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Comment: Tennis technology takes away John McEnroe fun

You saw the television commercial.

An old John McEnroe spills red sauce from his cafeteria tray onto his white tennis shorts, as Serena Williams destroys the attacking ball machines with deadly forehands and backhands.

“You can’t be serious,” McEnroe moaned, repeating an act that once put him in hot water with a tennis chair umpire and turned into a multi-million dollar brand.

Well, nothing more, John. The possibility for tennis players to argue over calls has ended. Now they have to take on machines, which means there is no element of controversy now. There will be no controversy, said tennis.

The electronic line calling system called Hawk-Eye is now Hawk-Eye Live. He not only calls out all the lines, but has a strong female voice confirming what the camera has seen and said. The ball is missing a line and a voice coming from the sky somewhere – we’ll call it the Tennis Wizard of Odd – is barking that the ball is OUT. It gets a little strange when the player hits a serve into the net. “Out,” the Wizard of Odd barks, even though the blow wasn’t really out, just short.

In the recent past, the scoreboard listed a number of challenges for each player. This meant that if they questioned a line judge appeal, the chair umpire would request an electronic review, Hawk-Eye would replay the shot on the big screen, and the crowd would either cheer or moan, depending on their allegiance, for they saw electronic evidence of the firing point of landing.

Not anymore. Players do not receive challenges. There are no more people in the line, only a chair umpire who will most likely never reverse a call. No future to take a machine. This makes the ump chair work mainly by pressing buttons. Players can request a “close” review. But damn it, do you think the machine that called is going to show it made a mistake? To anyone’s surprise, no correction has taken place. The players quietly watch the close-up review, shrug their shoulders, and continue. Pretty exciting stuff.

There are still children of bullets, but how long do you think this will last? Surely a geek is sitting somewhere in a filthy basement, inventing an app that will allow the chair umpire to activate a vacuum cleaner on the field that will pick up all the balls and bounce them smoothly towards the serving player. It’s going to be a huge saving for tournaments, which is the genesis of all of these things. This way, they will no longer have to buy the kids’ burgers from the ball.

The direction of tennis is zero controversy. The competitive cock for so many of these hard-charging, adrenaline-filled, world-class athletes has been turned off before they even stepped onto the field. Why argue with a machine?

McEnroe was embarrassing at times, but also a lot of fun at times. Spectators can now expect robotic and emotionless matches. Tennis has always had this vanilla image of white clothing. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Be nice. McEnroe stomped on that for a while and his only result was, say, 5 million more people paying attention to the sport. Now the most controversial thing that remains could be the loud growls of some of the players. They will soon find a machine to filter this as well.

Speaking of noise and controversy, there was actually some here on Thursday night, and it brought back memories of the tall and semi-wacko Goran Ivanisevic, the delicious Croatian, who always said it the way he thought – especially to referees, linesmen and sports writers – and survived it all to win a Wimbledon title in 2001 after being a three-time finalist.

More than his huge serve and good forehands, backhands and volleys, Ivanisevic possessed the best racquet throw in the history of the game. He did so with pride, with classic follow-through, with not only intention but certainty that the frame would break and that he would lose a point and several thousand dollars.

Once here in Indian Wells he saw another player try to break his racquet and fail. Only a nice notch had been made. The next day, clearly concerned about this violation of a tennis skill, Ivanisevic conducted a verbal clinic during his post-match press conference on the skills and technique needed to ensure the racquet would break. It was clinical.

So if Ivanisevic had been here watching when veteran Vasek Pospisil of Canada lost his serve to fall behind in the third set, 3-1, and quickly demolished his racquet, he would have been proud. It took four giant hits on the hard court before the shaft separated from the rest of the racquet, but Pospisil pulled it off.

Pospisil actually rallied, after a discussion with the chair umpire that implied the word “fines,” and won the match. And he ended up not getting a fine.

This meant that two good things had happened. A contribution to tennis by legendary Goran Ivanisevic was honored. And a chair umpire actually had something to do besides the push buttons.

Consider this a beacon of hope for the sport.

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Dash cam shows man shooting officers before being hit by squad in Mounds View – Twin Cities

A squad car video released by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office on Friday shows Troy Allen Engstrom shooting a Mounds View officer once and a sheriff’s deputy once before the sheriff’s deputy hit him with his team September 22 at Mounds View.

Engstrom of Shoreview later died of multiple blunt injuries. The 48-year-old man from Shoreview was a domestic assault suspect and had been charged with shooting a gun at a nearby hotel earlier today.

