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Review of the new 2021 Mazda CX-30


While some drivers will still prefer the easy nature of a turbocharged gasoline engine, Mazda’s improved e-SkyActiv X mild hybrid powertrain has its advantages. Linear and responsive, it rewards drivers who want to use its smooth manual transmission to take advantage of its surprisingly wide power range. The CX-30 has perfect handling to match it, but it’s a smaller SUV with less room for rear passengers and trunk than some rivals, which holds it back from the best in the class.

Mazda is a manufacturer that likes to do things differently, so while virtually all of its competitors have turned to turbocharging, Mazda’s innovative SkyActiv X technology avoids it. Instead, it uses a nifty compression-controlled spark ignition to borrow some of the best aspects of a diesel engine, with all the benefits of gasoline at high revs.

Not content to stop there, the brand’s engineers have now added mild hybrid technology and updated the 2.0-liter engine, badged “e-SkyActiv X”. The addition of a starter-generator, modified pistons, revised intake valve timing and lower compression ratio added 6 hp and 16 Nm of torque, while boosting efficiency.

Horsepower can reach 184 hp, but there is a reduction in CO2 emissions of between five and 11 g / km depending on the car’s specifications, while fuel efficiency is up to 2.5 mpg better. Seemingly minor changes, but particularly welcome reductions for company car drivers looking to save on monthly benefit-in-kind payments.

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Mazda’s attention to detail also shines through in the integration of the Mild Hybrid System, as careful software tuning has been done to ensure that the torque injections of the Mild Hybrid hardware are imperceptible to the driver.

Compared to the plethora of small, turbocharged gasoline engines found in competitors like the 1.5-liter turbo SEAT Ateca, it takes a few miles to accommodate the normally aspirated e-SkyActiv X engine, which doesn’t There is no torque boost to drive from around 1,500 rpm.

Instead, the driver is rewarded with a responsive and linear motor, but one that has to work a little harder and is therefore a little more vocal. Its maximum torque of 240 Nm is now only 10 Nm less than that offered by the 1.5 TSI EVO engine of the Ateca, but it only arrives at 4000 rpm.

If you just want an SUV that’s easy to drive, you might find the CX-30 e-SkyActiv X a little frustrating as a result. However, if you’re an avid driver, you’ll be happy to shift one or two gears with the smooth six-speed manual transmission to get back into the power range and shut off the engine as you go up gear. That’s part of the fun, because the gearbox only requires a flick of the wrist and is incredibly precise.

The responsive, rev-hungry engine doesn’t seem out of whack with the CX-30’s chassis, which feels much closer to the Mazda3 hatchback than that of the larger CX-5 SUV.

Much like the Cupra Formentor, it would be easy to forget that you don’t drive a sports hatchback without the high seating position. Its steering is light, but feels linear and natural, with just enough information at hand to telegraph road conditions.

The CX-30 excels at keeping the operator engaged, even at normal speed. Equipped with 18-inch alloy rims, the bearing is firm enough to contain body roll, without disturbing passengers, and only the manhole covers and deep potholes send a thudding sound through the body structure. the car.

Mazda’s driver-centric approach is reflected in the rear, where passengers approaching six feet tall are likely to find their knees brushing the seat in front. Headroom is also tight, and a large C-pillar and small windows, combined with a rather upright seat, mean long journeys are likely to feel a bit claustrophobic.

The trunk measures up to 422 liters (430 liters without the Bose subwoofer fitted in our test car), which is a marked improvement over the 334 liters in the Mazda3, but far behind the 510-liter trunk of the SEAT Ateca, with its more upright and square body.

It’s also worth noting that the cargo figure includes a storage area under a removable trunk floor, which creates a smooth cargo lip when left in place. There is thoughtful storage dotted around the interior, including a large locker between the front seats and large door bins. It’s a shame that the front cup holders are ahead of the shifter, as it can get a bit awkward while driving.

A simple thumbwheel on the center console can be used to control the 8.8-inch infotainment screen. It has a minimal menu system with clear graphics with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, although you still need a cable plugged in as they aren’t wireless yet.

