Camera for adventure

Camera for adventure

– Educational virtual tour to create of the Nonesuch River in Scarborough

The Scarborough Public Library is delighted to announce a collaborative project between the library, Maine Audubon, Friends of Scarborough Marsh and Scarborough Land Trust.

The goal of the project is to create a virtual and educational tour of the Nonesuch River, which begins just outside of Scarborough and winds through the city before connecting to other rivers through the Scarborough Marsh and up to ‘at the Gulf of Maine.

“The Nonesuch River plays an oversized and undervalued role in shaping the city of Scarborough,” according to a volunteer and community donor who wishes to remain anonymous. “It divides the community into separate, independent sections, provides habitat for many animal species, and offers many recreational opportunities.”

Project managers envision this as a community science effort, with the library serving as a central institution helping guide the effort while providing the tools and training necessary for participants to build the virtual tour. “We see the public library as the ideal institution to coordinate this type of effort, allowing nonprofits like ours to participate when we don’t necessarily have the staff, public space or the means to. tackling this type of project on our own, ”says Peggy Pennoyer, Friends of Scarborough Marsh board member.

Scarborough Public Schools are also interested in participating. “This project provides our students with the opportunity to engage in authentic learning about the community, with the community, and to give back to the community,” noted Monique Culbertson, Director of Curriculum and Assessment. “It’s really unique and quite exciting. I can imagine that all grade levels of our students engage in various ways and in multiple areas, including and beyond science.

Funded largely by donations, the library has created a “GoPro Adventure Pack” that project participants can borrow to record high-quality 360-degree videos and footage of the river and surrounding wildlife. The pack also includes the necessary accessories to securely attach the GoPro Max camera to bikes, canoes, cars and paddleboards.

The library also provides access to the cloud platform that hosts the virtual tour and allows other nonprofits to embed the tour (or elements thereof) into their own websites, even with their own brand image. The platform for the tour is called ThingLink, created by a Finnish company, which has generously reduced subscription costs for the professional version and even more generously allowed the library to share the platform with others. non-profit entities in our community as part of this and possibly future projects.

Also funded primarily by donations, the library has installed a high-quality interactive digital signage that provides interactive access to the virtual tour, as well as displays of other community art projects and notices of library events.

Interested in learning more and volunteering your skills and time? You can see a prototype of the virtual tour on digital signage at the library or on their website at Contact Tom Corbett at[email protected]to find out how you can participate.

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Camera for adventure

New farming adventure opens in central Minnesota this weekend

A whole new family adventure awaits you in Princeton. Whether you decide to stop by for a few hours or all day, you’ll have lots of fun while learning about recreational farming at the all-new 100 Acre Homestead, located at 6360 60th Avenue in Princeton.

Photo by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash

The 100 Acre Homestead will celebrate its opening day on Saturday, September 18 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Talk about fun! They have some really unique and entertaining things planned for you like barrel train rides, “NINJA” kids obstacle course, hay cart rides and other fun activities. There will also be scheduled events, sack races, rock painting, pumpkin painting, barrel races and more. And much more.

Photo by Zachariah Smith on Unsplash

Plus, you won’t need to go anywhere for lunch as they will have multiple food trucks in sight for the event, including:

Smokehouse barbecue
Taco against that
Diamond Lake Roadside Cafe
E&J Sweet Treats

Photo by Zachariah Smith on Unsplash


Tickets are just $ 10 for people ages 3 and up. Children under 3 are admitted free. You can get tickets by going to their website
The $ 10 lets you experience it all on the farm, including picking out and bringing your own pumpkin home.

You can also purchase season passes for your whole family, and if you are looking for a unique location for a private event like a birthday party, family reunion, or anniversary celebration, contact us and make a plan.

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From grazing Tibetan antelope to migrating monarch butterflies, these 50 photos of wild animals from around the world capture the astonishing grace of the animal kingdom. The upcoming gallery stretches sequentially from air to land to water and focuses on birds, land mammals, aquatic life and insects when working in pairs or groups, or sometimes alone.

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Why do cats have mustaches? Why are they meowing? Why are they taking so many naps? And answers to 47 other questions about cats:

Why are they meowing? Why are they taking so many naps? Why do they have mustaches? Cats and their undeniably adorable babies called kittens are mysterious creatures. Their largest parents, after all, are some of the most mystical and deadly animals on the planet. Many questions related to domestic felines, however, have perfectly logical answers. Here’s a look at some of the most common kitten and cat questions, and the answers cat lovers are looking for.

Check Out These 50 Fascinating Facts About Dogs:

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Camera for adventure

Mahindra brings its new Scorpio S11 Adventure off-road SUV to SA in limited numbers

Mahindra Scorpion S11 Adventure

Scorpio Adventure offers unique all-terrain bumpers, wheels and tires.

Available in limited numbers locally.

Priced at R416,999 with all specs included.

For more automotive stories, visit Wheels24.