The 24-second video pauses just before the SUV’s impact with Engstrom, who can be seen trying to run with a gun in his right hand.

Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher said on Friday the video was edited to not appear when Engstrom was beaten up “for the sake of his family.”

Fletcher said the video shows the danger posed by Engstrom, whose bullets narrowly missed the officer and deputy.

“The shots landed on both squad vehicles, and they were inches from the officers’ heads,” Fletcher said. “They were both very lucky they weren’t killed.”


The video shows Deputy – Sgt. Donald Rindal – driving the SUV east on County Road H2 before crossing Mounds View Boulevard and soon stopping where Engstrom stood on the sidewalk. Engstrom’s gun is pointed at the Mounds View officer’s SUV, which pulled up with the driver’s side door open.

Engstrom fired a shot at the officer.

“I must shoot! Fire ! Shots! ”Rindal told dispatchers.

Engstrom turns the gun on Rindal and fires a second shot; Rindal then accelerates towards Engstrom. The video then stops.


The incident began after Mounds View police responded to a 10:40 a.m. call of an alleged domestic assault involving a man shooting a gun into a room in the AmericaInn by Wyndham at 2200 Mounds View Blvd. A witness reported seeing the assault suspect walking near the Mermaid Bar & Grill, which is adjacent to the hotel.

After obtaining the suspect’s description, an officer and deputy spotted him in the area of ​​County Road H2 and Jackson Drive, just east of Mounds View Boulevard.

Engstrom’s bullets hit the officer’s SUV just above the driver’s side windshield and the deputy’s SUV just below the driver’s side windshield, according to the sheriff’s office.

An armed handgun was recovered from the scene.

Rindal, who worked in law enforcement for 22 years, was put on standard administrative leave, the BCA said in a press release.


The BCA is investigating the use of force incident involving an officer.

Fletcher said it is in the “public interest that these videos be published within a reasonable time.” The sheriff’s office also released video footage of a deputy’s vehicle on September 3 chasing a stolen vehicle on Friday. The vehicle eventually crashed in Maplewood and two passengers, 14 and 15 year old students from North High School in North St. Paul, were killed.

Fletcher said Rindal, who worked in law enforcement for 22 years, has an “exemplary record” which includes being named 2019 Deputy of the Year in the Sheriff’s Office. He’s back to work, after a week of normal administrative leave.

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Mike Tyson’s brilliant reaction to Tyson Fury beating Deontay Wilder on the other hand was caught on camera

Mike Tyson was clearly pleased with his namesake Tyson Fury’s fantastic victory over Deontay Wilder last time around.

Fury beat Wilder for the 30th victory of his career, but it was perhaps his most important.

Getty Images – Getty

Fury is a two-time heavyweight world champion

The “Gypsy King” destroyed Wilder, forcing the American team to throw in the towel in the seventh round and hand the WBC title to Great Britain.

Fury totally dominated Wilder from the start and the longtime champion couldn’t find any answer to Fury’s waves of attacks.

And ahead of the fight, former heavyweight champions Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis were honored in the ring by the WBC.

The MGM Grand watched Tyson and Holyfield stick together more warmly than one might expect given the latter’s first ear piece.

Still, it was fitting that Tyson was present to watch a man named after him try for the WBC heavyweight title.

When Fury finally made the deal on this seventh round, BT Sport cameras caught Tyson’s fantastic reaction to the result:

Fury has made no secret of how much of an inspiration Tyson is to him and he appeared on the Boxing Legend’s podcast late last year.

Before the fight, Tyson admitted he was a fan of Fury and for obvious reasons.

“I still support him because he was named after me,” said the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

“It’s the natural thing to do, isn’t it?” I am partial to him.

“I don’t care how hard you hit, it’s hard to beat someone who doesn’t want to stop.

Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield were honored before the first bell

Getty Images – Getty

Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield were honored before the first bell

“It’s going to be a really, really interesting fight and both guys have something to prove.

“I just wish the best for Tyson Fury, I’m still a Tyson fan.”

“Iron Mike” will no doubt be supporting Fury again when the couple reunite again on Saturday night, live on talkSPORT.

talkSPORT will have an exclusive live radio commentary from Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder 3 from Las Vegas on October 9.

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Asher Grodman on CBS Ghosts – CBS Pittsburgh

(CBS Local) – This week, a brand new show arrives on CBS. On Thursday, October 7, a new single-camera comedy called “Ghosts” starring Utkarsh Ambudkar and Rose McIver will premiere at 9 p.m. EST / PST on CBS. The 30-minute comedy is about Samantha and Jay, who throw away both caution and money when they decide to convert a huge dilapidated country estate they’ve inherited into a bed & breakfast. The only problem is that it is inhabited by the many spirits of deceased residents who now inhabit it.

