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Longmont City Council to Vote on ‘Healthy Drink for Kids’ Meal Ordinance – Boulder Daily Camera

Longmont city council is due to vote Tuesday night on a “healthy drinks for children’s meals” ordinance that would require restaurants serving children’s meals to make unsweetened water or milk the preferred options with those meals.

The measure, supported by organizations such as St. Vrain Healthy Kids, Healthy Longmont and Boulder County Public Health, would make “healthy drinks – plain or carbonated water with no added sugar, or milk or non-dairy milk substitutes.” no added sugar – the default drink with advertised “kids meals” in Longmont cafes and restaurants.

The proposed order would not prohibit a restaurant’s ability to sell, or a customer’s ability to buy, any other beverage available there, if specifically requested by the purchaser of the children’s meal. A parent, guardian or other adult paying for the meal may request a soda or other sugary drink for the child.

In May, council asked city staff to draft such an ordinance to bring back for formal votes such as the one now slated for Tuesday night – but council members and staff said in May that this should be preceded by a outreach effort to inform and obtain feedback from restaurateurs and members of the general public on the incorporation of this requirement into the Longmont municipal code.

Staff used the city’s “Engage Longmont” website – – provide information on the measure and survey community members on their support or opposition to the proposal.

However, after the June 26-July 29 online survey ended, 54% of the 289 members of the general public who responded to the survey’s questions were not in favor of the proposed order, staff reported. in a note for Tuesday night’s board meeting.

Recurring themes among the 157 members of the general public participating in the survey who said they opposed the proposed ordinance, the staff wrote, included:

  • “Let parents make these decisions for their children. “
  • “The city does not have the right to regulate the way people raise their children.”
  • “It would be better to educate parents and children about sugar.
  • “It would be better to spend time encouraging restaurants to do it voluntarily. “
  • “It infringes on our freedom, constitutes an excessive infringement and micromanagement. “
  • “Learning good health practices is best addressed through education. “

Recurring themes among the 132 members of the public participating in the survey who said they were in favor of the proposal, staff said, included:

  • “It’s an easy way to promote better health. “
  • “Many parents don’t realize the impact these drinks have on children. “
  • “It’s nice not having to argue with the kids about their drinks at the restaurant. “
  • “It’s a little thing that can help reduce obesity.”
  • “It’s a simple way to create a big change. “

Other comments received in the survey, according to staff, included:

  • “Why not cover the food as well as the drinks? “
  • “Parents should also lead by example. “
  • “Education, not legislation.
  • “We are not Boulder.”
  • “The problem is not specific to restaurants.
  • “Municipal government should focus elsewhere. “

City staff said they received nine responses from nine Longmont restaurant owners, six of whom said they offer a children’s meal and drink package. Five of the nine said they supported the proposed order, and four did not express their support. Staff did not identify any of these restaurants in their summary.

According to information from the Engage Longmont website on why the prescription is under review, “Sugary drinks have a huge impact on children’s health. They increase the risk of preventable, diet-related chronic diseases such as dental disease, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. The American Heart Association recommends that children consume no more than one 8-ounce sugary drink per week, but children consume up to ten times that amount. Childhood obesity rates in Boulder County have increased 43% since 2003.

Longmont City Council has discussed the potential Healthy Drink for Children ordinance at least twice before in the past year and a half. In March 2020, after hearing the coalition of groups and agencies promoting the adoption of such a measure, board members voted 6-0, with one member absent, to ask staff to work on the idea and start the preparation of a possible prescription. Last may, council members voted 7-0 to order city staff to bring back such an order for formal votes and a public hearing. Several members of the public also spoke in favor of an ordinance at the council’s open forum in July.

If council votes its initial approval of the order on Tuesday, a public hearing and a final council vote will be scheduled for September 14. In its current form, it will not come into force until January 3, 2022.

Boulder County Public Health is reportedly checking compliance with the order at the same time as it conducts inspections of Longmont restaurants. If its inspectors find a violation, the county health agency will contact a Longmont code enforcement officer or police officer, and the city will enforce it, starting with a warning.

