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Durham audit reveals compliance issues with police body camera

An audit found that police in Durham uploaded body camera images late and at times mislabeled them, potentially jeopardizing evidence.

The audit found that the Durham Police Department had policies, training and equipment, but could not confirm that supervisors conduct random reviews to ensure compliance, The News & Observer reported . The audit found that the body camera program, which began in 2017, had 293,502 videos and over 50,000 hours of footage by 2020.

According to department rules, cameras must be docked to allow uploading of footage “no later than the end of the agent’s next (business) day.” But when a survey asked agents how often they upload videos, 46% said they did so daily, 18% every few days, and 3% said never. About half of the department’s sworn officers responded to the survey.

Agents are supposed to watch their video footage, archive it and categorize it daily, but when asked how often agents categorize their videos, 8% said they did it daily and 65% said they did. never did.

The audit noted that Acting Police Chief Shari Montgomery agreed with recommendations and plans to update the policy by October 1. Supervisors will establish a minimum number of videos per month for their reports. The ministry also plans to increase training to avoid distorting the labeling of potential evidence.

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Bluebird Music Festival returns to Macky Auditorium for reduced capacity event – Boulder Daily Camera

The pandemic has particularly affected the live music industry and the non-profit sector.

Travis Albright, the founder of the Future Arts Foundation, takes the stage at the Bluebird Music Festival at the Macky Auditorium in May 2019 (Ty Hyten / Courtesy Photo)

Bluebird Music Festival – an event organized by Foundation for the Arts of the Future, a Lafayette-based organization dedicated to providing a myriad of after-school arts programs for Colorado children – was forced into premature hibernation due to the inevitable shutdown of live performances.

The two-day festival, featuring an exceptional lineup – including Greensky Bluegrass’ Phoffman, Rayland Baxter and City and Color – will return to the Macky Auditorium at the University of Colorado this weekend.

“I can’t believe we’re about to host the festival after a two and a half year hiatus,” said Travis Albright, founder of the Future Arts Foundation and the Bluebird Music Festival. “The first two years of the event were such a success and it was on such a roll, but then COVID hit. Last year, a month before the event, everything stopped and the event had to be canceled. “

Tickets were refunded when the 2020 event was canceled.

“While it was heartbreaking, there were more important things the world worried about than a music festival,” Albright said.

To Albright’s pleasant surprise, many ticket holders came to the aid of the foundation when they had no festival to attend.

“So many fans have reached out to donate their ticket money or to push their tickets to this year,” Albright said.

While last year’s Bluebird Music Fest didn’t turn into a live event, it did offer a documentary that featured rare and never-before-seen footage of musicians.

Wesley Schultz (The Lumineers), Jade Bird, Langhorne Slim, Adam Aijala and Ben Kaufmann (Yonder Mountain String Band) and so many more have joined forces to contribute to “Strings & Stories: The Film” – a two hour collaboration who raised money for the foundation, ”Albright said. “All of this has helped our small nonprofit stay afloat while we waited for this storm to dissipate. “

Jim James performs during the Bluebird Music Festival at the Macky Auditorium in May 2019 (Ty Hyten / Courtesy Photo)

Previously, Bluebird brought Jim James from My Morning Jacket as well as The Tallest Man on Earth, local folks Gasoline Lollipops and many other artists of different genres on stage.

Along with having to contend with what appear to be the ever-changing COVID security rules, Albright faced a curve when this year’s headliner stepped down at midnight.

“A month before the event, we received a call from Jeff Tweedy’s agent advising us that he was no longer able to reach us due to an ‘inevitable personal scheduling conflict,’ said Albright. “While it’s not the surprise we’re looking for after the past 18 months, one thing we’ve learned over this time is that you never know what can happen on a day to day basis. We have to learn to pivot and we have to stay positive as many others face real life issues. “

Understanding that many fans would travel with the primary purpose of seeing Jeff Tweedy – the frontman of Wilco – Albright and his team offered anyone with a Saturday ticket the option to transfer them to the 2022 Bluebird Music Festival.

