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Witch Queen ‘reveals start time, how to watch, and Savathûn’s leaks

Seven years of Bungie’s destiny led us to this moment: the Hive god known as Savathûn, aka “the witch queen”, is in the spotlight as the next main villain in an upcoming Destiny 2 expansion. Bungie promises “an adventure unlike any we’ve encountered before” that will reveal “the truth.” Sinister!

This next major annual update, dubbed The witch queen after the nickname Savathûn, is related to Beyond the light and Shadow guard before him – and Bungie is about to reveal it all. Here’s what we know so far about The witch queen, including how and when to watch Bungie’s presentation on the update during Gamescom 2021 week.

When is the Destiny 2: The Witch Queen reveal?

Can you “survive the truth”?Bungie

Bungie announced a long time ago July 7 that there would be a “Destiny 2 Showcase Event” on August 24, but it wasn’t until a week before the event itself that the developer announcement a start time of 12 p.m. Eastern Time. The official event website, however, notes that a pre-show begins at 11 a.m. EST.

How to watch the Destiny 2: The Witch Queen reveal live broadcast

The official event website notes that Bungie’s Twitch channel will be the only place to stream the event. Specific trailers will also likely land on the official website. Destiny 2 YouTube channel, but at the moment there is no live stream associated with YouTube yet.

is there Destiny 2: The Witch Queen trailer?

Strangely enough, yes! There is a trailer to get you excited for the live stream showcase which will inevitably include a full trailer for The witch queen.

Menacing piano music plays as the camera moves upward to the rear of Savathûn, one of the three main gods of the Hive. The beehive, of course, is an insect-like enemy species that often seems to be reminiscent of the Halo Flood, except that it is also some sort of magical cult?

“The truth…” she said, “is a funny thing. Consider “Survive the Truth.” has been the ominous slogan for this expansion for quite some time now. We don’t really know what this means, but some potentially revealing theories suggest that the “Truth” is that Light and Dark in the Destiny universe must always be in balance. Thus, given the reactivation of the Traveler and the rise of the Light in recent years, an equal measure of Darkness may rise to threaten humanity.

Interestingly, her model lines up with a leak from July that shows the front of her body, so that leak turned out to be accurate.

Who is Savathûn in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen?

Savathûn – the titular witch queen of this new expansion – is the sister of Xivu Arath (god of war) and Oryx, the captured king. Oryx was famous for a main villain in an annual report destiny extension called The king caught. While Oryx rules the Taken like a king who can bend others to his will, Savathûn is a much darker character who indulges in manipulation and subterfuge. Particularly after the Guardians (the players) have permanently killed Oryx earlier in the game’s history, Savathûn theoretically assumes a lot more power and control.

Long ago, along with Oryx and Xivu Arath, she made a deal with the Worms of Fundament, essentially gaining immortality and immense power if they feed the parasitic creatures born of darkness. They then became the progenitors of the contemporary Hive species as players know them.

Savathûn has been mentioned several times over the years, but she has always been on the sidelines, influencing other powerful actors for her own nefarious ends. She would gain power through the deception and confusion of her enemies, except that with The Witch Queen, she finally enters the limelight.

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God of War developer reveals Kratos’ ax grows 20% when in his hand

Making Kratos’ ax bigger when using it in God of War improves the visual for the player.


This is something the majority of gamers have probably never noticed before. In God of War, Kratos’ ax scale is different when he is holding it and it is on his back. Why? To make it more visually appealing, of course.

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One of the animators of God of War, Robert Morrison, shared this little treat on Twitter recently. In response, someone asked, “Is it just the ax? In fact, I wondered if something like this was going on with Mimir’s head throughout the game? Morrison replied, “I think the blades can just as well, but I’m not sure because I didn’t animate them.” I don’t remember any scale on Mimir. I believe the ax is 20% larger in hand. It’s been a while anyway. ”


via the edge

Morrison told one of the GamesRadar writers that the reason for this type of trick is “usually to give the best visual presentation for a given camera view or scenario.” Help “frame the shot” if you want. It’s no surprise that the ax magnification is more visually pleasing to the audience, although it’s interesting that most people wouldn’t have noticed it without being pointed out.

In other related news, it wasn’t until the end of the last few months that a God of War developer opened a new studio with developers from The Last of Us and Destiny. They have received a $ 100 million investment for their new studio, That’s No Moon, and their first game will be a third-person action-adventure game.

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Indiefoxx loses Twitch partnership after sixth ban in 2021

Twitch loose Indiefoxx.

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About the Author

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The mystery of the “lost girls of Panama” Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers is revealed

AMSTERDAM — On a sunny day on April 1, 2014, two girls in their twenties went for a hike in the Panamanian jungle and were never seen again. They were called Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, and their sad story struck a chord around the world.

After their disappearance, the good weather disappeared as quickly as the girls. The number of people or organizations involved or the extent of the research no longer seemed to matter. The girls were lost, and would remain lost.

There is something about this tragic story that haunts people to this day, and speculation about what really happened to the missing girls has never ended. Now Dutch authors Marja West and Jürgen Snoeren claim that in their new book Lost in the jungle, the mystery is finally solved.

