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High-level autism: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Autism is an intellectual disability. High-level autism generally refers to people with autism who have significantly developed language and independent living skills. However, the term is problematic, and it is not a clinical diagnosis.

High-level autistic people can usually live independently and have successful careers. However, the use of the term remains controversial, with many autism advocates affirm that it is ableist and deceptive.

Keep reading to learn more about high-level autism, including the causes, symptoms, and diagnosis.

While autism is a clinical diagnosis based on specific diagnostic criteria, the specification of high level autism is not. Rather, it is a judgment on a person’s ability to function in society. As a result, different healthcare professionals may disagree on who is working well and who is not.

In the past, some clinicians called people with Asperger’s syndrome “Functioning well” because they are less likely to have language problems and often have fewer visible signs of autism. Because “high functioning” is a subjective judgment, based on cultural norms and not on a diagnosis, the criteria vary depending on who makes the diagnosis.

Some people may use the term when a person:

  • is diagnosed with autism in adulthood or relatively late in childhood
  • does well at school or at work
  • has no clear language differences or developmental delays
  • can live independently

however, opponents of the term cite several problems with it, offering the following arguments:

  • It favors certain types of functioning, such as language skills, over others, such as the ability to understand social norms.
  • He is capable and judges some people to be better or less successful than others.
  • It relies heavily on cultural norms that prioritize academic success and language.
  • It may ignore the need of qualified “high-level” people for help.
  • It prioritizes the experiences of society with the autistic person rather than the experience of the autistic person in society.
  • Some people use the term “high functioning” to dismiss the concerns of adults with autism about how society treats children with autism. When this happens, the parent or caregiver of a child with autism may argue that a “high level” person does not fully understand the autistic experience.

Rather than applying functional labels, doctors are now talking about autism as a spectrum. A person may be very successful in one area, like their college life, but have difficulty being in a crowd or dealing with sensory overload. This spectral perspective does not prioritize some functions over others.

Additionally, the autism spectrum approach bundles several once-distinct diagnoses, such as Asperger’s syndrome, into a single spectrum of conditions.

Learn more about the levels and spectrum of autism here.

The neurodiversity movement

In recent years, the terminology around autism has changed dramatically in part because of the neurodiversity movement. This campaign calls for rethinking how we define autism by looking at the condition through the lens of human diversity.

The movement aims to encourage people to value diversity in neurobiological development in the same way as in ethnicity, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

Researchers do not know what causes autism. Preliminary research links multiple genes to a higher risk of disease, but scientists have found no single genetic cause, nor a single gene or combination of genes that inevitably leads to autism.

However, there is some evidence that the interaction between genes and the environment can lead to disease. For example, a person with a genetic mutation that increases the risk of autism may only develop the disease under certain circumstances, such as as a result of infection or exposure to certain toxic substances.

Research is also underway on how other biological factors may increase the risk of autism. Changes in the brain’s metabolism, brain connections, or the body’s immune system can increase the likelihood of its development.

It is important to note:

Vaccines do not cause autism.

The doctor who popularized this scandalous theory had to withdraw his research due to potential fraud, financial conflicts of interest and bad data. He eventually lost his license to practice medicine.

People with autism, including those considered to be highly functional, can have a wide range of differences. AT qualify for an autism diagnosis, a person must have difficulty with each of the following:

Differences with social and emotional reciprocity

People with autism with social and emotional reciprocity differences may, for example, have difficulty initiating or responding to communication, finding it difficult to participate in its typical back-and-forth nature. They may also have difficulty talking about non-preferred topics.

People thought it was an inability to empathize that led to this. However, new research has changed our perception of autism and empathy. It’s almost the opposite, where people with autism can even be overly empathetic.

It’s just that their experiences and their neurotypes are different. There is not a lack of empathy, just another way to understand and treat it. For example, people with autism can isolate themselves, but that’s not because they prefer to be alone. Instead, it could be because they can feel boring or cause problems for others.

Differences from non-verbal communication

A person may have difficulty reading other body language, identifying non-verbal emotional cues, maintaining eye contact, or making age-typical facial expressions such as smiling.

Challenges with relationships

They may find it difficult to develop or maintain friendships. People with autism may not engage in make-believe games, be unwilling to make friends, or have great difficulty fitting in with others.

Additional differences

People with autism should also have at least two of the following four differences:

  • Stereotypical or repetitive behaviors or interests: They may become intensely fascinated by certain objects, repeat things that people say, have verbal or motor tics, or engage in repetitive movements.
  • An intense need for routine and consistency: They may engage in rituals that seem obsessive or compulsive, struggle with the change more than is typical for someone their age, or be unable to handle even minor adjustments, like a change in brand of nuggets. of chicken that parents buy.
  • Restricted and intensely focused interests on specific topics: They can be dedicated collectors, memorize long sets of facts, and be unable to stop talking about a minimal range of topics. Others may perceive these interests as unusual or strange.
  • Changes in sensory processing: They can be very sensitive to sensory input, such as loud noises or the textures of itchy clothes. Or they may have very blunt sensory responses, not noticing when things are very loud or bothersome.

These symptoms should be present early in development, although they may change or worsen over time.

Autism should also present itself as the best explanation for these symptoms, rather than another diagnosis, such as brain damage. Finally, symptoms should appear in multiple situations, not just at home, at school or in stressful situations.

People with high-level autism may have milder versions of the same symptoms.