Designed for off-roading with a number of unique rugged additions, Mahindra has introduced a limited edition Scorpio S11 Adventure, priced at R416,999.

The all-terrain features performance features such as steel bumpers, integrated fog lights, a tow bar and a set of 17-inch silk-black alloy wheels wrapped in large 245 / 65R17 all-terrain tires. .

Mechanically, the S11 is powered by an upgraded 2.2-liter mHawk turbodiesel that delivers power ratings of 103 kW and 320 Nm, sending power to all four wheels through a new six-speed manual gearbox.

For convenience between navigating different terrains, the driver can switch between 4H and 2H configurations at speeds of up to 100 km / h. At the same time, the chassis offers a ground clearance of 165 mm.

Scorpion with a sting

Inside is a 7-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity as standard that doubles as an eye for the rear view camera, as well as a USB and Bluetooth interface. Other driver-centric features include electronic air conditioning and cruise control, a voice control system and all-around power windows.

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Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa, says: “What has not changed and will never change is the value the Scorpio offers. As before, this big SUV offers great SUV capabilities, ride quality and space with the affordability of a compact SUV. “

It comes with a five-year or 90,000 km maintenance plan and a four-year or 120,000 km mechanical warranty.

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Camera for adventure

Artist researches adventure and storytelling for travel TV series

Sean Diediker has always had a connection with New Mexico.

Although he grew up in California, he spent a few years in Farmington. His grandfather also owned a trading post at Star Lake.

Sean Diediker films a segment for “Canvasing the World with Sean Diediker” in Santa Fe at Suzanne Teng’s house. (Courtesy of Bruce Royer)

“(My grandfather) was fluent in Navajo,” says Diediker. “He learned it so he could make deals with the artists. I lived in Farmington until I was 8 years old. Cultural influence has always been a factor. While I am a white man in the suburbs of Utah now, I have the chance to tell stories through my travels.

It was his time in New Mexico and his love of travel that led him to host the travel television series “Canvasing the World with Sean Diediker”.

He says the series is a modern marriage of “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac and “Humans of New York,” as he explores the interplay between art and the human condition.

Sketches and a photo that Sean Diediker used to paint a portrait on the episode of “Canvasing the World with Sean Diediker”, which was filmed in Santa Fe.

Diediker is an artist whose work appears in museums and galleries around the world. Included in his commissions is a portrait of President Barack Obama. He has works on display at the Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe.

“You could say that my work has always been directly affected by where I live: the people, the scenery, the things I see every day,” he says. “I like to observe the stimulus and the reaction of different human situations. The environment should affect the work of an artist; if not, you paint decorations.

In the series, he goes on an adventure to explore creativity, discover people and reveal places that inspire his original paintings.

“The idea for the series arose when the digital SLR camera (single lens digital SLR camera) could take a resolution high enough for video,” he says. “I could also have it in my backpack because I would be on the road and find people to paint their stories.”

Artist and entertainer Sean Diediker grew up in Farmington until he was 8 years old. New Mexico had an influence on his art and his television series. (Courtesy of Canvasing the World)

The current season sees Diediker traveling to Costa Rica, Paris, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Patagonia. He also did an episode in Utah, California, and Santa Fe.

The Santa Fe episode airs at 8 a.m., 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. Wednesday, September 15 on New Mexico PBS, channel 5.5.

Diediker and his team go through a four-part process to create the series.

The first is to travel to a destination and immerse yourself in the local culture.

He then worked with Bruce Royer, a seasoned filmmaker / producer, and their team to pursue the most inspiring leads.

Medicine Man is shown, which Sean Diediker painted for an episode of his television series. (Courtesy of Canvasing the World)

For each episode, Diediker develops an original painting influenced by people and his travels.

The final stage sees Diediker and the team craft the human-interest story. He unveils the painting at the end.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into an episode,” he says. “For the episodes in Paris and Australia, I lived there for months and immersed myself in the culture there.”

With the Santa Fe show, Diediker spent two weeks with his production team.

He walked along Canyon Road and found the inspiration behind what would become “Medicine Man”.

“I gravitate towards more creatives,” he says. “Whether it’s a musician, a writer or a scientist. The stories that each person has are wonderful. As we peel off the layers, it connects us more. This is what the show is about. “

Diediker never planned a career in front of the camera, but he feels good there because the stories are the first.

He says the hardest part is gaining the trust of each person.

“I think being a painter opens a lot of doors,” he says. “When someone sees me as an artist, I become a priest in a way that they’re going to open up. I nod as I listen to them and the stories unfold. “

Diediker says the second season is almost over and will air soon.

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PlayStation acquisition season is all about buying variety within limits

A new GamesBeat event is just around the corner! Learn more about what comes next.