City staff said after this first written warning, another violation could result in a subpoena for a restaurant representative in Longmont City Court, where the restaurant could face a $ 100 fine if it is found guilty. A conviction for any second offense within 12 months could result in a fine of $ 200, while a third or subsequent offense within one year could result in a fine of $ 500.

If you are going to

What: Regular meeting of Longmont municipal council

When: 7 p.m. Tuesday

Or: Civic Center Council Room, 350 Kimbark Street, Longmont


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Buy or sell things online? North Bay now has a secure exchange area

Statistics show that only five percent of scams / frauds / thefts on the Internet or over the phone are reported. Many incidents go unreported due to the shame or embarrassment of the victim

Selling your stuff to unknown buyers can be risky business, but you can reduce the level of danger by using the new secure exchange area in the North Bay Police Department parking lot. He hopes to move online transactions away from isolated parking lots, personal residences or other areas and bring them to a public place.

The lot is located at 135 Princess Street West.

“The Safe Exchange Zone will allow people who want to buy and sell items online through sites like Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji to have a safe and secure place to do so,” said a press release.

Buyers and sellers can now meet in an open public place, monitored by security cameras and with the police on site.

Secure exchange zones also help prevent potential crooks.

The North Bay Police Department has in the past investigated online scams in which, after the victim pays for an item online, the scammer provides them with a fake address to retrieve the item. When the victim goes to the address, they realize that the scammer is not residing there and that there are no items available for pickup.

This type of incident can now be avoided if buyers and sellers agree to exchange goods and pay in the North Bay Police Department’s secure exchange area.

Statistics show that only five percent of scams / frauds / thefts on the Internet or over the phone are reported. Many incidents go unreported due to the shame or embarrassment of the victim.

Safety tips for online transactions:

  • Meet in a busy public place
  • Bring a trusted friend or family member as a witness
  • Keep transactions during daylight hours
  • Do not delete emails, SMS or voicemail messages between you and the seller / buyer

If you think you or someone you know has been the victim of a scam, call the North Bay Police Department at 705-497-5555 or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center at 1-888-495-8501. Make sure you are protected from scammers by visiting the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center website to learn more about the most common scams.

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If you are going to open houses, owners can watch you

Three in ten home sellers admit to using hidden cameras during home visits, according to a recent LendingTree survey.

Three in 10 salespeople admit to using hidden cameras during open house tours. (Getty Images / iStockphoto / gorodenkoff)

Homeowners are generally eager to hear what potential buyers think of their home, and some don’t wait for their real estate agent to report back to them on the tour.

Three in 10 home sellers admit to using hidden cameras during open house visits, with the most cited reason being to understand what buyers do and don’t like about their home, according to a recent survey by Loan tree.

This could cause a sale to explode.

“Fifty-six percent of buyers who responded to our survey said they would consider being secretly registered as a breach of their trust, and 44% said they would no longer buy their dream home after having discovered that they had been recorded secretly. So, yeah, it can really explode in a salesperson’s face, ”said Jacob Channel, senior economic analyst at LendingTree.

Can an owner even do it legally?

“Generally speaking, if someone is on your property, you can register them. Even if you don’t have their consent or disclose it, ”Channel said.

It doesn’t take technological witchcraft. According to LendingTree, more than half of homes already have some sort of video camera setup, with the most common being doorbell cameras, security cameras, and baby surveillance cameras.

LendingTree also asked recent homebuyers if they thought they were being watched or registered. In the poll, 19% said yes, they saw the camera, and 13% said they had not seen a camera but suspected there was one.

Salespeople who watch or record their open house visits may not have to disclose it, but Channel suggests it’s a good idea to disclose it.

“If you’re a seller and want to sell your house, depending on how many people would react negatively to being secretly registered, you’d probably be better off revealing it to them even though you don’t legally have to,” he said. said.

Some homeowners who use hidden cameras at open houses have other reasons, including 31% who say they want to make sure their home is safe during viewings, and 23% who say they want to see what their real estate agent says about it. their house.