There is no blood test or other lab test that can detect autism. However, depending on a person’s symptoms, a doctor may recommend certain tests to rule out other conditions. For example, a healthcare professional may advise taking blood tests to look for signs of infection in a child, or performing tests on a child’s brain to look for injuries.

To diagnose autism, a doctor will ask questions about a person’s medical history and then assess them for common symptoms of autism. They must meet certain diagnostic criteria to qualify for a diagnosis. Having one or two signs and behaviors associated with autism is not enough, even in people with pronounced behaviors.

Autism is not curable, but it can change throughout a person’s life. Some children may even seem get out of behaviors leading to their diagnosis in adulthood. In other cases, a person may not realize that they have symptoms of autism until they are an adult.

Treatment focuses on help the person with autism have a better quality of life. Early intervention services for children can help them develop emotional awareness, language skills, and other typical developmental characteristics. Many states offer free or low-cost intervention programs for babies and toddlers.

Parents who are comparing treatment options should be aware that one of the most popular treatment options, applied behavior analysis, is the subject of permanent controversy. Adults with autism often claim that the treatment is abusive.

Medication can also help people with autism deal with specific symptoms, such as anxiety or obsessive thoughts.

In addition, educational and professional accommodations can help them thrive at work and at school.

Learn more about autism, including disease management and support, here.

High-level autism is a judgment on a person’s skill and success, but it is not a formal diagnosis.

It’s best to think of autism levels as a spectrum, in which people with autism have unique behavioral differences to varying degrees.

No matter how well an autistic person performs, they need and deserve support and accommodations so that they can reach their full potential.

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No stimulus check for $ 1,400? Who might be on hold and eligible for payments

urbazon | E + | Getty Images

If you haven’t received your $ 1,400 stimulus check, you may still be eligible for the money.

About 159 million stimulus payments have been sent since Congress authorized a third round of stimulus checks in March. These payments total more than $ 376 billion.

They include up to $ 1,400 per adult, plus $ 1,400 per child or dependent adult.

As with previous dunning checks, your adjusted gross income must be below certain levels to be eligible for payment: up to $ 75,000 if single, $ 112,500 as head of household, or $ 150,000 if married and jointly filing.

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This time those checks are disappearing faster. Singles with an adjusted gross income of $ 80,000 and over, as well as heads of households with $ 120,000 and married couples with $ 160,000, are not eligible for payment.

Other requirements also apply. You must be a US citizen or foreign resident.

Although most of the $ 1,400 payments have been sent, additional checks continue to be sent weekly. Here is an overview of who is still able to receive the money.

“Plus-up” payments

Even if you have already received your third stimulus check, you are eligible for a “plus-up” payment.

The $ 1,400 stimulus checks initially sent out were, in general, based on 2019 tax returns. But once your 2020 tax return is processed, you may be entitled to more money, especially if your income has fallen. decreased last year or if you added a dependent to your family.

If so, the IRS will send you the extra money owed to you.

People who do not file income tax returns

As the IRS processes 2020 tax returns, it is also sending new stimulus payments of $ 1,400 to people it had not previously registered.

If you typically don’t file tax returns or receive federal benefits, the IRS urges you to submit a tax return this year so you can receive your stimulus check.

If you earn $ 72,000 or less, you can file your federal income tax return for free using the IRS Free File Program. In addition, the IRS provides more information on his website on filing a tax return for people in this situation.

The homeless

Even if you don’t have a permanent address or bank account, you can still claim a stimulus check, according to the IRS.

This includes people who are homeless, poor and living in rural areas, as well as other underserved groups, the the tax agency recently declared.

These people are encouraged to file income tax returns, which can be done using a smartphone or computer. Additionally, they can speed up their payment by opening a bank account with a low-cost or no-charge financial institution and submitting the routing number to their account when depositing.

As with other people who typically do not file tax returns, they may be eligible to use the IRS. Free File Program.

Federal recipients

People who receive federal benefits are typically among those who receive new stimulus checks sent out by the US government every week.

This includes people who receive Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Railroad or Veterans Affairs benefits.

Beneficiaries who typically do not file income tax returns usually do not need to do anything to receive their stimulus check.

Johnrob | E + | Getty Images

However, if they have dependents eligible for stimulus payments, the IRS encourages them to file an income tax return so that they are included.

In addition to the IRS Free File program, some people may receive free assistance in preparing their tax returns.

The IRS also offers programs including tax advice for the elderly, as well as volunteer tax assistance, or VITA. The VITA program is available to people with an income of $ 57,000 or less, or who have a disability or limited ability to speak English. Although many sites offering these services are temporarily closed due to Covid-19, the IRS is offering a localization tool on its website.

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Cuomo signs bill legalizing recreational marijuana for adult use in New York City

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law Wednesday morning to legalize recreational cannabis for adult use in New York City and create the second largest recreational marijuana market in the country.

With the approval by the Governor of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, NY S854 (21R) / NY A1248 (21R), which authorized the legislature late Tuesday, New York officially joins 16 other states, including New Jersey and Massachusetts, which have passed full legalization. More than two-thirds of the 56 million people in the Northeast will live in states that have legalized recreational cannabis, stepping up pressure on Washington, DC to relax federal drug restrictions.

“This is a historic day in New York – a day that rightes the wrongs of the past by ending heavy prison terms, embraces an industry that will grow the Empire State’s economy and prioritize marginalized communities to let those who have suffered the most be the first to reap the benefits, ”Cuomo said in a statement after quietly signing the bill.

New Yorkers aged 21 and over can now legally own and consume cannabis. Dispensaries are not expected to open in New York until at least 2022 under the new regulatory and licensing structure.

State Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) and Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes, the sponsors of the legislation in their respective chambers, also praised the historic significance of the then bill. that he had been in the Legislative Assembly a few hours earlier.

“The last time New York State did something like this was when we removed the alcohol ban: it was in 1933. Here we are in 2021 – almost 100 years of prohibition of marijuana – and we are suppressing it, “Stokes said in a Tuesday night address to the Assembly.

Krueger said she was “very proud to have played a role” in what she called “a leading national model for what the legalization of marijuana can look like.”

The passage and enactment of the bill marked a major political victory for Krueger and Peoples-Stokes, who had been unsuccessfully pushing for legalization in New York for several years. It’s also a significant victory for Cuomo, who has faced questions in recent weeks over his ability to pass major legislation amid allegations of sexual harassment, inappropriate workplace behavior and cover-up of deaths. in nursing homes.

Cuomo, a Democrat, abandoned his push for legal cannabis after Covid-19 first hit New York City last March, but pledged in January to make recreational cannabis a top priority for his budget. fiscal year 2022, due on Wednesday. Although the governor has dominated previous failed cannabis negotiations, lawmakers and advocates sought to take advantage of his newly weakened state as the 2022 budget deadline approaches.

Several supporters of the legalization of marijuana have increased calls for the passage of the legislation proposed by Krueger and Peoples-Stokes, describing it as “the gold standard for legalization”. They argued that Cuomo’s budget proposal was insufficient, even with the February amendments how social equity funding would be allocated; and what criminal charges would be applied or imposed for abusive sales. The Senate and the Assembly, for their part, stripped down marijuana legalization language of their budget proposals released earlier this month.

The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, which was changed on Saturday after Cuomo’s sponsors and office reached a three-way deal on the legalization of marijuana, calls for the establishment of a Cannabis Management Office to oversee New York’s recreational, medical and agricultural cannabis markets.

It also sets a 9% sales tax on cannabis, an additional 4% tax split between counties and municipalities, as well as another tax based on THC content: 0.5 cents per milligram for flowers. , 0.8 cents per milligram for concentrated cannabis and 3 cents per milligram. for edibles. Forty percent of excess sales revenue would be spent on reinvestment in communities disproportionately affected by state drug laws, 40 percent on public education, and 20 percent on treatment, prevention and treatment. drug addiction education.

The adult-oriented program is expected to bring in $ 350 million a year in tax collection when fully implemented, and could create an estimated 30,000 to 60,000 new jobs across New York City.

Cities, towns and villages would have the option to refuse to have adult clinics and consumption sites in their communities.

The legislation further allows for limited home cultivation of three mature plants and three immature plants; includes equity programs to ensure wide opportunities for participation in the new legal industry; ends the penalties for possession of less than three ounces of cannabis; and calls for the automatic deletion of the files of people who have already been convicted of activities which are no longer criminalized. And it establishes a new range of criminal penalties for illegal possession and sale of cannabis, and incorporates cannabis impairment into the offense of impaired driving.

Opponents have warned that the legalization measure will increase rates of drug addiction and impaired driving. They also raised concerns that New Yorkers under the age of 21 could more easily access the drug.

Kevin Sabet, president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana and outspoken critic of the MRTA, pledged to “help cities and communities exercise local control over the marijuana industry and adopt opt-out provisions,” as well as ‘to’ hold the lawmakers who supported this accountable. “

New York is only the fourth state to pass recreation legalization by the legislature, joining Illinois, Virginia and Vermont. Several other states, including New Mexico, Connecticut and Rhode Island, are also looking to pass bills to legalize adult use this year.

New Jersey voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment in November to legalize recreational cannabis.

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SC Media | Adult Friend Finder hacked

In what could rival the size and impact of a previous MySpace hack, the usernames, shopping habits, internet addresses and passwords of more than 412 million subscribers have been exposed after the Adult Friend Finder violation last month.

In a number of cases, passwords stored in clear text are visible, and in other cases, passwords hashed with SHA1 were easily cracked, according to the Breach Notification website. Leak source.

If the preliminary reports turn out to be true, this would be the worst hack of 2016, surpassing the MySpace hack with a tally of 360 million.

And this is not the first time that Adult Friend Finder, a portal operating a number of so-called 18+ services, has been violated. It was the target of a attack in May 2015.

Last month’s attack hit six properties operated by FriendFinder Networks (FFN):,,, and an unknown domain. It was reported that the attackers stole nearly 20 years of data.


Six properties operated by FriendFinder Networks (FFN) were affected by a violation:
339,774,493 users 62,668,630 users 7,176,877 users 1,423,192 users 1,135,731 users

Unknown domain: 35,372 users

Total: 412,214,295 affected users

Leak source

FFN has not yet confirmed the attack, but has admitted having been made aware of “potential security vulnerabilities”.

“FriendFinder has received a number of reports regarding potential security vulnerabilities from various sources,” Diana Ballou, Vice President and Senior Advisor at FFN, tell ZDnet. “Although a number of these allegations turned out to be bogus extortion attempts, we have identified and addressed a vulnerability related to the ability to access source code through an injection vulnerability. “

Additionally, FFN brought in a partner to look into the hack, Ballou said, and promised to update clients.

A researcher, known on Twitter and other sites as 1×0123, provided evidence of a local file inclusion vulnerability (LFI) used to trigger the breach. LFI flaws allow attackers “to include files located elsewhere on the server in the output of a given application”, according to CSO. The researcher added that the LFI was detected in a module integrated into the production servers of the adult site.

