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Dash cam

17-year-old girl sexually assaulted after being lured into stranger’s car in Banbury

A GIRL was sexually assaulted after being lured into a stranger’s car in Banbury.

The 17-year-old was walking along South Street when a black Volkswagen car approached her and offered to drive her home around 11:30 p.m. on Friday.


The girl was approached by a car on South Street, Banbury

She refused, but the assailant then told her to get in the car.

The car was then parked next to the Mace store on George Street before heading to the Water Works parking lot where the teenager was sexually assaulted.

Her attacker then drove her back to the station where he then let her out of the car.

The cops are now calling for witnesses who could have seen the incident happen.

The offender is described as approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall, slim build and in his 30s.

He had dark blonde hair with faded skin on the sides, straight and longer in the front, and a blonde colored beard.

The girl believed he had an Eastern European accent and was wearing a dark colored t-shirt and light gray sweatpants.

Investigating Officer Detective Constable Mike Earle, based at Banbury Police Station, said: “The Thames Valley Police take all forms of violence against women and girls very seriously, and we do investigate. in-depth about this sexual assault report.

“If you have witnessed this incident or have any information about what happened, please contact us.

“We especially appeal to anyone with dash cam footage that may have passed through Banbury station around 11:50 pm Friday.

“Please call the police on 101 and quote the reference number 43210329261. You can also make a report online or contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111 and through their website.”

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Police warn residents after a couple’s home was ransacked by burglars while on vacation

Nottinghamshire Police are urging residents to check their safety and help the force reduce break-ins even further after a house was ransacked while a couple were on vacation.

The warning comes after new national statistics released this week showed burglaries in the county fell by just over a third (34%) in the year through April 2021, marking a sustained decline that began long before the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the force is never complacent and its hard work continues day in and day out to help prevent burglaries in the first place, rigorously investigate reports, and take strong action against burglars.

An investigation is underway and officers are appealing for witnesses and information after a couple returned from vacation on Wednesday (July 21, 2021) to find that all of their rooms in their home had been searched and jewelry, de cash and china had been taken away.

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The burglary occurred at Hereford Road, Ravenshead, between June 26 and July 21, 2021. There was no sign of a break-in.

Officers are also investigating after a suspect attempted to enter a house on St Michael’s Avenue in Gedling.

A window left ajar was opened as the assailant attempted to climb inside. When the victim got off after hearing a noise, she found the window wide open. The frame had been damaged and items on the windowsill had been moved after the suspect was disturbed and fled.

The burglary attempt occurred at around 12:15 a.m. on Thursday.

Witnesses or anyone who may have captured CCTV, cell phone or dash cam footage of the incidents are being asked to come forward as police continue their investigation.

Nottinghamshire Police Neighborhood Inspector Chris Pearson said: ‘Burglary is such a pervasive and traumatic crime that we don’t want anyone to fall victim to.

“Tackling and reducing burglaries is a priority for the force and we want to do everything we can to prevent burglaries from happening in the first place.

“We have increased patrols in these areas to provide reassurance as we continue our investigations, but we need the public’s help to combat the break-ins.

“We cannot stress enough the importance of making sure your front and back doors are locked, even when you are in the house, and that your windows are locked whenever possible to deter burglars.

“We want people to take advantage of the warmer weather, but we urge them to think about the safety of their homes before it is too late.

Here are some simple crime prevention tips for your home:

• Make sure all doors and windows are locked.

• Keep desirable items out of sight of passers-by. Valuables should not be visible from windows and doors in your home.

• Make sure your keys are kept in a safe place, out of sight and away from your mailbox.

• Do not leave spare keys outside or in a garage or shed.

• Never leave garages or sheds unlocked, especially if they are connected to your property.

• Having a home burglar alarm and even a doorbell camera could help deter intruders.

• If you see anyone acting suspiciously, report it immediately to Nottinghamshire Police by calling 101 or, in an emergency, calling 999.

For more information on how to protect your home, visit

Anyone with information on the mentioned incidents is asked to call the Nottinghamshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 438 of July 21 (Ravenshead) or 17 of July 22 (Gedling).

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Dashcam video shows a traffic stop in Aurora last month in which an officer was attacked; Suspects now charged with attempted murder – CBS Chicago

AURORA, Illinois (CBS) – For the first time, a dash cam video was shown at a traffic stop in Aurora last month in which a police officer was attacked.

Aurora Police said late on Monday night, June 21, that an Aurora police officer stopped a car that passed through a stop sign near Plum Street and Randall Road.