LendingTree surveyed 2,100 recent home buyers and sellers online between June 24 and June 29 for its report.

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Assistant Nearly Dies From Fentanyl Overdose: CA Body Camera Video


A San Diego sheriff’s deputy nearly died of a fentanyl overdose on July 3, 2021, after being exposed to the drugs while on duty. Body camera video shows how quickly an overdose can occur.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

An MP almost died of an overdose of fentanyl immediately after being exposed to it while on duty, California officials said.

David Faiivae, a San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputy, found a white powdery substance while on patrol on July 3, according to an Instagram post from the Sheriff’s Department. A field test found the substance to be positive for fentanyl, body camera video showed.

“This stuff is no joke, man,” Cpl. Scott Crane, Faiivae Field Training Manager, can be heard. “It’s super dangerous.”

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is between 80 and 100 times more potent than morphine, according to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

The body camera images were released as part of a public security video on the department’s Instagram. In an interview, Crane said that Faiivae got too close and moments later he collapsed.

“I just remember not feeling well and then I [fell] back and I don’t remember anything after that, ”Faiivae said. “It was in an instant, it’s like my lungs just locked up and I couldn’t breathe.”

Crane immediately recognized that Faiivae was overdosing and took Narcan, a prescription nasal spray which is “used for the treatment of a known disease or suspected opioid overdoseNarcan’s website said.

While Crane looked after Faiivae, the deputy can be heard saying, “I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, I got you, okay?” I’m not going to let you die, ”Crane said.

Crane said in the public safety video that Faiivae “would have died in this parking lot if he was alone”.

“I don’t think people realize how deadly it really is,” Faiivae said.

Brooke is originally from the Pacific Northwest and most recently worked for KREM 2 News in Spokane, Washington as a digital and TV producer. She also worked as a general assignment reporter for the Coeur d’Alene Press in Idaho. She is an alumnus of Washington State University, where she received a degree in journalism and media production from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication.

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FRIDAY UPDATES: Governor Parson announces additional mutual aid ambulances for hospitals statewide

Missouri triples number of mutual aid ambulances that provide long-distance patient transfers to help curb growing number of COVID-19 cases that are straining hospitals, Gov. Mike Parson announces Friday.

The state has scheduled the use of 30 ambulances and more than 60 trained personnel in the five regions of the state from Friday. Ambulance teams will be located in regions A (Kansas City area), B (northeastern Missouri), D (southwestern Missouri), G (south-central Missouri), and H (northwestern Missouri) of Missouri) and will be able to travel as needed.

“The ambulance response teams we have positioned in Springfield have been extremely effective in saving lives and relieving pressure on local hospitals,” Governor Parson said. “These 30 new ambulance teams are tripling our transport capacity and expanding it statewide as needed. Our healthcare professionals are acting heroically to save lives as the Delta variant dramatically increases hospital admissions. We will continue to support our health heroes across the state. “

The new ambulance response teams, provided in response to a request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, include 20 advanced resuscitation ambulances, five basic resuscitation ambulances, five specialist care ambulances and medical staff. and support required. They are expected to start transporting patients on Saturday. The teams are tasked with operating anywhere there is a critical need in Missouri through September 5.

“Delta is the most aggressive and transmissible variant of COVID-19, and it is more important than ever to take advantage of highly effective vaccines,” Governor Parson said. “Vaccination is the best way to prevent serious illness from COVID-19. “

JC Schools publishes fall back-to-school plan but delays mask decision

The Jefferson City School District released its fall back-to-school plans on Friday morning. However, the district is waiting until the week before the first day of school before making a decision on whether to require masks for staff and students.

“The mask requirement for staff and students was lifted for the last two weeks of summer school and we were hopeful that we could start the school year without a mask requirement,” said Superintendent Dr. Larry Linthacum, in a letter to families. “However, with the recent trend of new positive cases in our community and all that we are learning about the transmissibility of the Delta variant, we do not feel comfortable making a final decision on the masks at this time.”

The JCSD plans to announce by August 16 whether students and staff will be required to wear masks in school buildings.