More often than not, an LFI causes data to be displayed on the screen or can be manipulated to perform more nefarious tasks, such as code execution. The bug is present in applications “that do not properly validate user-supplied input and exploit calls to include dynamic files in their code,” CSO explained.

The exposure of passwords is troubling, LeakedSource said, because login information can expose user identities and allow cyber thieves to easily use the information to hack into an account and continue any harmful activity, such as hitting users for requests for extortion. Almost one million users have used “123456” as their password.

In this case, the fact that verification showed that some data is stored in clear text while passwords are encrypted with SHA-1 is not enough to thwart today’s opponents, said Adam Brown. , Head of Security Solutions at Synopsys, to SC Media in an emailed statement. Monday.

“Unfortunately, penetration testing or application security analysis can offer almost no insight into how data is stored or processed in an organization’s applications and data stores,” he said. -he declares. “A data-centric approach is needed. It allows organizations to see how their data is handled by systems and, more importantly, whether it is encrypted and whether this level of encryption is satisfactory.

So far, based on currently available information about the breach, it is highly likely that a vulnerable web application was used to steal the data, said Ilia Koloshenko, CEO of web security firm High-Tech Bridge. , to SC Media in an e-mailed statement Monday. Gartner, he explained, pointed out in its Hype Cycle for Application Security 2016 that applications are the main source of data exfiltration. However, Koloshenko said companies still tend to underestimate the risks associated with web applications and, as a result, put their customers at enormous risk. “With this breach of 400 million accounts, we should expect a domino effect of smaller data breaches with password reuse and phishing,” he warned.

Some large companies, handling and processing personal data, still do not respect and even intentionally neglect the basics of information security, Koloshenko added. “Despite numerous reports of increased cybersecurity spending in recent years, many businesses are spending more, but not becoming more secure. A comprehensive risk assessment, a comprehensive asset inventory, and ongoing security monitoring are often overlooked, even though they are probably the most important elements of information security strategy and management. “

This attack on AdultFriendFinder is extremely similar to the breach suffered last year, David Kennerley, director of threat research at Webroot, told SC Media on Monday in an emailed statement. “Not only does it appear to have been discovered after the stolen details were leaked online, but even details of users who believed they had deleted their accounts were again stolen. Clearly the organization has not learned. of its past mistakes and the result is 412 million victims who will be prime targets for blackmail, phishing attacks and other cyber fraud. “

All businesses, especially those dealing with sensitive customer data, should balance their security resources against their risk tolerance and seek threat intelligence solutions that offer them the greatest extent of protection, Kennerley wrote. “It goes without saying that systems, software and processes need to be regularly reviewed, as previously accepted risk levels may no longer be sufficient. “

Consumers, he added, should think twice before posting anything online that they may not want to display in public. Every day there seems to be news of another breach, ”Kennerley said.

High-Tech Bridge’s Koloshenko agreed that computer users should be wary of posting anything online that they might not want made public. He suggested that applying the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will likely help minimize this type of incident in the future, although he acknowledged that it will take some time.

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Easter egg hunt ideas for 2021 for adults

Traditionally, Easter egg hunts have been reserved for children: a way for them to enjoy the thrill of finding hidden eggs at dawn head to toe pastels, baskets in hand. But who said adults can’t join in the festivities either? Whether or not you have a sweet tooth that rivals the most candy-hungry kids, or you’re just a fan of good times, there are plenty of fun ways to bring an adult. Easter egg hunts to live. Filling Easter eggs with money, elaborate and delicate planning treasure hunts, to replace plastic eggs with real ones filled with confetti, you will never have to wonder how to greet an adult Easter eggs hunt again. Some of these ideas even work for the whole family.

That said, Easter activities may look a little different this year, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to advise against large holiday gatherings, so instead of having all 50 family members this year (if that’s your thing), you might want to consider keeping things a little more private. What does it mean inviting your quarantine pod to Easter brunch and holiday themed games or just have a Easter for those who live in your home, there are so many ways to safely keep traditions alive this year, and without your typical all-day party – by hosting one of these adults Easter eggs hunts is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Kind Notes

This Easter egg hunt is suitable for both children and adults. Everyone loves to hear sweet words of encouragement and receive those adorable feelings on a handwritten note? It’s unforgettable.



Manicure hunt

There’s no better way to celebrate Easter with your girls than with a fun manicure hunt. Each egg you hide has a different nail polish on it. Once all the eggs and polish have been collected, you can organize a spa day in the salon where you paint your or each other’s nails.



Drinking game

This game puts a fun little spin on the egg hunt. First of all, you and your loved ones over the age of 21 take a Easter themed cocktail, then look for plastic eggs, each one with instructions on how many sips to take. You can even level up by slipping a few “Never Have I Ever” prompts into some of the eggs, and the person who To drinks.



Glow in the dark

Once you’ve put the little ones to bed, looking for glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs is a great way to boost your typical hunt. It’s dark, it’s scary, and the glow-in-the-dark eggs can be filled with any adult-friendly prize you want.

Get the tutorial on Little Luna.



Gold ticket

Kids today probably won’t remember the classic 1970s movie, Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, thus, finding a Golden Ticket in one of their eggs may not register with them in the same way as adults. The winner gets bragging rights and a chance to say they’ve won the coveted Golden Ticket.

Get the tutorial on Game party plan.



Bath bombs

Give your friends and family an excuse to treat themselves (not that they need to) with these bath bombs. Instead of hiding plastic eggs full of surprises, use these egg-shaped bath bombs.