Sony Interactive Entertainment made another acquisition. This time, the company brought UK studio Firesprite into the fold of PlayStation Studios. Firesprite joins Nixxies and Housemarque as Sony looks to continue growing its stable of game developers. Firesprite is best known for contributing to PlayStation’s experimental Playroom games for its camera and VR peripherals. But PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst has already confirmed that the team will be working on their own projects in the future.

“As Firesprite has grown and evolved, we think it’s a role he’s now ready for, developing exclusive games for PlayStation Studios,” Hulst said in an interview with

According to job postings, Firespite is recruiting for a multiplayer shooter and narrative hit adventure. And some key members of the 250-employee studio come from the Sony studio in Liverpool which was responsible for the sci-fi racing series Wipeout. So expect Firesprite to play a similar role to Insomniac Games, which is a studio with a similar size footprint. But also expect him to work quickly to build his own voice, which Hulst says is important to Sony.

“The experiences you can expect [from Firesprite] will be quite different from the teams you know well at PlayStation Studios, ”Hulst said. “And I love that. I think our audiences, our community, deserve very rich and very different experiences. Ultimately, that’s what makes us stronger.

Online seminar

Three great investment professionals explain what it takes to finance your video game.

Watch on demand

At the same time, Firesprite fits into a pattern that suggests Sony is looking for something specific in its studio acquisitions.

PlayStation wants variety, but it also wants to appeal to a global audience

When Hulst talks about a desire for different experiences, he’s probably not referring to something too experimental. After all, the company recently shut down Japan Studios, which helped create and promote some of PlayStation’s most original game ideas. So while Hulst explicitly mentions variety as an explanation for Sony’s recent acquisitions, the publisher is looking for variety with limits.

Sony believes developers like Housemarque and Firesprite can produce high-quality games while maintaining global appeal. And Firesprite could achieve this by taking a different path than its new sister studios. Sony has a lock on some type of blockbuster adventure – and while all games may be more Sony-like and cinematic, the company doesn’t need another Naughty Dog.

Instead, he’s probably hoping to build the Naughty Dog or the Insomniac of multiplayer games.

The obvious challenge with multiplayer projects is that Sony will have to compete with Fortnite and Call of Duty on its own platform. But the upside is that multiplayer games tend to sell better than single player adventures. They also typically generate more lifetime value for each customer. And as budgets increase for Sony, that could sprinkle in a few of these games to potentially offset the cost of a $ 200 million sequel to The Last of Us.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Profits From Relationships In Europe

Firesprite, Housemarque and Nixxies are all European studios. Sony probably ends up with many of these teams simply because it has the advantage of working closely with them. Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan and Hulst both have pre-existing relationships with all of these studios. And that probably helps Sony beat rivals like Microsoft and Tencent.

In addition, these teams could prove profitable for Sony thanks to the high number of programmers and skilled artists in Europe.

But whatever Sony ends up doing with its new studios, the company is showing it knows it is fighting. And while he may not have the thick wallet of a Microsoft or Tencent, he capitalizes on his experience working with studios keen to make great games. And it might end up being more important in the end.


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9 unpopular opinions on Super Mario games, according to Reddit

super mario bros. is by far the most successful Nintendo franchise. The adventures of Mario and his friends have entertained audiences for thirty-six years, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Fans still seem to love the games, despite their somewhat stereotypical premise.

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However, not everyone is crazy about the Mario series. In fact, some fans have rather unpopular opinions about the game, and they look to Reddit to express them. And while not all of them are inherently negative, these are certainly not the views most other fans would have.

9 All new Super Mario Bros. games are the same

New Super Mario Bros

The New Super Mario the games share a similar DNA, including the same characters, builds, and conflicts. Still, the franchise has made an effort to diversify its storylines, especially in recent years. So the Mario the universe remains, even if it is not always fresh.

However, the changes to the franchise are not enough for Redditor jzorbino. In their mind, the games are just too similar to each other. “If you play one or two, that’s enough.” However, the franchise has introduced some very innovative titles, like Galaxy and Odyssey, so it’s safe to say that the Redditor might be alone on this one.

8 New Super Mario games are too bland

New Super Mario Bros DS

Almost any fan could describe the Mario also familiar games, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Most players return to the franchise because they know what they’ll get: a fun, colorful, thrilling and healthy adventure unlike any other in the gaming world.

This is not the case for Reddit user luckyjes112; in their opinion, the games are incredibly bland. “None are particularly revolutionary or even interesting.” To each their own, but the multiplayer aspect of the games is enough to contradict the “bland” argument, while the visuals can overturn the “uninteresting” claim.

7 Super Mario Bros. 3 has bland visuals

Super Mario Bros 3

Widely regarded as one of the best games of all time, Super Mario Bros 3 was released in 1990, receiving universal praise from critics and fans alike. Its reputation carries to this day, and it is one of the best Mario games that everyone should play at least once.

However, not all gamers share the same love for the game. Indeed, some cannot forget how dated it is, like Reddit user Beedle_Boi. “Honestly, the bland visuals made me a bit squeamish.” Understandably, an NES game released thirty-one years ago would seem a bit outdated, but not playing it because of it misses out on one of the best titles in video game history.