“We’ve had a few requests, but most are attending the festival because they love it and not just for an artist,” Albright said. “We didn’t have anyone who gave us a hard time. No one, even on social media. What? When does this happen nowadays? I couldn’t be more grateful to each of these people.

Albright – a music enthusiast who has also put on intimate shows at the Firehouse Art Center in Longmont and the Saint Vrain – began to think about who would complete the roster in the absence of Tweedy.

It landed on Jonathan Russell of the folk group The Head and the Heart.

Jonathan Russell, of The Head and the Heart, will perform at the Bluebird Music Festival at the Macky Auditorium in Boulder this weekend. (Jonathan Russell / Courtesy photo)

“I really owe Jon (Russell) for helping us out,” said Albright. “Once Jeff (Tweedy) had to step down, I had to scramble to find someone of his stature to fill the job. Jon has never really played solo in the past. Everything he played was as the lead singer of The Head & The Heart. But, I saw that he had just played a solo set at the Newport Folk Festival in July. I contacted Jon that day and he graciously agreed.

The first Bluebird Music Festival in 2018 featured Josiah Johnson, former Head and the Heart member.

Albright, as well as the fans, are eager for the addition of Russell.

“It will be so cool to see him up there solo on guitar and piano,” Albright said. “We ended up replacing someone whose band was fronting Red Rocks with someone whose band was fronting two nights at Red Rocks. We are very lucky.

Since its inception, the Bluebird Music Festival has been known to offer a mix of artists.

This year, British singer Jade Bird, Boulder bluesman Otis Taylor and virtuoso guitarist and songwriter Molly Tuttle are on the bill. Willie Watson, Trout Steak Revival and Heavy Diamond Ring are also on the program.

More intimate “Storyteller Ses” will take place with selected artists in the afternoon of Saturday and Sunday, before the evening shows. People can attend all four events or plan their own Bluebird Music Festival experience.

“I can’t wait to be on this stage again,” said Daniel Rodriguez, former Elephant Revival, who will perform on Sunday night. “This theater is a special theater. I have been looking forward to it since the last time I played at the Bluebird Festival. I am also hungry to hear the music of my fellow craftsmen. It had been a long time since I had been exposed to the art of my peers. I’m ready to perform for people and ready to teary-eyed songs from everyone on stage.

Rodriguez will be joined by Darren Garvey on percussion and Emma Rose on bass.

“They both have beautifully beautiful vocals and you can expect three-part harmonies and cuddly rock vibes,” Rodriguez said.

In addition to meeting Boulder County’s mask mandate for indoor spaces, participants will also be required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the event.

“It’s a strange time for a tour,” Rodriguez said. “It’s a strange time to be alive. But I feel lucky to be alive. So finally, I’m grateful.

Earlier this month, Rodriguez performed a donation-based concert with Andy Thorn – Leftover Salmon banjoist – at Montezuma Park in Cortez in southwest Colorado.

“In this information age comes the age of vast subjectivity and disinformation,” Rodriguez said. “Most people don’t know what to believe or who to trust and that’s pretty maddening. These are difficult times because of that. The virus is real. We have established it well. If you choose not to get the vaccine or haven’t had it yet, what’s the harm of a little tickle of your nose before entering a crowded place during a pandemic? “

Molly Tuttle will be performing at the Bluebird Music Festival at the Macky Auditorium in Boulder this weekend. (Molly Tuttle / Courtesy photo)

The main source of funding for the Future Arts Foundation is not from alcohol sales or festival tickets, but from online charity that is now live. People can access the collection of music related loot at

It features signed memorabilia from Wilco, Phish, The Head & The Heart, Gregory Alan Isakov, Greensky Bluegrass, Jim James and many more.

Auctions end on Saturday at 8:45 p.m.

On Wednesday morning, festival tickets were still available but will likely go quickly as this is a low capacity event. The organizers are keeping at least 500 empty auditorium seats to ensure more space to spread out.