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The car entered a driveway on the 600 block of North Elmwood Drive in Aurora and the driver started yelling curses at the officer, police said. The officer saw two passengers in the vehicle.

The rear passenger, a female, got out of the car. The officer ordered her to return several times, then told her she was under arrest for obstruction, police said.

But before the rear passenger could be taken into custody, the driver – a male – also got out of the car and continued to yell obscenities, police said. The driver started to approach the officer in the back of the car and told him he would fight him if he hit the passenger he planned to stop, police said.

The officer told the driver he was also under arrest for obstruction, police said. At that point, the driver ran away and the officer chased him, police said.

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The two passengers in turn followed the officer and yelled curses, police said. The rear passenger approached the officer as they were running, and the officer grabbed her arm to take her into custody, but she slipped away from him, police said.

The two passengers started punching and kicking the officer in the body and head, police said. The officer then heard a man’s voice and was repeatedly punched in the head from several angles, police said.

The rear passenger also put her forearm around the officer’s neck and strangled him to the point that he could not breathe, police said.

The officer was unable to get up until another officer arrived. When they did, the three attackers were all arrested, police said.

The Driver – Paul Sherrod, 28, from Aurora; and the passengers – Jennifer Taylor, 24, of Chicago and Sheba Taylor, 26, of Aurora – were all charged with aggravated bodily harm to a police officer and other counts shortly after their arrest. They are now also charged with attempted first degree murder.

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The officer has been treated and released from the hospital and is back to work.

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Heroic officer ignites to save lives – NBC Palm Springs – News, Weather, Traffic, Breaking News

A policeman on leave from Stockton is called a hero after he rushes into a burning car and rescues two people inside.

Officer Mark Afanasav and his wife were on their way to a suburb of Sacramento on Saturday night. Stopped at a traffic light, Afanasev told Sacramento TV station KCRA he heard a crash and squeak noise, then saw two cars in a heavy collision near Sunrise Boulevard and Douglas Road in Rancho Cordova. . The officer said he then saw one of the vehicles overturn, the other hit a light pole and burst into a fireball. Video of the collision and what happened after it was caught on a dash cam that Afanasev had mounted in his car.

Although not on duty, Afanasev said his natural instincts and training began immediately. Afanasev said: “I realized I had to go and help them because no one else was there.” The video shows the officer driving towards the scene of the accident, jump out of his car and run into the flames, disappearing behind the wall of fire. “The only thing I could think of was that there were people in that car. I have to help them out. I can’t let them burn in this car. I have to do something.

As his wife yells at him to be careful, Afanasev pulled a victim from the burning vehicle as a man with his legs on fire ran through the wall of flames. “The female, I helped her and the two to get away from the car. They were both screaming and they were both on fire.

Afanasev later said: “I felt that God put me in this position for a specific reason. It’s something that is part of me to help someone, especially in something like that where I’m the only one there to help them. God forbid if they’d been unconscious or something and had to be out of the car. “

When asked if he considers himself a hero, the Stockton constable replied, “Not really. I mean all the law enforcement officers I know, all the firefighters, all the paramedics would have done exactly the same thing as me.

Although both victims survived, KCRA reports that their burns were considered serious.

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Thieves steal £ 10,000 watch from 70-year-old Chichester man

The man said he was approached by two women at the Cattle Market garage sale on Sunday July 18 around 11 a.m.

The couple had claimed to be charity collectors before engaging with the man and touching his arms and body. He later realized that his watch, estimated to be worth around £ 10,000, was missing.

The first suspect is described as a tanned white female, about 22 years old, 5’8 “tall and wearing a light blue coat. The second is a tanned white female, about a similar age and 5’6”.

Cattle market car park
Cattle market car park

Police urge members of the public to be vigilant as detectives continue to investigate reports of similar incidents in the West Sussex area.

Detective Sergeant Vicky Guy said: “We understand that such reports can cause concern to local communities and we are investigating these incidents as a matter of priority.

“Please be vigilant if strangers try to distract you and report any suspicious behavior to us so that we can take action. “

Anyone who may have seen two women with clipboards, has dash cam footage of an incident or information that could assist with the investigation, is asked to report it to police online or calling 101, citing Operation Overdrive.

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Dashcam video shows motorcycle crash on wet road near Perth

Dashcam footage captured the moment a motorcyclist was sent flying after making a dangerous move on a wet road.

Breathtaking footage showed the moment a motorcyclist was thrown from his vehicle and sent into a quarry over a long strip of asphalt.

