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Couple with dwarfism hoping to adopt Ukrainian girl say they’re not impersonating an adult

A couple who initially hoped to adopt the Ukraine-born girl with dwarfism who was allegedly abandoned by her adoptive family, claim they have proof that she is a child and are not impersonating an adult as has been claimed.

Vincent and Nicole DePaul, who both have some form of dwarfism, recount Interior edition they wanted to adopt Natalia Grace in 2009 before she was taken over by Michael and Kristine Barnett in 2010.

The Barnetts claim Natalia was actually a 22-year-old adult woman posing as a nine-year-old who tried to kill them and would later be charged with abandonment when they left her in an apartment in the Indiana to fend for itself.

But the DePaul, of Albany, New York, say there is no way she could be an adult, providing adoption papers that show her birth year is 2003 and say, “She looked like to a child, she acted like a child. Do I look like a child? I am a dwarf.

Vincent and Nicole DePaul, both of whom have some form of dwarfism, wanted to adopt Natalia of Ukrainian descent in 2009.

The DePauls, who spent several weekends with Natalia, say the Barnetts' claims are

The DePauls, who spent several weekends with Natalia, say the Barnetts’ claims are “ridiculous” and have documents that show her birth year is 2003

Natalia’s story was revealed last month when DailyMailTV spoke with Kristine Barnett, 45, as she and her ex-husband Michael, 43, allegedly dumped Natalia in an apartment in Lafayette, Indiana in 2013 before moving to Canada a month later and breaking contact.

Police say the girl has been left on her own for three years despite a rare form of dwarfism, which means she is 3 feet tall and has difficulty walking.

But in an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV, Kristine insisted Natalia was not nine – as the prosecution documents claim – she was actually 22.

Barnett said the real victims were her and her family who were terrorized for years by the mysterious impostor who threatened to stab them in their sleep, pushed her towards an electric fence and poured bleach in his coffee.

But the DePaul say that’s not physically possible.

“If my wife or I tried to push someone into an electric fence, it wouldn’t go very well,” Vincent told Inside Edition in an episode that aired Thursday.

“Imagine someone who has difficulty walking pushing an average-sized woman against a fence. It’s ridiculous, ”he added.

The DePaul have called the Barnett’s claims ridiculous.

Natalia, pictured days after being picked up from her Florida adoption center in May 2010 by the Barnett's, quickly had her new parents suspicious because she had her period and an adult vocabulary.

Natalia, pictured days after being picked up from her Florida adoption center in May 2010 by the Barnett’s, quickly had her new parents suspicious because she had her period and an adult vocabulary.

Michael barnett

Kristine barnett

Michael Barnett surrendered to authorities on September 18 and was released on $ 5,000 bail. A hearing has been set for September 2. Kristine Barnett surrendered to authorities on Thursday, September 19, and was released after posting a $ 5,500 bond.

In an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV last month, Kristine (pictured) alleged that Natalia attacked other children, poured bleach in her cafe and threatened to stab family members and hide their bodies in the backyard

Kristine Barnett, 45 (pictured) and her ex-husband Michael Barnett, 43, have been charged with abandoning their daughter, then 9, in Lafayette, Indiana, and running away to the Canada in 2013. But Kristine denies the allegations and says she and Michael were victims. of a fraud, stating that the girl they adopted was an adult con artist who attempted to kill her

Natalia stayed with the DePaul for several long weekends as they sought to adopt her, but ultimately decided not to proceed with the adoption.

They have pictures with her and claim that she was missing a tooth at the time and that she could see another come in.

The DePaul’s still had stacks of papers showing her birthday was September 4, 2003, which would make her 16.

However, after the Barnetts brought the charges, a 2012 court ruling declared Natalia an adult after her birth year was changed from 2003 to 1989.

But Kristine still maintains that Natalia “would make statements and make pictures saying that she wanted to kill family members, roll them up in a blanket and put them in the yard.”

Kristine said she wondered about Natalia’s real age when they noticed she had pubic hair, her period and had a vocabulary far beyond her age .

The Barnett’s have been charged with two counts of criminal negligence carrying a combined maximum jail term of five and a half years.

Photos on social media show Natalia was taken by Christian couple Antwon Mans (pictured) 36, and his wife Cynthia, and their five children in suburban Indianapolis

Social media photos show Natalia was taken by Christian couple Antwon Mans (pictured) 36, and wife Cynthia, and their five children in suburban Indianapolis revealed that Natalia now lives with a Christian couple from Indiana and their five children.