6 Super Mario Odyssey is no fun

Super Mario Odyssey Easter Eggs in Mushroom Kingdom

As Super Mario Bros 3, Odyssey often ranks among the best Mario titles ever and one of the best games of the new millennium. Gamers and critics have called it an almost perfect game, praising its inventiveness. Indeed, in a franchise renowned for its familiarity, Odyssey felt like a breath of fresh air.

Not at Redditor Darpyface, however. For them, Odyssey was “no fun”. The user criticizes everything from the camera to the fighting style, calling the whole experience “boring”. Considering Super Mario Odyssey Full of exciting realms to explore, items to collect, and characters to meet, it is clear that the user is one of the few who considers the game to be “boring”.

5 Super Mario Odyssey visuals are bad

Super Mario Odyssey's Weirdest Easter Eggs in New Donk City

The inclusion of normal-looking humans has always been a divisive issue in the Mario community. Some think they don’t seem out of place, while others think it’s not that bad.

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However, for some fans, this is a make or break situation. Reddit user Neon_Biscuit is one of those fans because they think the human characters ruined the experience. “The visuals are so shocking,” the user says, further criticizing Metro City and the jazz players. OdysseyThe visual style of might not be for everyone, but to call it jarring is an exaggeration.

4 Super Mario Sunshine can’t hold up

Every 3D Mario design ranked Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sun is one of the most controversial games in the franchise. The game received critical acclaim at the time of its release, with critics praising the graphics and the inclusion of the now infamous FLUDD reception in the game has remained mostly positive, but the game has a lot more enemies than ever before. These days.

Concrete example, Redditor Iblaise, who thinks the game is not as good as any other 3D Mario. The user thinks the game “hasn’t aged very well” and criticizes the physics, duration and music. Based on the negative votes, it’s clear the fandom doesn’t agree with the user. Indeed, the consensus is that Sunshine is one of the few GameCube titles to hold up.

3 Super Mario Sunshine is better than Mario 64

Super Mario 64 cover

Super Mario 64 often ranks very high in any list of Mario Games. It’s also one of the most groundbreaking titles in video game history, thanks to the inclusion of the dynamic 360 camera. Indeed, Mario 64 occupies a privileged place in the community, with many considering it to be one of the top 3 games in the franchise.

Reddit user TjalfeTheMemeNoobLol doesn’t think so 64 is that good, however. Indeed, the user thinks that Sunshine is much better, offering a more cohesive adventure, while 64The levels are “floating islands filled with random things that don’t really make sense.” Because the games are so similar, fans of the franchise usually compare one Mario title with another. However, Super Mario 64 has large, creative and unique stages providing an exciting gameplay experience that still stands the test of time.

2 Super Mario Galaxy feels like a chore

Super Mario Galaxy floating with star

If there is one Mario title that seems to be universally loved is Super mario galaxy. The story, music, gameplay, and graphics of the game are all among the best in the franchise, pushing the series further than ever before. In short, Galaxy is the perfect example of why the franchise remains popular to this day.

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However, a few selected fans don’t like Galaxy, considering it overdone and boring. In a threat discussing their unpopular Galaxy Opinions, the eggplanes of Reddit users go so far as to say that gambling “seemed like a chore to do.” The user describes the levels as “uninspiring”, criticizing the “racing” aspect of most of the stages. Since the users themselves agree that their opinions are unpopular, it is safe to say Galaxythe reputation of is not in danger.

1 Super Mario 3D World is not a main Mario game

The gang of Super Mario 3D World all jump together.

World of Super Mario 3D premiered in 2013, critically acclaimed for its creativity, replay value and story. Addition to the game mechanics introduced in Super Mario 3D Land, World of Super Mario 3D features several playable characters, including Rosalina and Bowser Jr.

The game has a positive reputation in the community, but some fans didn’t like its whimsical nature. Redditor Justice_Prince goes to the extreme, saying they don’t consider 3d world Where New Super Mario Bros U be the main line Mario Games. “As far as I’m concerned, the Wii U is the first Nintendo console that doesn’t have a mainline. Mario game. “Strong words, sure, but the games still exist and are still part of the continuity of the series, as other users say in the comments.

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Split image of Thanos, Kestral and Magneto with his Power Orbs in Marvel Strike Force.

Marvel Strike Force: 9 Best Teams For Beginners

About the Author

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National Geographic Celebrates the Amazing Art of Photography with the Launch “Your Lens”

National Geographic celebrates the incredible art of photography with the launch of its new property called Your Lens. By incorporating director and TV personality Karan Johar, the brand provides a platform for its fans; encouraging them to share their best photos and be featured on National Geographic platforms: TV channel, social media and a specially organized website – in India.

