Dash cam

Dashcam video shows murder suspect attacks New Mexico State Police officer

PREWITT, NM – We see the moments surrounding a deadly confrontation between a murder suspect and a New Mexico State Police officer in McKinley County last month.

Dashcam video shows the officer stopping to do a wellness check on a man seen slumped over the wheel of this car on the side of I-40 near Prewitt.

As soon as the officer pulls over, the video shows the man opening his door and getting out of the car with his hands in the air.

The officer begins speaking with the man, identified as Oliver Ashley Toledo Saldivar, 26.

What the officer does not know is that Saldivar was a suspect in a murder that took place a few days prior in North Carolina and that he has a gun hidden in his jacket.

The officer asks Saldivar to stand by his patrol car for information, and that’s when things take a violent turn.

According to state police, Saldivar grabbed a black object from his jacket pocket, and that’s when you can see the officer stepping back with his gun drawn.

Seconds later, Saldivar tackles the officer and you can hear what sounds like gunfire in the dash cam video.

A struggle unfolded off-camera, but police say Saldivar continued to fight the officer despite being shot, reaching for the officer’s gun, before pulling the gun away of his jacket.

A few minutes later, a passing tractor-trailer driver sees the struggle and stops to help.

According to police, the trucker threw Saldivar’s gun out of reach and helped the officer handcuff Saldivar.

You can see blood on the officer’s arm where Saldivar bit him during the struggle, as the officer places Saldivar’s gun on his unit’s hood and waits for reinforcements.

Saldivar was shot in the stomach and died at the scene.

The officer was taken to hospital and treated for the bite wound to his arm.