Dash cam

East Point police shoot dash cam | Paralyzed Devin Nolley

Two of the officers are indicted, accused of having used excessive force.

EAST POINT, Ga. — Devin Nolley’s attorney says the only body part he could move was his head after he was shot by police three years ago. Not only do they want the charged officers convicted, but they want East Point Police and the City of South Fulton to pay his ongoing medical bills.

One angle of the released dashcam video shows an officer using a PIT maneuver, turning the car Nolley was driving and then stopping. You can see him jump out of the car and run through the woods, as the officers start shooting.

“He was fleeing police near Interstate 285 unarmed, shot twice in the back and twice in the legs while fleeing. Mr. Nolley was not a threat to anyone,” the lead attorney said Carlos Moore.

Nolley was handcuffed and taken to hospital, but was left paralyzed from the neck down.

Another clip from the dash cam shows Nolley’s first encounter with police at a mall along Camp Creek Parkway when officers attempted to arrest him, believing the black sedan he was driving had been stolen.

Nolley’s other attorney, James Bryant, described what he saw while watching the video.

“Devin Nolley backs up, tries to avoid Officer Ettienne and walks away. And at that point East Point officers fired 17 shots.” He said.

Nolley’s lawyers said these officers put the public at risk. GBI said at least one bullet pierced a store window and a customer was cut from broken glass.

Former East Point officers Rodney Etienne and Shiron Nicole Varner were charged this month with aggravated assault after a Fulton County grand jury found they used excessive force in an attempt to stop Nolley.

“It won’t bring back the use of his arms, hands or any of his limbs. But he will be reassured to know that those who nearly took his life will be held accountable in court,” Moore said. .

Ettienne’s attorney, Don Samuel, argued the shooting was justified, accusing Nolley of trying to run over an officer. 11Alive has not spoken to Varner’s attorneys.