“I hope this is a time when we can all look each other in the eye and know that we’re going to go through these crazy times together,” Albright said. “It’s an incredible lineup, with artists from England to Canada all the way to Colorado.”

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Two dead in a “suspicious” incident in Belmont, a fire | News, Sports, Jobs

TL Photos / JENNIFER COMPSTON-STROUGH An investigator uses a dog to search for evidence in the area of ​​a house outside of Belmont, where a double death occurred early Tuesday morning.

BELMONT – Two people died in a “mistrustful” incident which included a fire Tuesday morning, and Belmont County Sheriff David Lucas said investigators were seeking help from the public in the surrounding area.

After declining to provide many details earlier today, shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday, Lucas confirmed the blaze had been brought under control. “mistrustful.” He also said investigators are asking any residents or businesses with cameras along US 40 east and west of Trails End Drive to call the sheriff’s office at 740-695-7933. . He said front desk staff would direct calls appropriately.

According to Lucas, the incident was originally reported around 7 a.m. Tuesday as a structural fire at a house on Trails End Drive, located between Morristown and East Richland off National Road. The Belmont Volunteer Fire Department responded, a service member said, but Belmont County Central Dispatch declined to provide information on the call for help, including services that were sent for fight the reported fire.

Lucas said when deputies arrived, firefighters and a witness informed them that there were two people inside the house who had died.

At around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, an emergency crew from the Barnesville Fire Department remained at the scene, along with eight police cars from the Sheriff’s Department, including a vehicle from the K-9 unit, a truck from the County Emergency Management Agency, two County Coroner’s trucks, one Ohio Department of Transportation truck, and one Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations crime scene unit. Lucas said the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s office also had representatives on site. The property was surrounded by police gangs.

“It is a very tragic morning when we are losing lives”, Lucas told his office early Tuesday afternoon. “This is why we are all working together to try to determine exactly what happened.”

Lucas declined to release the names of the victims, saying family members should always be notified. It would not provide the gender of the victims or the details of any relationship between them, calling them only “two individuals”.

As officers worked inside the house, an investigator drove a dog around the area, apparently looking for evidence.

County Coroner Dr Amanda Fisher was inside the house where the fire occurred and also spoke with a neighbor in his driveway and entered his house. On leaving this house, she confirmed to The Times Leader that there had been a “fatal double” in the house which had been set on fire. She refused to say anything more.

While he did not say whether the fire appeared to be the cause of either victim’s death, Lucas said state agencies have been called to “Make sure we’re doing everything right from the start. “ He said these state agencies exist to provide assistance to local authorities “in matters like this.”

Shortly after noon, the Barnesville team was moved to the rear of the property. A deputy said the bodies were being removed at the time. Lucas said they would be taken to a facility where autopsies would be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Ryan Allar, chief investigator for the sheriff’s office, was at the scene shortly after noon. Lucas said Allar will lead the investigation and notify the sheriff when more information should be released.

As to whether there is cause for concern in the community, Lucas said his department is “Work to get answers”. He warned that “Social media will be unleashed” with speculation over the deaths and that residents of the area should wait for the official word of investigators before drawing any conclusions. He said investigators had “nothing concrete” to indicate that people in the vicinity should be alarmed.

“We are only at six o’clock”, Lucas said of the investigation. “We have to take our time. “

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Panhandle MPs ‘actively checking’ track camera photo some believe is showing Brian Laundrie

Original Facebook image via ‘Sam Bass’ (left), enhanced version (center) and Brian Laundrie as seen in Moab Police body camera video (right)

Florida Panhandle MPs say they are aware of a social media article that some online detectives believe may show Brian Laundrie, the missing person of interest in the Gabby Petito case.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office shared the Facebook post this morning. The grainy black and white track camera photo, posted by a user whose username is “Sam Bass,shows a man with a backpack walking through the woods.

“I’m not saying it’s the guy, but the one that was on my surveillance camera this morning in Baker, Fl fits Brian Laundrie’s description perfectly,” Sam wrote on Monday night.

If the timestamp in the photo is correct, it was taken on Monday just after 6 a.m.