“It was 2016 and I was sitting on my veranda during a thunderstorm, pouring rain, at night. I was actually reading the cover of The Daily Beast’s Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers story, ”West told The Daily Beast. “The story totally fascinated me, I was like, ‘How would you feel as a girl in this situation?’ Deep in the woods, it’s wet, you’re hungry, lost. You cannot reach your parents, you are waiting for help that will not come. When does hope end? You are so young, in this beautiful adventure, an exciting vacation. After you start your studies, your room, your office, everything is arranged in advance. And then the moment comes, the pivotal moment where you start to accept that you’re going to die out there in the middle of the jungle. I found it so intensely sad. That’s what caught me.

A few months after their disappearance, a backpack containing their phones, camera, money and some clothes washed up on the banks of the Culebra River.

On the camera, dozens of photos were found, including a dark series of images taken at night. Panamanian authorities hoped this would shed light on what had happened, perhaps even tracing it back to the girls. But time was running out, and expectations were overshadowed by the near impossibility for anyone, even experienced jungle dwellers, to survive the rugged terrain, endless rains and ruthless torrents created by the now booming rainy season. .

Roselie Kremers, mother of Kris Kremers, strokes a sniffer dog, after a search in Boquete on May 27, 2014.

Carlos Jasso / Reuters

Despite months of searching, during which no effort or expense was spared, Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers have not been found. It was not until August of that year that pieces of their bones were recovered.

“Reading the Daily Beast articles on the case left me perplexed. What set us off was that based on the same facts, different conclusions could be drawn. The first set of articles speculated that the girls had encountered an accidental death, ”West said.

A year later, Snoeren read the Daily Beast follow-up investigation assessing the likelihood of a murder scenario. Both scenarios were possible, West said, but what was the true version of events? Was there too little information available to come to a solid conclusion?

“That’s when we decided to figure out what really happened to ourselves,” the author explained. “We started by searching the Internet, where it was extremely difficult to separate fact from fiction. We have seen facts reappear as if the publications were copying each other. You can really move in any direction.

A little further in their research, they made contact with Dick Steffens, a former detective from Amsterdam, who was still investigating the case on his own initiative. “What he told us blew us away,” West says, explaining that “[Steffens] said: Kris Kremers may still be alive. “

As if that statement wasn’t controversial enough, Steffens added that he believed the Panamanian investigation was shoddy and should be redone. “He also claimed that a Stefan W. had come forward, saying that Kris Kremers ended up in the sex trade,” West added. “The man said he would be able to free her. Nothing came of it and the family never heard from Stefan W. ”

The encounter with Steffens left West and Snoeren stunned and overflowing with questions.

A Boquete resident holds a candle and a missing person poster during a public vigil to find Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers in 2014.

Carlos Jasso / Reuters

For the book, they spoke to behavior specialists, (native) guides, witnesses, police officers, lawyers, pathologists, members of the research team, survival specialists, forensic psychiatrists. and photography specialists. Although the subject matter is poignant and the reconstruction of the complex of the fate of the Dutch girls, West and Snoeren’s book is easy to read. Many different stories and statements are woven into a storyline that takes the reader through the lives of the girls before their trip to Panama, to their demise and beyond.

The real breakthrough in West and Snoeren’s investigation came when they got their hands on complete police records, forensic reports, autopsy reports, and brought in the former Panamanian prosecutor. Betzaïda Pitti.

Taking all of this information into account brought them closer to the last 11 days of the girls’ lives, leading to their deaths. An ending which, according to West and Snoeren, must have been accidental. “It also surprised us, but our conclusion must have been that it was an accident. It took us a while to get there.

Condolence books alongside photos of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers at the town hall of Amersfoort, the Netherlands on June 25, 2014.

Jeroen Jumelet / Getty

But there had been a key moment, and it had everything to do with how the girls’ belongings and remains were found. Snoeren had called West and said, “With everything I read now in the police file, it couldn’t have been anything else… typical of the region and the season.” These flash floods made it impossible to stage scenes or strategically place objects.

Public prosecutor Pitti, during the investigation, never responded to the allegations made against her. It was said that she had failed in her job. Others said she botched the investigation in order to protect Panama’s tourism industry. In this book, Pitti wants to set the record straight.

“When I first approached her she was suspicious, wanted to know who I was and what my opinion was on the case,” West said. “So I asked her if, instead of an interview, she would be willing to share the police file with us, to let us translate and study. We also asked her if she would extend her collaboration to the book. She was ok with that and said you can ask me anything you want.

Debunking false information and refuting rumors has become an integral part of the book. There was so much of it on the internet and beyond it created a distorted picture of the situation and a misconception of what the possible scenarios are. According to West, “Once we got the files, we were able to understand where people outside the investigation were taken and why. ”

After reviewing the records, the authors say they believe the Panamanian authorities have done a great job. But the huge international attention to the case has not done much good. “There was that exact moment when the critical index reward went from $ 3,000 to $ 30,000,” the author explained. “Immediately after, the police were inundated with tips, everyone had to be checked, wasting precious time. It became a hell of a job. “

Most of the questions surrounding the case, but not all, are answered in Lost in the jungle. West admits that a few hours cannot be found. “From the time the last photo was taken on April 1, until the first emergency call that day, about two hours and 45 minutes later, those are hours that we have not been able to reconstruct. for sure. The timeline before that is pretty accurate, and by the time after the first emergency call, we were able to piece together what must have happened.

