Dash cam

Dashcam captured the death of Birmingham’s father killed while riding a scooter by a suspected reckless driver

A young woman was speeding and illegally overtaking vehicles on Five Mile Road in Birmingham when she hit and killed a 38-year-old husband and father on a scooter in February, court testimony heard on Wednesday.

Erica Nicole Williams, 22, is charged with manslaughter in the Feb. 18 death of Randall Quentin “Que” Johnson.

Williams was arrested on April 26 and is currently out of jail on $30,000 bond.

Williams appeared before Jefferson County District Judge William Bell on Wednesday to hear evidence against her, which included dashcam video of the fatal crash that was captured by a motorist.

After the 45-minute hearing, Bell ruled there was enough evidence against Williams to send the case to a grand jury for impeachment consideration.

Assistant District Attorney Foster Marshall is prosecuting the case. Williams is represented by attorney Emory Anthony.

Manslaughter is a criminal crime.

The fatal crash happened at 10.22am that Friday in the 900 block of Five Mile Road. Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene at 10:26 a.m.

Randall Quentin Johnson is remembered for his dedication to his family and his willingness to always help others, said his wife, Siobhan Johnson. He was affectionately nicknamed “Que” and leaves behind a 12-year-old son, Kaeden, and a 5-year-old daughter, Carsyn. (Contributed)

Birmingham Police Road Accident Investigator, Cpl. Janard Feggins was the only witness in Wednesday’s hearing.

The officer said three witnesses reported that Williams, who was driving a white Chevrolet Sparks, was going about 90 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone when she passed them on Five Mile Road.

One of those witnesses, Feggins said, had a dashcam in his vehicle that recorded the fatal crash.

The video – just over two minutes long – was played in court on Wednesday and showed the Sparks driving past several vehicles before hitting Johnson, whose body was seen thrown into the air on impact.

When police arrived, Feggins said, they found Johnson’s body in the front yard of someone’s house. Williams had pulled over and there was a hole in her windshield.

There were no skid marks at the scene, which Feggins said indicated Williams hadn’t applied his brakes before hitting Johnson.

An autopsy report said Johnson died of multiple blunt injuries and listed the manner of death as an accident.

The officer said Williams told him she was going to a funeral in Inglenook and did not see the victim before she hit him.

When asked if he had spoken further with Williams, Feggins replied, “I tried, but she was obviously upset.”

Cross-examined by Anthony, Feggins said the victim had just left his nearby home after police responded to a domestic disturbance there and parked on Five Mile Road from Elizabeth Drive.

He was about three blocks from his home when he was killed.

Asked by Anthony if there was any evidence that Williams was going 90mph, Feggins replied: “Definitely not 90, but definitely more than double the speed limit.”

Anthony also asked Feggins if the victim executed a stop sign when he turned onto Five Mile Road and into the path of Williams’ vehicle. “She’s my only unknown,” Feggins said.

“We have to believe he went through a stop sign,” the attorney said.

Johnson left behind his wife, Siobhan Johnson, and a 12-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter.

“His most important job, he said, was to be a father,” said Siobhan AL.com in a previous interview. “He always had a smile and a good word. He was always ready to help.

“He was a great guy, hardworking, caring and helping,” Siobahn said. “He was just one of those people who was special. He was loved by everyone. »