Dash cam

Dashcam video shows crash that injured Peoria officer

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – Dashcam video revealed the moment a three-vehicle crash sent a Peoria police officer and others to a local hospital on July 30.

Peoria Police Officer Jared Moore filed a police report with details of the accident.

Moore, who was off duty on the day of the accident, was informed that Officer Andrew Connor had been involved in an accident while on duty and suffered serious injuries. Moore was allowed to respond despite his absence due to his experience in traffic accident reconstructions.

Officer Connor was at OSF Hospital when Moore arrived. Connor had suffered several broken ribs, but other injuries were unknown at the time.

Connor originally responded to the Jeep in the middle of War Memorial Drive in the westbound lanes. He activated his hazard lights and approached the driver’s side of the Jeep.

As Connor was next to the Jeep, the Chevy approached at high speed. He appears to have swept the squad car sideways before hitting the Jeep, which spun the Jeep and pushed it into the westbound lanes. The Chevy landed in the median.

The video shows Connor getting up quickly after the crash, but it’s unclear if he was hit by the Chevy, the Jeep, or both.

The Chevrolet driver received multiple traffic tickets.

Illinois State Police continue to investigate the situation.