But during this small window of time, something unknown could still have happened. In cases like the disappearance of Froon and Kremers, the research can get closer to the facts and get you closer to the truth. But only simple and direct facts can be absolute and true. And as time blurs memories, misinformation persists. In this context, the authors of Lost in the jungle did a thorough job to unravel the mystery.

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Take a Puffin Cruise with the Weather Channel

Here’s another one of those adventures I got into. The Weather Channel – the United States’ leading online and cable weather service – has sent film crews across the country, preparing for a new series of trips that will air soon. They were in the Acadia National Park area last week, capturing the beauty and adventure that Down East Maine has to offer. One of those adventures was a visit to the puffin colony at Petit Manan. They needed an expert, and I got the call.

The producers chartered Acadia Puffin Cruise to Winter Harbor for the trip, and since I’ll take any excuse to board this boat, I eagerly said yes. The boat is large enough to be comfortable, but small enough to approach the puffins without alarming them. It was noon when we met at the pier last Wednesday – an almost perfect day for the trip. I spent a lot of my free time envying the cameras and recording equipment.

There are five puffin colonies along the coast of Maine. Petit Manan is the second north of Steuben, roughly halfway between Acadia’s Schoodic Point and Milbridge, easily accessible from Winter Harbor in just about 50 minutes.

I’m not much of a puffin expert, but thought they couldn’t tell the difference, and I can pretend on camera as well as anyone. Plus, I know enough stuff about puffins to wow their viewers. Some facts might even surprise you, although it is more difficult to impress a Mainer.

Puffins are 100% seabirds. They even copulate on the water. They only come ashore to nest. If they could lay an egg on the water, they would.

Puffins only lay one egg per year. It takes up to six weeks of incubation before hatching, and another month of almost constant feeding, before the puffing can leave the nest. Once the chick leaves the burrow, it is completely alone. It will not touch the earth for four years or more.

The puffin’s colorful bill is used only for courtship purposes. The bill becomes smaller and duller after the breeding season.

Puffins live a very long time, probably over 40 years. We don’t really know, because until recently we couldn’t make a flock of birds that lasted that long.

There are two other species of puffins in the Pacific Northwest, tufts and horns. But the puffin is the only species on the east coast. It is also found in Europe, from Norway and northern Russia to Brittany, France. There are large settlements in Scotland and Ireland. About 60 percent of the world’s population is found around Iceland, where they are still eaten. In North America, the largest colony is in Witless Bay, Newfoundland.

There is an estimated population of six to eight million puffins worldwide. Although they are not considered endangered, they are considered threatened. Because they reproduce so slowly and congregate in concentrated numbers, they are likely to die en masse from disease and oil spills. As the warming oceans reduce their food resources, they face potential settlement failures and starvation. The population remains stable along our coasts, but the Gulf of Maine is warming faster than 99% of the world’s oceans, at a rate three times the global average.

Puffins can store multiple fish in their beaks at once, thanks to a raspy tongue and thorny palate. These hold the fish in place while the puffin continues to catch more fish, one by one. They are on average ten per fishing trip, but a puffin in Great Britain set the world record at 62!

Puffins have serious nails. They use them to dig burrows in the soil-filled crevices between the rocks. The egg is laid two or three feet underground, safe from most dangers.

Puffins were almost wiped out in Maine. European settlers took the eggs, ate some of the adults, and used others for oil. During a fashion craze in the late 1800s, many birds were sewn onto women’s hats as decorations. It wasn’t until Cornell University’s Dr Stephen Kress started the Puffin Project in 1973 that recovery began. Even though reintroductions have been successful, human intervention is still required to maintain the population, given a whole new range of modern threats to nesting islands.

It’s likely that much of my Weather Channel appearance will end up on the cutting room floor, in its place. For example, I was asked on camera if there were any puffin predators on these islands, just as a pair of predatory peregrine falcons buzzed by the boat. I am easily distracted. “I’m sorry, what was your question again?” “

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Meet the photographer who climbs to new heights

The skill, precision and stamina required to climb epic rock faces in difficult conditions are extraordinary. Now imagine taking world-class photos along the way. For Irene Yee, adventure photographer and climber for National Geographic, it’s a way of life.

Her recent assignment took her to what is widely considered the birthplace of American sport climbing: Oregon’s Smith Rock State Park (the home and ancestral lands of the Confederate Tribes of Warm Springs and Tenino). Irene and her climbing team of Genevive Walker and Erika Moncada explored the high desert plateau bristling with 550-foot rock faces, deep canyons, hiking trails, thousands of climbing routes and the meandering Crooked River. below.