Actor Asher Grodman plays one of the ghosts in the series named Trevor. The dead souls range from a Prohibition salon singer named Alberta to a 90s finance man in Grodman’s character Trevor. CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith chatted with Grodman about the work on the show, the acting at the moment, and working with Ambudkar.

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“You can expect a lot of fun,” said Grodman. “The first time I read this script I said it was one of the funniest things I have ever read. I knew it was different and I knew it was special. We were supposed to shoot the pilot in March 2020 on a Monday and the world stopped the previous Friday. In terms of the whole, we have all lived in limbo for a year and a half and we have all become very close. We shared this trip and we all became great friends. We had a great time. “

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Each episode of “Ghosts” will be available on Paramount + after it airs on CBS. Samantha and Jay can’t see the ghosts when they first move in, but the situation changes when Samantha suffers an injury in the house and suddenly the ghosts are right in front of her. Grodman loves the comedic tone of this show and he thinks CBS audiences will fall in love with it.

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” It’s a team sport. They rebuilt this house in Montreal and the attention to detail is incredible, ”said Grodman. “The cast is so special and it really depends on the people and the work that goes into it. The scripts are awesome and I am blown away by the talent of these people. I hope people will love the show and laugh as much as we did and get a little outing. “

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2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet Fast Driving Review: Everyday Nonsense

The Turbo S Cabriolet would be my 911 of choice.

James Chrosniak / Roadshow

The Turbo was the original lead dog of the Porsche 911 lineup when it entered the scene in 1975. But subsequent 911 generations saw the Turbo become more of a grand tourer, overshadowed in the eyes of enthusiasts by ready-to-go variants. the track like the GT3, GT2 RS and 911 R. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that the current 911 Turbo is not yet a fabulous sports car, however. After spending a week in a 2021 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, this would easily be my 911 of choice.

Almost nothing is really different between the $ 185,950 Turbo Convertible and the $ 218,650 Turbo S Convertible (both prices include $ 1,350 for destination and $ 1,000 for a heavy gasoline tax) . The Turbo S’s increases of 68 horsepower and 37 pound-feet of torque are due to slightly larger turbochargers, but otherwise the two cars are mechanically identical. The Turbo S comes standard with features like carbon-ceramic brakes, center-locking wheels, active anti-roll bars, and other optional extras on the base Turbo. All of these things are features that I would like anyway, and if you’re already spending that much money on a 911, you might as well go for the S. (Porsche says the majority of Turbo S buyers order their cars from measure, while the majority of Turbos are purchased in the field.)

You can’t go wrong with blue on brown.

James Chrosniak / Roadshow

Using launch control in the 640-horsepower Turbo S feels like the real-life equivalent of the Millennium Falcon jumping into hyperspace in Star Wars. Porsche’s official 0-60mph quote is 2.7 seconds, but it’s even faster than that in reality. In fact, Car and Driver tested this exact car and found that it hit 60 in just 2.3 seconds and only took 5.4 seconds to hit 100 mph. It’s absolutely brutal both physically and mentally, especially since there’s no real drama in how it’s picking up speed. The throws make your head spin, your hands are shaking and your heart racing. You would think it would get old after a while, but it doesn’t.

Even more astounding is how the Turbo S accelerates when you’re already at full speed. Crush the throttle to 70 mph and you’re good to triple digits in seconds, especially if you use the fabulous Sport Response button which selects the lowest possible gear of the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission and sends the revs up. sharply. I’m not sure if I’ve ever driven a car that made getting on the freeway so easy and fun – or with so much potential for a speeding ticket.

The 992 convertible looks less hunchbacked in Turbo form.

James Chrosniak / Roadshow

While not as much of a pure sports car as the 911 GT3 or even a Carrera or a smart option GTS, the Turbo S is still just as fun when you’re on the straights. . The steering is basically perfect, the carbon ceramic brakes are the best I have ever used and the ride is still compound. The torque vectoring all-wheel drive system, active aerodynamics and super sticky Pirelli P Zero tires (size 315 / 30ZR21 at the rear) provide massive grip and with the standard rear axle steering system, the Turbo S transforms into a rocket getting out of corners with ease. Optional with the $ 3,490 sport exhaust, the Turbo sounds a lot louder than a regular Carrera, with more aggressive and crackling overtaking in Sport mode.