His new “father”, Antwon Mans, 36, was recently ordained a pastor and lives in a former parsonage with his wife Cynthia, 39, a former director of McDonald’s.

The devout couple are aware of the questions swirling around the true age of their Ukrainian “daughter”, who is barely taller than a toddler due to spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia, a bone disorder.

But the images posted on social media make it clear that they are treating the petite woman like a child, dressing her in colorful children’s clothes and captioning a photo of Natalia and a young playmate: “Best friends sweetest ever “.

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400 million adult site accounts hacked and your password sucks

UPDATE: November 15, 2016 at 9:17 a.m. AEDT FriendFinder Networks told Mashable that the company has received a number of reports of potential security vulnerabilities.

“Immediately after learning of this information, we took several steps to investigate the situation and enlist the right external partners to support our investigation. Our investigation is ongoing, but we will continue to ensure that all potential and substantiated reports vulnerabilities are investigated and, if validated, remedied as quickly as possible.

“FriendFinder takes the security of its customers’ information seriously and is in the process of notifying affected users to provide them with information and advice on how they can protect themselves. We will provide further updates as our investigation continues.

For the last time, “123456” is not a correct password, folks.

AdultFriendFinder sex and dating site has been hacked for the second time (to our knowledge), according to the LeakedSource breach notification website, and the world’s really lousy password habits were once again exposed in the process.


Google’s new Pixel phone hacked in 60 seconds

The breach reportedly occurred in October, with more than 400 million accounts over more than two decades leaked. In addition to, user information from sites like and has also been posted.

The California-based Friend Finder Networks, parent company of AdultFriendFinder, claims that 700 million people interact with at least one of their sites. Data from users of its property, “one of the world’s largest providers of live webcams,” was also included in the hack.

Unsurprisingly, the passwords revealed in the latest data collection are terrible.

The three most used passwords? “123456”, “12345” and “123456789”. You have to go down the list all the way to number 13 until you find the slightly more original but still spectacularly unnecessary “pussy”.

LeakedSource has also selected some of the longest real passwords it has managed to find. Random sample: “schrodingersfavouritecat”, “ilovemanchesterunited” and “carlosfromcancun”.

The three most used passwords? “123456”, “12345” and “123456789”.

Echoing the The Ashley Madison saga As of 2015, it appears that approximately 15,766,727 accounts deleted from AdultFriendFinder have not been deleted. In the case of the case site, the passwords were just as stupid.

A large amount of passwords were also stored insecurely in clear text by the site – an unacceptable decision, as LeakedSource pointed out, given that the site was already heavily hacked in 2015.

The personal data of nearly 4 million users was exposed in May 2015, including IP addresses, dates of birth, usernames and even sexual orientation.

ZDNet got a potion of the most recently hacked database to check, and found that it did not appear to contain information on sexual preferences.

Friend Finder Networks confirmed the site’s security vulnerabilities upon publication, but did not explicitly state that the hack took place.

“Over the past few weeks, FriendFinder has received a number of reports of potential security vulnerabilities from various sources,” said Diana Ballou, vice president and senior counsel. ZDNet.

“Immediately after learning of this information, we took several steps to investigate the situation and engage the right external partners to support our investigation.”

Mashable contacted Friend Finder Networks for more details.

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Full Adult Friend Finder database offered for $ 17,000 worth of bitcoin

An unredacted version of a database allegedly stolen from Adult Friend Finder is being offered for sale for 70 bitcoins, or around $ 17,000.

MMR[RG], the nickname of the person who claims to have violated the big online login site, wrote in an underground forum Saturday that “I’ve had so many people asking me to buy the database today.”

Seeking to capitalize on momentum, ROR[RG] – who claims to live in Thailand – also offered to break into any business or website for 750 bitcoins, worth around $ 170,000.

Fifteen data files believed to be from Adult Friend Finder were posted to an underground forum in March. The files contained 3.9 million email addresses and, in some cases, partner preference, gender, date of birth, state, zip code, language preference, and user IP address. .

In a update Posted Friday, website owner FriendFinder Networks wrote “there is no evidence that financial information or passwords have been compromised.”

It is suspected that the credit card data may also have been compromised, but has been removed from the published data. In the post, MMR[RG] did not indicate whether the unredacted version contains payment card information. In older messages, MMR[RG] did not respond to people who asked if this data was also available.

