Does Arch Manning have Texas in mind? Ask Cooper Manning first

Trevor Lawrence, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning. All three were the “must see” generational sub-center out of high school. Two have gone on to have stellar careers in the NFL while Lawrence is only just beginning his journey.

Is Arch Manning the Next Gem?

Arch Manning, the QB’s No.1 prospect for the 2023 class, could be the most wanted recruit of the decade. Everyone wants it, and for good reason. An NFL grandfather, two Super Bowl-winning uncles, and a life spent at Manning Passing Academy?

What not to like?

Cooper Manning, Arch’s father, understands what it means to bear Manning’s name. Before a career-ending spine disease, he was also a robust prospect, albeit at the wide receiver position.

The name as a whole gave Arch the opportunity to grow. It also adds a bit of pressure compared to other recruits in the class.

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“I think it’s definitely an advantage to be exposed to it earlier or all of a sudden the lights come on and you’ve never had it before, but I still think it’s an adjustment,” Cooper Manning told SI All-American on Friday. “He’s not just going to jump in front of the camera. He doesn’t love attention. He just wants to play football and have fun with his friends and be a regular guy.

Arch Manning grew up breathing football. From Sunday watching his Uncle Peyton tear up AFC opponents to days in New York City watching Eli lead the Giants, that was his life.

Patriarch Archie never pressured boys to become sports superstars. He encouraged them to improve each day and find a goal to achieve before moving on to the next challenge.

Cooper Manning says most parents who go through the recruiting process lack the knowledge to understand the process, so remembering Archie’s lessons is beneficial for his own son.

“I am really lucky to have a role model,” Cooper Manning said. “Not only did I have to deal with this, but I had to deal with a lot of things and I am lucky to have good parents and when different situations arise I can lean back: ‘How my Would father handle this? How would my mother handle this? “I’m probably going to screw it up, but at least I’ll have them as a reference, it’s definitely a luxury.

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Arch Manning is already visiting programs, including Texas. Under new head coach Steve Sarkisian, the Longhorns look to compete in the Big 12 for years to come.

It’s easier said than done, but the 2022 class is promising. Currently. Texas ranks 9th in the SI All-American rankings, highlighted by five-tool QB Maalik Murphy.

Manning also visited both SMU and Clemson earlier this summer. Ahead of the August 1 dead spell, Cooper Manning told SI All-American that his son will be heading to Ole Miss as well.

Three of the four Mannings have made Oxford their home not only for football, but also for their education. Archie Manning was Ole Miss’s quarterback from 1968 to 1970 and Eli Manning was Ole Miss’s quarterback from 2000 to 2003.

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“You become a parent really quickly and I loved Ole Miss, went there and had a blast, it was a great place for me, but at the same time you want your kids to be happy and come home from there. ‘happy school, so wherever or whatever they want to play, whatever they want to do, you want the best for them, “Cooper Manning said of his son visiting his alma mater. “So I’m just trying to be a good parent, a good winger on this journey.

Cooper Manning wants the programs to know his son likes to talk ball. All the ins and outs that accompany the attack and some concepts that best match his skills. He plays a role in deciding where to call home.

Ultimately, that could be the deciding factor for Texas to land the generational quarterback or watch another program sweep it away before the start of the 2023 season.

“Arch is really into football stuff,” said Cooper Manning. “Anyone can go to multiple academic meetings and after 30 minutes of frosting, but when he’s out there with the OCs, quarterback coaches and talking about football, watching a movie, talking playing patterns, it’s really what his eyes go wide on it. “

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