But despite all this ferocity, the Turbo S can be super quiet. Tone down your inner Mad Max War Boy and use the same level of throttle application the Camrys around you and the 911 looks like, well, a regular car. Ride quality is fantastic despite this car’s 0.4-inch lower sport suspension ($ 1,510) and those huge wheels, at least as long as you keep the shocks in Sport mode. With the windows up and the electric wind deflector in place, it’s easy to have a conversation at highway speeds with the roof down and the roof up, the Cabriolet’s cabin is just as quiet as a Turbo S Coupe. The standard 18-way adaptive sport seats are extremely comfortable even after a full day of rough driving on canyon roads and highways, although I would like a massage feature to be offered.

Who doesn’t love a scoop?

James Chrosniak / Roadshow

Aside from the Turbo’s wider body, it’s sometimes difficult to navigate a parking lot or a narrow street – especially because this one doesn’t have the $ 1,430 all-around-view camera – it’s just as easy to navigate. driving everyday than a normal 911. In Normal mode, the only real clues that you’re driving something with this much power are the slightly louder exhaust noise at idle and the side scoops visible in the exterior mirrors. The icing on the cake is the very good gas mileage. I see 21 mpg on the highway and 18 mpg overall, beating EPA estimates for both – and that includes a lot of very spirited driving.

The Turbo’s cabin is just as luxurious and pleasant as any other 992-generation 911, this one in particular. It has the Truffle Club leather option at $ 1,090, which covers almost everything in brown leather with chalk gray stitching. My test car is also equipped with the incredible $ 3,980 Burmester surround sound system, perfect for when – or if – you’re sick of the exhaust drama. Other key options include the fantastic $ 2,770 front axle lift, $ 900 black brake calipers, and the $ 1,060 Blind Spot Monitoring System. Everything about this Turbo S is $ 234,570, which doesn’t sound too crazy when faced with more expensive supercar competitors like the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder.

The Turbo S is the 911 for me and I have a new respect for all the doctors and executives I see using them as daily drivers in Los Angeles. And if you’re going to buy a Turbo, you might as well go for the sunroof – it’s a lot less compromised than other convertible versions of sports cars, and it’s only $ 12,800 more than the coupe, after all. It might not be as crisp as the GT3 or as financially justifiable as a normal Carrera, but the 911 Turbo S is nicely rounded to the point of absurdity.

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Let’s take a look inside the 2022 Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester gets some slight upgrades for the 2022 model year, and it continues to remain one of Subaru’s best-selling models. While it looks small on the outside, the Forester offers plenty of room on the inside. It also offers ample exterior capabilities with more than 8 inches of ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive.

For 2022, Subaru has added the all-new Forester Wilderness model, which offers 9.2-inch ground clearance. This has increased by half an inch over the standard 8.7 inches. The set also includes all-terrain tires. Another novelty is the automatic emergency steering. This system is a new driver assistance feature that operates at speeds of up to 50 mph and facilitates avoidance maneuvers. It comes as an option in the Premium finish and becomes standard above.

Passenger space and comfort

The 5-seater Subaru Forester 2022 is narrower than some of its SUV rivals, but still manages to incorporate plenty of shoulder room in the front seats. Legroom is generous too – four 6-foot people can comfortably fit in a Subaru Forester thanks to the generous 39.4-inch legroom in the rear. One thing to keep in mind is that the optional moonroof encroaches on headroom by an inch or two, and it reduces cargo space slightly by 28.4 cubic feet.

The quality of the materials inside is high. The center console houses either a 6.5-inch infotainment screen on the lower trims or an 8-inch touchscreen in the upper trims.

Features and technology

The 2022 Forester base comes with integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphones and a range of driver aids under the EyeSight banner. The system gets an updated camera for this model year. Other features include automatic climate control, adaptive LED headlights, 6.5-inch infotainment screen, satellite radio, CD player, two USB ports, selectable drive modes, active grille flaps (for optimum fuel efficiency), 60/40 folding rear seats. , plus a washer for the reversing camera.

Upgrading to the Premium version brings heated exterior mirrors, a power panoramic sunroof, keyless entry / ignition, heated front seats, 10-way power driver’s seat, illuminated vanity mirrors, reclining rear seats and Wi-Fi. This model is eligible for Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Automatic Emergency Steering, Enhanced Driver’s Display, Power Tailgate with Auto-Close and Height Memory, and a rear center console with two additional USB ports.

The sport trim benefits from additional driving aids, 18-inch alloy wheels and hill descent control for the all-wheel drive system. Additional options include a power tailgate, 8-inch infotainment touchscreen, rear parking sensors with automatic reverse braking and a 9-speaker Harman Kardon audio system.