Baker is a small unincorporated community in Northwest Florida, outside the town of Crestview and not far from the Blackwater River State Forest. It is also about 500 miles from the Carlton Reserve in Venice, where law enforcement has resumed the search for laundry.

The 23-year-old is a person of interest in the disappearance of his fiancee, Gabby Petito, who was last seen alive in August. The two were traveling the country together until he returned home to Venice in their campervan without her.

A body was found in Wyoming on Sunday, not far from where social media users spotted the van in images posted by tourists from Tampa. An autopsy is underway today but investigators believe it is Gabby.

Laundrie himself has not been seen for a week. His parents retrieved his car from the Venice Preserve last week, and law enforcement is now on their third day of searching the 25,000-acre swampy site.

Brian Laundrie screenshot of Moab Police body camera footage on August 12.

Investigators say they have received advice from social media users who put Laundrie everywhere, from hitchhiking in Alabama to boating in the Atlantic.

Meanwhile, Okaloosa MPs say they are “actively checking” this Facebook post now viral.

“There is no confirmation of this information,” they warned. “Obviously we’ll keep everyone updated if and when there is anything to report.”


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How Gabby Petito’s Case Captivated The Internet

The demographics of the industry are a big factor, Mr. Reynolds said.

“Our newsrooms do not reflect the diversity of the country, and the people in editing positions are even less diverse,” said Reynolds, whose organization works with journalists of color. “Until journalism corrects this, we will continue to be less and less relevant to audiences that reflect the future.”

Online interest in Ms Petito’s case has also prompted editors to follow her story closely.

“Journalism in general tends to be reactionary, and if we see something explode on any of these platforms, we’re going to jump over it,” Mr. Reynolds said.

Alvin Williams, a host of “Affirmative murder,, A podcast that focuses on real crimes with black and brunette victims, echoed Mr. Reynolds’ analysis.

“I’m incredibly happy that she gets the resources to help her find her,” Williams, 29, said in an interview on Sunday before law enforcement announced it had recovered a susceptible body. to be Ms. Petito, “but there is an obvious disproportionate attention to her story,” he said.

“We can play the game of ‘Oh that’s because she was a vlogger’ and all that stuff, but we can also see that she’s a Gen Z, blonde, little girl, and that’s what clicked, ”said Williams added.

He noted that in Wyoming, the same state where Ms Petito was found, 710 Indigenous people people went missing between 2011 and 2020, according to a report by the University of Wyoming.

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Road rage driver puts his car in the back before erratically overtaking and confronting the motorist inside

A road rage driver was caught on camera trailing behind another car before erratically overtaking it and confronting the driver inside.

The video, filmed on the A4093 between Tonyrefail and Gilfach Goch, shows the driver of a red Ford Fiesta behind a black Toyota Aygo as it approaches a roundabout on a 60 mph road.

The incident, which occurred on Friday, September 17 at around 3:30 p.m., is the subject of a police investigation.

Read more:If you’re interested in what’s going on in Rhondda, check out our Rhondda homepage here.

In the video, which was shared anonymously by the Tonyrefail Our Community Facebook page, the two cars approach the roundabout, the red Fiesta attempts to overtake the black Toyota and continues to roll erratically around the roundabout.

As the two vehicles join the 40 mph section of road, the red Fiesta overtakes the car in front, narrowly missing a heavyweight before stopping traffic and exiting their car.

The driver of the red Fiesta is shown approaching the black Toyota, attempting to open the driver’s door before stepping inside through the window.

A South Wales Police spokesperson said: “On Friday 17th September South Wales Police received reports of a vehicle driving erratically around 3.30pm on the A4093 , Tonyrefail.

“It was reported that the driver of a red Ford Fiesta got out and acted aggressively towards the vehicle behind. This incident is being investigated and anyone with information is urged to contact the police. South Wales citing * 328321. “

“People are shocked by what they saw and think the young man should be reprimanded for his blatant dangerous driving and attacking the other vehicle and occupant,” said the person who runs the Tonyrefail Our Facebook page. Community.