Each image has the power to take you on a journey of emotions – to move you, to inspire you and to touch your heart. Recognizing and acknowledging the essential role that emotions play in capturing an image, National Geographic brings Your Lens to life with the concept of – What Moved You Today. With it, the brand inspires fans to share their story of what moved them while taking a photo through their cameras. Some captures are known to uplift and nourish the soul, while some images have the ability to move you to tears and National Geographic celebrates all of those emotions and images through your lens.

Watch the promo here.

“National Geographic has always held a very distinctive and revered position in photography. Our iconic photographs and groundbreaking imagery have inspired our audiences for decades; offering new perspectives and revealing the world in a unique and amazed way. Over the years, our fans have often included us by tagging us in their stories and their beautiful captures. With Your Lens, we are strengthening this relationship by offering them a dedicated and broader platform to celebrate their passion and be part of our brand that they love and admire. And we’re excited to partner with Karan Johar, a filmmaker who understands the power of emotions, to encourage anyone with a camera to continue sharing their stories with us, ”said Kevin Vaz, President and CEO, Infotainment, Kids and Regional Entertainment Channels. , Star & Disney India.

“National Geographic as a brand is truly iconic and I have always admired the remarkable and striking visuals they share with the world, inspiring millions of people. This association is so special to me because it is an extension of my passion for the camera and who I am as a person. As a filmmaker myself, I believe that an image has the power to move your soul and to express so many emotions. The premise of Your Lens is extremely exciting as it gives everyone the opportunity to show off their creativity and be featured on a prolific platform like National Geographic. I urge all photography aficionados to grab their cameras and take this opportunity, ”said Johar.

Entries will be evaluated by established National Geographic explorers, as well as some of the country’s renowned photographers such as Prasenjeet Yadav, Deepti Asthana and Poulomi Basu, who will select the images to be featured from October 2021. Spread across a variety of themes Such as breathtaking scenery, majestic wildlife, thrilling adventures, lively festivals, characters and portraits and many more, the best images will be featured on National Geographic TV channel in India, social media platforms, which matter today 10.8 million subscribers in India and a visually stunning website – – which was specially created and designed for Your Lens.

National Geographic Partners LLC (NGP), a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and the National Geographic Society, is committed to bringing premier science, adventure and exploration content through an unrivaled portfolio of assets media.

[email protected]

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Camera for adventure

Influencer Mama Doctor Jones accepts position at Invercargill

She works in large hospitals in the United States, talks about taboo health topics with her 2 million followers and argues with four children. Today, the great influencer doctor Danielle Jones occupies a post at the hospital of Southland, writes Alanah Eriksen.

Walking down a hospital corridor in his gowns, camera in selfie mode with Megan Thee Stallion’s Sex Talk song being played, the doctor asks his followers the question.

“The condom broke… what now? “

Take Plan B (aka the morning after pill) within three days, she says, which can be up to 95% effective, but if you don’t have a period in two weeks, call your doctor.

The single video has so far racked up 13 million views on TikTok – where users are predominantly teenagers and young adults – and is the work of outspoken American medical influencer Dr Danielle Jones aka Mama Doctor Jones.

During the day, she gives birth and treats pregnant women as a locum obstetrician gynecologist at various US hospitals, but in her spare time Jones is in front of the camera talking about sex and reproductive issues.

On YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, she has over 2 million subscribers and is part of a growing list of medical professionals whose side-bustle brings their health knowledge to the masses. New Zealand already has a few, including midwives Katie Hawkey and Carmen Lett and anesthesiologist Dr Morgan Edwards.

Jones, 35, uses his platforms to answer uncomfortable questions (“is vaginal discharge normal”), dispel misinformation (“vaccination against Covid-19 does not cause infertility”) and make demonstrations (“how to place a tampon without pain” – using a plastic bottle).

“Our twins left public school for spring break in March 2020 and were never able to go back, no goodbye to their friends or anything.”

Instead, Jones began working as a substitute in the Texas Labor and Delivery Units.

“Obviously, my daily professional life has changed dramatically. We mask 24/7 in the hospital and our family masks whenever we are in the crowd outside or enter a public space. Even my 2 year old, who was 17 months old when the pandemic started, is a masquerading pro now. “

Late last year, Jones started to get congested and had headaches, but initially attributed her symptoms to allergies. Later, as she cleaned the bathroom, she found it difficult to breathe. Her husband thought she was having an asthma attack, triggered by the strong-smelling cleaning product she was using.

But Jones told her she couldn’t smell it, then realized it was probably because she had lost her sense of smell, a symptom of Covid-19. Her result was confirmed by a test and her husband started to feel unwell.

Exhaustion followed and Jones described the illness as “much worse than the flu”.

“As we lived in a town where we didn’t know anyone, we had no one to take the children and they were also exposed and infected. Luckily the children were not very sick at all and seemed to be fine. out. I’m so grateful that we all recovered, but it was absolutely terrifying and difficult during those weeks, and for me, the months of difficulty breathing that followed. “

The family eventually made it to Hawaii in May this year, once the island’s borders opened. Jones estimates that they lived in around 15 AirBnbs.