Get the tutorial on Soap queen.



Eggs Confetti

The best part about Easter egg hunts for adults? You don’t have to stock up on candy that you’ll have leftovers for weeks to come. Crack those eggs on the floor for decoration or on your friend’s head for fun. But beware: you’ll have confetti all over the place for, well, forever.

Get the tutorial on My name is Snickerdoodle.



Couples treasure hunt

Invite your fellow childless couples on a fun, relationship-centric scavenger hunt this Easter. A clue leads to the next and the next, until they have all been collected. The first to solve the riddle will be able to enjoy his victory for the rest of the day.

Get the tutorial on Dating Divas.


Scratch lottery tickets

Who wouldn’t want to run around looking for a chance to win big? This is great if all of your participants are over 18 years old. And when the hunt is over, you can all sit down with your lotto cards, scratch them, and see if someone is going to come home with a heavier wallet.


Bunny Jell-O Shots

Jell-O is a bit like candy, right? And with whipped cream vodka added, they’ll make the perfect treat for adults. You can hide them all around and have your guests search for them and take the photos once they find them.

Get the recipe on Delight.


QR codes

Even older kids could join in on this interactive and tech-filled Easter hunt. You can simply create and print your own QR codes using sites like this, and hide them all over the house. When you create the QR codes, you can each have a link to anything from a website to a photo that will appear on a phone when someone hovers over their phone’s camera. If you wanted to follow the free route, you could have each QR code point the finder to an image with a cute Easter quote Where festive joke on it, or for something with monetary value, it could lead them to an e-gift card or IOU


Watered eggs

If everyone is over 21, hide little liquor bottles in plastic eggs for a watered and fun Easter egg hunt. You can even create a bar with mixers so that people can then create their own cocktails.



Eggs filled with beauty

Travel-size beauty products also make great egg fillers if you’re hosting an adult Easter egg hunt. You can use drugstore brands as well as a number of luxury brands to keep everyone scouring the space for these highly sought after items.



Ringing and cold money

Candies are all great, but adults will really love looking for eggs filled with silver. You can have eggs filled with a few coins or bigger bills to keep things interesting.



Hidden gift cards

If just using cash seems a little too boring, you should consider hiding gift cards instead of. You can buy them at various prices for a wide range of stores, cafes, or online retailers.


Treasure hunt

If you are dealing with adults, that means you can make things a little more complicated. Plan a scavenger hunt with a series of puzzling clues hidden in eggs that will eventually lead to an Easter Grand Prize.



Child’s Choice

If you have your kids for the Easter egg hunt, let them choose what goes into your eggs and where they hide. They’ll have fun watching you try to find them and see what’s inside.


High stakes chore hunt

This good idea of Good Housekeeping is perfect if you have older children. Let them fill plastic eggs with pieces of paper with their chores written on them. All the eggs parents can’t find means kids don’t have to do those chores. Kids will want to do a great job hiding them while parents will do their best to find them.


Truth or Dare

The fun childhood game will lead to even more fun egg hunt. Fill all the eggs with notes that contain truths or challenges, and once the hunt is over, anyone can open their eggs and complete the tasks. You will crack throughout your Easter brunch.



Yankees Exchange

If going out and having a real Easter egg hunt seems like a bit too much of an effort for you this year, then a Yankee exchange gift swap is an amazing alternative. You may even have a rule that all gifts must be wrapped to look like an Easter egg!



For an easy, fun, and, most importantly, virtually free Easter egg hunt, you can fill a bunch of plastic eggs with folded papers that have some great recipes. These could be your own recipes or some favorites you pulled from the web. And to go even further, you can organize a dinner where everyone brings one of the recipes they have found.


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Rick Tackabury; Father, 65, killed instantly when HOMEMADE kit plane crashes but adult daughter survives

Horror as daughter sees her father, 65, killed when he crashed into a homemade plane, but she survives in the wreckage

A 65-year-old Colorado man was killed and his daughter seriously injured after the home-made plane they were piloting crashed in a field.

Richard M. Tackabury, of Wiggins in Morgan County, took his experimental twin-engine Air Cam kit on Monday for his third flight with his daughter Laura Jean Tackabury, 42, according to 9News.

But the pilot appeared to lose control of the plane when he tried to land at Fort Morgan airport and it crashed into a grass runway.

Killed: Richard M. Tackabury, pictured, was killed and his daughter seriously injured after the home-built plane they were piloting crashed in a field

Mr Tackabury was killed instantly and his daughter was treated on-site by Morgan County paramedics and Fort Morgan firefighters before being airlifted to North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley.

She is now in fair condition in the hospital.

An experienced pilot, Tackabury built the Lockwood kit plane himself in December.

Witnesses saw the plane attempt to land on the grass runway parallel to Highway 52, and said the pilot appeared to be losing control of the plane.

The aircraft rose in the air and then crashed between the grass runway and the main concrete runway.

Crash: Tackabury built the twin-engine aircraft of the Air Cam Experimental Kit, pictured, in December

Crash: Tackabury built the twin-engine aircraft of the Air Cam Experimental Kit, pictured, in December

Destroyed: The 65-year-old died instantly when the landing went wrong

Destroyed: The 65-year-old died instantly when the landing went wrong

Investigation: Local investigators remained at the scene for eight hours to try to determine the cause of the crash

Investigation: Local investigators remained at the scene for eight hours to try to determine the cause of the crash

The accident, reported at 12:13 p.m., is under investigation by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, the Morgan County Coroner’s Office and the National Transportation Safety Board.