A second incident occurred on the A4093 at Gilfach Goch in the early hours of Sunday morning, where four people were hit by a car.

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Mark Wallach; BVSD reminder; CU South; freedoms

Marlene Sorota: Mark Wallach: The Adult in the Room

I just want to thank Mr. Wallach for his September 15 Daily Camera article: “Stop the madness.” His exposure of what is going on in this year’s Council campaign shows who the adult in the room is. In my 40+ years of political races, I can’t believe what’s going on in the city of Boulder. I hope more city leaders will do the same, and set an example for our children of what civility is, by exposing the actions of a few bad seeds.

Marlene Sorota


Rabbi Deborah Ruth Bronstein: BVSD reminder: it’s shocking

It is shocking to hear about the attempt to hold a recall election for three school board members. They make their decisions based on public health guidelines that are science-based and credible. I know from my congregational experience that for the Great Holy Days, all those present, vaccinated or not, wore masks as protection for themselves and for others. This was decided on the basis of guidelines from the state and our medical team. Public health experts strongly agree that vaccines and masks significantly reduce the transmission of the virus.

The claim that these school board members are ignoring the voice of the Boulder community ignores the fact that they are acting appropriately on expert advice and guidance and recommendations from the public health units of the ‘State and County. Our school board is committed to full-time in-person learning with minimum quarantines and has not yet had a shutdown unlike other districts, a sign that these precautions are working. I am particularly concerned about the false claims around the risks of COVID vaccines.

A secondary downside to this proposed recall is that it will consume time and money – taxpayer dollars. This will cost BVSD at least $ 750,000. These dollars should be used to support the education of our children.

Finally, next year’s elections will take place in November. If this group is so keen to appoint others to the school board, maybe they should just run for those positions when the time comes.


Rabbi Deborah Ruth Bronstein


Tim Rohde: CU Sud: Losing our future voice

Numerous people appeared before Boulder City Council last week to advocate for the emergency passage of the CU’s southern annexation agreement. Their main concern was to obtain flood protection for the Frasier Meadows neighborhood.

The current deal will not provide long term flood protection for Frasier Meadows. It may even fail to obtain adequate protection against flooding.

This is due to a provision in the agreement that blocks the future authority of the City of Boulder over the property.

Once signed, the city will not have the power to block or change any aspect of CU’s future development plans. The current agreement as drafted will be the last moment in the city’s power to adopt critical solutions at the CU South site for centuries.

Success in flood mitigation depends on exactly what is built at the CU Sud site throughout its development and redevelopment in the future. It depends on the city’s standing authority over construction decisions on CU South, informed by future information on the site plan, climate impacts and other situations.

The continuation of the EQUAL partnership to solve the problems in the decades to come will be absolutely crucial.

Climate change will raise the flood standards target from 100 to 500 years. It’s already done. Getting it wrong now will be extremely complex and costly to correct later if it is even possible.

Even current 100-year flood mitigation plans could stumble if language that crowds out city authority is not addressed.

The annexation makes the site part of the city. It is ethically problematic for THIS municipal council to empty the authority of future municipal councils to exercise their authority over the CU Sud site.

Our city council should not approve this deal in its current form without changing the language that forever saps the voices of the people of CU South.

Tim rohde


Sarah Shurtleff: Freedoms: What You Choose to Believe

All those people protesting the Boulder Board of Health. Why choose COVID for your doubts about science and government? Let’s bring back diphtheria, polio, tetanus, smallpox… After all, how do we REALLY know that these mandatory vaccinations actually do what they say they do? And my immune system will fight them … or not. Freedom comes at a price. Sometimes that price is a horrible death in intensive care.
And while we’re at it, how come the government can tell us to wear seat belts, or limit how fast we drive, or even which side of the damn road to drive? It is not freedom that speaks!

Dude, the list is almost endless. There are so many rules, laws and restrictions on our freedom. Nudity in public? Bring it on! And why can’t children smoke if they want to? No one tells my child she can’t smoke! It is a parental choice. Compulsory education?