Some leaked files have a column for “paymenttype”. Most are empty, but a few say “cc” for credit card. Leaking payment card information would add a damaging new dimension to the breach.

Cybercriminals can monetize data in a number of ways. Since the email addresses have been published, it is possible for spammers to start targeting people by incorporating Adult Friend Finder email addresses into their mailing lists.

Adult Friend Finder data is also sensitive as it is now easy to know who has registered or registered with the site at any given time. Sydney-based software architect Troy Hunt added Adult Friend Finder data to his Have i been condemned website.

Hunt has collected data from many significant data breaches over the past few years. Have I Been Pwned allows people to verify if their usernames or email addresses are in the leaked data bundles.

FriendFinder Networks also wrote in its Friday update that it had turned off the username lookup feature and hid the usernames of affected users.

“We are also in the process of communicating directly to members on how to update their usernames and passwords,” the company said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been notified and FriendFinder Networks has said it has hired FireEye’s investigative services unit, Mandiant, to audit its systems.

Send tips and comments on news to [email protected] Follow me on Twitter: @jeremy_kirk

Copyright © 2015 IDG Communications, Inc.

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Adult Friend Finder User Database Leaked Still Online

Adult Friend Finder, one of the biggest online dating sites, may have been hacked over two months ago, and sensitive files (names, ages, email addresses, zip codes, etc.) are apparently still online.

British broadcaster Channel 4 reported As of Thursday, that the website had been breached, although information regarding the breach had been released in a low-key fashion for some time.

FriendFinder Networks, a California company that owns Adult Friend Finder and other dating sites, said in a advisory that he contacted the police and that he is investigating.

The company said it had just “been made aware of a potential data security issue and fully understands and appreciates the seriousness of the issue.”

“Until the investigation is complete, it will be difficult to determine with certainty the full extent of the incident, but we will continue to work vigilantly to resolve this potential issue and provide updates,” said the society.

Adult Friend Finder, which was founded in 1996, has more than 40 million members, according to its website. FriendFinder Networks claims to have over 600 million registered users on some 40,000 websites in its network.

The breach could be particularly sensitive since Adult Friend Finder specializes in the riskier types of dating. The sales pitch on its landing page reads, “Looking for sex? Hoping to meet someone special for a hot sex or even just a quick fling? “

The leaked records, contained in 15 Excel spreadsheets, are still online in an underground forum. The forum is a so-called “hidden” website hosted on the Tor network, which allows the real IP address of the site to be masked. The site can accessible only using Tor web browser.

The files contain hundreds of thousands of email addresses purportedly from Adult Friend Finder users. Some of the Excel files also contained detailed information about the members including their age, gender, status, zip code, username and IP address.

Some of the Excel files have a column for “payment type”, although the fields are mostly empty. Efforts to reach FriendFinder Networks to verify files were unsuccessful.

Bev Robb, who researches malware and the dark web, came across the Adult Friend Finder files in March. She said she waited a few weeks to release the information before contacting two security experts.

“I really didn’t know what to do with the data,” she said. “I assumed it was some sort of extortion.”

She finally wrote a blog post on April 13, who did not name Adult Friend Finder but identified the online nickname of the person who leaked the files, which goes through MMR[RG].

Before posting links to files, ROR[RG] wrote a message to Adult Friend Finder saying “this is to owe my guy $ 247,938.28”. He wrote in another article: “I am in Thailand. It’s a pervo site. They owe my guy money.

The underground forum administrator wrote on Friday that it “took only 74 days to confirm the violation,” in connection with a BBC article.

FriendFinder Networks wrote that he hired FireEye’s forensics unit, Mandiant, to investigate with Holland and Knight, a cybersecurity law firm and PR firm.

“We cannot speculate further on this issue, but rest assured, we are committed to taking the appropriate steps necessary to protect our customers if they are affected,” he said. The company could not be reached for further comment.

Note: When you buy something after clicking the links in our items, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

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How To Offer Financial Advice To Your Adult Child | Personal finance

If you have children who are now adults, you are probably offering them financial wisdom every now and then. Or maybe give you advice on how they could better manage their money whenever you get the chance. If you thought you could get by, maybe you would give your adult children a daily calendar filled with your financial advice.

