Dash cam

Dashcam footage may give clues to reporter’s killers

Police said Wednesday that dashcam footage from slain broadcaster Percival Mabasa’s car could help identify his killers, adding they already had a lead on the case.

The footage, which was released on Wednesday, shows the motorcycle the gunmen used in the ambush in the town of Las Piñas. It also showed the gunmen heading towards Mabasa’s side of his vehicle before gunshots were heard. The killers were seen fleeing the scene.

Mabasa’s car slammed into the vehicle in front of it after the gunshots were heard.

Police said they were reviewing CCTV footage showing the gunmen following Mabasa to a residential village in Las Piñas.

Meanwhile, the Palace said the government was ready to help Mabasa’s family, popularly known as Percy Lapid.

“We are ready to help. The president wants to send that message,” Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin told Mabasa’s widow and son.

He said the president had ordered palace officials to oversee the investigation into the journalist’s murder.
He assured Mabasa’s family that everything would be done to shed light on his murder.

Interior Secretary Benhur Abalos previously offered a 500,000 peso reward for information that would lead to the arrest of those responsible for Mabasa’s murder.

“I take it on my own as a friend of the family. I offer 500,000 pesos of my own money for any information that can help us,” he said.

Mabasa’s brother Roy, who is also a journalist, welcomed the reward offer.

“It’s good that they are offering a reward because it will help speed up the investigation processes,” he said.

Mabasa was the host of the online broadcast program “Lapid Fire” at DWBL 1242 and a columnist for Hataw.

He was critical of the policies of the Duterte and Marcos administrations.

According to the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, he also criticized “red labeling” – accusing someone of being a communist sympathizer – as well as online gambling operations and misinformation around martial law.