“I had never been to Smith Rock, and exploring a new place is always an adventure – the inevitable stumbles when navigating an unfamiliar area, but most of all the excitement of creating photos in a new environment.” It all starts with building the right team, and for Irene, it’s a chance to realize her core passion of raising, photographing and climbing with other BIPOC women (black, native and colored). “If I had grown up seeing more images of BIPOC women blossoming outside the mainstream, I might have believed in myself more. My photographic vision is to let everyone know that they belong to the great outdoors. Erika needed release after working as a nurse during the pandemic. Genevive wants to inspire other black people to feel comfortable trying things they never thought they could do.

Irene camped, hiked, and walked through the park to get a feel for the rock and how the light hits it from sunrise to sunset. Its precise route guided the team’s quest to capture the most dramatic angles, prime locations and dynamic climbing footage. “Smith Rock exceeded my expectations – so many different rock formations, amazing light and even a full moon on our last night.”

Despite careful planning, the unexpected happens. A sunny forecast abruptly turned into two days of thunder and lightning, drastically altering the team’s plans. “We were on top of a mountain formation, saw the storm come and we had to get to safety quickly. This is when the adrenaline rushes.

Although Irene’s missions focus on rock climbing, she always seeks the full experience. “Climbing is a wonderful way to travel, to immerse yourself in nature and to explore a place and its culture.” Close to Smith Rock, which included river flotation and cliff jumping at Steelhead Falls, bird and wildlife viewing, and even a visit to a farm to meet newborn alpacas. “For me, it’s about experimenting with all the textures of a place, big and small. “

Staying nimble means making every book in your backpack count. Irene carried a camera body, two lenses, all essential climbing and safety gear, a 200-foot rope, and her reusable Hydro Flask water bottle. “Drinking ice water was so nice. My Hydro Flask bottle is light, clips directly onto my bag and the water stayed cold despite the extreme heat. Staying hydrated is essential for endurance and performance in these demanding missions.

Adventures in nature are a far cry from Irene’s first 26 years without the outdoors. “I finally felt there had to be more to life than just working to pay my rent.” After moving to Las Vegas, she went to her first climbing gym to meet new people. “I thought I would be bad at it, but I decided to put my ego in my pocket and give it a try. It turned out to be a life changing thing. I know rock climbing seems inaccessible to a lot of people. My goal is to inspire them to give it a chance. Even if you don’t like it, I hope you say if I do this… what else can I do?

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Marvel’s Spidey and his amazing EP friends talk about new characters, the Avengers lineup, and more

Today, Marvel launched its first preschool-focused series in Disney Junior’s Marvel’s Spidey and his amazing friends, and as you can see in the clip above, the animation style and character design are both stylish and adorable. Fans will join the adventures of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and Miles Morales as they drive through town and stop some of Marvel’s greatest villains, and they’ll have the help of the Avengers as well. Ahead of the big premiere, we had the chance to talk to Series Executive Producer Harrison Wilcox about the new series, including characters who will be appearing, what preschoolers will learn from the series, and more!

We first wanted to know how the series ended up on Spider-Man as the star of the series, and Wilcox credits the character’s origins. “I think people landed on a preschool show on Spider-Man because, if you look back in the comics, he’s the original children’s superhero,” Wilcox said. “And that, sort of, fit in perfectly, in a way, with a show for a younger audience. If you look back in the comics, a lot of those older stories are full of wonder, of fun and excitement, and a light adventure. And that’s what we were looking for in the show, and I think that’s why it worked out pretty well because it had already been established with the character. “

(Photo: Disney Junior)

As for the cast, fans will not only get all three Spider-Verse characters but also a few Avengers favorites, but not as many as they take away from the main group. Wilcox also noted how important Gwen and Miles are to the show.

“So we have three recurring Avengers guest-stars. Black Panther, Ms Marvel, and Hulk, and that’s it. We wanted to keep it down to a small number so our young audience could get acquainted with them. It’s Spidey and his. amazing Friends, but we tell stories with not all three kids. Sometimes there are two, sometimes one and one Avenger, ”Wilcox said.“ We have a great story with Miles and his dad. It’s an episode of Father’s Day. So, even though his name is Spidey and His Amazing Friends, each of the three children is the protagonist of the series. Gwen and Miles, it’s just as much showing them as it’s Peter’s. “

The series has a delightful visual style for the world and the characters, perfectly reflecting the tone of the series and the adventures within, and its roots in CG have opened up new options for Wilcox. “Visually, we want it to reflect the tone of a light, fun and colorful excitement, but also not threatening, not scary at all. We wanted it to be a place where kids would feel welcome while walking through the room. Street. And what was really … It wasn’t a challenge, but it was definitely a nice find, this being my first CG Spider-Man show, it was how more dynamic the camera can be in it. a CG show. And when you have spider characters jumping, swinging, spinning, flying all of that stuff, being able to move the camera like that has been a really rewarding experience, “Wilcox said.

(Photo: Disney Junior)

Now, while the show is obviously aimed at preschoolers, that doesn’t mean parents can’t find something to laugh about and keep them entertained while watching with their kids.