This is understandable, although it is not always appropriate. You’ve been here for a while, you learned on your own money mistakes and naturally want to pass on what you know. You may also have the right to give your opinion if you subsidize your adult child’s rent, pay some of their bills, or offer frequent loans.

Whatever your situation, if you want to give your child Financial advice, here’s how to do it effectively.

Be thoughtful. If your adult child is independent and doesn’t ask you for money often, he or she deserves the benefit of the doubt. After all, it’s none of your business how your son or daughter spends money. But if you’ve been feeling more like a bank than a parent lately, you might want to be clear about your opinion. Even so, a discussion, not a rant, will likely work best.

“It’s very, very important to be tactful in this discussion,” says PJ Wallin, investment advisor, chartered personal accountant and certified financial planner at Atlas Financial in Richmond, Virginia. “Coming up as having no agenda or preconceived idea is extremely important in making sure the conversation starts like this – a conversation. Otherwise, a defensive mechanism may be triggered early on, and the conversation is less likely to be positive. . “

So how can you converse without doing a conference? Wallin suggests talking about your own finances. For example, ask your child for advice about your investment portfolio or recent career developments. Depending on how things go, this “may then lead to a discussion regarding the current situation of the adult child,” Wallin says.

Rachel Blank, a 24-year-old financial coach in the District of Columbia who runs a finance blog, The Day Tradette, likes the idea of ​​getting involved in the conversation. Speaking from a young person’s perspective, Blank advises, “Don’t be afraid to tell your son or daughter about mistakes you made either, like when you were in debt. But say how you handled it. That way it’s about sharing experiences, not just giving orders. “

Be a friend, not a parent. You have probably been told that your child needs you to be a parent and not a friend. But your child is now an adult, so if you want your advice taken seriously, try talking to your son or daughter as a peer.

“I think the problem with parents giving their kids financial advice is that they tend to take an extreme stance,” Blank says. “Either they take a position that is too bossy, which discourages young adults, or they are too afraid to even bring up the subject. The key is to talk about money with your children, not with them.”

Young adults may not know everything, “but sometimes we like to act the way we do,” Blank says. “So don’t treat us like idiots, or worse, kids. Treat us like another adult, you are having a frank conversation about our finances. We will be much more receptive to your advice.

Set a positive tone. That’s a suggestion from Simon Moore, financial advisor and chief investment officer at FutureAdvisor, an investment management firm in San Francisco. “Typically, the ‘feedback sandwich’ is important, where you lead and end with a positive comment or praise,” says Moore.

According to Moore, you could start the conversation like this: “I’m impressed with the way you are. manage your budget so effective despite having two kids in diapers and having a full time job. Then you might say, “Have you thought about saving your future pay raises for your retirement?”

Note the subtle but positive finish. Your child can see right through you, but you don’t risk getting into a heated debate if you incorporate positive feedback.

Be brief and to the point. Again, you shouldn’t lecture. “Parents tend to ramble, and that’s not good for kids 40 and under who have grown up with technology,” says Peter Fisher, father of four, professor of finance at Linfield College and founder of Human Investing, a managed investment firm in Lake. Oswego, Oregon. ” The youngest [the adult child], the shorter and more pointed the discussion should be. Guess they’ll have their cell phones, checking your facts in real time as you share. “

Fisher’s second point: “Know what you’re talking about when offering career and financial advice,” he says, adding that your child can quickly consult your advice online. “Any of them, in seconds, can level up and be as expert as you are in no time.”

Find a replacement to offer the same advice. Maybe you are not cut out for this particular role. Your kids can present you as someone who deserves to be watched no matter what you tell them.

“Parents can be the worst people to offer financial advice until children have children of their own and better understand the role of parenting,” says Irene Frieze, professor of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh.

If you keep hitting, bring a pinch hitter, suggests Michael Gauthier, a certified financial planner and CEO of Strategic Income Group, a financial planning and management company in Chandler, Arizona. He says he has had great success with clients when they have family gatherings. That is, a family reunion with someone who is not a member of the family. You could use your accountant, a Financial Advisor, your lawyer, a neutral and trusted family friend, or even a member of the clergy.

“It’s funny, but I can say the exact same thing to the kids that the parents said, but because it’s not coming from them, and it’s from an ‘expert’, they seem to listen more,” says Gauthier. “My advice would be that if a parent is having trouble getting their adult children to listen, find a trusted intermediary who can gently heed the same advice. It may not be the words of wisdom that are the problem. It could be. just be the problem. nobody saying it. “

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How to learn an instrument as an adult – Music Reads

Wanted to play the piano or learn the violin for years, but just didn’t know where to start? Well, here’s how to start making your musical dreams come true.