Investigators remained at the scene of the accident for eight hours.

Tackabury was the director of transportation for the Wiggins School District.

He had flown only the open-cockpit plane, a cross between an ultralight and a standard small plane, a few times, police said.

The community of Wiggins mourns Tackabury’s death, according to 9 News.

Mourning: Tackabury, pictured, was the director of transportation for the Wiggins School District, who mourns his death

Mourning: Tackabury, pictured, was the director of transportation for the Wiggins School District, who mourns his death

“This is a real blow to the district,” principal Trent Kerr said of Tackabury, who managed the bus fleet for Wiggins schools.

“When our superintendent told me about Rick, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach.”

Kerr said Tackabury spoke emotionally about the plane he died in.

“It wasn’t that long ago that he even bragged about this plane he built,” Kerr told the station.

“Rick was an avid flyer and had been flying for years.”

Wiggins lost two other residents over the weekend.

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Experts can’t find a single child under 10 who passed the coronavirus to an adult

Experts can’t find a single child under 10 who passed the coronavirus to an adult despite huge data trawl hoping they pose no risk

  • Studies suggest that children ‘do not play an important role’ in the transmission of the coronavirus
  • Evidence “shows reduction of infection and infectivity in the chain of transmission”
  • Experts have found no cases of children under 10 transmitting the virus
  • Here’s how to help people affected by Covid-19

No child is known to have transmitted Covid-19 to an adult, a medical examination found, as evidence suggests that young people “do not play a significant role” in transmission.

A review Pediatric coronavirus evidence revealed that “the joint China / WHO commission could not recall episodes during contact tracing where transmission occurred from child to adult.”

Researchers have also found no cases of children under 10 transmitting the virus, which has killed more than 26,000 people in the UK.

Studies on the impact of the coronavirus on children have also found that young people are likely “not to play a significant role” in the transmission of the virus, although experts have admitted that the facts are still “not” clear “.

A review of the evidence for the pediatric coronavirus found that “the joint China / WHO commission could not recall episodes during contact tracing where transmission occurred from child to adult” (stock image )

Professor Russell Viner, of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, told the Telegraph: “Worldwide, we see no evidence that children are involved in the spread or transmission of the virus, but we do not have enough evidence.”

The review of ‘relevant pediatric literature’ regarding the coronavirus, led by Dr Alasdair Munro and published in partnership with RCPCH, found current evidence ‘consistently demonstrating reduced infection and infectivity of children in the chain of transmission’ .

Among the studies considered was a nine-year-old boy infected in France who did not transmit the vicious virus to anyone – despite having come into contact with 172 people while it was contagious.

The anonymous boy was at the center of a cluster of cases that made international headlines in February.

He and 10 other people were shot dead while staying in a ski chalet in the French Alps as Steve Walsh, one of the first Britons known to have the virus.

The child went to three different ski schools in eastern France while unknowingly infected and mingled with other people.

Experts have also found no cases of children under 10 transmitting the virus, which has killed more than 26,000 people in the UK (stock image)

Experts have also found no cases of children under 10 transmitting the virus, which has killed more than 26,000 people in the UK (stock image)

“Although this is a single case study, this evidence suggests different transmission dynamics in children, supporting other data that consistently demonstrate a reduction in infection and infectivity in children in chain of transmission, ”Don’t Forget the Bubbles researchers said of the case.

The researchers added that studies of “multiple family clusters” in Guanzhou, China also suggested that children were unlikely to be “the index case.”

The review concluded: “Covid-19 appears to affect children less often and with less severity, including frequent asymptomatic or subclinical infections.

“There is evidence of serious illness, but it’s rare. The role of children in transmission is unclear, but it seems likely that they do not play a significant role.

“There is no direct evidence of vertical transmission, and early evidence suggests that infected mothers and infants are not more severely affected than other groups.”

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How to make friends as an adult (without feeling weird)

Because, let’s face it: some of us (myself included) might need help in this department.

A friend and I regularly play a game, where I read aloud a Tinder profile and she has to decide whether to swipe right or left (so say “yes” or “no” to that person) based only on the digest of the person. 90 character personality. It gives me a glimpse into the world of online dating – a country, having met my boyfriend before the age of Tinder, that I never ventured into – and makes online dating slightly more fun and less miserable for her. Slightly.

As anyone who’s ever braved the new world of Tinder knows, Tinder profiles can get weird. I won’t even go into the story of which one the guy used, and I quote, “I’m really good at helping people pick out Halloween costumes,” as a pickup line. But the strangest Tinder profiles, in my opinion, aren’t the ones like that or the ones where the person aggressively lists their hobbies with periods in between – “Face-lift. Gardening. Craft beer. My dog. “Etc; the strangest Tinder profiles are the ones that say anything in the sense of “I’m just looking for friends”. Like, don’t you know you’re in the wrong place?

To me, these friendship-seeking Tinder profiles have a strong scent of loneliness and despair – because you have to be really desperate if you are looking for friends on Tinder, right? But the thing is, I also totally understand! Making friends as an adult is hard, and if all else fails, why not give Tinder a try? I to have this.

