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Digimon Adventure 02 New Movie Title Released

Digimon is making headlines this week thanks to its upcoming game release, but that’s not the only thing keeping the franchise afloat. As always, anime fans are watching the next project in the series, and it happens to involve the Digimon Adventure 02 family. The gang is returning for a movie special, and now we’ve learned the feature will be titled.

The update appeared by accident while Digimon let the secret fly past his DigiFes stream, and the With the Will fan page managed to capture the whoops. This is where the film’s producer accidentally showed part of his storyboards. And rather than taking the camera away from the blip, the pre-stream zoomed in to reveal the movie title is Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning.

It looks like the team accepted the flub without too much trouble once the official DigiFes stream started. After all, the team, including producer Kinoshita, teased fans with redacted plot information. Part of those teasers included a blacked-out page from the film’s script and even a storyboard sketch of a busy ramen bar.

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Obviously the team is working hard on this new Digimon project, and fans are eager to see where Digimon takes its 02 stars. After all, the protagonists never really grasped the popularity of the children of Digimon Adventure gathered. Still, Digimon Adventure 02 fans are ride or die for the gang, and this new movie might give kids the spark they need. So, as more details about this movie come out, you can bet ComicBook will have it covered!

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