The e-SkyActiv X engine is available in SE-L Lux, Sport Lux, GT Sport and GT Sport Tech trim levels, starting at £ 26,305. The top-of-the-line GT Sport Tech costs from £ 30,505, with features like a heated steering wheel, 12-speaker Bose sound system, leather seat upholstery and a 360-degree camera. There is also active safety technology to help avoid collisions, including when making lane changes on the freeway and when backing up.


Mazda CX-30 2.0 186ps 2WD GT Sport Tech

Price: £ 30,505

MHEV 2.0 liter 4 cylinder petrol

Power / torque:

184 hp / 240 Nm


Six-speed manual, front-wheel drive

0-62 mph: 8.3sec
Top speed: 127 mph
Fuel economy: 49.6 mpg
CO2: 128g / km
On sale: Now

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San Bernardino County appoints Shannon Dicus as new Sheriff Coroner

With over 30 years with the department, you could playfully say that San Bernardino County has a not-so-new sheriff in town.

San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus will lead the department for the remaining 18 months to be served by the now retired Sheriff John McMahon. Dicus’ promotion was unanimously approved by the supervisory board, which wanted as much stability as possible during the transition.

With decades of service to San Bernardino County, Sheriff Dicus comes with a lot of support from the staff. He’s also ready to pursue some of McMahon’s goals, like updating some of the department’s infrastructure and getting body cameras for MPs.

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As Deputy Sheriff, he oversaw day-to-day departmental operations and several divisions, including internal affairs, civil liability and the administration office. In its request, Dicus included fairness as one of the pressing areas facing the ministry.

Sitting with us, he explained that he didn’t want to wait until the sheriff’s department was mandated to do something, but that he preferred to look for ways to do the right thing before being told to do it.

Newly released inmates were of particular concern. He plans to lobby for more resources that could help newly released inmates. He describes recidivism as a major obstacle to reducing crime.

He promises to hire more officers, at least 13 of them. Even with that, the SB County Sheriff covers a county that is geographically the largest in the country: 2.1 million people – with about 3,900 employees spread across eight counties and 14 contract patrol stations.

He says he supports the use of body worn cameras. The county budget approved in June includes more than $ 5 million to establish the body camera implementation program, but it is still in the process of being tendered.

Dicus plans to run next June, when county residents vote to decide who will serve as sheriff for a four-year term, starting in January 2023.

On a personal note, he took over the riding heritage that was an important part of a department associated with the Wild West, but he actually comes from the world of horseback riding with a different kind of power. As a former motocross rider, he is heavily involved in what is known as dual sport motorcycles, which are off-road motorcycles legal on the roads.

But he says he enjoys four-legged horses, and you can see him at this year’s San Bernardino County Sheriff’s PRCA Rodeo, which takes place the weekend of September 24-26 in Glen Helen. Tickets are already available.

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Kane Evans: NRL player faces punishment for obscene message on wrist band

An obscene message written on Warriors forward Kane Evans’ wrist tape could create new headaches for the club after losing four men to injury in Sunday’s loss to Penrith.

Cameras captured the vision of Evans sitting on the sideline at Suncorp Stadium with the message “fold some c *** !!” »Clearly written on his bracelet.

It caught the attention of the ABC column’s commentary team and was quickly taken to Twitter, with the NRL reviewing the incident during Monday’s weekly football briefing.

None of the Warriors’ four injuries were the result of foul play, meaning 18th man Evans was not activated.

He could stay on the sidelines, however, given the NRL’s tough stance on similar incidents, including new teammate Matt Lodge who was banned for two games for an offensive message scribbled on his strapping in an Under-20 Origin game. years.

In 2016, Andrew Fifita was fined $ 20,000 after posting a message of support for convicted punch killer Kieran Loveridge.

Kane Evans (left) wrote the obscene message on his bracelet. Credit: Fox sports

Warriors coach Nathan Brown was proud of his team’s resilience in a 30-16 loss to Penrith after losing key forward Tohu Harris (alleged ACL tear) and Wayde Egan (shoulder) to cause of end-of-season injuries as well as captain Roger Tuivasa-Sheck (concussion) and center Rocco Berry (hamstrings).

