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Dangerous driver caught on camera driving 140mph on two-lane highway

A dangerous driver was captured traveling at over 140 miles an hour along a two-lane highway.

Connor Bunten was recorded on a dashcam driving his BMW M2 at high speed at high speed southbound along the A449 motorway near Usk in Gwent. The footage was submitted to GoSafe’s Operation Snap by a member of the public who saw the 22-year-old driving dangerously.

To determine the speed of the BMW, the video recording of the incident was sent for investigation by Steve Callaghan of Road Safety Support (RSS). Steve Callaghan was able to examine the footage and accurately determine that the speed of the BMW was 140.8 mph as it passed the perpetrator’s vehicle. This means that Bunten, then 21, was driving at more than double the legal speed limit of 70 mph.

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Mr Callaghan said: “Video cameras contain very precise timing information, so drivers who behave this way from the point of view of drivers with dash cams should not be surprised when being chased. and convicted of driving dangerously and well over the speed limit. Mr. Bunten was convicted on the testimony of such a driver who took the time to submit the evidence. “

After reviewing the footage, it was decided to sue the motorist for dangerous driving.

Bunten initially pleaded not guilty, opting for a trial in crown court. However, he changed his guilty plea on the morning the trial was due to begin.

Appearing in Cardiff Crown Court for sentencing, Bunten, of Dry Bridge Terrace, Monmouth, was given a community order with a 12 month supervision period, ordered him to perform 150 hours of unpaid work and was banned from drive for 12 months. He was also ordered to pay £ 420 in fees and a £ 95 surcharge, as well as undergo an extended retest after the 12-month disqualification was over.

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Gwent GoSafe Police Coordinator Sergeant Simon Austin said: “I think this shows how valuable Operation SNAP is in tackling misconduct and I am very grateful that the member of the public has given us submitted the images. The speed at which Connor Bunten was driving is incredibly shocking and it was sheer luck that no one was seriously injured or killed.

“Please be assured that driving in this manner will always be treated and I would also like to thank the Operation SNAP team for their efforts in investigating this matter. “

For the latest crime statistics where you live, Click here.

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How To Find Sunglasses That Fit Your Face Shape When You Can’t Visit The Stores

If you’re in and out of lockdown, isolating yourself, or just hate shopping, it can be difficult to find the perfect sunglasses.

By now we all know the saying “Buy better, buy once”, but it can seem a little intimidating to buy a good pair of long-lasting sunglasses when you are not sure they are right for you. will agree.

This is where we come in. The Euronews Travel team scoured top to bottom for the best tips for finding your perfect pair and used digital fitting tools to judge their beauty in person.

Coral Glasses – The sustainable start-up

Price range: € 177.95 – € 201.95

Coral Glasses is the brainchild of 21-year-old British student George Bailey and we love the story behind the brand. George was worried about the ill effects of discarded fishing nets and therefore came up with the idea of ​​using them to make glasses and sunglasses. He now runs the business with his father, a consultant in the eyewear industry.

Made with the Earth in mind

Coral products are made from reclaimed nylon, mostly recycled from old fishing nets and rugs. It makes them really flexible, so it feels like you can bend them, drop them, sit on them (it can’t just be me doing this) and they wouldn’t break.

Coral has built sustainability into every part of the business. All of their packaging is plastic free, mine arrives in a cute cardboard tube with a soft sunglasses case. They have the virtual try-on feature to reduce the waste created by returns and refunds.

How to find the perfect pair

Founder George Bailey says face shape is the most important factor when choosing the right sunglasses for you, as well as thinking about where and when you’ll wear them. If you want them for sport, you’ll want to choose a different fit if you want them for everyday wear. The company has a handy blog post ( to help you choose the sunglasses that are right for you.

The verdict of Ruth Wright, Head of Lifestyle Verticals:

The online trial was quick and easy as there was no need to take a photo like other websites do. He just accessed your camera in the website window and imposed the glasses on your face.

I tried a pair of the Ocean Blue Ocean Edition. I opted for a bright color because I always only buy standard brown or black frames. They’re perfect for the beach with a brightly colored bikini, but I probably wouldn’t wear them with a more formal outfit.