The district’s plans for the 2021-2022 school year include seven key priorities: increased sanitation efforts, social distancing, staff and student screening measures, personal protective equipment (PPE), visitor limits, options for virtual education and procedures for positive cases.

Some rules that were in place last year will be removed or changed for this school year.

According to the reintegration plan, some schools will again allow students to have their meals in the cafeteria. Pupils will once again be able to take field trips and leave primary classes for specialties such as physical education and music.

However, these changes come with security measures. Students will stay in small groups and cohorts for lunches and specials, and seating maps will be used for lessons, meals, and buses.

As for screening measures, JC Schools says it will no longer monitor thermal cameras or scan temperatures in car lines. The district said cameras will always alert staff if they catch a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

JCSD’s plan includes continued use of Launch, an online education platform the district used last year. Virtual learners will still be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities if they meet the requirements of the MSHSAA.

The district says it will also continue to conduct contact tracing investigations when a student or staff member contracts COVID-19. If close contact cannot prove that he has been fully vaccinated or is immune, he will need to be quarantined.

According to the back-to-school plan, non-essential visitors and parents will not be allowed in school buildings. Essential visitors will be required to wear masks in school buildings.

Masks will continue to be mandatory on buses for students and staff.

You can read the full back-to-school plan below.

Missouri COVID-19 hospitalizations surpass 2,100

Coronavirus hospitalizations continue to rise in Show-Me state, with the latest data showing 2,125 people were in Missouri hospitals on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s hospitalizations were the highest on record in the state since Jan.21, according to the state health dashboard.

State hospitalization dashboard on August 6.

The number of intensive care patients has dropped by five statewide. The number of 634 patients receiving intensive care for the virus on Tuesday is just 51 below the Missouri peak in December.

For the third day in a row, state health authorities recorded more than 20 deaths in 24 hours. The dashboard showed an additional 21 new deaths on Friday morning, bringing the death toll from the pandemic to 9,819.

New confirmed cases fell below 3,000 on Friday. The Missouri Department of Health and Seniors’ Services recorded 2,548 more confirmed cases, bringing the total to 583,415.

The state’s health dashboard also reported 709 new probable cases of COVID-19. A total of 113,654 probable cases were discovered thanks to the antigenic tests.

The seven-day COVID-19 positivity rate remained high on Friday morning, although it declined slightly to 15%.

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“Zola” and the limits of Internet film

Zola was anticipated. That’s in part because the film, based on a 2015 viral Twitter feed written by blogger and stripper A’Ziah (“Zola”) King, suffered delay after delay. Its original director, James Franco, dropped out in 2017 and was replaced by Janicza Bravo, who rewrote the screenplay with playwright Jeremy O. Harris. After the film premiered at Sundance in January 2020, its theatrical release was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Zola is also something of a test case. As a film adaptation of a story first told on social media, it presents at its center unresolved questions about how to translate true stories of contemporary life, especially life in France, into films. line. What do writers and actors owe to the real analogues of their characters? When can embellishments bring a story closer to communicating the truth? And, the most important to understand Zola, how can a film portray the dizzying sensation of falling in love with an augmented character, then the disappointment of discovering his falsity?

The film follows the brief and tumultuous friendship of Zola (Taylour Paige) and Stefani (Riley Keough), the latter of which is described by Bravo as a “white nightmare” – an amalgamation of caricatured and devious black cultural signifiers and a bag of money. hand all around. behviour. Stefani invites Zola on a road trip from Detroit to Tampa to make a lot of money at strip clubs, accompanied by Stefani X’s “roommate” (Colman Domingo), who turns out to be her pimp, and her baby boy. ignorant friend of Derek (Nicholas Braun). The weekend turns into a nightmare of lies, violence and sexual exploitation and ends with Derek and Zola intending to return to Michigan while Stefani and X remain in Florida Hell, reaching the apparent end of their brief friendship.