All four injuries occurred in the first half.

Egan will likely miss the rest of the season, but he still raised his hand to stay on the bench if needed, as mainstay Matt Lodge accepted the prospect of playing the full 80 minutes without a substitution.

In his second game for the Warriors since a mid-season change from Brisbane, Lodge finished with eight offloads, 20 runs and 130 yards.

NRL action between Penrith and the Warriors.
NRL heavyweight Penrith beat an exhausted Warriors 30-16 in Brisbane. Credit: PAA

Forwards partner Addin Fonua-Blake was also stoic with 25 points, 205 yards and 29 tackles.

“It was a huge effort against a very good team, our best performance of the year for sure and something with which we can move the club forward,” said Brown.

“Playing with courage and commitment is much more beneficial than being technically sound.

“And good football clubs make that kind of effort consistently.”

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Best cheap GoPro alternative action cameras for July 2021

Are you ready to start shooting action videos but do you need cameras? You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy reputable action video cameras. If you want to record videos of your adventures, GoPro has some of the best action cameras available. The GoPro Hero5 Black is considered the current standard for these rugged portable devices. The downside to GoPro, however, is their price. So it’s a good thing that the GoPro isn’t the only choice for small action cameras. Crosstour, Oclu, Akaso, Yuntab, Campark and a host of other manufacturers have entered this booming market with their own low cost, high quality underwater action cameras and video recorders.

The fierce price competition among the brands of inexpensive action video cameras means big savings. Now is the right time to buy one for as little as $ 20.

Oclu – $ 199 with code OCLU100

If you want to improve your action photography game without blowing your budget, the Oclu Action Camera is a 4K machine with professional features. The Oclu records in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second (fps) and up to 120fps in 1080p HD mode. You can also select image stabilization in 1080p mode for video capture up to 60 fps, and it can also take 12 MP still images. You can select the LiveCut function to immediately delete unwanted recordings. IPX7 water resistant even without the optional OcShell, the low profile Oclu camera has eight toggle shooting modes including Photo, Video, Burst, LiveCut, Loop Recording, Multi-Photo, Time Lapse and Record motion activated.

The Oclu action camera is for sale on the company’s website for $ 100 off when you use the discount code OCLU100. Buy the camera alone during this sale or take advantage of discounts of up to 26% on accessory packs for general adventures, powersports, snow sports, and more.

Crosstour Action Camera 20MP 4K Vlogging Camera – $ 45 with coupon, was $ 60

Crosstour 4K Sports Action Camera

If you are looking for an action camera capable of multiple adventures and vlogging, you can’t beat the Crosstour Action 4K Ultra HD 20MP Camera. You can use this camera for skiing, surfing or diving with its underwater rating of 40 meters (up to 131 feet) with an included IP68 waterproof housing. This camera supports 4K video up to 30 fps and Full HD 1080p up to 120 fps. The Crosstour Action comes with a wide range of mounts and accessories, including a wireless wristband remote.

Campark ACT74 4K Ultra HD ACT74 Action Camera – $ 46, was $ 60

Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera
Use the Campark Model ACT74 4K Ultra HD Action Camera with Wi-Fi for 20 MP footage with a 170-degree wide-angle lens. This recently upgraded model captures 4K video at up to 30 frames per second with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) which ensures smooth and clear video. The generous accessory set includes a waterproof case for underwater shots, several mounts, a wireless remote control and two rechargeable batteries.

Amazon normally sells the Campark ACT74 7pgraded for $ 45, with an on-page discount coupon from its list price of $ 60.

Crosstour CT9100 4K 20MP Underwater Action Camera & Camcorder – $ 47 with coupon, was $ 59

Crosstour CT9100 4K 20MP Action Camera
The Crosstour CT9100 4K 20MP Underwater Action Camera and Camcorder is connected to Wi-Fi so you can set it up and control it from anywhere. Capture 4K video at 30 fps or shoot 20 MP stills with the Crosstour’s 7-layer optical lens. The wide-angle lens provides a 170-degree horizontal field of view with lens distortion correction so you don’t get a fisheye effect with your video or images. Lower the CT9100 underwater up to 131 feet with its included waterproof case. Additional included accessories include a selection of mounts, a wireless remote, two batteries and more.