Karun – Support local communities

Price range: 59 € – 199 €

Karun is a Patagonia-based B-Corp that links nature conservation with rural empowerment through product innovation.

The brand creates high quality eyewear in a very different way; use recovered, natural and / or noble materials and work alongside local communities in Patagonia to empower them to protect their wild lands.

Waste recycling

Different types of waste, such as fishing nets, ropes and metals, and naturally fallen trees are collected by local contractors. These materials are then recycled and transformed into durable sunglasses, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance.

Plus, when your Karün sunglasses are at the end of their life, you can send them back for recycling and get a discount on your next pair.

Choose your face shape

There is a general rule that in order to give face balance and proportion, the shape of the frame should contrast with the shape of the face.

With this theory in mind, Karün suggests angular sunglasses for those with round or oval faces and rounder glasses for those with square or triangular faces.

While it can be fun to try virtually all of the Karun, they have a filter search system that helps you narrow your search to find the right frames for your face and needs.

You can choose to filter by frame shape (cat eye, square, round, rectangle, aviator or athletic), use (urban, athletic or outdoor) or by face type (narrow, standard or wide).

And if you still don’t like what you order, Karün offers a 30-day return policy with free shipping.

The verdict of Hannah Brown, digital producer:

I ordered the Pinguino Havana Brown sunglasses and I’m really happy with it. I love that they are made from recycled marine plastics.

I was a little skeptical about the virtual try-on feature and worried that the size and scale might not be right for my face. But when the glasses arrived, they looked the same on my face as they did on the virtual try-on feature. The glasses arrived in a cardboard box with a practical glasses case also made of recycled leather.

The virtual trial was really easy to use. You can choose to upload a photo or use your live camera and watch the glasses on your face from all angles. I practically tried almost everything Karün had to offer and only found one style on the website that the trial feature didn’t work with.

The sunglasses are really light but look good quality. I opted for a fairly classic shape but with a slight twist that made them much better suited to my face than previous sunglasses I tried in this style.

Silhouette – Super stylish

Price range: 155 € – 597 €

Since 1964, Silhouette produced eyewear in Linz, Austria, guaranteeing high quality and exquisite workmanship using the best materials.

Is it worth the money?

We’ve all bought inexpensive sunglasses in the past that often break quickly, but better quality glasses always come at a higher price. The big fear with an expensive pair, however, is losing them. So, is it worth investing in a good quality pair?

“While it’s tempting to repurchase cheaper sunglasses every summer to keep up with fast fashion trends, investing in a quality pair will ensure they will last year after year,” says Perry Moore, Managing Director of Silhouette.

“High quality frames, such as those made from SPX like our Sun Lite line, are built to last due to their flexible and durable nature. Proud of a classic design, Silhouette frames are also engineered to stand the test of time and stay on trend every summer, helping to contribute to the slow fashion movement and avoid throwaway trends.

Which frame is right for you?

Here are some of Silhouette’s top tips for finding the right frame for your face:

A oval face the shape is the most versatile when choosing glasses. Look for frames as wide as the widest part of your face to add angles and balance the soft curves of the oval shape.

If you have a heart shaped face, choose frames as wide or slightly wider than your forehead. This will add balance to a narrower chin.

Angular and square frames are the best choice if you have a round face. Their crisp, crisp angles balance the soft, round shape of your face and make your face appear longer and narrower.

A triangular or trapezoidal face is narrower at the top, with a wider chin. Add width to the narrowest part of your face by choosing frames with a marked brow line. Full brim or half rim frames, especially cat eye shapes, are a perfect choice for adding definition to your face shape.

Round or oval frames add softness to square faces. Thin frames will soften strong features, and softer, neutral colors will also help lengthen your face shape.

You can read Silhouette’s face shape guide in more depth. here.

Ruth’s verdict:

Silhouette’s virtual trial feature was easy to use. It slipped the first time I tried it, but refreshing the website fixed the issue. I tried virtually 4 or 5 pairs, before opting for the Sun Lite model, in Vintage Havanna / black frame.