The family’s lifestyle wouldn’t be possible without the “incredibly supportive” husband of training software developer Jones.

“He’s a very involved dad and we both love being nomadic and having a big family. He’s incredibly smart and very good at what he does, although over the past year he’s sacrificed himself. so that our family can live this lifestyle by educating our four kiddos while we travel. “

“Lots and lots of paperwork”

Trying to find an obstetrician-gynecologist in New Zealand is hard enough. But launch yourself into a global pandemic and it’s even more difficult.

The occupation is on Immigration New Zealand’s skills shortage list. Southern District Health Board chief medical officer Dr Nigel Millar told the Herald that when recruiting local applicants are always considered first, but there are only four applicants in total, all from abroad.

Jones is now in the process of having the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists approve her medical license and consultant qualifications.

“The next step will be to apply as a family for a work visa in my name,” Jones said.

“After applying for a visa, we can apply for an emergency MIQ or MIQ, then once approved, we can book flights and plan the move, then spend two weeks in a hotel room with four small children. . It is a very complex and trying process. Now. “

She was due to start work in August, but the date was pushed back to September.

“We have run into some red tape with the pandemic regulations and everything is moving slowly, so I don’t know if it will be October or November now. Hopefully this year.”

So what does Jones’ boss think of his new hire who draws so many followers to the small New Zealand town? Millar says it’s customary for senior physicians to speak publicly about things related to their professional experience.

“Society is changing and the traditional media of newspapers and broadcast media are being added and in some cases being overtaken by social media. It makes perfect sense and sense for healthcare professionals to use it to inform, educate and support the community on important health issues. Dr Jones is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable in this area.

“We discussed the use of social media with Dr Jones, noting that it is an element of his practice. No specific limits have been set. Dr Jones is a professional and has an understanding depth of how to use social media for health promotion. We look forward to learning from her experience. “

Southern DHB employees must follow a set of social media guidelines set by the Department of Health, he said. They include lines like “If you have a problem at work, try to handle it in the usual internal way with your manager rather than airing your concerns.” And “Remember, search engines never forget; everything you post stays online for a long time. Think before posting something that you might regret later ”.

In his new role, Jones will undertake gynecologic surgery, colposcopy, outpatient clinics and obstetrics.

“She has been showing interest in joining Southern for several years now, and this position has come at the right time for both of us,” said Millar. “He is an enthusiastic, patient-centered person who we believe would be a great member of our team.”

The Joneses hope three of their children can be vaccinated before they arrive in the country – Pfizer and Moderna have expanded the studies to include children aged 5 to 11.

“We are incredibly grateful for the vaccinations, even though it has been a difficult road to convince many of my patients, friends, family to get them vaccinated. We are very excited that we will be able to get our children vaccinated soon.”

When the family arrives here, Jones hopes to enroll three of her children in a local school and her husband plans to work while he is here.

“As a web developer he has a lot of skills that are very beneficial for my social media presence. So the plan is to dive into website and app development ObGyn, period, pregnancy and for the brand. MDJ. “

Although he lives and works in some large cities and hospitals, particularly Austin, Jones is used to small towns. She was born in Borger, a small town in Texas (13,251 inhabitants against 57,000 for Invercargill).

They haven’t found accommodation yet but will likely find a hotel or rental for a month or two before finding a long-term living situation.

The weather for the city of Southland will be a great adjustment with Texas temperatures currently hitting 40C.

“But the children are really looking forward to going back to school, especially Milo, who is expected to start kindergarten. [the first year of primary school] soon and I can’t wait for them to have a little more normalcy. “

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Worthplaying | PC Review – ‘Ashwalkers’

Finding a survival game that I love, or even completing, is harder than it should be. Quite often these are unrealistic first-person shooters or sorry linear ventures that aren’t difficult or interesting. Ash walkers by an independent games company Unnamed XIII is different, and its storytelling-based survival simulation was so enjoyable that I found myself immersed in my computer for hours. For an avowed toe in gaming, this is no small feat.

It’s no wonder, really, when you consider who the smart people are behind Ash walkers are. Developed by some of the original brains of Dontnod, who created another great game, Life is strange, the gaming experience provided by Ash walkers is far from the monotony that is found in some way in survival sims. It’s also weird that survival games are often full of doldrums and menial tasks that don’t entertain or engage their players, while surviving an apocalypse is probably the opposite of boring and tedious – but I’m sorry. move away from the subject.

