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Dashcam video of Shawano police officer involved in 39-car pile-up

SHAWANO COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – With northeastern Wisconsin’s winter mix received Friday, law enforcement officials are urging people to slow down and avoid distracted driving.

Shawano Police Officer Jeff Buettner was involved in a 39-vehicle pile-up last month and then heroically rescued others trapped in their vehicles.

Action 2 News has obtained exclusive footage from the officer’s dash cam video.

Watch the video from inside Buettner’s patrol vehicle, continue reading the article below the video.

Dashcam video of Shawano police officer Jeff Buettner involved in a 39-vehicle pile-up in Marathon County on February 18.

Buettner was driving along Highway 51 in Marathon County in snowy and windy weather when he encountered several vehicles spread out in the middle of the road, some in the median.

He crashes into them and then you can hear other vehicles crash into him through his dash cam.

“Hey officer how are you?” one person asked Buettner.

“A little sore, but,” Buettner replies.

Another person asks, “Are you okay?”

“I’m in a little pain but…” the officer said.

According to the Shawano Police Department, Buettner was on special duty on Feb. 18 when he crashed his vehicle, but luckily escaped serious injury.

“Distracted driving in this type of weather is a huge cause of accidents and speeding. Leave early, slow down and go where you’re going,” Shawano Police Chief Brad Rabideau told Action 2 News, giving advice to those who have to drive in bad weather.

In the dash cam video, Buettner is heard telling several people coming to his aid that he is trapped.

“I’m sorry man, I’m trapped right now,” Buettner said. “I’m trying to get out of here and do what I can to help you.”

About six minutes after the crash, Buettner was able to free himself from the patrol car and began assisting other stranded drivers.

“He’s the kind of person he’s conscientious, who thinks of others, and that’s why he’s the person he is and why he’s a police officer for us, the town of Shawano,” the chief said. Rabidau.

According to Marathon County deputies, a total of 39 vehicles were involved in the pile-up that day, resulting in 10 injuries.

Rabideau says it was the training Jeff Buettner received that allowed him to spring into action quickly.

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