The shocking incident took place in Wangara, north of Perth in Western Australia, shortly after 9 p.m. on Thursday.

While driving on a wet road, the motorcyclist was caught on a board camera driving a car moments before losing control at the entrance to a roundabout.

The motorcyclist appeared to have braked too hard before entering the intersection, slamming the motorcycle to the side, causing sparks as it slid down the road.

The vehicle was traveling so fast that it got onto the sidewalk and only stopped once in the garden around the roundabout.

The rider, luckily dressed in full safety gear, was also forced to step onto the roundabout due to the speed at which he hit the ground.

Incredibly, he managed to get up after the accident and was filmed walking towards his motorcycle.

In a post of the video to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, it was revealed that “the great people of Western Australia stood by and helped for over an hour until the arrival of the emergency services ”.

He was then taken to hospital in an ambulance, the post said.

More than 123,000 people watched the video after it was shared on Facebook, with nearly 600 people expressing their horror in the comments.

Many were shocked that the motorcyclist was able to stand up after such an incident.

“He would have made history if he had slipped into that road sign,” wrote one person.

“Anyone going left where there is no designated lane is an accident that is going to happen somewhere,” said another.

Others said they found it difficult to have sympathy for the motorcyclist, who they said could have easily avoided the situation.

“The kind of person who shouldn’t be licensed. Never, ”wrote one reviewer.

“Wow, he avoided getting stuck behind that car with this completely unnecessary maneuver,” someone else remarked sarcastically.

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Call for witnesses after roadside fruit seller was threatened with knife in Cork

Gardai in Cork is appealing for witnesses after a roadside fruit vendor was threatened with a knife by a man demanding cash yesterday afternoon.

The incident occurred on the N20 at Quartertown Upper outside Mallow at 4:30 p.m. Gardai believes he could have been captured on a dash cam or seen by passing motorists.

A man approached a fruit vendor with a roadside stall. The man threatened a staff member with a knife and attempted to steal some money.

The alleged perpetrator fled in a gray / silver colored Ford Mondeo sedan towards the Annabella roundabout, Mallow.

The vehicle was then located in Buttevant and seized by Gardaí for a technical examination.

Gardaí calls on anyone who witnessed this incident on the N20 to come forward.

“Gardaí is particularly appealing to all road users who were traveling on the N20 (between Mallow and Cork City) between 4:15 p.m. and 4:45 p.m., and who may have camera images (including an on-board camera), to put them on. available to Gardaí, “said a spokesperson.

“Gardaí is also appealing to anyone who may have information about the gray / silver colored Ford Mondeo car that was picked up in Buttevant yesterday to come forward.”

Anyone with information should contact Mallow Garda station on 022 31450.

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Bromley driver accused of killing boy riding electric scooter

A driver has been charged after a 16-year-old boy who was hit by a car while riding an electric scooter in Bromley died last night.

Police were called to Southborough Lane at around 1:20 a.m., where they found the victim seriously injured.

He was rushed to a central London hospital by ambulance services, where he sadly died.

His relatives have been informed and are taken care of by specialized agents.

The driver of the car involved in the accident, a red Fiat Punto, did not stop at the scene.

The vehicle was discovered later that same morning in Southwood Close, Bromley.

The driver, a 20-year-old male, was arrested on suspicion of failing to stop at the scene of a collision, causing death from reckless driving and providing a positive breathalyzer test.

He was taken into custody where he remains.

Officers are also investigating the disappearance of the electric scooter that was driving at the time of the crash, which they said was stolen at the scene.

A dark colored MPV car with a sliding door was seen in the area and officers are keen to speak to the occupants about this aspect of their investigation.

Anyone who saw the collision, witnessed the removal of the electric scooter, or saw a red Fiat Punto driving through the area around 1:20 am, is invited to call the police on 0208 285 1574, providing the reference 775 / 18JUL.

Information may also be provided to Crimestoppers, anonymously, by calling 0800 555 111.

Local residents are also urged to check the video cameras on doorbells and drivers who were in the area are urged to look back at the images from the dash cameras, to see if they have captured anything related. with the collision or the vehicles involved.

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Retiree dies after two car collision on Northumberland road

Northumbria Police are appealing for witnesses and dashcam footage that could aid in investigations into the crash, which took the driver’s life.

At approximately 12:15 p.m. today, Saturday July 17, officers received a report of a two-vehicle collision on the B1342 about four miles east of Belford, near the hamlet of Elwick.