How to choose an instrument

Few people choose an instrument; he chooses them. What instrument stops you in your tracks when you hear it? What amazing piece of music do you dream of someday playing to your friends? Playing an instrument that inspires you will help keep you motivated on the long journey to musical mastery.

Don’t worry about the noise. Take the trumpet if you want. Most people are more tolerant of attempts at self-improvement than you might think. But keep your practice during daylight hours for maximum neighborhood harmony.

Not everyone has the room or the budget for a grand piano, but don’t worry about spending on your coveted instrument just yet. There are beginner models and rental options for most instruments and a good instrument of any type is likely to be expensive, so follow your heart.

There is no rush to buy an instrument right away. A teacher will be able to advise you on the best instrument for your needs and may even know someone with a used instrument that they are trying to sell.

How to find a teacher

Find a teacher through your local association of music teachers. Many teachers also maintain Facebook pages to communicate with their students. A teacher’s approach may not be right for everyone, so don’t be afraid to meet a few before settling in for regular classes.

With the implementation of social distancing rules, many teachers have started teaching online through video conferencing. Ask if they offer distance learning courses if you want to get started right away.

What if you were too shy to approach a teacher?

Hiring a teacher is the best way to stay on track and learn the best technique. Proper technique will ensure you produce the best sound, stay healthy as you play for longer, and move efficiently when you start playing faster.

That said, if you already own an instrument and can’t wait to try it out, there are plenty of free beginner lessons available on YouTube. ABC Classic presenter Vanessa Hughes recently learned to play Bach in six weeks using James Rhodes’ book How to play the piano. Once you have familiarized yourself with your instrument and a few basics, you should feel more comfortable approaching a teacher for further advice.

Take an online music theory course

Learning music theory will help you read music more easily and understand what you are playing. The Australian Music Examinations Commission offers online music theory lessons and there are also plenty of other resources on Youtube and other websites to help you understand the basics of music.

Practice, practice, practice

Adults, just like children, need to practice their instruments regularly to improve. Without the imposed routines of childhood, many adults find it difficult to pick up their instrument on a daily basis. Make a “music corner” in your home and keep your instrument there for easy access. Focus on the game for a few minutes each day at first, then gradually increase your training time as the routine sets in.

Enjoy the process

Learning an instrument is a lifelong process, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t improve as quickly as you would like. Enjoy the process of learning this amazing new skill. Learning an instrument is one of the ways to exercise your brain and body, as well as nourish the soul, no matter how good you are.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article originally mentioned AMEB’s online theory courses, which were offered free for a limited time during COVID-19. The article has been edited to talk about more general theoretical course offerings, now that the AMEB no longer offers these courses for free.

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How To Get Your Adult Children Out Of The Basement For A Career | Personal finance

It has become a bit of a stereotype: young adults live in their parents’ basements, unable to find gainful employment and unwilling to grow up.

While it’s a bit of a stretch, the percentage of adults aged 25 to 34 living in multigenerational households rose from 11% in 1980 to 21.6% in 2010, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of census data. American.

This is a major change from just a generation ago, when children living with their parents after high school or college graduation were barely common.

“Twenty years ago, if an adult child stayed at home, people thought something was really wrong,” says Tina B. Tessina, California psychotherapist and author of “Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About” the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage. ”While Tessina says young adults today face a different economic situation, she points out that expectations have changed as well.

No one can agree on a single cause of the phenomenon, which has been blamed on a lack of work ethic among young people, the economy and helicopter parents who are reluctant to let go. But as parents move into retirement, supporting young adults who have failed to get started can hurt their own financial prospects as well as that of their children.

“I think parents assume they’re helping their kids,” says Rachel Cruze, 25, speaker, author of “Smart Money Smart Kids” and daughter of financial expert Dave Ramsey. “What parents do is unwittingly harming their children.”

Coming home may be an appropriate, but temporary, solution for young people who have recently graduated from college or have suffered a financial setback. But experts advise parents and children to have a frank conversation before the children arrive with suitcases. The two parties must agree on the length of stay of the child, as well as on the rules of the house. This could include questions such as whether other important people can stay overnight and what contributions the young person will make to the household, either financially or through household chores.