OgooSwift OC1 / BLK Swift 4K Action Camera – $ 68, was $ 100

ORGOO OC1-BLK Swift 4K Action Camera
The Orgoo Swift OC1 waterproof camera uses a Sony sensor to shoot 20MP images and 40K / 30fps videos. Electronic image stabilization with a 6-axis gyroscope keeps the image stable. The case, charger and two rechargeable batteries are included, as well as several mounts, a portable Bluetooth remote control and a mini tripod.

The well-equipped Orgoo Swift OC1 is available for $ 75, a savings of $ 55 from the camera’s list price of $ 130.

AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP Ultra HD Action Camera with Underwater Camera – $ 82

AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera
Take an AKASO Brave 4 4K 24fps Ultra HD Action Camera with 20MP still image capability and 5X digital zoom for close-ups. Adjust the horizontal field of view from 70 to 170 degrees. This camera has it all with electronic image stabilization and also supports 2K 30fps video capture. You can take or mount the AKASO Brave 4 up to 100 feet underwater with its included waterproof case. You can use the standard wireless remote to control the camera up to 30 feet away. The Brave 4 also has an HDMI port so you can view images and videos on your computer screen or TV. An extensive standard set includes 19 accessories with a headset mounting kit, waterproof case, two batteries, each lasting up to 90 minutes between charges, and the remote control.

Amazon has the AKASO Brave 4 for $ 80. If you’re up for some action video, this camera comes with everything you need for a fraction of what you would pay for any GoPro model.

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We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. Prices, details and availability of products and offers in this article may be subject to change at any time. Make sure to check they are still in effect before making a purchase.

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South Korea’s Gold Archers – The New York Times

For South Korean archers, winning Olympic gold medals is almost a given – they have won 23 of the 34 gold medals awarded in the sport since 1984.

It’s getting to the Games that is difficult.

Just ask Chang Hye-jin, who won two gold medals at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, or Ku Bon-chan, who achieved the same feat on the men’s side. Neither champion has been selected this year.

Or ask 17-year-old Kim Je-deok, who this spring managed to navigate the crucible of South Korea’s national team selection tournament, which brings together the country’s top 200 archers to compete for six tickets – for three men and three women – for the biggest sporting event in the world. , regardless of rankings or past performance.

“The chance of a lifetime has come to me,” said Kim, who recently overcame a shoulder injury that would have kept him from competing in the Olympics had it not been postponed for a year. .

South Korean archers have each fired thousands of arrows in several rounds of grueling competition spanning eight anxious months. For those who did, the hard part may now be over.

The South Korean archery team have won gold medals at every Summer Olympics since 1984. The women’s team has been particularly dominant, winning gold eight in a row since l he team event made its debut in 1988 in Seoul. In 2016, the men’s and women’s teams won gold medals in the team and individual events at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The team is famous in the archery world for the depth and detail of its preparations. National coaches use wind turbines and pump artificial noises (crowd noises, camera shutters) through speakers to simulate the adverse environmental conditions that athletes might encounter in competition.

Ahead of the Rio Games in 2016, archers trained in a live baseball game, an unorthodox way of exposing them to a pressure cooker atmosphere. This spring, training sessions at the Jincheon National Training Center were held in an arena modeled on the one they will see in Tokyo. Staff members have set up video screens, audience stands and banners where they are likely to be positioned at the Olympics. Simulated loudspeaker announcements in English and Japanese further set the mood.

“Our goal is zero-defect training,” said Jang Young-sool, vice president of the Korea Archery Association.

South Korean archers start out young, and those who succeed through the rigorous development pipeline have their careers supported by one of dozens of teams affiliated with national societies and universities. Kim, who is still in high school, first tried archery in third grade. In fifth grade, he dreamed of competing on the international stage.