The Limited offers 18-inch alloy wheels, automatic high beams, dual-zone automatic climate control, an 8-inch touchscreen, and an electric tailgate. Eligible extras include the Harman Kardon system, heated steering wheel, voice-activated navigation and automatic reverse braking.

Touring has all the additional features listed so far, plus the DriverFocus distraction mitigation system. New for 2022 is the temperature control by gesture control.

Forester Wilderness Specifics

The Wilderness model is new for 2022 and has a dedicated drivetrain and all-wheel drive system. It offers driving modes for deep mud and deep snow and automatic low slope control. Wilderness sports 17-inch alloy rims with Yokohama Geolander off-road tires, a 180-degree front display and an 8-inch touchscreen. The power tailgate, Harman Kardon system and a navigation system are also optional here.

Materials and design

The materials and design haven’t changed much for the 2022 model year. The only difference is the Wilderness model, which receives StarTex padding. This material is waterproof, durable and easy to clean.

The Limited comes standard with perforated leather-trimmed upholstery and shiny silver and black metallic accents on the center dash. Limited also includes a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter grip, dual-zone automatic climate control and two rear USB ports. There is also an electric tailgate with automatic closing and height memory.

The Forester Touring level offers black or saddle brown perforated leather upholstery and a 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat with 2-position memory (for side mirrors and seat). The trim also includes power lumbar support, an 8-way power front passenger seat and heated rear seats. LED ceiling and ceiling lights have an off delay.

Cargo space and flexibility

Behind the rear seats of the Forester is a spacious 28.9 cubic foot luggage space. Fold down these seats to reveal a maximum cargo area of ​​74.2 cubic feet. The optional moonroof cuts off those two numbers a bit. At 51.3 inches wide, the Forester’s rear opening is massive, 6 inches better than the closest competitor.

You can also opt for a variety of roof and hitch accessories to haul everything from bikes to cargo boxes. Additionally, the Forester offers plenty of pet-friendly accessories, including collapsible crates, seat covers, and food bowls.

Continue Subaru Forester 2022

Build and price your own 2022 Subaru Forester to see this week’s fair purchase price, 5 year cost of ownership and more, or see Forester models for sale near you.

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Gaffe to the interview with Johnathan Thurston, golden reaction

Even Johnathan Thurston was caught in the moment.

The NRL legend was stationed for Channel 9 as Penrith beat South Sydney 14-12 in a thrilling grand final on Sunday night and had the privilege of speaking to ecstatic Panthers players on the pitch after a full time.

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Thurston has made a name for himself as a shrewd analyst since his transition to media after retiring from football, but he still has a few things to learn about life behind the microphone.

For starters, bettors watching TV cannot hear the speaker unless said microphone is in front of them.

“The first division-winning co-captain with me, Isaah Yeo,” Thurston said when he was thrown onto the pitch. “It sounds like a relief on your part, buddy. “

But as the Panthers lock began to speak, Thurston kept the microphone to himself, smiling and admiring what the Sydney west side had managed to achieve after the heartbreak of losing last year’s decider to Melbourne.

Seconds after Yeo spoke of his team’s “never give up” attitude, it seemed that Thurston had received a note through his headset that something was wrong. He glanced awkwardly at the camera, then turned back to Yeo – before she finally snapped.

The 2015 Premier’s laureate realized he had cornered the microphone, extending his right arm towards Yeo so viewers could actually hear what he was saying.

It’s an easy mistake to make in the pandemonium of a grand finale, but more than the slippage, fans loved Thurston’s reaction. You can actually see on his face the moment he hits him what he has done wrong.

Then he grimaces slightly, appearing to be angry with himself for not having passed the interview.

Former AFL star turned radio presenter Ryan Fitzgerald captured the sentiment perfectly on Twitter.

“Love JT, forgets to put the mic next to Yeo’s mouth, gets yelled at in his ear and then gets smashed by himself. Pure perfectionist,” he wrote.


This is the moment when everything clicked. Photo: Canal 9.Source: Canal 9

It wasn’t the only awkward moment Thurston suffered on Sunday night. Minutes before kick-off, Thurston addressed the 39,000 spectators and recognized the traditional owners of the pitch when it appeared to be cut off as the instrumental overture of the Australian national anthem began to sound through the stadium.

Australian pop phenomenon Kate Miller-Heidke, who was about to sing Advance Australia Fair, appeared to be taken aback by the music that was starting at the time, but still managed the performance.

Footy fans weren’t impressed with the misstep.