There are many formal innovations in Zola. Bravo avoids rote cinematic representations of online phenomena, allowing the nervousness and over-saturation of the Internet to permeate its physical spaces. In a foreground, Zola and Stefani put on makeup to soft chime music in a dark, mirrored room, as if to mimic the tight focus of a Snapchat video, and when Zola breaks the fourth wall to lead the first row from King’s Twitter thread to the audience (“Do you wanna hear a story about how me and this bitch here fell? It’s a bit long, but it’s full of suspense”), it makes intuitive sense that the scene be an image that triggers a memory, superimposed with Zola’s Reverie, its background has faded over time while the foreground remains in focus.

ZolaThe characters spend a lot of time on their phones, but there are no floating blue text bubbles and very few over-the-shoulder phone screenshots. Instead, characters often dictate their text messages to the camera, with faces moving vigorously as they speak in the pruned, flattened cadence of text-to-speech. It adds a weird pathos: when Zola’s boyfriend Sean (Ari’el Stachel) signs a worried text whispering, “Heart emoji, heart emoji.” Rose emoji, rose emoji “it sounds like a symphonic poem, each syllable carefully placed. Zola was shot on 16mm film, giving it the bright, dreamy vibe of an old home video. But the camera sometimes mimics the angles or rhythm of a contemporary phone recording: it switches from hand to hand during a lip-sync of the Migos song “Hannah Montana”, then briefly shifts into reverse, then back again. while Stefani dances, like a video that was looped using the Boomerang effect.

Zola is also peppered with references to internet memes and leitmotifs, many of which come from black and queer online spaces, ephemeral but immediately recognizable to the very online. An informal conversation between Zola and her boyfriend about where to dine, for example, echoes the beats of a joke (that girlfriends can’t choose a restaurant) that has become an Internet shortcut for denoting a comic fruit at your fingertips. The chatter about hormones in the water and the fake chicken could belong to one Infowar broadcast, and a cutaway footage of the deeply racist, Stefani-edited version of events based on a real Reddit post, captures the unreliability and complacency of a defensive rant on this platform. There’s a cameo of trans icon Ts Madison, known for a wonderful Vine in which she says to the camera, “Ride your pussy… Get a job, own a business.” Suck a Dick ”, who plays the spiritual leader of a Tampa strip club where Zola and Stefani go dancing.

The wire on which Zola comes from this universe of references, but today it has the rare feature of circulating both as a meme and as an art. “[A’Ziah King] had written something on Twitter that was an epic poem, ”said Harris Vulture in a recent profile of King, and compared her elsewhere to Homer, referring to the ironic nickname the Internet has given the thread, “The Thotyssey”. Bravo likened the making of the film to adapting works in the theatrical canon: “I was like,”It’s Ibsen. This is my adaptation of Ibsen…. I am the one who adapts Chekhov. It’s me who adapts Shakespeare, ‘”she said.” I want to treat it the same as any of these texts. “Staying close to the source, however, Zola loses some of its freewheeling spirit, missing the opportunities presented by its narrative structure.

A a good adaptation builds a world that can add meaning to the original text, requiring careful consideration of the topography of the original work: its peaks and valleys, the gaps where context has been lost, the gaps it better to leave unfulfilled. Zola is sleek and intelligent, but adds little insight into the emotional lives of its characters, to the detriment of the film. The characters stick to their archetypes: Stefani is defined by wickedness and duplicity; Zola is defined by resilience and common sense, which sometimes relegates her to the role of a straight man, a proxy for public shock or bewilderment at the deranged actions of others. (“Each of my tables are loops of fruit,” she tells a colleague at the restaurant where she first meets Stefani, a remark that turns out to be premonitory.) Zola’s infatuation with Stefani quickly fades. : She’s fed up with her new friend before they even get to Tampa. But, despite her disillusionment, she stays.

There are many reasons to have relationships with people who suck but seem exciting; it is a central tension of the Zola saga, a question with many fascinating possible answers. Why does Zola stick around once things in Florida start to go sour? Bravo’s adaptation doesn’t come up with a satisfying explanation: Stefani is manipulative and X is intimidating, but as the weekend rolls around and their blunders pile up, it becomes clear that Zola is more cunning and a whole lot more. competent. After a night in Florida, she made more than enough money for a flight back to Detroit. Why stay in a bad situation with people you don’t like?

