Denis Villeneuve: The 21st Century Science Fiction Director

“I think we underestimate the public at our peril,” says Helen O’Hara. “I think something like Dune has been selling in book form for decades, and there’s a reason for that. They’re probably right to roll the dice and see how well a faithful movie version works… Why have we- we got the idea that there is being a lot of gags in a sci-fi movie, you know it just can’t just be Guardians of the Galaxy, there has to be room for other stories too “I really think there is an audience for that. It might not be an audience the size of Avengers Endgame, but it’s a big enough audience, potentially, in the long run, to keep this movie going.” “

And even if Dune doesn’t succeed, O’Hara adds, the fact that filmmakers like Denis Villeneuve exist, and are still being given the opportunity to make big, risky movies within the big studio system, is at least something. thing to be grateful for.

“It gives me hope,” she said. “The fact that a studio invested so much money in him, and his next film after Blade Runner hasn’t been a huge success – I think that’s a very good thing. That’s what we want. see. We want to see good directors get multiple chances, especially if they make a good movie that doesn’t perform well at the box office. We want to see them get a follow-up movie. I think that says a lot about the fact. that he’s doing this, and I really, I really hope it works well enough that he can do the second part. “

After all, it’s not like Denis Villeneuve to leave an incomplete circle.

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