There were no such mistakes from Penrith, who held on for a two-point win to secure his first prime minister since 2003.

Scores were locked at 8-8 with 15 minutes to go when Souths eighth Cody Walker threw an ambitious slit pass that was intercepted by Panthers center Stephen Crichton, who moved away to score what would prove to be the winning trial.

The Bunnies scored 10 minutes later and Adam Reynolds had the chance to score 14 goals, but he missed the throw-in conversion. It was a heartbreaking end to his career at Redfern, as he prepares to represent the Broncos in 2022.

Adam Reynolds didn’t deserve to step down like he did. (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

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GRAY: Is Iowa State’s 59-7 record against Kansas a sign of things to come? It is a safe bet. –

Iowa State Cyclones wide receiver Xavier Hutchinson (8) catches a touchdown pass in the first half of the game against Kansas at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames on Saturday, October 2, 2021. © Zach Boyden-Holmes / The Register / USA NETWORK TODAY

SOULS – The Kansas cornerback played.

Locked up with Iowa State standout wide receiver Xavier hutchinson along the sideline, he chose to try and skip the road.

Now there are safe bets and desperate bets.

This one slipped squarely into this last region as Hutchinson caught Brock purdypass, quickly turned his legs and saw no one between him and a 36-yard touchdown.

Anybody. No help – and the Jayhawks needed a lot during the Cyclones 59-7 Big 12 triumph on Saturday night at Jack Trice Stadium. They do not have any. Football was fun again. A crowd of 60,446 fans waving at their cellphone cameras exulted as the records fell like well-placed dominoes for the ISU (3-2, 1-1), who also collected two turnovers and blocked a placement all leading to a 38-0 lead at halftime.

“All it took was one miss and he went,” Purdy said of the touchdown pass to Hutchinson. “And of course, it happened.”

When it comes to record breakers – or extension cords – here’s a quick list:

**Purdy dubbed the 2021 version “Brocktober” with four touchdown passes in the first quarter alone. He did it in just five attempts. His quarterback rating topped 350 – and everything in terms of team success has gone up, further and further.

“I really felt like Brock had really started playing the Brock Purdy style of football,” said the ISU head coach. Matt campbell noted. “So proud of him. Again, (it’s) kind of like the message I’m saying that you have to get stronger through struggle. And when your best players have the ability to do it, I think your team has the ability to do it.

**Fully American tailback Underwear room became the Cyclones’ all-time leader in rushing touchdowns with 39. The first of two Saturdays pulled him out of a tie with Troy Davis. The second – which gave ISU a 45-7 lead at the start of the second half – came on its last postponement of the game. Hall also extended his record 12 rushing touchdown streak in consecutive games to 17 and eclipsed 3,000 rushing yards during his Cyclone career.

“Honestly, I had no idea,” Hall said of his record-breaking night. “Nobody told me before the game so it was cool and stuff. Records are cool, but I just love being there with my teammates having fun. Enjoy the victory.

**Fully American tight fin Charlie kolar caught his 19th career touchdown pass, extending his program record in that position. He also had an assist for the 28th consecutive game, tying him for third all-time in this category with Hakeem Butler.

“In the last two weeks you see a healthy Charlie Kolar like I think you see a healthy Breece Hall,” Campbell said. “So I think it’s definitely positive for (Purdy) that you have two ‘A’ players coming back to (an) ‘A’ style of football.”

**The Cyclones clinched their eighth consecutive home conference victory, a record – exactly double the best streak of four previous ones. Their 59 points are the second-best of all time against a conference opponent (66 against Pat Mahomes and Texas Tech in 2016) and they are now 13-1 in their last 14 home games in the Big 12. .

“It was as if we had finally taken that step as a team this season,” said senior safety Greg Eisworth noted. “Everything was linked. The defense gets those three outs and the offense gets points on the board. I think it’s huge, especially before this week off.

**Campbell has now won 27 league games, which ties him to Dan McCarney for the most in the program’s history.

**Purdy also extended his personal best with his 20th conference victory as an ISU quarterback and became the sixth player in league history to accumulate over 10,000 passing yards and over 1 000 yards rushing. The other five? Baker Mayfield, Robert Griffin III, Colt McCoy, Trevone Boykin and Sam Ehlinger.

Good company? Undoubtedly. And the smart money is on him – and the Cyclones – climbing the leaderboards at the end of the season.

ISU is now 14-2 as of October since 2017, which is also tied for the second most wins among any FBS programs (Alabama, 15, Clemson 14) during that time.