The thread, in its original context, offered more insight: King is a writer, and his sheet (the woman known in the film as Stefani) created great content, stories to store and process more. late. King tweeted and deleted versions of the thread twice before posting the final viral version; like the first drafts of other epics, these firsts seem to have been lost to history. But according to one Rolling stone profile, they differed in the tone of the final iteration, which was both darker and funnier. The thread started gaining attention before King had finished tweeting it, and she described the riffs on the responses, “feeding off [comments] Continue.” Zola is ultimately the story of two women falling out, which means more if you know where they started. Where does this feeling of closeness come from and where has it gone? The allure of the Twitter feed is that some of that love ends up being redirected to us, the audience – we are brought in, given the role of a friend receiving great gossip, which in their privacy is both rewarding and limiting. “I found a sense of community on the internet that I didn’t have in real life,” King said. Time magazine in an interview this year. Losing a friend and winning on the internet is the conclusion of this part of the story. But there are still pieces left out of the frame, pieces that the film does not provide. As with any good thread, you want to know more.

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Mayor of Portland: Police should prepare for body cameras

Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler is asking the police office to prepare for a body worn camera program in anticipation of the US Department of Justice forcing the issue.

Wheeler said in a statement Tuesday that he was not alone in supporting body-worn cameras and that at least 75 other major government agencies were using body-worn cameras for maintenance of the order, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

The Justice Department is urging the city to adopt body cameras and other accountability measures to bring the city back into compliance with the 2014 settlement agreement.

Wheeler said he asked the police office to start researching the various camera systems available, researching offers from companies, and looking for federal grants that may be available to help with the tab of about $ 1 million to start the program and an estimated annual cost of $ 1.5 million to maintain it.

Portland is the largest city in the United States that does not use body cameras. The office was set to launch a pilot program last year, but it was put on hold due to budget cuts linked to the pandemic.

Body cameras can automatically turn on if gunshots are heard, if an officer draws his weapon, or when an officer turns on his lights and sirens. Supervisors can also see an agent’s camera feed in real time.

Other new technologies and policies could allay the concerns of some critics. For example, it is much easier to blur the faces of victims and spectators before the images are broadcast and public dashboards can be created to share images.

The implementation of body cameras will have to spend more than the gathering of the DOJ. The Portland Police Union must also sign. Lawyers for the city and the police union are negotiating closed-door body camera policies as part of the union contract.

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Oppo to introduce second-generation underscreen camera technology on August 4

Oppo demonstration of a sub-screen camera back at MWC Shanghai in 2019, and we got to test the technology. We have hardly heard from the Chinese company since then, but today the president of Oppo China suddenly revealed that the company will unveil its second-generation solution tomorrow, August 4.

Oppo poster on Weibo

The first iteration came on a prototype device with a custom display and camera module. The part of the screen above the lens was made of a unique highly transparent material with a redesigned pixel structure.

Eventually, ZTE brought its own take on how the technology worked and, together with display maker Visionox, worked on the introduction of the Axon 20 – the first commercially available smartphone with a front-facing camera below the display. . It had a bunch of limitations as expected on a first-gen product, but the Axon 30 that released last month is a notable step forward.

Oppo's first-generation sub-screen camera
Oppo’s first-generation sub-screen camera

At tomorrow’s event, we expect to see if Oppo has prioritized screen transparency or if it has favored picture quality. We’re also hoping to know when we’ll see the tech in a smartphone hit the market, but that’s unlikely – Oppo typically differentiates its tech events and product launches.

Source 1Source 2 (both in Chinese) | Going through

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Dangerous driver caught on camera driving 140mph on two-lane highway

A dangerous driver was captured traveling at over 140 miles an hour along a two-lane highway.

Connor Bunten was recorded on a dashcam driving his BMW M2 at high speed at high speed southbound along the A449 motorway near Usk in Gwent. The footage was submitted to GoSafe’s Operation Snap by a member of the public who saw the 22-year-old driving dangerously.

