Demon Turf: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Demon Turf is a very enjoyable, if at times flawed, 3D adventure platformer game starring Beebz, a young demon who seeks to overthrow the Demon King. This weird game takes you through various challenging platform stages, worlds, and hub areas, with plenty of mini-games and collectibles along the way. Demon Turf pays a loving homage to classics such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie.

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While the game does a great job of teaching you the ropes early on, there are still a number of features and gameplay mechanics that aren’t always well explained. Demon Turf offers a lot more depth and nuance than you might think at first, so here are the things you need to know to get you started.

How to navigate the world

beebz talk to the demon king in the demon turf

Demon Turf has a semi-open, explorable world where you travel through your main Forktown area to the various demon quarters via warp zones or via fast travel. It can be quite confusing when you start in Forktown due to the many interconnected paths.

First off, your priority list should be walking around Forktown, getting used to the stores, characters, and various warp points. Once you have familiarized yourself with this main area, move on to the branch trails at the back of Forktown that lead you to the worlds where the platform steps are located.

Planning your platform

beebz hanging on the wall in the demon turf

Beebz, the main character of the game, has a huge arsenal of maneuvers, similar to Mario’s from his 3D outings. During your playing time, you will need to familiarize yourself with jumping, double jumping, spinning jumping, wall jumping and many more. While it might not seem so unique, Demon Turf’s controls take some getting used to as they aren’t always so responsive.

There are many narrow platform sections in this game and one wrong move could mean you are sent back to your last checkpoint. The best tip to keep in mind is that you can do a steady jump, followed by a spin, followed by another jump to get the most distance.

Use your camera

beebz using photo mode in demon turf

Did you know that Demon Turf has a photography mode? This comprehensive “mini-game” allows you to fulfill photography requests from the Forktown Photography Store. By taking on photo quests, you can earn candy to unlock cosmetic gifts for Beebz, among others. You can also access quests from your main menu.

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To open the camera, all you need to do is press a quick button. Once you’ve opened it, just find the locations or the quest target and take those photos. You can then bring them back to the store to exchange them for goodies. Oh, you can even unlock a cool animal to take with you.

Explore every nook and cranny

beebz bird flying in the devil's grass

Demon Turf is a substantial game with many great areas to explore. While you may be tempted to just head to the other world to complete the stage to get the ever-important batteries, exploring every inch of the game world is strongly encouraged.

As you explore, you can find quirky characters to talk to, mini-games to play such as demonic football, and locations for photography quests. Plus, once you’re in a stage, you can press the left joystick on a controller to show you the direction of collectable cake pieces.

Understand your attack capabilities

beebz in the battle zone in the demon turf

Combat in Demon Turf is different from most other similar platform games. In other 3D platformer games, you usually run into bad guys all over a stage and either jump on them or hit them. However, in Demon Turf, combat only takes place in designated combat zones.

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Beebz attacks via these powerful blows that shoot from his hands but can also be charged for a much stronger knockback attack Alternatively, Beebz can perform a spinning attack to stun enemies. You can acquire items all the way down the line, like a grappling hook to remove shields from enemies for easy attacks. Basically, get used to trying new combat strategies to stay alive longer.

Prioritize mods for Beebz

rolling race in the demon's turf

One of the most useful and enjoyable parts of Demon Turf is actually very easy to miss. You can interact with a mummy character in Forktown named Nubi. Nubi offers Beebz mods in exchange for the Cake Piece collectibles that you find at every step. Each stage usually has three to find.

The mods in Demon Turf work the same as the badges in the Paper Mario series, each with a specific cost and you can equip as many as you want until the cost bar is full. Additionally, Nubi offers a workout space so you can try out each mod before you buy it. The best to do early are the triple jump and the faster movements.

Boss battles are multi-stage

boss fight fight in demon turf

Okay, slight spoiler warning, the boss fights in Demon Turf are multi-stage and quite long. Fortunately, if and when you die, given the punitive nature of the controls during these battles, you restart in the previous stage of the boss battles. These battles usually allow you to use all of the skills and items you have received so far.

Make sure you are well equipped with good mods for Beebz, the ones that will help you outsmart the boss. These boss encounters will usually consist of a mixed platform combat element, so be prepared to be on your A-game.

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