“A talent like Je-deok only happens once every hundred years,” Yun Ok-hee, who won an individual gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Games, told Arirang News this year, speaking. by Kim Je-deok.

Four of the six South Korean archers will make their Olympic debuts, including Kang Chae-young, the world No.1 woman, who failed to qualify for the Rio Games in 2016 after losing a place in the last one. qualifying day. .

Kim faced an equally tense situation on the final day of competition at this year’s practice, needing to hit three 10s with his last three arrows to slip into the top three spots. He rallied, visualizing a practice session where he hit three 10s, then did just that, clinching a spot on the squad with the 2,952nd and final arrow he shot in competition.

He said he felt stressed and nervous throughout the practice. But the feeling was different now. “I’m more comfortable now,” Kim said, “because I believe in myself. “

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How Lilly King became the queen of the psyche of her opponents

With a finger wag at the 2016 olympics, swimmer Lilly King has gone viral. And by the time the then-19-year-old swimmer left Rio de Janeiro with two gold medals in hand – one for the 100-meter breaststroke and another for the 400-meter medley relay – she was one of the tallest. sports stars.

As King waved her finger at rival Yulia Efimova – the Russian brewer who had previously been penalized for anti-doping rule violations – she didn’t realize the moment had been caught on camera.

But, as she told NBC Sports, it highlighted her “alter ego” in the prep room, which differs significantly from her personality away from the pool, and now she’s accepting to be the ” naughty in the pool “because she says it’s empowering.

“I always like to say I love winning the race before it starts,” King said.

“I like knowing that I control the heat. I love knowing that people are afraid of running me, and knowing that your competitors are feeling all of these different emotions before potentially the biggest race of their life makes you feel pretty good about yourself. So definitely, at least for me, I feel very confident in what I’m doing. So I think it gives me confidence and helps me run faster.

After:Your subscriptions help IndyStar cover Hoosier Olympians like few other local newspapers

“We were in hell and we came back together. “:Grieving Annie Lazor defeats Lilly King at Olympic trials

Now 24 and on her way to her second Olympics, everything King does for herself (and her opponents) is working.

The Evansville native qualified for Tokyo in the 100 and 200-meter breaststroke (she finished 12th in the latter in Rio). She is the reigning world champion in the 100 and 50-meter breaststroke – the 50 is not offered at the Olympics – and won the 100 trials final with a time of 1: 04.79, nearly seven-tenths of her own. 1: 04.13 world record.

King also has five of the world’s seven fastest times this year in the 100, so she is a big favorite to successfully defend her Olympic title. No woman has ever won the 100 breaststroke twice at the Olympics. And no one has beaten King in the 100 breaststroke (long distance) since Efimova did so in December 2015.

King also predicted that American women could win every individual Olympic gold medal.

“What I love about what Lilly said is that she is who she is,” said Greg Meehan, head coach of the US women’s swimming team.

“It’s his personality. It is competitive. He’s someone we want in Team USA. She is excellent in relay. And whatever the context, the reality is that the competitive spirit is what Team USA is all about, and as we enter international competition, that competitive spirit is what drives us.

After:After the world’s best swimming time since 2017, Lilly King is happy the Olympics have been postponed

After:Lilly King continues to dominate, returns to Olympics with tryout win

Before King competes, to control her heat, she focuses on the psyche of her opponents, especially if she faces her Russian rival Efimova. Whether she is making more noise, watching the other swimmers, asking them weird questions or pacing, the goal is to distract her competitors.

“Typically when I run with Yulia, I watch her a lot and do crazy things in the prep room,” King said. “I think people watching is probably one of my favorite things to do.”

Lilly King (IU cap) and Annie Lazor react after a semi-final of the women's 100m breaststroke during the US Olympic team's swimming competition at CHI Health Center Omaha.

She said her gaze scared the other swimmers a bit and noted that “showmanship comes naturally to her” in the preparation room or behind the blocks.

King also likes to be the last to get up before the start of her races.

“It’s one of my things that I feel like kind of like my trademark at this point,” she said. “I like being in control of the heat and I like to let everyone know that they are waiting for me. So it’s sort of one of my favorites.

