Dash cam

Deputy’s dash cam captures car crash on NB US-41 bridge in Charlotte County

Still image of car before crashing past a Charlotte County Sheriff’s Deputy on US-41 in Charlotte County. (Credit: Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office)


A camera on the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Deputy’s vehicle captures the moment a car loses control on the US-41 bridge.

Video from around 2:30 a.m. on July 27 shows the deputy traveling north on US-41 when a red car came from the left lane, veering in front of the deputy, before colliding with the wall on the bridge.

The deputy quickly stopped to check on the driver, who the sheriff’s office said was not intoxicated during the accident and was not injured.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office said the driver of the car was cited for reckless driving.

You can watch video from the deputy’s dash cam in the video shared by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office below or by click here.