To determine the speed of the BMW, the video recording of the incident was sent for investigation by Steve Callaghan of Road Safety Support (RSS). Steve Callaghan was able to examine the footage and accurately determine that the speed of the BMW was 140.8 mph as it passed the perpetrator’s vehicle. This means that Bunten, then 21, was driving at more than double the legal speed limit of 70 mph.

Read more: Dashcam footage captures worst cases of dangerous driving in Wales

Mr Callaghan said: “Video cameras contain very precise timing information, so drivers who behave this way from the point of view of drivers with dash cams should not be surprised when being chased. and convicted of driving dangerously and well over the speed limit. Mr. Bunten was convicted on the testimony of such a driver who took the time to submit the evidence. “

After reviewing the footage, it was decided to sue the motorist for dangerous driving.

Bunten initially pleaded not guilty, opting for a trial in crown court. However, he changed his guilty plea on the morning the trial was due to begin.

Appearing in Cardiff Crown Court for sentencing, Bunten, of Dry Bridge Terrace, Monmouth, was given a community order with a 12 month supervision period, ordered him to perform 150 hours of unpaid work and was banned from drive for 12 months. He was also ordered to pay £ 420 in fees and a £ 95 surcharge, as well as undergo an extended retest after the 12-month disqualification was over.

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Gwent GoSafe Police Coordinator Sergeant Simon Austin said: “I think this shows how valuable Operation SNAP is in tackling misconduct and I am very grateful that the member of the public has given us submitted the images. The speed at which Connor Bunten was driving is incredibly shocking and it was sheer luck that no one was seriously injured or killed.

“Please be assured that driving in this manner will always be treated and I would also like to thank the Operation SNAP team for their efforts in investigating this matter. “

For the latest crime statistics where you live, Click here.

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How To Find Sunglasses That Fit Your Face Shape When You Can’t Visit The Stores

If you’re in and out of lockdown, isolating yourself, or just hate shopping, it can be difficult to find the perfect sunglasses.

By now we all know the saying “Buy better, buy once”, but it can seem a little intimidating to buy a good pair of long-lasting sunglasses when you are not sure they are right for you. will agree.

This is where we come in. The Euronews Travel team scoured top to bottom for the best tips for finding your perfect pair and used digital fitting tools to judge their beauty in person.

Coral Glasses – The sustainable start-up

Price range: € 177.95 – € 201.95

Coral Glasses is the brainchild of 21-year-old British student George Bailey and we love the story behind the brand. George was worried about the ill effects of discarded fishing nets and therefore came up with the idea of ​​using them to make glasses and sunglasses. He now runs the business with his father, a consultant in the eyewear industry.

Made with the Earth in mind

Coral products are made from reclaimed nylon, mostly recycled from old fishing nets and rugs. It makes them really flexible, so it feels like you can bend them, drop them, sit on them (it can’t just be me doing this) and they wouldn’t break.

Coral has built sustainability into every part of the business. All of their packaging is plastic free, mine arrives in a cute cardboard tube with a soft sunglasses case. They have the virtual try-on feature to reduce the waste created by returns and refunds.

How to find the perfect pair

Founder George Bailey says face shape is the most important factor when choosing the right sunglasses for you, as well as thinking about where and when you’ll wear them. If you want them for sport, you’ll want to choose a different fit if you want them for everyday wear. The company has a handy blog post ( to help you choose the sunglasses that are right for you.

The verdict of Ruth Wright, Head of Lifestyle Verticals:

The online trial was quick and easy as there was no need to take a photo like other websites do. He just accessed your camera in the website window and imposed the glasses on your face.

I tried a pair of the Ocean Blue Ocean Edition. I opted for a bright color because I always only buy standard brown or black frames. They’re perfect for the beach with a brightly colored bikini, but I probably wouldn’t wear them with a more formal outfit.

Karun – Support local communities

Price range: 59 € – 199 €

Karun is a Patagonia-based B-Corp that links nature conservation with rural empowerment through product innovation.

The brand creates high quality eyewear in a very different way; use recovered, natural and / or noble materials and work alongside local communities in Patagonia to empower them to protect their wild lands.