All of this is now a well-established trend, and not a fluke. Zach Petersen recovered a fumble precisely because it’s always where it belongs. King Kym-Mani made a pass in the end zone just because he’s becoming that type of player. Enyi Uwazurike blocked that field goal – and Eisworth sent it back 55 yards to set up a touchdown – precisely because they’re leaders and “A” players in the program. Their habits lead to good fortune. As others match them, others follow.

“The reality is we have to bounce the ball in our direction,” said Campbell. “Right? In our sports, (people sometimes) say, ‘Ah, that’s luck.” No, that’s all BS You bounce the ball your way – and I think that’s a little difference from what I was looking for (after last week’s 31-29 loss to Baylor). Now I’ll say this: I thought our Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday workouts we had, I’m here I don’t dunno how long but it’s the best I’ve seen. So to me those are great indicators. Our sport is still real. You have to train well to play well and if you are ready to do it, man, great things can happen. “

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Six things we learned from Manchester United vs Everton

Manchester United missed the opportunity to take the lead in the Premier League after a 1-1 draw with Everton.

Anthony Martial’s goal was not enough to win the game against Rafa Benitez’s side due to Andros Townsend’s equalizer.

Here’s a look at five things we learned from the game …

(OLI SCARFF / AFP via Getty Images)

Solskjaer returns to 4-2-3-1

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer went for a 4-3-3 system against Villarreal midweek and United seemed too open to the counterattack.

Fred was on Paul Pogba’s side here as Solskjaer returned to his proven 4-2-3-1.

Demarai Gray was still able to find space between the lines at times, but overall there was more control in the first half but still a lack of invention.

Debate over whether Fred and Scott McTominay are both required in midfield will continue, and Solskjaer brought in Paul Pogba for the Brazilian with United looking for a game-winning goal after 70 minutes.

Manchester United v Everton - Premier League
(Matthew Peters / Manchester United via Getty Images)

Ronaldo is dropable

It makes sense that at 36, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t play every game and it was the first Premier League game he has been on the bench for since his return.

Edinson Cavani deserved a start, and it was a preview of how Solskjaer will manage his team going forward.

Solskjaer is usually used to making late substitutions, but Ronaldo replaced Cavani in the 56th minute here.

Bruno Fernandes is seemingly the only unchallengeable player in United’s forward areas, but in the end the gamble on giving Ronaldo a rest proved costly.

Manchester United v Everton - Premier League
(Matthew Peters / Manchester United via Getty Images)

Martial puts an end to his drought before injury

The inclusion of Anthony Martial was perhaps even more surprising than Ronaldo left on the bench.

Solskjaer was clearly keen to maintain his confidence in the France international and he responded with a first goal in eight months to open the scoring.

Martial’s confidence seemed weak before breaking the deadlock. His dribbling was laborious and he was hesitant when attacking a header early.

The BT Sport camera focused on Martial when he stepped onto the pitch after half-time, but it looked like he was limping and grimacing.

And it turned out, with Martial exiting for Jadon Sancho within 11 minutes of the interval.

That meant Martial’s afternoon ended on a bitter note and he hopes the issue is nothing serious after scoring when he got a chance to shine.

United are back home

United got into the habit of coming back from behind away from home last season. The reverse is happening regularly at home this quarter.

United have taken a 1-0 lead in three of their four home league games so far, before being pushed back each time.

The above statistic must be of concern to Solskjaer. United roared against Leeds and Newcastle, but it’s difficult to score twice in every home game just to get a win.

Manchester United v Everton - Premier League
(Ash Donelon / Manchester United via Getty Images)

Sancho’s cameo was brilliant

Sancho has been accused of adding urgency to United’s attack when looking for a winner.

It’s clear his confidence is growing and there was a particularly impressive moment when he left Ben Godfrey for dead on the left flank.

A United first goal still eludes him – and a late opportunity has been missed – but the signs are good and Solskjaer underlined his confidence in the winger yesterday.

It was another step in the right direction despite another disappointing collective performance and a poor result.

Manchester United v Everton - Premier League
(Matthew Peters / Manchester United via Getty Images)

United miss a chance to reach the top

United entered this game knowing that if they won they would go on to lead the league.

With Liverpool and Manchester City face to face tomorrow, it was an opportunity to catch at least one rival for the title.

United started off as a team with a bit between their teeth before the performance snaked and the flatness of the crowd reflected that.

Ultimately there was not to be any act of escape like the midweek dramas against Villarreal and that was a big missed opportunity.