Wait, I got it. Physics, chemistry, medicine, all this “science”, history, whatever you want is whatever I choose to believe… or maybe what I read online… or see on the channel I choose to watch. Freedom is a matter of personal choice, isn’t it? Except when it comes to abortion of course.

Sarah shurtleff


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Improve The Look Of Your MacBook Webcam In Zoom Meetings With These Tips

Libe ackerman

Apple released two generations of MacBook Airs during the ongoing global pandemic, first in March 2020 and again in november, and more could be on the way. The two MacBooks were remarkably different beasts in some ways, one with a traditional Intel processor at its core and the other with a new Apple-designed M1 processor. But both were great personal laptops overall and both shared the same weakness – a really poor webcam.

MacBook reviewers, buyers, and owners (or potential owners) are always quick to point this out. MacBooks have never been known to have the best webcams. IPad Pro, iPhone, etc. all have excellent front- and rear-facing cameras, but the 720p resolution camera on the MacBook is loud, looks flat, and lacks depth-sensing technology.

This is the same basic type of camera that the company has been putting in laptops for years, and it’s not the first time we’ve complained. Many Windows laptops are hardly better, many with similar resolutions below 1080p, but at least some have better light sensitivity, better color accuracy, or better depth detection for facial recognition connections.

So what are we going to do about it?

There’s at least a reasonable chance that you’re heading into an online video meeting from a MacBook Air or something similar. It means you are not at your best. Especially for a smaller, low-slung laptop like the Air, your camera won’t be at an optimal angle if it’s placed on your desk or kitchen table and pointed at you.

One option is to use your phone’s camera. Front or rear cameras will be better than any laptop you own. For TV appearances from my home office, I used my phone mounted from a tripod clip at eye level. I also used Elgato EpocCam software, which works on my phone and allows me to use the phone as a 1080p wireless camera for my MacBook. The Pro version costs a few bucks and won’t work for all scenarios, but is worth it if you’re using a compatible app like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

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Zoom privacy: how to avoid snooping on your meetings


You could also attach an external webcam from Logitech or another company, but many models are currently sold out on Amazon and elsewhere, so you may be stuck with the built-in camera. Whether it’s a MacBook or another laptop, here’s how to get the most out of it.

Read more:

Lift up your laptop

If your laptop is near a good ergonomic position for your hands, then it is far from the best place for a Zoom meeting. Get big books. Get giant board game boxes. Prop this sucker. Use large coffee table books or something similar, so you won’t have as many wobbles. Do not use empty boxes.

Where do you want the camera to point? Place it just above eye level.


A not-so-great photo of the 2020 MacBook Air webcam. Note the smooth picture quality and the laptop needs to be propped up higher.

Dan Ackerman / CNET

Good lighting cures (most) ailments

The MacBook Air’s webcam is particularly poor in low-light situations. Many other webcams for laptops do this too. This is why film and television sets and professional photography are inundated with giant lights. You don’t need all of these, but a good source of natural sunlight is an easy, inexpensive way to dramatically improve your webcam shot. Face the window, don’t turn your back on it. You want the camera to see the light from the window, not the window itself.

If natural light isn’t available, don’t spend a ton on a fancy lighting setup. This the whole UBeesize is less than $ 50 and includes an 8 inch ring light, tripod to mount it, and phone clamp. Almost everyone at CNET is using this setup or something similar right now.

Macs with a better webcam

The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro both have this 720p webcam. But the 27-inch Intel iMac and the new 24-inch M for 2021! The iMacs both have excellent 1080p cameras. Previously you could only find in the iMac Pro starting at $ 5,000.

My colleague Brian Cooley has a lot more general webcam setup tips, including some great headphone mic suggestions – although your headset or AirPods should be fine for anything that isn’t a live hit on CNN.

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Ridgefield Police Department deploy body and dash cameras

RIDGEFIELD – More than 50% of the city’s sworn police officers are now patrolling the streets with another set of eyes.