They are very beautiful sunglasses. Very light and they look and feel premium. Unfortunately, I didn’t think they suited me “in person”. My own sunglasses are square in shape and I think that’s what fits my face, rather than this round design. But don’t be put off by my experience as these are wonderful sunglasses.

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Estate of Longmont philanthropist Lila Jean Stewart shines light on her legacy – Longmont Times-Call

When beloved local radio host and philanthropist Lila Jean Stewart saw a cause that has improved her community, she was inclined to support it, whether or not her donation was made public.

Stewart, who died in 2018 at the age of 85, touched many lives and inspired generosity and admiration wherever she went, described those who knew her.

Lila Stewart jokes with someone in the audience while posing for photos with Mayor Dennis Coombs, left, and Councilor Brian Bagley during the dedication ceremony for the Stewart Auditorium at the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center on October 4, 2013. (Times-Call file)

His presence at social engagements was important. She was the kind of person who showed up at a fundraiser or a “million dollar-like” party. At a Southwestern barbecue-themed University of Colorado in Boulder party, she donned a skirt, a squash flower necklace, and a giant buffalo-head belt buckle. Then there was the flapper-themed fundraiser, when she showed up in an authentic dress, dripping with shimmering pearls.

“It wasn’t a show,” said Linda Snyder, a longtime friend. “She always found someone who could make or find it for her.”

Stewart has curated many rare and unique items throughout her life and seemed to know exactly what she wanted, whether it was crystal champagne flutes or a steaming hot dog, sporting her nickname: Lady Swan. She and her husband, the late William “Bill” Stewart, were known for their generosity and supported many local organizations, including the Longmont Museum, which is named after their auditorium; the Longmont Hospital Foundation; and the TLC Learning Center.

Bill and Lila Jean Stewart, owners of KLMO-AM for decades, were introduced together at the microphone in 1966 (Longmont Times-Call File / Longmont Museum)

The objects that Stewart collected during her lifetime provide a glimpse of the strong and generous woman, who was a pillar of the community.

Stewart’s legacy of giving back continues in the form of an estate auction. His Longmont home and belongings are all sold to benefit the Stewart Family Foundation, which supports local nonprofits, hospitals and educational institutions. The online auction for her home ends Monday, and the personal items auction ends July 28. Items up for auction start at prices ranging from less than $ 5 to a few thousand.

After moving to Longmont in 1959, Stewart and her husband, William, purchased KLMO, a local radio station. The Times-Call reported that Stewart was working alongside Bill at the station, defying 1950s and 1960s expectations to stay home and be a housewife. She created “Happy Talk,” a two-hour weekday morning show that highlighted women’s issues, along with leaked recipes and maintenance tips. The power of the station increased under their ownership from 250 watts to 10,000 watts. Prior to her retirement in 1987, Stewart’s show amassed fans and led her to publish listeners cookbooks.

The couple’s only child, Linda Jean Stennette, graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Stennette died at the age of 55 in 2009, after open heart surgery.

Auctioneer OJ Pratt talks about the Stewart House from the kitchen. (Cliff Grassmick / Personal Photographer)

A unique collection, a unique person

Auctioneer OJ Pratt, owner of Pacific Auction & Realty, which manages the estate’s sale, knew Stewart through local charity auctions, where he said she was often at the forefront to support a local cause.

Pratt has sold a lot in his nearly 40 years of running the Longmont business, but nothing like the Stewart collection.

“I sold roughly a billion dollars worth of stuff,” Pratt said. “So for me to see something that I haven’t seen is pretty rare. “

Among the items is an antique tiger oak entrance clock, which has a unique striped wood grain and 40 collectibles crafted by artist Jay Strongwater, including a decorative tree approximately 6 feet tall .

There is a swan theme throughout the Stewart House in South Longmont. (Cliff Grassmick / Staff Photographer)

The Stewarts house itself, at 2011 Ridgeview Drive, which was custom built in the 1990s, is being auctioned. Along with the elevator that serves all three levels, another one of a kind throughout the 5,000 square foot home is the incorporation of swans from the chandeliers to the hardwood floors to the sink and tub faucets.