However, King said his efforts to relieve his opponents did not impact his own performance. When she gets up on the block to start a race, she says she’s “on autopilot” as her body takes over to produce some of the fastest breaststroke times ever.

“If people are afraid of running at me, they’re not going to swim that fast,” King said. “I would definitely say [embracing a bad-guy mentality is] more male dominated than female, but I’ve never really been the type to go the normal way.

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How to play and win the interview

It may seem unfair. You would like to believe that when you are interviewed for a job, all that matters is your background and your experience. This is only a part. Of course, the interviewer and hiring manager care about your skills, responsibilities, expertise and knowledge. However, while these traits are important, there are some smart tips to convince the hiring manager during the interview.

You must enter the arena knowing that it will be difficult. You will be greeted with indifference and rejection. There will be three to more than ten interviews conducted over six months. You are in an awkward game. It is not easy for most people to activate charm and charisma at the start of the interview. We get the impression that the process is one-sided and that the company holds all the cards. Going through a number of interviews with no end in sight and little or no feedback could be exhausting.

The interview is similar to playing a sport. You might find yourself up against a tough opponent, but once you understand how the game is played you will be all set, ready to overcome any obstacles, obstacles and win.

They watch and listen for clues

You can be the best and most qualified candidate, but if you have the wrong attitude it could be a big deal killer. A person’s temperament, communication style, social and interpersonal skills are of crucial importance. A manager doesn’t want to hire someone who will alienate his staff, seem impossible to coach, not a team player and difficult to work with.

If you’ve lost your job, it’s understandable that you’re a little bitter and angry. It was probably unfair that you were selected. A common phenomenon is that job seekers cannot hide their inner feelings. In the interview, their emotions resurface. The candidate will say something derogatory about his former boss and colleagues.

It never ends well. It’s a big waved red flag. The manager doesn’t know if it’s really the previous boss’s fault or yours. Either way, it’s not worth the risk, they’ll conclude. It is easier to take a pass and see other candidates.

Businesses want winners

You must appear as a winner. A manager wants someone who can do the job. If you present yourself, even inadvertently, as lazy, selfless, or unmotivated, they won’t be interested. Don’t expect sympathy or empathy. The boss wants a very energetic person who will do whatever it takes to be successful. To spark their interest, you need to radiate positivity, confidence, intelligence, drive and enthusiasm.

Put yourself in the supervisor’s shoes. Would you prefer to hire someone who will make your job easier or harder? Do you want to bring on board a go-getter that your boss will be proud of your decision-making skills or someone who hits?

Sell ​​yourself

You have to sell yourself. I know this sounds rude. No one else will argue your case. You have to be your best champion and advocate. Relying only on the curriculum vitae is not enough. You need to have a tight pitch that sells your story in a crisp and concise manner. You should also have an idea of ​​all the frequently asked questions.

Do your homework on the company, its products, the company’s mission and the interviewers. Armed with all the knowledge about the job and the business, you will be prepared and interested in the opportunity.

Just because you’ve gone to a great college, have a solid resume, and are good at your job, if you act like the job is already yours, it can rub them the wrong way. You have to play the game. No one wants to hire someone who acts upright and arrogant.

Watch and play the role

You have to watch the room. Wear the outfit that matches the job, or even a cut above it. Just because you’re at home, you don’t seem careless, lazy, or indifferent. If you are on a video call, make sure the lighting is okay, you have a good camera angle, look straight into the lens, make sure the internet connection is working and the sound quality is crisp.

Speak in a loud, clear, concise and confident tone. Your voice is a musical instrument. Use it to your advantage. Remember to smile, pull your shoulders back, hold your head up high, and avoid fidgeting and squirming in your seat or letting your eyes wonder nervously.

Don’t just say yes or no or give one-word answers. Offer full and thoughtful answers. Avoid meanders and tangents. Have a tight narrative. Sprinkle affirmative action words into your speech template. It will make you self-assured, confident, in control and desirable.