“Yes. I mean, having preschoolers all by myself, I wanted to do a show that I want to watch with my kids. I want to make sure the kids will want to watch. But there are, and I don’t. didn’t do it ‘I don’t think that would happen when we left, but there are times, often, when I laugh out loud watching animation footage from the show, where Rhino is wearing a jet pack he stole, and he’s flying through a hat factory. Now he’s out of the hat factory and he’s got four hats on his head, stuck to his horn. That sort of thing, “Wilcox said. .

“And it’s like that shouldn’t make me laugh, but it does. It’s so funny. And I can show my kids stuff and they laugh too, along the way. The point is. to make sure this is a show that three to six year olds can understand, but we want it to be a show that families can also watch together, ”Wilcox said.“ And I think we’ve accomplished that. with a lot of… There is humor that works, no matter your age. “

The show will feature several iconic villains and heroes, but it will also feature two new characters that young fans will definitely love, and they will want merchandise for them ASAP.

“We have Rhino, we have Goblin and Doc Ock, and on top of that, Doc Ock, she has Octobots, but she has a special Octobot called Cal, which is short for Calamari, which is her little bad special assistant. , “Wilcox said.

(Photo: Disney Junior)

Yes, I can already tell that Cal is going to be a favorite, but the heroes also have their own new partner.

“Well, because originally we created a character called Tracey, based on the spider tracer, who is Peter’s companion robot assistant. And I created this character because I wanted to. that Peter has someone to talk to when he’s alone in his lab but also for the hi-jinks along the way, like falling off the table into the trash, getting caught by Goblin, that sort of thing, ”he said. Wilcox said. “We had a lot of fun with Peter and Doc Ock’s pet robots which are kind of opposites, and I too would love to have a plush of each on my desk.”

Now the series has a similar name to the beloved classic animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends starring Iceman and Firestar, so I had to ask if there was any chance of getting a camera from there. ‘either.

“You won’t find a bigger Iceman fan than me. However, for now, we’re focusing on our three main spider characters, our three main Avengers guests, and our three villains,” Wilcox said. “We’re focused on telling stories and having an educational understanding for that target audience. Ultimately, maybe, but our goal is to make the show the best it can be with these characters. I said, I’m a huge fan of this show and a huge fan of these characters too. So maybe someday. “

Speaking about the educational side of the series, Wilcox revealed that the series will highlight the concept of teamwork for fans, but that each character will also have elements that young fans can relate to.

“Well, the biggest, the biggest thing that we come back to over and over in the series is teamwork,” Wilcox said. “Another is this friendly responsibility of the neighborhood community, both for the environment and for each other. And these are kind of two of the bigger ones. But so do we … Gwen loves music, l ‘history and the detective stuff. So we’re going down that road a bit. Miles really enjoys being around, and art, and going to the museum, and painting. “

Spidey and his amazing friends header
(Photo: Disney)

“And we spend some time getting that into the show. At one point in the show he gets shooters on the web, they can shoot paint, so he can paint a mural on their seat wall,” he said. Wilcox said. “And then Peter, obviously, always looks to the future. He’s the scientist. He’s the gadget guy, and he’s always trying to improve his technology and the world around him. And so these are all of them. little pieces that we fanatically play with, episode after episode, story after story. And it always comes down to teamwork at the end of the day. “

You can check out the episodes today on DisneyNOW, and the episodes will begin airing on Disney + shortly after they air.

What did you think of Marvel’s Spidey and his amazing friends? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all about Marvel with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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Medium PS5 trailer shows off some cool features of DualSense

A new DualSense-focused trailer for the upcoming PS5 version of The Medium has arrived, and it’s an alluring look at how the Controller elevates the game of supernatural horror.

DualSense tricks and haptic feedback can start to be overkill when every PS5 game under the sun pushes them – stop me if you’ve ever seen a game use triggers to mimic string tension – but The Medium really did it all to help. remove some cool features. That said, the opening is a classic: as protagonist Marianna charges up a mind blast, the triggers will reduce the simulated tension.

Thankfully, the rest of the trailer features less familiar ideas, some of which remind me of the DualSense magic of Returnal, a PS5 exclusive, which many consider to be one of the best showcases for the tech. When you set up a Spirit Shield to keep a storm of moths from reaching you, for example, you’ll feel small, quick pulses all over the controller as they collide with your shield. On the other hand, when you hold your breath while hiding, you will feel big impulses to indicate when Marianne will be out of breath. This is further amplified by a trick with the light bar that makes her flash along with Marianne’s flashlight when monsters are nearby.

It’s not just haptic feedback either. You can use the DualSense touchpad to rotate objects as you inspect them for clues, and its built-in gyro sensor can be used to control the camera during first-person exams (probably in case the faithful right joystick is MIA). And when you use tools to overcome environmental blockages, the little speaker located directly on the DualSense will make sounds mimicking the tool you’re using, from bolt cutters to scalpels.

The Medium will arrive on PS5 on September 3. Check out our full review of The Medium for more on the psychological adventure.

The Bloober developer team has in partnership with Konami working on two new games “larger” than The Medium.