Snyder said she believed Stewart liked swans because she found them pretty and liked some of their qualities, like the fact that they chose a life partner.

Stewart and Snyder were introduced when Snyder was a child. At the time, his parents owned Snyder Jewelers, which Snyder now runs. Stewart frequented the store to find jewelry and she quickly became a family friend.

The swans just seemed to show up when Stewart was around, Snyder said.

While traveling to New York City together in 2011, Snyder and Stewart stumbled upon a swan-themed crystal centerpiece, sitting outside an antique store. Stewart walked out of the store as the coin’s new owner – an item that is now among those up for auction.

Anyone who knew Stewart well knew how strong she was, even after a car crash in 2009 that nearly severed her right leg and caused her to use a cane. If Snyder reached out to support his arm, Stewart would remind him that she didn’t need help.

“Even when she was struggling, she was so strong and so independent,” Snyder said.

At the former Stewarts’ home on Wednesday, Snyder was inundated with memories of her longtime friend. It wasn’t long before Stewart donated when she saw a great cause. She said Stewart made a spontaneous donation of $ 10,000 to an Irish dance school to provide scholarships for children whose families could not afford classes, after Stewart saw one of their shows.

“She loved trying to guide or teach people,” Snyder said. “She really had a soft spot for children in general. There were some big donations that she made that were public and that people knew about, but (there were) a number of times I would see her give them just because she cared.

Drifting into the house on Wednesday, Snyder recalled how Stewart brought people together with his Christmas parties and tea time inside the Longmont house. Several of Stewart’s tea sets, one with swans and another adorned with colorful butterflies, are among the auction items.

Unparalleled love for sport

In addition to the Stewarts’ love for nonprofits that improved the Boulder County community, they both shared a passion for sports, including baseball, basketball, hockey, and football.

Jim Newcomb first met the Stewarts in 1993 during a Colorado Rockies game. The couple and Newcomb had season tickets and ended up side by side. In 81 games, Newcomb got to know Stewart and her husband, and they became friends. In 2010, Newcomb began helping the foundation and is today its president.

Stewart’s love for the sport can be seen in many of the auction items, but the one that stands out is the hot dog boat that University of Colorado Boulder athletic director Rick George gave Stewart in 2014.

“When they installed the new suites at CU, she was invited to go. They had a steamboat there and they were making hot dogs and she said, “I want one of those,” Newcomb said. “The athletic director told him he would get him one.”

The steamboat, which George gave him with the words: Lady Swan atop, is among the items up for auction.

Newcomb said the Stewarts’ love for the University of Colorado at Boulder runs deep. Bill was sitting in the press box, covering the radio station’s games. Stewart had reserved seats at the 50-yard line, where she was often with friends. Through the foundation, the couple provided nearly $ 6 million in support to the university, Newcomb said.

A mini football helmet and other forms of CU Boulder memorabilia are among the items in the auction.

Lila Stewart was a 2014 Boulder County Business Hall of Fame laureate (Matthew Jonas / Longmont Times-Call)

Stewart was also a member of the Red Hat Society, a social organization, and also loved the Kentucky Derby. The two gave her the opportunity to launch her extensive collection of hats, many of which were made by designer Cynthia Lee.

“Lila on hats, I don’t think I’ve worn them twice,” Newcomb said. “She had so many.”

While about 70 of the hats are still in the running, a number have been gifted to members of the Red Hat Society, Pratt said.

Other items offered for sale in the 22-page long online auction are Jimmy Choo-branded sparkly tennis shoes; Drexel Chinoiserie bar cabinet on a gilded iron base; an assortment of jewelry, including an 18-karat Charles Garnier swan ring, pearl adornments, as well as records, fur coats, hats, figurines, tea sets and a silk wedding kimono hanging on the wall near of the staircase which is adorned with tiny cranes in the fabric pattern. Those interested in supporting the auction can access it online at

Stewart loved swans, jewelry, and custom hats, but most of all she loved her community of Longmont and greater Boulder County.

“She was and continues to be a big fan of charities, which is pretty cool,” Pratt said. “It’s sad in a way that there is no family to leave the (items) to, but again, their legacy really continues. The people who run the foundation really have Lila’s heart in what they do.

