discover the secrets of the FSU tunnels

Landis Green: the ideal space for relaxation, escape and fun on campus. Every day, hundreds of FSU students flock to the open fields of Landis Green to find themselves in a tranquil environment of fresh air and calm. However, despite being one of the most visited places on campus, very few people are aware of the dark secrets hidden beneath this placid meadow.

Rumors of a secret tunnel system under Landis Green have long puzzled students on campus. Naturally, as interest grew, tales of ghost sightings and murder began to take over the narrative. Despite all these fabricated stories, only a handful of stories still exist on the Internet.

A Reddit article titled “About Tunnels Under FSU” is one of the first and only sources of information referring to this mysterious passage system. Although it was released nine years ago, user u / kraken0 said, “So there had been a discussion thread earlier about exploring these tunnels around here, right? ? Well I finally got past the Montgomery building and found the entrance to this tunnel and it looks kinda crazy, would love to go explore.

Along with this reference, there is a five-minute YouTube clip titled “9/10/12” which tells the story of two FSU students venturing into the grim depths of the tunnel. In the video, the two students are approached not only by several large spiders, but also by a screech of ear that echoes along the cement walls of the tunnel. At the end of the video, one student is maliciously attacked by a demonic creature, while the other leaves the camera behind in fear. While this clip is obviously scripted and rehearsed, it does provide a grim estimate of what might be lurking beneath the Florida State Campus.

After discussing this topic with many students on campus, there have been some shocking conspiracies for the purpose of the tunnel system. While some think it is just a hoax, others predict that much more important secrets lie beneath their feet.

“I heard that President Thrasher would use the tunnel system to enter the classrooms and disappear very quickly,” said Maryrose George, an FSU student.

Another student had a different theory. “I think they could either be completely empty and infested with cobwebs or be used by people higher up in secret,” FSU student Lisa Wilson said.

Others heard about the tunnel system from their parents who had been to FSU years before.

“I remember my mother telling me about the tunnels when she went to FSU in the late 1970s,” said Abby Ness, a student at FSU. “However, if I had to guess, I would say they keep animals there.”

While these assumptions may seem unrealistic, there are a few reported stories that may provide clues to the tunnel’s past. While asking for information regarding the tunnels, I came across a 2007 article from Leon High School referring to a system of tunnels that connects under their campus. Due to the high school’s proximity to the Florida State Campus (1.3 miles), this secret passage may extend much further than originally anticipated.

“During World War II, security measures were taken to resist any kind of attack,” said writer Caitlin Dilks of the High Life newspaper. As construction on the high school continued, an air raid shelter was created with an underground security escape route – former (Florida) Governor Jeb Bush hid in the tunnel during 9/11, but none reputable source has neither confirmed nor denied this rumor. “

In an attempt to prove the tunnel’s overall existence, I contacted James Stephens, executive director of utilities, maintenance and engineering for FSU.

“There was a system of tunnels that went from the Central Utilities Plant to the Johnston Building, probably built in the 1930s,” Stephens said.

Taking matters into my own hands, one day last week at 9:33 p.m., I drove to the Johnston building in the pouring rain to see if I could spot any potential passages or entrances that could lead to the tunnel system. After spending several minutes surveying the area, I was able to locate a concealed opening that has since been covered with a concrete slab near the side of the building. To my surprise, it appeared that all entrances had been blocked or hidden from view of the students. The steam rising from the rusty grate beneath me seemed to be the only clue to the existence of a secret underworld.

As this journey continues to unfold, the story of the tunnels will be one continuing adventure of plot and mystery. I hope to continue writing this story as more information is uncovered and more stories are told. The tunnels will no longer be a secret to students, but rather a symbol of transparency and truth. Why do you think the tunnels are there?

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