Waste recycling

Different types of waste, such as fishing nets, ropes and metals, and naturally fallen trees are collected by local contractors. These materials are then recycled and transformed into durable sunglasses, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance.

Plus, when your Karün sunglasses are at the end of their life, you can send them back for recycling and get a discount on your next pair.

Choose your face shape

There is a general rule that in order to give face balance and proportion, the shape of the frame should contrast with the shape of the face.

With this theory in mind, Karün suggests angular sunglasses for those with round or oval faces and rounder glasses for those with square or triangular faces.

While it can be fun to try virtually all of the Karun, they have a filter search system that helps you narrow your search to find the right frames for your face and needs.

You can choose to filter by frame shape (cat eye, square, round, rectangle, aviator or athletic), use (urban, athletic or outdoor) or by face type (narrow, standard or wide).

And if you still don’t like what you order, Karün offers a 30-day return policy with free shipping.

The verdict of Hannah Brown, digital producer:

I ordered the Pinguino Havana Brown sunglasses and I’m really happy with it. I love that they are made from recycled marine plastics.

I was a little skeptical about the virtual try-on feature and worried that the size and scale might not be right for my face. But when the glasses arrived, they looked the same on my face as they did on the virtual try-on feature. The glasses arrived in a cardboard box with a practical glasses case also made of recycled leather.

The virtual trial was really easy to use. You can choose to upload a photo or use your live camera and watch the glasses on your face from all angles. I practically tried almost everything Karün had to offer and only found one style on the website that the trial feature didn’t work with.

The sunglasses are really light but look good quality. I opted for a fairly classic shape but with a slight twist that made them much better suited to my face than previous sunglasses I tried in this style.

Silhouette – Super stylish

Price range: 155 € – 597 €

Since 1964, Silhouette produced eyewear in Linz, Austria, guaranteeing high quality and exquisite workmanship using the best materials.

Is it worth the money?

We’ve all bought inexpensive sunglasses in the past that often break quickly, but better quality glasses always come at a higher price. The big fear with an expensive pair, however, is losing them. So, is it worth investing in a good quality pair?

“While it’s tempting to repurchase cheaper sunglasses every summer to keep up with fast fashion trends, investing in a quality pair will ensure they will last year after year,” says Perry Moore, Managing Director of Silhouette.

“High quality frames, such as those made from SPX like our Sun Lite line, are built to last due to their flexible and durable nature. Proud of a classic design, Silhouette frames are also engineered to stand the test of time and stay on trend every summer, helping to contribute to the slow fashion movement and avoid throwaway trends.

Which frame is right for you?

Here are some of Silhouette’s top tips for finding the right frame for your face:

A oval face the shape is the most versatile when choosing glasses. Look for frames as wide as the widest part of your face to add angles and balance the soft curves of the oval shape.

If you have a heart shaped face, choose frames as wide or slightly wider than your forehead. This will add balance to a narrower chin.

Angular and square frames are the best choice if you have a round face. Their crisp, crisp angles balance the soft, round shape of your face and make your face appear longer and narrower.

A triangular or trapezoidal face is narrower at the top, with a wider chin. Add width to the narrowest part of your face by choosing frames with a marked brow line. Full brim or half rim frames, especially cat eye shapes, are a perfect choice for adding definition to your face shape.

Round or oval frames add softness to square faces. Thin frames will soften strong features, and softer, neutral colors will also help lengthen your face shape.

You can read Silhouette’s face shape guide in more depth. here.

Ruth’s verdict:

Silhouette’s virtual trial feature was easy to use. It slipped the first time I tried it, but refreshing the website fixed the issue. I tried virtually 4 or 5 pairs, before opting for the Sun Lite model, in Vintage Havanna / black frame.

They are very beautiful sunglasses. Very light and they look and feel premium. Unfortunately, I didn’t think they suited me “in person”. My own sunglasses are square in shape and I think that’s what fits my face, rather than this round design. But don’t be put off by my experience as these are wonderful sunglasses.

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