Some experts, including Tessina and Cruze, advise creating a written contract that spells out all of these things. “When it’s written, you’re more likely to stick with it,” Cruze says.

No one formula will work for all family situations, says Nancy Buck, a developmental psychologist, speaker and author in Denver, mother of two grown sons. What is important is to clearly define the expectations of both sides. This way you and your longtime guest understand what is expected.

“What am I willing to tolerate and what am I not willing to tolerate? Buck said. “They’re always going to behave like your child, and they’re not going to believe that your non-negotiable is your non-negotiable.”

This means that parents must anticipate slackening in household chores and breaking the rules. And they need to know in advance how they’re going to handle such a challenge – and then be prepared to do it.

One of the problems of his generation, says Cruze, is that young people often have unrealistic expectations of what lifestyle they can expect to begin with. They can also be unrealistic about their job prospects. “Their expectations of what their day-to-day job should be like are over there in dreamland,” says Cruze, who lives with her husband in suburban Nashville, Tennessee, and travels across the country to educate young people on the ‘money. “It’s good to work at Starbucks and two other jobs. “

Navigating this situation is especially difficult if the parent and child have different attitudes towards money. To further complicate matters, this is the time in life when the roles of parent and child naturally change.

What parents need to do, Buck says, is support their children in their life and career goals while not supporting them financially.

“As a parent you can say, ‘What’s your plan? How can I support you emotionally because my time to support you financially is almost over, ”she says.

The exact length of a child’s life at home after leaving school depends on individual circumstances. In some cases, a highly motivated and hardworking young person may take advantage of the opportunity to start a business, pay off student loans, or save for a house.

There are also times when parents need the child’s help, either financially or to help care for sick family members. More and more families are also adopting multigenerational lives, but this is usually after all family members have grown up and become financially stable. Most of the time, parents and children are happier once the young people move out, find their own home and become self-sufficient. “Once they’ve had a taste of freedom and responsibility, they tend to decide it’s a good thing,” Tessina says.

Here are 11 tips that will help your adult children get out of the basement and start a responsible adult life.

Make sure your child has a clear plan. If the goal is to find a job, that’s fine, but is the plan realistic? You probably want your daughter to move out long before she is appointed editor-in-chief of The New Yorker.

Set a deadline for moving. It could be a deadline – three months, six months, a year – or it could be a deadline: three months after getting a job, for example.

Have clear house rules. Just like you would any roommate, be explicit about house policies. Is the person who drinks the last milk supposed to buy more or put it on a list? Do people who stay late have to call and let others know so they don’t have to worry? What about slumber parties and loud parties? You are now in a roommate relationship as well as a parent-child relationship, and this requires accommodation and negotiation.

Make sure the young adult contributes to the family. It could mean paying rent, or it could mean contributing to work.

Determine who pays for what expenses. Your child is likely to eat the food you buy, but do you want to buy gasoline for their car or pay for their appointments? Encourage him to find a part-time job to at least earn his own pocket money.

Share your professional networks with your child. But remember, you should help them find work, not do the job search for them. “You are a parent, not their career counselor,” Buck says. “If you share this advice in a nagging way, it won’t work. “

Don’t make life too comfortable. Don’t do your child’s laundry, clean their room, or make dental appointments. Remember he is now an adult and can do anything an adult roommate can do. “If being at home is too comfortable, why would they want to leave? Buck said.

Don’t spend money on your child that will rob you of your retirement savings. If you can’t afford to contribute to your 401 (k) plan, you can’t afford to buy job interview attire for your daughter. Keep your savings priorities in mind whenever you feel pressured to spend on your adult children.

Do not offer money unless specifically requested. If your child is asking for money, consider taking out a loan, with an official note and regular payments. Or just say no.

Avoid co-signing for apartments, car loans, or other payments. If your child fails, you are responsible. And the potential damage to your credit isn’t worth helping anyway.

Don’t criticize the lifestyle your child can afford. If your daughter gets a job that allows her to afford a shabby car and a run down apartment in a marginal neighborhood, support her in that choice and don’t criticize. “There is a sense of dignity attached to this,” says Cruze. “They are doing what they are supposed to do, and they are living within their means.”