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Bloodborne fans should expect indie-soulslike no room for bravery

No Place for Bravery puts players on a quest as an aging warrior who will stop at nothing to find his daughter in this heartbreaking Soulslike.

Over the past decade, the indie game world has fully embraced the Soulslike genre, with many smaller developers giving a unique twist to popular and challenging game mechanics like Transmitted by blood and Dark souls. Games like Salt and Sanctuary, Vigil: The longest night and Hollow Knight all offer great combat, exploration, and challenging boss fights, similar to some of the best Souls series experiences developed by FromSoftware.

An upcoming game developed by Glitch Factory aims to tell a serious and engaging story while challenging players every step of the way with its visceral combat. No room for bravery is a 2D top-down action RPG that takes a tired warrior back to the world of killing as he seeks to find his long-lost child. Gorgeous visuals pair a dangerous world with an equally dangerous protagonist who will stop at nothing to get the job done – or die trying.

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crossing a beautiful view dominated by giants

No room for bravery takes place in a brutal and ruthless world full of evil. Players take on the role of Thorn, a bearded warrior on a desperate quest to find his lost daughter. Thorn is old and tired, plagued by nightmares and the ghost of his long lost child. He sets out on his quest alongside his adopted son Phid, his only companion on a journey that will affect his family and his own ambitions as a warrior.

The narrative seeks to explore some pretty heavy concepts that reflect its setting in such a brutal and ruthless world. It explores the role of parent figures and how the choices they make have consequences, with Thorn as the avatar of those tough decisions players will have to make. The narrative echoes the classic manga Lone wolf and wolf cub, but set in a low-fantasy world rather than feudal Japan.

Like many other Soulslikes, No room for bravery attaches the utmost importance to positioning and good timing. The fight is akin to the melee ballet of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice rather than the punchy style of Dark souls. Players will need to skillfully maneuver around enemies, finding the perfect time to strike with precision and accuracy. Mistakes will be severely punished and each encounter feels like a mini-triumph when it is perfectly successful. Thorn is a formidable warrior, but he’s also tired of his perilous and nightmarish mission to save his daughter. Players should expect to be challenged by individual enemies and powerful bosses, as disaster and death can be delivered at any time.

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surrounded by enemies and cutthroat

No room for bravery is also a pleasure to watch. The aesthetic is firmly anchored in a low-fantasy world of brutal violence perforated by a magnificent landscape full of colors. Glitch Factory has combined highly detailed pixel-art with hand-painted textures to produce a style enhanced by its top-down perspective. These environments have an incredible sense of scale, with Thorn overshadowed by huge decaying statues in one desert area and discovering a massive village built into the skeleton of a long-dead giant in the next. The camera knows when to retreat as players move through environments, transforming Thorn and Phid into tiny figures alongside massive buildings.

Thorn and Phid’s journey takes them through the decrepit ruins of ancient civilizations, massive ice-covered forests, and even glittering temples filled with enemies ready to take Thorn’s head. Blood and guts permeate the stunning scenery as Thorne weaves his way through, giving the fights a distinct feel of weight and contrast as players advance through the countryside. The game’s visual style effectively uses foreground and background to amplify its sense of scale, making the environments as epic as the main character’s journey.

Ultimately, No room for bravery seems like another promising entry into Soulslike’s indie realm, and its focus on serious storytelling combined with fast-paced combat make it a game to watch for fans of the genre. While it can deliver both its storytelling and keep the combat tough, gamers should be excited about its release later this year on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Suicide Squad Peacemaker Swamp Thing

Suicide Squad signs the perfect team to stop Swamp Thing

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Camera for adventure

Lights, camera… puns! – Santa Barbara News-Presse

‘Jungle Cruise’ sails way ahead of others at box office

“Jungle Cruise” topped the box office last weekend with $ 34.2 million.

It is the eighth wonder of the world!

The reverse of the water!

Fans love the jokes and puns delivered by the skippers of Jungle Cruise to Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. And these jokes were successfully incorporated into the movie “Jungle Cruise”, which perfectly mixes drama and comedy and is a box office hit.

Disneyland recently upgraded its Jungle Cruise attraction, just before “Jungle Cruise” opened at the box office.

“Jungle Cruise” reached $ 34.2 million in its debut weekend, placing it at No.1 and ahead of “The Green Knight” and “Old” directed by M. Night Shyamalan, tied at 6.8 million dollars for the weekend. “Black Widow” was third with $ 6.4 million and “Stillwater” fourth with $ 5.1 million.

In addition to its box office success, “Jungle Cruise” earned an additional $ 30 million last weekend on the Disney + streaming service.

“Jungle Cruise” had a big production budget of $ 200 million, and all of that expense is shown in a film full of special effects, action, a story with unexpected twists and a strong chemistry between the stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt as skipper Frank Wolff and researcher Lilly Houghton.

Like the theme park ride, the film features a lot of comedy, but unlike the attraction, the film features dramatic moments involving history, science, and hope. But even the most serious scenes are quickly followed by those with adventurous, fun, and intriguing characters. It’s like a book you can’t let go.

