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Dashcam catches near miss in rural Maple Ridge – Maple Ridge News

A black Audi car racing down 256th Street was caught on camera just as it crossed the center line and came directly at a woman’s vehicle.

The six-second video she posted on social media shows her veering sharply to the right to avoid the oncoming car, then backing to the left to dodge a utility pole.

“To the person who recklessly drives an Audi in 256th place at 3 p.m. today, I hope you think how badly it could have gone if I hadn’t been careful, or if it was someone else who might not have such good reflexes,” she wrote. .

“The sound is off, but your tires were screaming SO loud, you were so out of control of your vehicle it’s terrifying.”

The driver said The news that the incident happened too quickly for her to get more details than a description of the vehicle – a black Audi sedan.

“I was focused on my new Jeep not getting killed and me dying, rather than who was driving,” she said.

She estimates that the other driver was traveling at least 100 km/h as she dodged their vehicle.

She pulled over near the Justice Institute facility, to record her dash cam footage and calm her frayed nerves, then turned around to look for the offending driver, hoping to get a numberplate. However, the driver appears to have fled the crime scene.

“I couldn’t find him so he had to turn around immediately to get off 256th because it’s a dead end,” she said.

She asks her coworkers if they have any dashcam footage that might show the vehicle’s license plate, so she can report the incident to the police.

Underneath her post, another person noted that she was driving in Mission on the Lougheed Highway when she also had to take evasive action to avoid a black Audi traveling at extremely high speed.

The posts praised the woman’s reflexes and driving acumen, expressed shock and horror at the situation created by the other driver, and also expressed frustration at the excessive speed on 256th Street. , including by dump truck drivers.

“I live at 256 and spend a lot of time on the property, and the people running down that road are crazy,” Luna Love said.

Cpl. Julie Klaussner said Ridge Meadows RCMP encourages the public to report incidents where there are concerns for public safety.

“Useful information to provide to the police is the make, model, colour, license plate and direction of travel of the vehicle allows the police to follow up with the registered owner of the vehicle, if possible a description of the driver or the number of occupants in the vehicle is also helpful,” Klaussner said.

“That being said, please follow the rules of the road and do not drive in a dangerous manner, endangering yourself or others, attempting to obtain information for the police. If you observe dangerous driving while driving yourself, pull over safely before contacting the police.

The driver who was nearly hit ended her message by saying that the reckless driver owed her at least one car service.

“If that’s you or someone you know please message me because my car can use a good detail thanks to my coffee absolutely flying out of the cup holder faster than this guy flew around the corner.”

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