Show enthusiasm and excitement. Demonstrate genuine emotions. Ask open-ended questions to engage the interviewer and get them talking. The more she talks, the better for you. She’ll think you must be a great candidate since she spends so much time talking to you.

Make appropriate eye contact. Reflect the style of the interviewer. For example, if you are a fast-talking New Yorker and chatting with someone from the Midwest, you might want to slow down the way you speak. It makes the other person feel more comfortable. Smile and nod in agreement where appropriate so the interviewer can see you paying attention.

Be genuinely interested in the hiring manager and interviewers. Focus on the other as if they are the only one in the world. Repeat or rephrase things the manager has said to show that you are committed. It also ensures that you are on the same page with the interviewer. Ask questions when you feel the need to so you don’t wait until the end of the meeting. Use their name in the conversation, this is an interesting hack that gets them into the conversation.

Pay attention to your body language. You want to convey warmth, openness and friendliness. Never scowl, question or act rude. Don’t cross your arms across your chest, tap the desk, move, squirm, roll your eyes, sigh, or interrupt. It’s good to smile and laugh.

Be genuine and genuine. Let them see the real you. The more the interviewer feels like they know you, the closer you will be to receiving an offer. Hiring decisions are made, in large part, based on the liking of the candidate. One person can have all the skills they need, but if the hiring manager doesn’t greet you, that might not happen.

What would you do? Would you prefer to hire someone you really love but needs to be honed and coached, or someone you don’t like but has more experience?

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Does Arch Manning have Texas in mind? Ask Cooper Manning first

Trevor Lawrence, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning. All three were the “must see” generational sub-center out of high school. Two have gone on to have stellar careers in the NFL while Lawrence is only just beginning his journey.

Is Arch Manning the Next Gem?

Arch Manning, the QB’s No.1 prospect for the 2023 class, could be the most wanted recruit of the decade. Everyone wants it, and for good reason. An NFL grandfather, two Super Bowl-winning uncles, and a life spent at Manning Passing Academy?

What not to like?

Cooper Manning, Arch’s father, understands what it means to bear Manning’s name. Before a career-ending spine disease, he was also a robust prospect, albeit at the wide receiver position.

The name as a whole gave Arch the opportunity to grow. It also adds a bit of pressure compared to other recruits in the class.

READ MORE: Longhorns Ex Sam Ehlinger Works With Mahomes, Top QB Quinn Ewers: Here’s Why

“I think it’s definitely an advantage to be exposed to it earlier or all of a sudden the lights come on and you’ve never had it before, but I still think it’s an adjustment,” Cooper Manning told SI All-American on Friday. “He’s not just going to jump in front of the camera. He doesn’t love attention. He just wants to play football and have fun with his friends and be a regular guy.

Arch Manning grew up breathing football. From Sunday watching his Uncle Peyton tear up AFC opponents to days in New York City watching Eli lead the Giants, that was his life.

Patriarch Archie never pressured boys to become sports superstars. He encouraged them to improve each day and find a goal to achieve before moving on to the next challenge.

Cooper Manning says most parents who go through the recruiting process lack the knowledge to understand the process, so remembering Archie’s lessons is beneficial for his own son.

“I am really lucky to have a role model,” Cooper Manning said. “Not only did I have to deal with this, but I had to deal with a lot of things and I am lucky to have good parents and when different situations arise I can lean back: ‘How my Would father handle this? How would my mother handle this? “I’m probably going to screw it up, but at least I’ll have them as a reference, it’s definitely a luxury.

READ MORE: Around the Big 12: State of Oklahoma trusts veteran QB’s leadership and defense

Arch Manning is already visiting programs, including Texas. Under new head coach Steve Sarkisian, the Longhorns look to compete in the Big 12 for years to come.

It’s easier said than done, but the 2022 class is promising. Currently. Texas ranks 9th in the SI All-American rankings, highlighted by five-tool QB Maalik Murphy.

Manning also visited both SMU and Clemson earlier this summer. Ahead of the August 1 dead spell, Cooper Manning told SI All-American that his son will be heading to Ole Miss as well.