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“I was lucky to stay alive” – ​​the truth about eating disorders in adults

She became addicted to going to the gym, where she “found out there was this amazing world where you could look at how many calories you burned on the treadmill and translate that into extra calories.” [to eat] that night. Then I was like, “If I don’t eat more, I’ll feel even better tomorrow,” and it just got worse. It was completely out of my control. “

Her illness worsened over the years until she went to her GP and was immediately referred to an eating disorder treatment ward, but had to wait for treatment. During this time, her weight dropped again – the only clothes that fit her were those of the children. The services and the campaigns are, she says, “all very prevention and youth oriented and it’s almost like ‘oh sorry we missed you’.”

Recognizing that you have an eating disorder can be difficult in adulthood, says Dr. Bijal Chheda-Varma, registered psychologist and cognitive behavioral therapist at Nightingale Hospital. “It’s very shame-based… The key problem is that it’s shame that keeps people from seeing clinicians. “

Whenever a celebrity shares their own struggles with mental illness, as Diana has done, clinicians see a slight increase in the number of people with symptoms, she says. “But there is a taboo. The most unfortunate myth is [eating disorders] are … based on vanity, when there is such a range of complexity. I have sometimes heard from fathers of teenage girls or partners of adult women [saying to them] “What shouldn’t be understood? Eat healthy !’ “

In fact, such illnesses arose out of a desire to regulate emotions with food; a need for control and a desire for numbness, she explains.

“The complexity increases with adulthood because then we have to look at what may have triggered it,” she says. “Adults become highly functional; they can have jobs and be married to families. Life becomes more complex.

Treatment, as well as public perception, has improved over the years since Diana spoke. Where once people were hospitalized, often far from home and for long periods of time, the value of community-based treatment is now better understood; to keep people with their families and their social networks.

Yates is at a healthy weight today, but still struggles with binge eating. Pursall is currently recovering.

Experts say the Diana effect endures to this day – and hope the modern account of her experiences in The crown will help improve understanding of eating disorders.

For more information or assistance, visit

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Hacking Adult Dating Site Reveals Sex Secrets

The sexual preferences, fetishes and secrets of more than 3.5 million people have been revealed after the Adult FriendFinder dating site was hacked.

Already, some of the adult website clients are identified by name.

Finding Adult Friends asks clients to detail their interests and, based on these criteria, matches people for sexual encounters. The site, which has 64 million members, claims to have “helped millions of people find traditional partners, swingers, threesomes and a variety of other alternative partners.”

The information collected by Adult FriendFinder is of an extremely personal nature. When creating an account, customers are required to enter their gender, the gender they wish to connect with, and the type of sexual situations they desire. Suggestions AdultFriendfinder provides the field “tell others about yourself”: “I like my partners telling me what to do in the bedroom”, “I tend to be naughty” and “I am ready to try some light bondage or blindfolds. ”

The hack, which took place in March, was first discovered by independent computer security consultant Bev Robb on her blog Teksecurity a month ago. But Robb did not name the site that was hacked. It was only this week when England Channel News 4 reported on the hack, that Adult FriendFinder was named as a victim.

Are you worried that your private information has been exposed? Tell us your story.

Personal information exposed includes customers’ email addresses, usernames, passwords, birthdays, and zip codes, in addition to their sexual preferences. No credit card data has yet been discovered as part of the hack.

This data is incredibly revealing and potentially damaging.

Andrew Auernheimer, a controversial hacker who browsed the files, used Twitter to publicly identify Adult FriendFinder clients, including a commander of the Washington Police Academy, an FAA employee, a state tax employee from California and a naval intelligence officer who allegedly tried to cheat on his wife.

When asked why he was doing this, Auernheimer said, “I went straight to the government workers because they seem the easiest to shame.”

Millions more remain anonymous for now, but anyone can open the files, which remain available for free online. This could allow anyone to extort clients from Adult FriendFinder.

For example, security consultant Robb reported that one person whose information was hacked was a 62-year-old Hispanic man from New Jersey, who worked in advertising and had a preference for the “subporno” forum. That, combined with his username and other account details, gave Robb enough information to Google, find his real name, and find his social media pages.

The information on display can be particularly devastating for people living in small towns, where it is more easily identified. For example, one person exposed in the hack is a 40-year-old welder from a small town in Illinois of a few thousand people. He “will become anyone’s slave” and lied about his age on the site, claiming to be 29.

The breach was made by a hacker who calls himself MMR[RG]. In an online hacker forum, he said he blackmailed Adult FriendFinder, telling the site he would expose the data online unless the company paid him $ 100,000.