This storytelling-driven post-apocalyptic journey is an extremely well-executed ‘choose your own adventure’ tale and point-and-click survival simulator all in one tidy package. Ash walkers contains a few elements of some of the best survival games in my playbook, such as the stats tracker and inventory management system found in the well-received winter survival game, Mistrust. Just as it is in Mistrust, you need to effectively monitor and manage each team member’s heat, hunger, and energy levels, and you need to keep them relatively cheered up throughout their journey to be successful in your game. They need strength to gather materials to fuel their journey, and it’s your job to make sure they’re using those materials appropriately. As far as I know, your party members can die, although I’ve never let any of them go so low in any area that it posed a significant threat, but it’s worth noting, especially considering how important having a full group is when you are heading towards your goal. All four are valuable members of the team.

On that note, Squad Three’s goal is a heavy burden to bear, and its success depends a lot on its success. The team’s mission is to travel to the legendary Dome of the Domes, a haven of peace said to be the only hope for long-term prosperity for 250,000 survivors of the cataclysm. The Dome, however, may not even exist, but that’s why the team’s success is so vital, and since a cataclysmic catastrophe wiped out most of the planet, even the lives of these survivors depend on the Third Squad to find a new, more permanent home.

Squad Three consists of Kali, Nadir, Petra, and Sinh, who all have their particular strengths and weaknesses to complete the party. Doning gas masks to help them breathe in the unclean air, they walk (slowly) along the ashy terrain, gathering resources, picking up scraps of information, and escaping mortal peril along the way.

The land is a work of art; the game as a whole is a work of art, and that means something, given that almost the entire game is colored with a relatively bland gray palette. In today’s black-obsessed gaming environment, black and white contrasts are the go-to choices for color schemes, if games like Limbo are something to go through. Other games rely on splashes of bright, bold color to help them stand out from the crowd. Surprisingly, the subdued gray of Ash walkers is eye-catching compared to those other games, and the ash gray on the screen fits the story well. The world, in this dreary apocalypse, is literally covered in ash and soot, so the lonely hue that paints it is perfect.

Even the cut scenes are mostly different shades of gray and white, and the scene transitions are done with the visual effect of paper burning in – you guessed it – ash. It’s not easy to tie art to the theme of the game, but Ash walkers shoot it well.

The only variant of the Ash Palette is visible when a player is injured, in which case splashes of red demonstrate a player’s injured state. I found this to be an alarming and glaring indicator that disturbed my obsessive need to appease my tired team, so it was an effective use of the only other color in the game. I felt satisfied to stop and go. camping to heal and cheer on the team as often as possible to keep the angry red from creeping onto my screen. In addition to the sad but effective art, the music blended well with the title, adding to the dystopian feel of the surroundings and the team’s dire mission.

The team is pushed with a simple point-and-click mechanism; However, you have no control over the camera angle which changes regularly. Sometimes, as your team slowly meanders across a field or road, the camera suddenly moves to a descending position and returns to its previous angle once the team has passed an invisible checkpoint. Many players have found this to be a flaw in the design of the game, and while I, too, have found it confusing and frustrating, I don’t think it is a mistake on the part of the game. development team. The team travel through an ash-covered wasteland while wearing gas masks, so it seems likely that their vision is sometimes impeded. Plus, the moments when the camera is doing something awesome seem to be indicators that the group is about to stumble upon a predator or a predatory situation, so in many ways it’s a creative way to punctuate the story.

Another way works of art and visibility come into play is fading daylight. I found myself cursing the darkness that surrounded my team at one point and realized, stupidly, that it was dark because it was dark and my team wouldn’t be able to see any better than me. The best thing to do was to camp at night.

When the squad is camping, you can ask them to guard, rest, talk (this helps to encourage themselves), or explore materials. The camp also offers you the opportunity to manage their hunger, heat and need for medication. Ideally, each side leaves your team’s status bars nearly full before venturing out again.

This is not always possible, depending on how you play. Ash walkers offers plenty of possible endings – 34, to be exact – and the way you play not only affects the health and well-being of your party, but it also impacts where you end up at the end of the game. the part. If you play aggressively you may be wasting a lot of medicine to heal your entire party, but if you play too diplomatically you may end up wasting resources trading with people who could hurt you anyway. Your decisions lead the way, and having multiple options at each interval made it impossible for me to tear myself away from the game.

Resources were surprisingly easy to notice in the interface: animating, swaying tendrils of light beneath each patch of a particular resource. It is important to keep an eye on the inventory, which is usually something that I find tedious, but in Ash walkers, it seemed necessary. Managing inventory goes hand in hand with managing team members, and it’s a balancing act that isn’t too difficult to manage. Use resources when needed (often), and if you have an abundance of them, like I did at some point, you can stop collecting that resource until you need them again. The game is fairly forgiving when it comes to the frequency of resource placement; exploring intelligently while camping can also garner favorable resources.

It’s important to keep your party full and happy even when you can camp frequently, but it’s even more vital when you are in an area where you cannot camp. These stretches can take a considerable amount of time, especially when your group is walking at a snail’s pace, so it’s best to manage them sufficiently as often as possible.