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‘Britney vs Spears’ review: when intervention is the problem

If the creators of “Britney vs. Spears” could add one more update at the end of the documentary’s lengthy analysis of developments after the film’s completion, they would have new material. On Wednesday, a judge accepted the suspension of the pop star’s father, James P. Spears, as a conservative.

If you’ve managed to ignore the story of the Guardianship and the #freebritney solidarity movement, director Erin Lee Carr’s documentary can serve as a timely but vexing primer. Guardianship, a legal arrangement that gave the star’s father and others some sort of absolute guardianship over her, was put in place 13 years ago. At the time, it was temporary. The pop music phenomenon is now 39 years old. In the summer, the battle over the situation has reached warp speed.

“Britney vs. Spears” quickly establishes the breadth of the performer’s reach with footage of crowded concerts and delighted fans (so many screaming teenagers), and clips from her music videos, including the one that put it on. on the card: “… Baby One More Time” (1998), in which she appears famous in schoolgirl outfit.

Drawing on plenty of pickup footage – some from media coverage, others seemingly from stalked paparazzi – “Britney vs. Spears” can be dizzying and appalling. More often than not, the documentary provides a good example of what it must be like to be a celebrity surrounded by intimates whose agendas seem obscure at best. Throughout, the viewer must consider a fair amount of suspicion. Which statements are correct? Which are biased? When are they both? Why did this person accept an interview?

Among those who speak for Spears, but also have their own relation to his fame and wealth, is his former manager and friend Sam Lutfi, who is highly rated on the ick scale, and an ex- boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, who met Spears when he was part of the paparazzi pack chasing her. Even superfan Jordan Miller, who helped start the #freebritney movement, seems a little too excited for his adjacent fame.

A welcome exception for iffier interviewees is Tony Chicotel, lawyer and expert in long-term care law and California law. The filmmakers call on him to help them navigate the ins and outs of the tutelage. Like guardianship, the role of court-appointed curator exists to protect people who are not able – physically, mentally – to make decisions. (The recent comedy “I Care a Lot” made a dark play on the potential for abuse, with Rosamund Pike playing a court-appointed curator who preyed on the elderly.)

Journalist Jenny Eliscu, who wrote on Spears for Rolling Stone, plays an important role in the film (she is an executive producer). In 2020, the directors of the film received a multitude of leaked documents about the guardianship. In a framing device that tries a little too hard to put some distance between “Britney vs. Spears” and more exploitative celebrity cover, Eliscu and the director sit in front of these documents, a Woodward and a Bernstein for an Instagram age. (In February, “Framing Britney Spears,” a documentary produced by the New York Times, came out, which I didn’t see. The same goes for a follow-up, “Controlling Britney Spears.”)

To her credit, Carr is transparent about her sympathies. At first, the camera scans a girl’s room, focusing on a pink boombox. The director admits in voiceover that at age 10, she was obsessed with Spears and “… Baby One More Time”. So much so that his father, David Carr, asked, “Why are you listening to this song over and over again?” Later in the film, Eliscu breaks down in tears as he recounts the story of a legal document hiding from Spears in a hotel.

“Britney vs. Spears” highlights how difficult it is to make a believable documentary about a celebrity under duress without repeating many of the gestures that treat fame as the sine qua non of American culture. Even the Oscar-winning documentary “Amy,” a much more elegant dive into a difficult history of pop music, couldn’t completely sidestep the feeling that the way it told Amy Winehouse’s story also sometimes reproduced a suspicious fascination.

This documentary does not shy away from the fact that when the Guardianship was put in place, Spears’ life turned out a lot and her family worried about her emotional and financial well-being. The year before the court granted James Spears control of his daughter, Britney had divorced Kevin Federline. The couple had two very young sons, who faced custody skirmishes. Amidst these tensions, Britney Spears’ behavior was erratic.

But what happens when the intervention becomes the problem? Britney Spears’ factory – and its countless subsidiaries – has remained robust, the goose that lays the golden eggs of its production. There was a cottage industry of lawyers employed by the guardianship. Images from the concert, music videos and clips of Spears repeating dance steps all seem to attest to a hard work ethic and seem to question the idea that she couldn’t run her business. The biggest lesson from “Britney vs. Spears” might be just how exploitable the role of curator can become.

Yet something remarkable happens at the end of the film. In a clever move, Carr uses excerpts from a recording made during a hearing in June. After all these talking heads who talk about her, who speak for her, Britney speaks. And what she says has a sorrow and a fury, but also a clarity and a challenge.

Lisa Kennedy writes about popular culture, race and gender. She lives in Denver, Colorado.

Britney vs. Spears
Unclassified. Duration: 1 hour 33 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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