Like “Jungle Cruise,” this summer’s box office has seen some unexpected twists and turns.

Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney for airing “Black Widow” on the Disney + streaming service at the same time it hit theaters.

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” surprised box office watchers by outperforming the long-awaited “Black Widow”.

Star Scarlett Johansson, whose ultimate salary depends on box office totals, is suing Disney for releasing the film on its streaming service at the same time it premiered in theaters. (Disney has argued that this will compensate her for the views of the streaming service.)

Studios such as Disney, Warner Bros. and Paramount survived the pandemic by posting new content to their streaming services. And movies such as “Black Widow” and “Jungle Cruise” have been delayed until theaters across the country have fully reopened.

But now that theaters are busy again with new releases, Hollywood is wrestling with the question of how actors should be paid for content that appears on multiple platforms.

Another Disney film, “Cruella,” a sequel to “101 Dalmatians” starring Emma Stone, premiered in theaters and on Disney + (at an extra premium, as did “Black Widow “) the same day. Various media are reporting that Ms. Stone is considering suing Disney. “Cruella” did not perform well at the box office, and some Hollywood watchers speculated that the film lost money at the box office because people could watch it at home.

But there could be factors other than streaming services in box office revenue. After struggling with health and economic challenges during the pandemic, moviegoers may look for lighter, more fun dishes with familiar characters and themes. In other words, people may just want to escape. And it might be easier to do it with Bugs Bunny and his animated friends and NBA star LeBron James in “Space Jam” than to watch Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff (Mrs. Johansson), face the tragedy and the repercussions of his past. Despite all of its comedic touches, “Black Widow” is a drama (but a good one that this writer has seen three times).

After dealing with a pandemic, people embrace “Jungle Cruise” because it has a familiar name and theme, along with two popular stars, Mr Johnson and Ms Blunt. Box office totals show that people prefer this kind of escape to the Mr. Shyamalan movie about the rapidly aging people on an island in “Old.”

Fans have gone to theaters such as Camino Real Cinemas in Goleta to enjoy popular movies such as “Black Widow”, “Jungle Cruise” and “F9” from the “Fast & the Furious” franchise.

Once again, “Old” finished second with “Green Knight,” a film about King Arthur’s nephew facing a giant in Camelot. That’s a great premise for a story, but “Green Knight” isn’t as well-known as the jungle cruise fans have been riding since Disneyland opened in 1955.

Like the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, “Jungle Cruise” offers the thrill of seeing how not only the puns but the elements of the ride are incorporated into the film.

Meanwhile, moviegoers have more to look forward to, like the highly anticipated James Bond film “No Time to Die”, slated for an October 8 th release in US theaters. This will be Daniel Craig’s fifth film as Bond, James Bond, in a franchise that continues to be both rocked and choppy.

Like “Jungle Cruise,” a James Bond movie is the kind of ride fans crave as the world tries to get back to normal.

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Camera for adventure

Home cinema | Cranston’s Herald


The story may involve a trip around the world, but for many of the cast and crew, the shooting of the indie movie “Poor Paul” was a celebration of the house.

“I don’t have to be anywhere else… All I need is between the W’s, Westerly and Woonsocket,” said Stephen O’Neil Martin of Cranston, who plays Leonardo.

Many other familiar local faces take part in the production, which took place at the Sprague Mansion on Cranston Street for four days starting last Thursday.

Among them are the accomplished Sissy O’Hara, who has dozens of credits both behind and in front of the camera, and comedian Brian Vincent.

Then there’s Adam Carbone, probably familiar to many Cranstonians from his 2020 mayoral campaign – a run that saw him arrive at a debate dressed in a hot dog costume, while trumpeting his plans for a new “Party Bagel & Cream Cheese”. He co-wrote “Poor Paul” with the film’s director, Sean Michael Beyer, and plays the main character.

Carbone’s brother David is one of the producers of the film. Rhode Island-born Courtney Danforth makes her debut as Lucia.

Kristen Falso-Capaldi, artist, author and filmmaker who teaches in Cranston Public Schools, is the production designer for the film.

A number of veteran artists from the world of film and television join the talents of Rhode Island. Richard Riehle, whose hundreds of credits range from “Glory” to “Grounded for Life”, plays Grandpa Paul, the namesake of the Carbon character. Others include Michael Emery, Abhi Sinda, and Nick Pasqual.

“Poor Paul” has been prepared for years. The screenplay is from 2012 and the pre-production work has been going on for about a year.

This is the latest collaboration between Carbone and Beyer, who respectively played and directed “Randy’s Canvas” in 2018. This film, which tells the story of a young artist with autism, was also shot in Rhode Island, and many of the same cast and crew returned for the last production.

As Carbone says: “We try to keep our core team. “

Beyer describes “Poor Paul,” which is based on a 2008-11 web series of the same name, as a “romantic comedy adventure”. Carbone, as Paul, plays an “eccentric gentleman” who inherits 500,000 miles of frequent flying from his late mother.

