri, he will stammer trying to “flip the switch” like in the final battle in Part 4.

5 Counter the world!

The most iconic battle of the series is that of Jotaro Kujo against Dio at the end of part 3: Stardust Crusaders. As such, CyberConnect2 added a bunch of references to it. If Part 3, Dio drinks blood from a Joestar member, he will rub his finger against his temple, which matches what he did after drinking Joseph’s blood in the series.

Most famously, his GHA makes him stop time and unleash a steamroller on his opponent. If Jotaro is on the receiving side, he can press the Down, Down + Stand button to escape the explosion. Likewise, both can counter each other’s Time Stops by stopping time again to change the freeze effect. Provided you have enough counter.

4 Location Location Location

Each stage of the game has its own danger, whether it’s a falling chandelier, a leaping Dio pal, or even a ghost with a knife. Although some are immune to its effects. Akira Otoishi isn’t hurt by lightning in the Morioh Town scene because he has an Electric Stand. He’s still hurt by Mariah’s power cords, so that’s not all.

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Other stages provide dramatic endings where an enemy suffers one curse or another. Regular enemies are smashed out of bounds in the Dio’s Mansion stage, while vampires like Dio, Vanilla Ice, and the Pillar Men are fried. The jagged rocks of Cape Boing-Boing have the sound effect of Koichi on them, so that the opponent bounces harmlessly into the sea. The bear sign at the Philadelphia seaside is pulled inward by the power of Funny Valentine according to the manga, so he gets closer to the victim when sent towards them. Sometimes the simplest things can be weird.

3 Gold Experience Requiem bites the dust

Giorno Giovanna’s Gold Experience Requiem GHA empowers his attacks, helps him hover in the air, and makes him immune to all damage until exhausted. Its only downside is that it is slow to activate, giving the opponent time to hit Giorno. If they can’t do that, they have to spend some time on the defensive instead.

Unless they play as Kosaku Kawajiri. In canon, he was the first person to earn a Requiem Stand as he gained his “third bomb” Bites the Dust with a second arrow hit. So if he manages to connect with his GHA in ASBR, not only will it damage Giorno, but it will also turn off his Stand. He will revert to his usual Gold experience instead.

2 Gold Experience Swing

Giorno can always respond with his HHA for revenge, where Gold Experience smashes his fist straight into the opponent’s face and inflicts a stagger. The camera gives the player a nice close-up of his poor character grimacing in his “dull, slow pain”.

Some characters also have particular reactions. Gold Experience squeaks its thumb into Jonathan’s eye, replicating the result of his boxing match against Dio Brando. If he hits the 3 Dio part, it will match Jotaro’s skull destruction attempts during their fight. Polnareff will stick his tongue out at the time he tried to point the finger at Hol Horse while he was being held hostage. Whereas Bruno, the original victim, acts like he did on the show, wobbly jaw and all.

1 No spoilers!

Pucci had his own reaction to Giorno’s HHA in the original BSA. But he was removed from ASBR. Why? Because it was technically a spoiler. Just like Pucci’s unique “13 Phrases” counter, what happened when it filled up, and his original GHA. It wasn’t that bad in 2013, but now there is a part 6 anime running, it would suck if only anime fans learned about the ending before it was released.

This alternate Pucci will likely become DLC for ASBR, HHA reaction and all. Until then, players can enjoy a simpler, smoother version of Pucci with a new GHA based on White Snake’s illusion powers. Johnny and Gyro’s GHAs are still re-enacting their last Funny Valentine encounter from Part 7, as it will be some time before it comes to life.

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