Earlier this month, the Ridgefield Police Department began using Axon cameras to record interactions with civilians during vehicle stops and emergency calls. The program includes body cameras for 42 sworn officers, as well as spare parts and 16 patrol cars.

RPD signed a five-year contract with Axon for more than $ 414,000. A first purchase of equipment has been included in this year’s investment budget for approximately $ 164,600, the remainder to be absorbed into the ministry’s operating budget over the next four years.

Due to state law on police liability, departments are required to install body cameras by July 2022. Ridgefield Police Chief Jeff Kreitz said the discussion began “a few years ago,” but over concerns about long-term storage costs, the technology was filed.

Unlike other brands, Axon does not rely on a server to back up its files because it is cloud based. The system allows agents to upload camera footage to from their respective devices and also allows the department to share or obtain footage from the public.

Lt. Nick Fowler said it would greatly simplify the collection of evidence in the future.

“The agents are able to collect photographs, audio statements, videos …

The contract also provides for new body cameras every 2.5 years and on-board cameras every five years. “It is constantly updated with the latest technology – the best product for our officers,” Kreitz said.

Officers receive individual training before using the body cameras, which are mounted on the chest. Devices can be activated manually or automatically by a number of actions. For example, the car cameras start recording when the cruiser lights are on, and the body cameras start recording when an agent arms their taser or pulls their firearm out of the holster.

“If we go to any type of emergency call, everything is automatically activated… (and) our cameras are also linked to each other,” Fowler added. “They sync up for every officer that’s on the scene.”

The cameras record the duration of each call. Officers upload the images to the secure server with a case number, call type and other details where they can be viewed later for report writing or further investigation.

Fowler said the cameras had been “well received” by members of the department. He expects 100% of Ridgefield’s sworn-in officers will use them by October 1.

First Selectman Rudy Marconi said there has been little negative interaction between the public and the police over the years, “Body cameras will help our police department prove that we have acted within the scope of all necessary laws and did not use excessive force. “

The technology, he added, “will only … verify the professionalism of our officers.”

Kreitz agreed. “I think we already have a great relationship with citizens… (and) this will only increase our reputation (for transparency).”

[email protected]

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Vanderbilt vs. Stanford: How to Watch Online, Live Stream Info, Game Time, TV Channel

Who plays

Stanford @ Vanderbilt

Current records: Stanford 1-1; Vanderbilt 1-1

What there is to know

If the bettors’ predictions hold true, the near future looks bright for the Stanford Cardinal. They will stay on the road Saturday to face the Vanderbilt Commodores at 8 p.m. ET on September 18 at Vanderbilt Stadium. Stanford will not have the home court advantage, but they have a 12 point advantage in the gap.

The Cardinal beat the USC Trojans 42-28 last week. Stanford can attribute much of his success to RB Nathaniel Peat, who rushed for a touchdown and 115 yards on six carries, and QB Tanner McKee, who had two touchdowns and 234 yards on 22 plus attempts. a touchdown to the ground. That touchdown – an 87-yard rush in the first quarter – was one of the highlights of the competition.

Meanwhile, Vanderbilt certainly had his fingernails bit down, but they managed to escape with a 24-21 victory over the Colorado State Rams last week. No one had a matchless offensive game for Vanderbilt, but they did have scores from WR Chris Pierce Jr. and WR Cam Johnson. Seals struggled to find his place against the ETSU Buccaneers two weeks ago, so it was a step in the right direction.

Their victories brought the two teams to an identical 1-1. Watch the game and come back to CBS Sports to see who’s keeping the energy positive and who’s hit a stumbling block.

How to watch

  • When: Saturday at 8 p.m. ET
  • Or: Vanderbilt Stadium – Nashville, Tennessee
  • TV: ESPN University
  • Online broadcast: fuboTV (Try for free. Regional restrictions may apply.)
  • To follow: CBS Sports app


The Cardinal is a 12-point favorite against the Commodores, according to the latest college football odds.

Over / Under: -111

See college football pick for every game, including this one, from SportsLine’s advanced computer model. Get Choices Now.

History of the series

This is the first time these teams have met in the past six years.

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