Auctioneer OJ Pratt climbs the stairs from the living room. In addition to Lila Jean Stewart’s collections, the house itself is up for auction. (Cliff Grassmick / Personal Photographer)

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Rams RB Cam Akers Tears Achilles Tendon, Endlessly


FILE – In this file photo from May 27, 2021, Cam Akers of the Los Angeles Rams warms up during an NFL football practice in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Akers is out indefinitely after tearing his Achilles tendon during an off-season training session. The Rams confirmed the injury on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, a week before the veterans reported to training camp. (AP Photo / Kelvin Kuo, file)


Los Angeles Rams running back Cam Akers is out indefinitely after tearing his Achilles tendon during an off-season training session.

The Rams confirmed the injury on Tuesday, a week before the veterans reported to training camp.

Akers was slated to be the Rams’ backfield starter after coming on late in his outstanding rookie season. Akers had 272 yards of scrimmage in the Rams’ two playoff games, ending his rookie year with some of his best plays.

The injury is a blow to Rams coach Sean McVay’s plans to build an elite NFL attack around quarterback Matthew Stafford, who was acquired in a successful trade with Detroit for Jared Goff at the start of the off-season.

Akers intended to play a starring role as a back-to-back for the Rams after sharing rookie careers last year with Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown in the team’s first season after leaving by Todd Gurley.

Akers had 14 runs on his NFL debut, but didn’t have that many hits until December. The Florida State product has taken on the leading running back role for four of Los Angeles’ last five regular season games, averaging 3.95 yards on 86 carries – including a career-high 171 yards against New England.

Akers ‘athleticism and explosiveness made him the obvious first choice heading into the playoffs, where he rushed for 131 yards and a touchdown in the Rams’ win in Seattle. He added 91 yards and a touchdown in Los Angeles’ loss to Green Bay.

Henderson is still with the Rams, while Brown has left for Miami. Los Angeles also has Raymond Calais and Xavier Jones, both of whom have limited NFL experience, as well as seventh-round rookie pick Jake Funk.

The Rams veterans will show up at UC Irvine on Tuesday, July 27, with their first practice the next day.

The NFL Network first reported Akers’ injury.

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LA Rams loses RB Cam Akers with ripped Achilles

The Los Angeles Rams have announced that running back Cam Akers is out for the upcoming season after suffering an Achilles tendon tear during practice.

Running back Cam Akers rushes for a Los Angeles Rams first try against the New England Patriots at SoFi Stadium. (Image: Ashley Landis / AP)

Losing Akers to a late-season injury is a blow to the Rams. After a strong rookie season, the Rams had high hopes and expectations for Akers entering his second season in the NFL.

The Rams currently have veteran RB Darrell Henderson on the roster, who was expected to back Akers. Le’Veon Bell and Adrian Peterson are among the free agents who have yet to sign with a team. The Rams could sue Bell or Peterson to replace Akers.

After acquiring quarterback Matthew Stafford in an offseason trade for Jared Goff, the Rams saw their Super Bowl 56 rating drop from +1600 to +1100. Following the news of Akers’ injury, the Rams currently have +1300 chances of winning the Super Bowl according to a new update from DraftKings.

The Rams selected Akers in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft out of the state of Florida. After a slow start to his rookie season, which included a rib injury, Akers ended the regular season on a high note as the Rams main running back. He rushed for a career-high 171 yards against the New England Patriots in a Thursday night football game in mid-December.

Akers ran 145 times for 625 yards as a rookie in the field with Henderson and Malcolm Brown. He averages an impressive 4.3 yards per carry. He’s only scored three touchdowns in the regular season. However, in two playoff games, Akers rushed for two touchdowns.

In the NFC Wild Card, Akers ran for 131 yards and a touchdown in a win over the Seattle Seahawks. He also added 45 receiving yards for a total of 176 scrimmage yards. In the NFC divisional round, Akers rushed for 90 yards and a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers in a losing effort.