Three of the four Mannings have made Oxford their home not only for football, but also for their education. Archie Manning was Ole Miss’s quarterback from 1968 to 1970 and Eli Manning was Ole Miss’s quarterback from 2000 to 2003.

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“You become a parent really quickly and I loved Ole Miss, went there and had a blast, it was a great place for me, but at the same time you want your kids to be happy and come home from there. ‘happy school, so wherever or whatever they want to play, whatever they want to do, you want the best for them, “Cooper Manning said of his son visiting his alma mater. “So I’m just trying to be a good parent, a good winger on this journey.

Cooper Manning wants the programs to know his son likes to talk ball. All the ins and outs that accompany the attack and some concepts that best match his skills. He plays a role in deciding where to call home.

Ultimately, that could be the deciding factor for Texas to land the generational quarterback or watch another program sweep it away before the start of the 2023 season.

“Arch is really into football stuff,” said Cooper Manning. “Anyone can go to multiple academic meetings and after 30 minutes of frosting, but when he’s out there with the OCs, quarterback coaches and talking about football, watching a movie, talking playing patterns, it’s really what his eyes go wide on it. “

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Saul Niguez transfer position filmed after Liverpool rumors

Liverpool continue to be linked with a move for Saul Niguez, and his latest comments can only add fuel to the fire.

The Reds have been credited with an interest in the Atletico Madrid midfielder, whose future in the Spanish capital is uncertain.

Atletico recently signed Rodrigo De Paul from Udinese, reinforcing speculation linking Saul to an estrangement.

Barcelona are also linked with a move for Saul, with a partial swap deal supposedly involving Antoine Griezmann on the cards.

But that hasn’t stopped speculation about a move to Liverpool, and his latest comments will only see those rumors escalate.

Saul is currently with the Atletico squad for their preseason training camp, and a video obtained by El Desmarque saw Saul get on a team bus with the rest of his teammates.

Stopping for autographs, Saul was asked by fans about his future, replying, “They kick me out of here, man.”

Saul has made 337 appearances for Atletico, including 41 in all competitions, but was not part of the Spanish squad for this summer’s European Championships.

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Searching for Memories of Westmeath’s ‘Big Houses’ for New Documentary

Work begins on a documentary video that will present memories of life in and around the ‘big houses’ of Westmeath.

Producers are looking for people to come into contact with family memories of life in and around these ‘Grandes Maisons’. They are keen to capture the memories of resident families as well as those of people who worked or had other connections with these homes.

The documentary will focus on the years 1913-1923. It is produced by Bailey and Blake Productions, in conjunction with Westmeath County Council, supported by funding from the Department of Tourism, Culture, the Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media as part of their Decade program of Centenaries.

“We would love to hear, and maybe record, anyone’s stories of family memories from the past 100 years in and around the Big Houses. Did your grandfather or grandmother work in any of the houses? Did they have any connection with the household supply as a butcher, baker or candle maker? Do their parents? Did they tell you those stories, if so, we’d love to hear them, “said filmmaker Oliver Fallen of Blake and Bailey Production.

“We are also looking forward to seeing old photographs of these grand houses, old family photographs from the time that could capture life in and around the region during the first decades of the 19th century would also be welcome,” adds he does.

Oliver goes on to say that they hope to tour on location in and around the Great Houses, wherever they are granted permission to do so.

The “big houses” were the houses of the local owners and were often part of large estates.

“We are delighted to be working with Blake and Bailey Production on this project to collect memories of life in and around the ‘Big Houses’. We will also establish links with our historians in residence on this project, ”said Melanie McQuade, Heritage Officer.

Blake and Bailey ( is an award-winning production company. One of their many productions ‘The Blacksmith of Moydrum’ was released during Heritage Week last year:

If you would like to share your family memories (whether on camera or voice recording) or if you have any old photographs that you would like to share with the project, contact Oliver Fallen: [email protected] or send your name and number by SMS to 087 2539010 and he will answer you.

The photographs will be scanned and returned to the owners. Alternatively, for people who would rather not post their photographs, Oliver Fallen can meet up with you and capture those old photographs on camera.

For more details on the project, contact [email protected] or 087 6074496.

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