Seeing all those Tinder profiles in the sense of “seeking platonic adult friendships” – there’s a lot of them – got me thinking about how adults make friends. Then I realized: honestly, I don’t know. I mean, I have friends at work, but the majority of my good friends were made when I was in high school or college and I had time to make friends. And a recent piece in Atlantic, “How friendships change over time,” suggests that this makes sense. As we age, the ground for growing up and nurturing friendships is just not so fertile. On the one hand, people are busy. And if they happen to have other important people (which I guess people looking for friends on Tinder probably don’t, because that can seem complicated), Bae goes first. And when you mix kids into the equation, friends new and old aren’t so high on the totem pole anymore. So no wonder adults don’t know how to make friends. Considering that friendships become less and less of a priority as we age, why would have we?

But the point is, friends are necessary for mental and physical survival. On a physical level, studies show that having friends keep our hearts healthy, helps us live longer, and even increases our chances of fighting cancer. And on a mental level, as anyone who has ever been dumped by SMS knows, drowning your grief at happy hour is not a way of life. So friends: we need them, but obviously a lot of us don’t know how to go about getting them when we’re past the sandbox age and spinning the bottle.

So to understand why so many people are looking for friends – and why we don’t know how to actually make them – I reached out to Bryn Mawr’s psychologist (and sometimes Be Well Philly Contributor!) Lauren Napolitano. Spoiler alert: She thinks all those friendship-seeking Tinder profiles are BS.

As Napolitano tells me, she thinks friendship seekers on Tinder are really proactive in avoiding any sort of romantic rejection in case they reach out and get turned down. If you’re not interested in them, it’s right there in their profile: they just wanted to be friends anyway. Interesting take, eh? However, she agrees that many adults “tend to be very isolated” and don’t know how to make friends. Why? Well, first of all, there is the fear of rejection. “You step out of your comfort zone and we’ve all been burned trying to make friendships with other people. It creates a kind of anxiety in high school, ”she says. Word. This fear of rejection can keep us from reaching out in the first place. Aaaaand spots a strange (maybe genuine, maybe not) Tinder profile looking for a friend.

So what can you do to overcome the fear of getting burned? One, says Napolitano, is not to take it personally. People are busy. You know this, because you are probably very busy yourself. So their rejection probably has more to do with the millions of things going on in their life than with you. Then, says Napolitano, you should also aim for quantity rather than quality, so pick five people you’d like to be friends with rather than just one, and then work to make it happen. It’s a simple math: playing the friendship game this way increases your chances of getting a stick.

When I told Napolitano that making friends this way sounded like a second job, she replied, “Well, yes. But if something’s bothering you, it must be a priority. Understandable, I guess, although I don’t totally agree with his method of quantity over quality; I’d rather spend time with myself and Christina Yang – albeit on a screen – than with someone I can, in a way , type of am interested in being friends with. But hey, it’s just me. (And maybe that’s why I don’t know how to make friends.)

So now that we know how to get over our initial anxiety – don’t take rejection personally, give yourself options – where does an adult actually go to meet friends? After all, kickball leagues and the like do exist, but if you know you’re going to be miserable putting on some practice shorts and kicking a rubber ball with a bunch of strangers for a few hours a week, that’s not okay. probably not the perfect place to make friends, right? Law.

Napolitano says, when trying to make friends the key is to do more of what you already like to do. (That doesn’t include watching Netflix alone in your living room, for obvious reasons.) As she suggests, “get more involved in whatever area you feel comfortable in: the school of your kids, the gym, your neighborhood. Just push yourself to get involved a little more in what you love, instead of coming home as soon as you get out of work. The idea is that when you force yourself to get more involved in the things that you genuinely care about, you end up surrounding yourself with like-minded people, and those people just might become your new best friends.

So let’s say you meet someone who is totally material from friends at an event for your neighborhood urban garden – because you love your neighborhood and you love to eat local, then you’ve immersed yourself in things you already enjoy. What do you do after? Napolitano, who has a somewhat creepy claim that going out and making friends isn’t much different, says the first thing you should do is try to get their cell phone number. (This is exactly the kind of gesture that would normally make me feel like I’m nuts but, again, I don’t know how to make friends.) Link to something you both thought was funny, little imported. Then she says, “Once you’ve texted that person, there’s a bit of an entry to send them a joke or something later, and to drop some of the paperwork.” And it is there, my friends, that the friendship begins. And again, if they burn you, don’t get run over.

Yes, it looks like a date.

The most important conclusion I took from my conversation with Napolitano, when it comes to making friends as an adult, was this: You really have to push yourself to do more of what you love. already do, in a social setting. And once you do that, you put yourself in a position to make real adult friends. So there you go, people. I’m saying we all embrace the idea of ​​going out to the worlds we care about – because we can only watch every episode of Grey’s Anatomy so many times – and see what happens. And whatever you do, when looking to make friends as an adult, not do it on Tinder. The fact remains: you are in the wrong place.

And pssst: if you are one of those people who have countless adult friends that you made when you were actually an adult, feel free to leave your wisdom in making friends in the comments section below. ! I’m sure a lot of people would love to hear it.

Do you like what you read ? Keep in touch with Be Well Philly – here’s how:

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Adult FriendFinder Hacked With Millions Of Private Files Appearing On Dark Web

FriendFinder Networks Inc.’s popular adult dating and dating site, Adult Friendfinder has been hacked, with details of millions of users appearing on the Dark Web.

UK TV channel Channel 4 made the discovery, claiming that the stolen data reveals users’ sexual preferences, whether they are gay or straight, and whether they are looking to cheat on a spouse, as well as less risky details such as email addresses, usernames , dates of birth, postal codes and IP addresses of users.

Adult FriendFinder claims to have 63 million users, but the report noted that only 3.9 million records have so far been made available online.