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Inexpensive Hidden Security Cameras

If you’re hoping to keep tabs on your home but don’t like the look of unsightly security cameras, a hidden camera might be just what you need. These compact cameras are much easier to integrate into your decor than traditional cameras without announcing their presence and give you peace of mind when the time comes for a well-deserved rest or relaxation. Let’s take a look at the best hidden security cameras for the home:

The Blink indoor camera isn’t the smallest option available, but it is the most reliable and convenient. It is one of the Top Rated Hidden Security Cameras. This wireless camera can run for up to two years with its included lithium batteries, which means you don’t have to worry about running out of juice in a hard-to-reach place that needs to be watched!

The Blink Camera is designed to connect to WiFi so you can watch videos on your phone at 1080p. It sends out motion alerts and has two-way audio, as well as night vision to see when there is no light. If you want to record footage, he offers a low cost shot!

Zohulu Wireless Hidden Camera is small and easy to hide anywhere in your home. It captures 1080p high-definition videos, the ability to record footage to a micro SD card (sold separately) and it’s powered by a lithium-ion battery that supports up to 100 minutes of recording. Memory cards are supported with a maximum capacity of 32GB for storing videos from this budget camera!

This camera is best for those who want to see what’s going on in their home when they’re not around. Built-in infrared lights help it capture images at night, and the video recorder will overwrite old files once its memory card is full, making storage space a worry-free problem!

There are many advantages to the wireless security camera, including the ability to install it anywhere you need it. The Sirgawain mini spy camera is a great option for those looking for an inconspicuous home or office setup. This tiny device captures 1080p high definition footage and can run for 60 minutes per charge!

The Sirgawain has a built-in infrared light that allows it to see up to 16 feet at night. Images are captured on an SD memory card (not included). However, the camera only supports capacity cards up to 32GB, which means you will have to erase old data in order to capture new videos regularly!

The Blink Mini Indoor Security Camera will never run out of battery, making it a great option for those who want to avoid the hassle of charging their camera or changing their batteries. The 2 inch camera can easily slip behind plants or cabinets and comes with a mount that can be installed on the walls if desired.

The Blink Security Camera is the perfect device for anyone who needs a little extra protection. It has two-way sound and records 1080p high definition video. By connecting to your smartphone, you can monitor its live stream or review the recorded footage at any time. If it detects movement while configured in Guard mode, this smart security system will send alerts directly to your phone, so you don’t miss a thing!


Can I use a spy camera without WiFi?

Yes, you can use a spy camera without WiFi. There are also options available to pair your security system with non-WiFi powered cameras.

How do you know you have hidden cameras in your house?

There are two ways to find hidden cameras: 1) Look for reflective lights that appear to be coming from a camera lens. 2) Detect the RF broadcast of the camera so that it can give you sound alerts when it is near.

Are spy cameras legal?

It is legal to use hidden cameras or spy cameras at home and in the workplace in the United States. Federal and state laws regulate the use of these spy devices. Since states are free to make their spy technology laws, the laws may differ by state.

What is the smallest hidden camera?

The MHDYT Hidden Security Camera is a portable hidden camera disguised as a 5-cent coin. It has 1080P resolution, wide angle lens and 4 IR LED lights to capture clearer images than other micro cameras.

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Application of industrial cameras to the production of lithium batteries – Metrology and quality news

With the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries, machine vision will play an important role. One manufacturer, Allied Vision, continues to introduce new cameras, helping battery makers produce safer and more reliable batteries.

The rapid growth of the lithium battery industry

Due to the strong growth in demand for lithium battery, battery manufacturers need to maximize production efficiency while ensuring battery quality. In order to improve production efficiency, it is necessary to adapt real-time visual control throughout the manufacturing cycle.

In addition, since lithium batteries are safety related parts, there are strict requirements that must be met, which makes machine vision an inevitable part of production. According to the specifications and rules of lithium-ion battery industry published by the Ministry of Information and Technology of China (MIIT) in 2018, the measurement accuracy of coating thickness and length of The electrode should not be less than 2μm and 1mm respectively, and the burr precision after cutting should not be less than 1m.