On the forum, hackers immediately praised ROR[RG], claiming that they plan to use the data to attack the victims.

“I’m loading them into the mailer now / I’ll send you some dough from what he’s doing / thank you !!” wrote a hacker who calls himself “MAPS”.

FriendFinder Networks Inc., parent company of Adult FriendFinder and other adult sites and publications, including Penthouse, said in a statement that it had just become aware of the breach and is working closely with the company. law enforcement and cybercrime Mandiant, a FireEye (FEYE) subsidiary company.

The company said it did not yet know the full extent of the breach, but promised to “work with vigilance,” noting that FriendFinder Networks “fully appreciates the seriousness of the problem.”

“We cannot speculate further on this issue, but rest assured, we are committed to taking the appropriate steps necessary to protect our customers if they are affected,” the company said.

CNNMoney (New York) First published May 22, 2015: 8:28 a.m. ET

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15 best Easter egg hunt ideas for adults

This is how a typical vacation goes: The adults take care of all the planning, buy all the gifts, prepare all the surprises and the kids have fun. (Bawl if that sounds familiar to you.) But there’s nothing stopping adults from participating in the action too! Check out our list of adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for inspiration and make it happen this year.

Most of these ideas are fun for all ages so the whole family can get involved. (A few – involving alcohol, lottery tickets, or naughty innuendoes – are for adults only.) Share them with a partner, family, or friends – even if you’re celebrating virtually – and create memories forever at any age.


petanque eggs

Replace the traditional Easter egg hunt with an adult-friendly alternative: Roll these plastic eggs to get as close to a target as possible. The one whose eggs land closest wins a prize. (Mimosas during play are encouraged, but not required.)


Egg Coupon

Customize this game according to the number, age and type of participants, but it’s especially fun for couples: fill plastic eggs with coupons the researcher can redeem: an extra tight hug, an extra kiss -long… and any other price, from nice to nasty!


april fool’s eggs

Easter may not exactly fall on April 1 of each year… but let’s call it close enough! Hide the plastic eggs as you normally would. Only for this game you will first seal them with super glue. Watch (and laugh) from afar as the seeker shakes, pushes, and claws this egg trying to get the surprise inside.

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Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt


Easter Egg Hunt Makeup

Surrounded by obsessed with beauty? Fill plastic eggs with small cosmetic items like mini nail polishes, lip balms, or travel-size beauty products in springtime hues.


Easter Egg Hunt Trophies

No matter how many eggs they collect, make everyone feel like a winner with mini trophies labeled “Most Eggs”, “Good Egg” and more.

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Truth or Dare Easter Egg Hunt

Spice things up by writing prompts on slips of paper and stuffing them into plastic eggs. Once the hunt is over, have everyone open their eggs so the fun (read: dare) really begins.

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Easter Egg Hunt Lottery Ticket

Give your adult egg hunt an extra adrenaline rush by hiding eggs filled with scratchers or other lottery tickets. Once April rolls around, you can usually find tickets with a spring or Easter motif to stay in the theme.


Gold Ticket Egg Hunt

Bring out everyone’s competitive side by hiding a Golden Ticket in a plastic egg and seeing how far people are willing to go to find it. What can they exchange the Golden Ticket for? It’s up to you.

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Notes of Kindness Easter Egg Hunt

Give your group all the affirmations they want / need / deserve by filling the personalized scraps of paper eggs with inspirational messages. Then encourage guests to keep them after the festivities to remind them of your love and appreciation.


Easter Egg Hunt Fitness Challenge

If your adult guests prefer to stay in shape over the holiday weekend, fill in plastic eggs with slips of paper outlining specific fitness challenges like jumps or squats. An impromptu workout class with your family and friends sounds like a great way to celebrate, right?


Easter egg hunt with cash

Consider filling most of the plastic eggs with singles and hiding a few with higher value tickets to create an added feeling of excitement. Go as big as you want.


Partner Approved Easter Egg Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for your partner that will take them all over your house until they find what they really want: you!

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Lantern Easter Egg Hunt

Make your annual egg hunt a nighttime activity: After dark, settle in with flashlights or lanterns to help guests find plastic eggs in the yard.


Jello Shot Easter Egg Hunt

Prepare a batch of jello shots that will fit into the plastic eggs, so adults can swallow them when they find them.

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