Channel 4 claims a hacker by the name of ROR[RG] posted the data to an unnamed dark web forum, and within hours of the data leak, other hackers on the forum said they intended to hit victims with spam emails.

Spam and blackmail

Due to the personal nature of the material, Adult FriendFinder users are likely to be highly targeted by spam and potentially even blackmailed.

The station found a victim of the hack named Shaun Harper, who claimed he deleted his account and couldn’t figure out how his contact details were included in the hack.

“The site looked OK, but when I got down to it I realized it wasn’t really for me, I was looking for something longer term. But by then, I had already given my information. You couldn’t access the site without providing information, ”Harper said.

“I deleted my account, so I thought the information was gone. These sites are meant to be secure.

Channel 4 went on to note that Harper was the target of “virus-infected emails” hours after the hack was published.

AdultFriendFinder responded to hacking saying that they had only just become aware of a potential problem and that they began to “work closely with law enforcement and launched a thorough investigation with the help of the leading medical expert. legal third party, Mandiant “

“Until the investigation is complete, it will be difficult to determine with certainty the full extent of the incident, but we will continue to work vigilantly to resolve this potential issue and provide updates as and when. as we learn more about our investigation, ”the company added.

Ironically, in a worthy commitment to shut a door after the horse is bolted, the company has promised to “take the appropriate steps necessary to protect our customers if they are affected.”

Image credit: mimi-chen / Flickr / CC by 2.0

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Holiday Trends to Watch: Adult Play-Doh; stores that ship

NEW YORK – The pandemic makes this a holiday shopping season like no other.

Toy companies are targeting adults stuck at home with play-dohs and latte-smelling Legos that turn into Warhols. Those who added a puppy to their family during the pandemic will see tons of gift options for their new furry friend. And with more and more people shopping online, stores are acting as shipping hubs to try and get gifts home as quickly as possible.

Here’s what to expect:



Children aren’t the only ones who need to have fun. Toy companies are targeting bored adults stuck at home during the pandemic. Need something to stir up at your next Zoom meeting? Hasbro is offering new varieties of moldable Play-Doh that smell like things adults would recognize: lattes, fresh cut grass, and smoked meats.

Lego, meanwhile, wants adults to put on their headphones and “forget the rest of the world” while turning the plastic pieces in their new kits into hanging art, like Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe portraits.

Marissa DiBartolo, editor of toy review site The Toy Insider, says she’s seen more coloring books and challenging puzzles designed for adults.



Paw Patrol dogs had better watch their tails. YouTube stars with millions of viewers make their way to the Toy Alley, a place where TV cartoon characters reigned supreme.

That’s because kids spend so much time watching YouTube instead of cable TV, says DiBartolo. This made the stars of the video streaming site just as recognizable as those of Nickelodeon.

Figures of Blippi, a man who wears orange suspenders and hosts educational kids videos on YouTube, are on sale at Target and Amazon. At Walmart, toys featuring Ryan Kaji, a kid who reviews toys on his Ryan’s World YouTube channel, have been popular sellers. Toy company VTech is playing on the trend in another way, selling a KidiZoom Creator camera that features a green screen so kids can add special effects and pretend to be YouTube influencers themselves.

And if you need another sign the size of the YouTube stars, a 13-meter-tall balloon based on Ryan’s World’s Kaji appeared in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on Thursday, floating alongside icons. from TV like SpongeBob SquarePants and, yes, Chase from “Paw Patrol”.



Retailers including Walmart and Best Buy, which previously used their locations as hubs to ship e-commerce orders, are now coming up with new strategies to be even faster. These measures come as they face a holiday crisis that is expected to tax transport networks and likely lead to delivery delays.

Walmart launched a special vacation program this week. Some of its online orders are fulfilled directly from stores using delivery services like Postmates and DoorDash instead of carriers like FedEx or UPS. The goal is to ensure that customers can receive their orders quickly, even the same day.

Meanwhile, Best Buy says 340 of its stores are specifically designated to handle a higher volume of online orders, although all of its stores ship e-commerce packages. Its objective: to have the 340 stores ship more than 70% of its ship-from-store units during the holiday quarter.

And then, many small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly turning to operators of micro-warehouses – mini-shipping centers located in urban areas – to help pack and deliver goods. Ben Jones is the CEO and founder of Ohi, which operates five micro-warehouses for various brands like Olipop Sparkling Tonic, or provides software to third parties at 115 sites for e-commerce execution across the United States. He says he’s seen more brands using his software as many are unable to guarantee delivery by Christmas via standard shipping if items are ordered after the first week of December.



More people have adopted puppies and kittens during the pandemic, and stores are rushing to cash. Petco sells matching pajamas for dogs and their humans with snowflakes and Christmas trees. And Chewy, the online pet store, is getting more and more personal, writing animal names on bandanas, bowls or beds.

Consulting firm Deloitte expects half of shoppers to spend some of their money on pet treats and other supplies this holiday season.



It’s not just the frenzied crowds that will be missing this holiday season. The same goes for impulse shopping – the practice of adding extra items like toys or bath balms as shoppers walk in and out of aisles.

Typically, 25% of holiday purchases are impulse-based, according to Marshal Cohen, senior industry advisor at NPD Group, a market research company. This year, Cohen said he expects that figure to drop to around 10% as shoppers dramatically change their online purchases to avoid physical stores. And when they hit the stores, customers will be shopping for a purpose, picking up the things they need while trying to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

“Impulse shopping is the icing on the cake,” Cohen said. “It’s the difference between a successful, profitable vacation and a ho hum vacation.”

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