Application of industrial cameras to the production of lithium batteries

Typically, lithium battery production involves several steps such as material preparation, electrode fabrication and notching, cell fabrication, battery module assembly, and battery packaging. Typically, lithium battery production involves several steps such as material preparation, electrode fabrication and notching, cell fabrication, battery module assembly, and battery packaging.

To minimize the cost of the system, a solution consisting of multiple cameras can be applied for high precision dimensional measurement. This solution consists of multiple lower resolution cameras to capture the dimensions of multiple sections of the object. Compared with the single camera solution, the multiple camera solution can reduce the total cost by up to 50% and will not be limited by the size of the object.

However, the multi-camera solution has high demands on the stability of the camera. This means that the camera must have low signal jitter to ensure correct data synchronization so that the high precision measurement can be obtained.

Lithium battery production process

Multi-camera solution reduces overall system cost

In this solution, the customer decided to use Allied Vision Mako cameras. Mako is very stable, and the jitter of the trigger signal is less than 8μs, which can be as low as 5μs in actual operation. The PTP function of Mako cameras can ensure proper multi-camera synchronization. The cost of four Mako G-319B cameras is half of what the high-resolution camera would cost. By adapting this solution, the customer has considerably reduced the cost of his system.

Mako combines industrial performance and a rich feature set with a small form factor at an affordable price. Its GigE Vision compatible interface allows a reliable connection to your host over long distances up to 100 meters. Power over Ethernet and Trigger over Ethernet enable simplified and cost-optimized system configurations with a single cable solution. With advanced trigger features such as Precision Time Protocol (PTP), Mako cameras can be perfectly synchronized with other devices in a multi-camera system.

For more information:


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Pandemic proves how vital arts groups are to Delaware’s health

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, our collective village at the Christina Cultural Arts Center has adopted an attitude that requires us to “weather the storm” until we reach our distant shores.

While we may not have hit an iceberg and sank, we do recognize that there is still water in our boat, but we collectively equip our buckets to make sure our boat is ready to continue sailing. .

Like most organizations, when the pandemic hit, Christina had already charted a destiny that would propel us at least next year, maybe beyond.

Armed with the mission to “change the trajectory of children’s lives through arts education, live performances, career paths and gallery exhibitions”, we had to abruptly change course and overcome challenges and obstacles. that accompany most storms.

An early childhood movement course offered by Christina Cultural Arts Center in Wilmington.

The high winds forced us to briefly shift our attention and focus on areas that faced greater challenges for our families. These issues included, but were not limited to: food, shelter, clothing, bridging the digital divide, and most importantly, tackling the myriad of mental health issues head on.

Paul Pinkett shows off his tap dancing at the Christina Cultural Arts Center in Wilmington.

The pandemic, followed by economic strains and then the chronic social trauma highlighted by the brutal murder of George Floyd and others, resulted in tremendous mental strain that in some arenas still goes unaddressed. Through our SERVICE (Social Emotional Response to the Vast Inequities Caused by Epidemics) initiative, Christina is acting quickly to align families in our communities with free mental health counseling provided by seven licensed clinicians – for free.

To date, thanks to generous grants from DuPont and the Gilliam Foundation, we have been able to offer over 50 combined individual and group counseling sessions, with several sessions still available to the general public.

Call more open:: Singers from Wilmington Children’s Chorus inspire group to raise their voices for change

As the pandemic progresses beyond our mapped out trajectory, while remaining mindful of the ever-present health and safety challenges, we can emphatically feel and embrace the different winds.

Since fall 2020, our enrollment in our School of the Arts has increased; our programs are growing; we continue to offer exhibition spaces to our local and regional artists; We continue to schedule quality performance programming for the seasons to come, including a partnership with the City of Wilmington and the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival 2021, our annual Carols in Colors holiday program and, most importantly, we continue to change. the trajectory of children’s lives.

Christina remains committed to addressing the social challenges our students and their families face by providing arts-centric alternatives to the vices they face on a daily basis.


Through our “Our Voices” and “HeArt Under the Hoodie” programs, we teach our students to shoot with cameras – not guns; we teach them to drum – not on top of each other, especially women; and we teach them how to perform on stage and not in their classrooms or communities. We teach them to sing like everyone else is watching and dance like they’re playing in a Broadway production.