Sometimes the group’s progress stops and the choice is given to overcome a particular obstacle. Dilemmas are named simply but appropriately – one was titled “The Dog”, for example – and are followed by a brief description of the dilemma or obstacle in your path. You are then presented with choices, but sometimes the choices are crossed out for lack of resources. These are the choices that open the way for your crew, so choose carefully! The choices also give you insight into the special skills and natural advantages of your team members, much like in Dungeons and Dragons when a player with higher Charisma makes a better impression on a nomad than a player with a worth. lower. It’s the same idea but a simpler execution.

Beyond the sometimes complicated or even morally difficult decision you must make, Ash walkers is not a difficult or action-packed game. Rather, it’s an animated story that unfolds as you travel to your destination, and there’s no real threat to your team’s safety as long as you pay attention to it. As a storytelling game, it’s certainly entertaining enough for the genre.

There are a few bugs or minimal design flaws that aren’t breakthroughs; sometimes a new block of text appears on top of an old block, making both more difficult to read due to the transparency of the frame. Other times, when walking in a team, a member’s dialog box partially disappears, but this text was mostly used to add color to the game.

There are some features that make a player’s life easier, like the ability to click text to make it appear faster (a feature that should be present in any text-based game), and although it doesn’t There is no quick save option, there is no real need to reload the game at any time, as your choices are expected to affect the outcome.

is in no case Ash walkers an action-packed survival adventure sim, but the story and significance of the journey was compelling enough to have me on the edge of my seat throughout my game. I cared about Squad Three and wanted them to be successful, and for a storytelling game like this, isn’t that all you can ask for? If post-apocalyptic survival games are your jam, Ash walkers worth its very reasonable price of $ 12 and offers a different version of the genre you know and love.

Rating: 8.0 / 10

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“Cooking With Paris” is the iconic mogul’s debut as a domestic goddess

Between the 2018 documentary “American Meme” and the 2020 Paris Hilton film “This is Paris”, Hilton’s media exposure over the past few years has been extremely raw, if not bleak at times. With that in mind, a light, silly cooking show doesn’t seem like the natural next chapter for Hilton, and yet that’s exactly what Netflix’s “Cooking with Paris” is.

In the first episode, Hilton, 39, says repeatedly that she wants to have babies and needs to learn to cook if she is to start a family. She tells her guest Kim Kardashian, “I feel like I’ve lived like a 21 year old girl my whole life,” but now she’s finally ready to feel like an adult, she says as she pulls out her recipe. of rainbow jewelry. delivered. When her celebrity guests arrive, she shows off her newly remodeled mansion and her gourmet chef’s kitchen – another sign of her next chapter as she ditch her old wall-to-wall Barbie pink home decor.

This fits perfectly with what we learn about Hilton in “This is Paris,” the YouTube documentary in which Hilton works on the trauma and abuse she faced as a teenager and following the sex leak. tap. One of the main storylines of his self-produced documentary in 2020 is his desire to get married and have children after decades of partying and DJing around the world. She is almost done with part one, getting engaged to businessman Carter Reum in February of this year, and on the verge of reaching part two as she has already started undergoing IVF treatments and discussed of her hopes of having children (twins in particular) in 2022.

In “Cooking with Paris”, just like in the other documentaries, Hilton seamlessly oscillates between her iconic vocal fry and a deeper, more emotional tone, allowing the viewer to watch her enter and exit character. One minute, she’s walking down the produce aisle like a trail, then she asks a grocery store clerk what chives are. She drops thousands of dollars on caviar and truffles just because she can, clearly doesn’t know the difference between a blender and a blender, but also spices up episodes of brand-perfect cooking tips that are. surprisingly useful, like pulling out your cutest oversized sunglasses while chopping onions to protect your eyes.

It sounds odd, like a more conscious version of its “Simple Life” days, but it’s 100% Paris, who is always on top of the joke and still on top of the camera rolling – at one point while eating. a meal cooked with her mom, Kathy Hilton, she breaks character to berate Kathy for speaking while bending over to mend her outfit and not “looking sexy”.

Even for non-Hilton fans, the show is also worth a visit for the “cooking” portion of “Cooking with Paris”. She doesn’t pretend to know what she’s doing, but isn’t shy about trying new, complicated recipes, either. And even trying seemingly more basic dishes – tacos, French toast, burgers – she adds her own over-the-top twists, because when you’re a billionaire why wouldn’t you.

Viewers at home probably aren’t going to replicate her 24-karat gold onion rings or glittering unicorn cannoli, but are happy to indulge themselves through Hilton. Flaunting his ungodly wealth throughout the series feels like an escape, not unattainable, like watching a good episode of “International House Hunters”.

For fans of Hilton and 2000s party girls, “Cooking with Paris” is more than just a culinary adventure, it’s about growing up and settling down. Hilton has spent two decades as a successful entrepreneur launching fashion and fragrance lines, while partying at the hottest clubs around the world, only to finally decide what she really wants is the life of a housewife, and a hot housewife.

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