Dash cam

Close call between Kelowna ambulance and car caught on dash cam – Kelowna News

The ambulance narrowly misses the car

A close call captured on dash cam video near the intersection of Springfield Road and Gordon Drive caught the attention of BC Highway Patrol.

“They are very lucky otherwise they might have needed ambulance service,” said BC Highway Patrol Media Relations Officer Cpl. Mike Halskov.

The video shows a small sedan going through a green light, but you can see and hear the ambulance heading towards the intersection. The driver of the vehicle with the dash cam pulls over to make way for the ambulance but the sedan doesn’t and narrowly avoids being boned.

“People should be aware that emergency vehicles can approach from anywhere from behind, in front or from either side. They have the right of way when their emergency equipment lights and sirens are on. lit and drivers have to take notice, shoot and stop to let them pass,” Halskov said.

A collision was near-missed in this case, but Halskov says drivers who disregard emergency vehicles could face a $109 fine and three demerit points, which could have a affect the amount you pay for car insurance.

Drivers are reminded that it is their responsibility to be alert and to yield to emergency vehicles.

“Keep your eyes moving. About every seven seconds you should do a full scan of what’s in front of you, what’s to your right, what’s behind you, and what’s to your left, then again on your dashboard,” Halskov said.