Emergency services were immediately deployed to the scene, about 10 km north of Bamburgh.

Northumbria Police want to hear from anyone who saw the collision or may have captured footage of it on their dashcam.
Northumbria Police want to hear from anyone who saw the collision or may have captured footage of it on their dashcam.

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“Our hearts are broken”: a man of the Washington family pays homage to him because he is na …

It was reported that a black Lexus-CT was traveling eastbound before colliding with a red Nissan Juke, which was traveling in the opposite direction.

The occupants of the Lexus-CT were not seriously injured, but the driver of the Juke was seriously injured in the incident.

The 73-year-old was taken to hospital but sadly died.

Specialized officers from the Northumbria Police Motorized Patrol Department have informed his family offering all possible support at this time.

Investigations into the circumstances of the collision are ongoing, but police are now asking all witnesses to the collision to come forward.

Inspector Pinner Rana said: “This collision took place in a fairly rural area, but we know there were a number of cars on the road at that time.

“We need to talk to anyone who saw the collision and ask anyone in the area with a dash cam to review their footage to see if they captured the incident.

“This is a devastating time for the family of the man who sadly lost his life and we will continue to provide them with all the support they need at this time.”

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Harrisburg woman looked furious before running over and killing her boyfriend with her van, accident witness says

A Harrisburg woman had a furious look on her face before running and killing her boyfriend with his pickup truck at a busy intersection in the city, a truck driver who witnessed the crash said Wednesday.

Joseph Simon, who was seated in his platform at Cameron Street and Arsenal Boulevard when the fatal crash at the evening rush hour on October 10, 2019, recounted the scene during the second day of the Dauphin County homicide trial against the driver of the van, 40. – years Dolly Hendrickes.

“Could you see it in his face?” Rage or anger, ”asked first deputy public defender Paul Muller.

“All of that,” replied Simon.

Muller claims Hendrickes was in an “uncontrollable rage” and unable to think rationally when she crushed 68-year-old Andres Claudio.

Prosecutors Stephen Zawisky and Julie Jacobs argue that Hendrickes willfully killed Claudio. They seek a conviction for first degree murder and a life sentence for Hendrickes.

Dolly hendrickes

One of the first things Jacobs did after calling Simon to the witness stand was to broadcast video of the crash that was caught by the dash cam of Simon’s semi-trailer. Video shows the van cross in front of the truck and hit Claudio as he crossed the wide triangular concrete median at the intersection.

Investigators say Hendrickes continued after hitting Claudio, dragging him under the van for several meters before his bruised body was left on the road as she drove away.

Simon testified that he heard a woman screaming in anger from the van moments before the accident. He said he saw the man who was struck exit the passenger side of the van and quickly walk away. The driver threw a bag of groceries at her out the window, Simon said. Police said the bag contained frozen chicken.

Simon identified Hendrickes as the driver of the van. He said he honked his horn to warn Claudio as Hendrickes started turning the van towards him because “because of the anger on her face you knew she was about to do something”.

“She hit my truck, jumped over the curb and hit the guy,” Simon said.

Jonathan Bowman, who was stopped next to Simon’s truck at a red light, said he also heard “scream, scream” coming from Hendrickes’ van. He also saw “hands waving,” he said.

Bowman told the jury that he saw the van hit Simon’s truck and jump off the curb as he headed towards Claudio, but did not see the actual collision because the semi-trailer was blocking him. view.

George Park, another driver at the scene, said he witnessed the impact. “It’s probably the worst thing I have ever seen,” he said.

He said he too heard screams coming from the van and saw arms waving. The male passenger got out and walked away and a bag of groceries flew out of the passenger side window, Park recalls.

Park said he saw the van jump off the sidewalk and head towards the walking man. “My immediate thought was, ‘Oh my God, they’re going to hit him,’ he said.

The van struck the man, stopped for a moment, then knocked him over and dragged him across the median before pulling away, Park said. He said he used his car to block the road so that no one would run over the stricken man.

“There was blood coming out of his mouth. He was gurgling, ”Park said. “Part of his face was actually lying on its side on the road.”

Medical examiner Dr Wayne Ross said Claudio suffered massive injuries, including multiple fractures and damage to his internal organs. He said Claudio’s body was a mass of bruises and lacerations. A mark on the left side of Claudio’s back showed where he was stuck by the hood of the van, Ross said.

He described a major injury to the right side of Claudio’s head.

“It was almost like he had been scalped,” Ross said. “This could be due to impact with the ground or the edge of the tire.”

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