There is something in music, the arts, dance, theater, literature that has a way of stirring our emotions, of touching a heart, and of remembering a moment in time that may have happened. to be arrested. Think about your favorite song or poem and what it does to your soul? Think about your favorite movie or live play and how that made you cry with laughter or do both?

No matter industry, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, religious preferences, storm or pandemic, we are all constantly creating the “soundtracks” of our lives by embracing the arts. Music is that universal language which has a way of bringing people together and art is often referred to as “the expression or application of creative skills or the human imagination”.

Call more open: OperaDelaware plans to “look beyond resilience … towards true transformation”

CJ Jones keeps the beat at the Christina Cultural Arts Center.

For this and other reasons, the Christina Cultural Arts Center continues to advocate for increased funding for arts-related industries. Often seen as the half-brother or sister when it comes to major funding, our statistics and analyzes demonstrate on several fronts the impact that the arts have on the academic performance of students, the development of our early childhood scholars. childhood and how the arts foster hope and passion. on despair.

Arts-related shows and activities help our communities attract tourists, which in turn increases economies; art forges relationships between cultures by encouraging tolerance, and art offers physiological and psychological benefits that go far beyond the bottom line of organizations while also addressing trauma caused by a number of social conditions. , political or economic.

Arts-related organizations like the Christina Cultural Arts Center need your support and your voice.

James “Ray” Rhodes is Executive Director of the Christina Cultural Arts Center.

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The Broomfield 100 virtually continues this year

Although the Broomfield 100 is virtual again this year, residents are still invited to explore the beauty of the city and county through its various trails.

Community members can access an online passport to find trails and also register with the online guestbook.

“Help celebrate the town of Broomfield which became a county 20 years ago by checking out the 20 Virtual Passport trails this year!” “, Read on the Broomfield 100 webpage, later adding that the program” promotes outdoor exercise, a healthy lifestyle and the opportunity to learn about Broomfield and his network of trails ”.

Public art items are also listed for each trail. Additional information on the pieces can be found at

Visit for more information on the program, and the online passport can be accessed at

The field at Broomfield Open Space. (Cliff Grassmick / Personal Photographer)

Trail guidelines

  • Please see important information to enjoy the trails while respecting physical distance.
  • Please obey all posted rules, bring water, sunscreen, first aid equipment and insect repellant. Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.
  • All trails accept dogs (on a leash) and are open to bicycles, walkers, etc.
  • Many trails are accessible by the ADA, although some segments do not meet ADA guidelines for slope and width of trails. Before using mobility devices on the trails, trail users should refer to our ADA trail information.

Source: Town and County of Broomfield

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Sunyani gets security cameras to help police track down criminals

Residents of Bono’s regional capital Sunyani hailed the installation of security cameras on the city’s main streets.

They expect the crime rate in the region to be reduced to the bare minimum, even though the presence of CCTV cameras has been long overdue.

Traders, commuters, motorists, store owners, travelers and commercial drivers in the capital’s central business district (CBD) expressed hope that with cameras in observation areas, police could identify and track those perpetrating the crime in Sunyani,

A pharmacy attendant, John Asomani, noted that the cameras will go a long way in deterring disbelievers, drug traffickers as well as armed robbers from undertaking their unscrupulous activities, especially at night when everyone is in control. wind in its sails.

“The recent wave of crime in Sunyani is due to the rapid growth of the population and has been a huge challenge for the security guards and the city authorities.

So I’m very optimistic that these security cameras will go a long way to helping police fight crime, so I commend the government and police for this initiative, ”he explained.

Another CBD trader, Rockson Banahene, also praised the government for the cameras and stressed the need for better police visibility through intensified night patrols in different neighborhoods.

Traders in the Nana Bosoma market could not hide their joy over the installation of security cameras in the regional capital of Bono, saying “We commend the government and the city authorities because CCTV is a fundamental tool. to control criminal activity ”.

51-year-old trader Afia Kyeremeh also said there are more new settlements to emerge, so installing the cameras is a step in the right direction.

She therefore called on the authorities to ensure that the facilities are properly and frequently maintained in order to ensure their efficiency.

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