Paul decides to use the miles to take his roommates on a journey around the world. When they stop in Italy, however, their journey is derailed by the “mad” character of Martin, who kidnaps the group. His project ? To marry his daughter, played by Danforth, to Paul de Carbone, an American.

“But things are not going as planned,” Beyer said. This is because Paul, when stressed, “gets into heroic fantasies where he saves the day.”

“This is Captain Kirk from ‘Star Trek’, he climbed Mount Everest in an hour, this is Don Paul, like in Don Corleone,” Beyer added. “Just a lot of fun stuff. It’s very exaggerated … Kind of like “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off”, where we sometimes talk to the camera.

Beyer, from California, said returning to Ocean State for “Poor Paul” was a natural fit. He praised Steven Feinberg and Carol Conley of the Rhode Island Film & TV Office, calling them “great to work with and very helpful.”

“I love shooting in Rhode Island… Rhode Island is so good for movies,” he said.

Even more, the diversity of the locations of the State – all in the immediate vicinity – corresponds perfectly to the needs of “poor Paul”. After all, the script calls for a journey that spans multiple continents.

“We pretend all over the world here in Rhode Island – Iraq, Italy, Germany, France, England and Rhode Island… It’s a great place to shoot,” Beyer said.

Carbone said other destinations and attractions to be used in production include the sand dunes of East Greenwich, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in the same town, Providence’s Café Nuovo, the Venetian gondolas in the heart of the capital, Newport Vineyards and Battleship. Cove near Fall River.

The Sprague Mansion was also chosen as one of the filming locations, at Carbone’s suggestion. During visits to the set Friday and Saturday, an indoor dining scene and an outdoor wedding – with a vintage car – were filmed.

Meanwhile, in the mansion’s shed, a set has been created for a scene that is supposed to take place in Iraq. This isn’t the first time the shed has been used in this way – for 2016’s “Bleed for This”, a biopic about Vinny Paz from Cranston, it was the location of a mock theater room. boxing.

“We’re really trying to sell what we’ve been on to the world,” Carbone said. “It’s difficult, it’s ambitious… This whole project is ambitious, but we are having a lot of fun and achieving what we set out for ourselves so far.”

“Poor Paul” is produced by Silverwind Films. Midwest-based executive producers Tania and Bradley Burt echoed Beyer in terms of Rhode Island appeal.

“One of the reasons we came here is because there is so much talent here… and there are a lot of great historic places we can shoot in,” Tania said, adding: ” We’re thinking of developing a few more feature films here. “

She continued, “We love it. If we didn’t have our grandchildren in the Midwest, we really could [move here]. “

Bradley praised the cast and production crew, noting the benefits – both financial and intangible – of using local artists and film workers.

“They know each other. There’s a lot of camaraderie… It’s just a fun bunch to do that,” he said.

Carbone said the plan is for post-production to begin “right after we finish filming” and “Poor Paul” is due out in the spring of 2022. Tania said the film will be distributed worldwide, although one company has not yet done so. been chosen as producers explore their options.

“It’s a very, very funny storyline, and we’re thrilled… We have high hopes for the product,” she said. “We think it’s going to be really successful.”

Tania and Bradley both spoke enthusiastically about Sprague Mansion and its resident caretakers, Mary and Gregg Mierka, for hosting the production.

This is the historic house’s last contact with the entertainment industry. The mansion has been the site of other film shoots over the years, and Gregg – who was fortunate enough to play a small role in “Poor Paul” – has several movie and TV credits, including “Gettysburg”.

For the cast members of “Poor Paul”, the shooting of the film was a kind of reunion – a chance to reconnect with others who have found a home in the entertainment business, even in some cases without being based in the entertainment industry. southern California.

Martin, who began performing in 1972, toured early in his career before starting a family. He spent 30 years working for the state, but during that time, “I stayed with the company. Also a writer, he first met Carbone when the two played the roles of father and son in a short film he had written.

“It’s a different world now,” he said. “You don’t have to live in Los Angeles to work.

Riehle, who was also on “Randy’s Canvas,” said he had family in the Providence area and visited them periodically.

“It was nice to come back… It’s fun to be back with a lot of the same people for another crazy adventure,” he said.

Riehle – whose credits include many movies and comedy shows, including Office Space ”- specifically praised Carbon. The two shared a laugh as they discussed Carbone’s run for mayor.

In “Poor Paul,” said Riehle, Granda Paul’s goal is “to try to prevent [Carbone’s character] to have more trouble.

“It’s definitely a tall order,” he added with a smile.

Sinda and Pasqual, childhood friends from Pittsburgh, both expressed their excitement about being a part of “Poor Paul”.

“This film is really, really ambitious. But when you’re going to make a movie and do something creative and have goals, you want them to be lofty and ambitious, ”Sinda said. “Adam and Sean definitely set the bar really high for this.”

Pasqual, who is one of the producers and helped with the pre-production work, said it was “very surreal to finally film here after so many months of preparation.”

“So far it’s been a blast,” he said. “You see an independent film and you realize it almost feels like a miracle when it all falls into place, you know? We really have a fantastic group of people.

“Everyone,” Sinda added, “feels lucky to be here.”

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