Credit Registration Office

Borrowing in Belgium can be interesting. Money lenders in Belgium have no insight into the Dutch market. The Good Finance (Credit Registration Office, established in 1965) does not provide information for Belgium. That means that there is no possibility to view your current debts. It is because of this easier to borrow money there, only the Belgian lender will ask why you come to borrow money instead of in the Netherlands. This makes it important to have a good story beforehand to explain this. That is a possibility of borrowing money.

Agency credit registration

The question is, is it wise to borrow money without Good Finance. Borrowing with Good Finance offers more benefits for both you and the lender. You have to think about paying off your debts in advance. If your debt is known to the Good Finance, you are more willing to repay your debt or take out other loans. With loans without Good Finance other parties can not see if you have debts and you can borrow much more than you might think is wise.

Good Finance is a non-profit foundation with a social objective. In the Central Credit Information System (CKI), which manages Good Finance, affiliated organizations record data on completed loans and payment arrears on loans. Only payment arrears are registered for mortgage loans.

This can be from subscriptions to mortgages

With the credit registration agency, all loans that you take out are described. This can be from subscriptions to mortgages. They collect all financial data about both consumers and business customers. At the Good Finance you can also request your own registrations, this allows you to check if you are known at the Good Finance and where you have a Good Finance listing. If you are aware of your own registration then you are less likely to go wrong with borrowing money. Because

pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money. Only paying back must be carefully monitored, so that you do not incur high costs.

Request Good Finance information from your loans

Do you want to receive information about your Good Finance registration? That’s no problem. The retrieval of your data takes approximately 5 to 10 business days. For this you need a valid passport, ID or driver’s license. You can view your date online or you will receive all data by post.

Not everyone just gets information. Credit providers must register with the Good Finance on which they are granted access to the desired data. Consumers can only view their own data.