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Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Begins New Insurance Work • The Register

Boston Dynamics’ spooky robot dog Spot has found another new employer for his unique skills.

Having already found work checking nuclear power plants, probing suspicious packages, upholding social distancing rules during the pandemic, and – briefly – working as a police dog in New York City before being unceremoniously fired, the headless robohound is now operated by US-based Farmers Insurance to assist its agents with property inspections and “field disaster claims”, or assessments in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters and major events.

The creepy but willful cybernetic pooch has been adapted to the needs of farmers, receiving additional gear to aid it in its new task, adding a 360 ° camera, site documentation software, and a new blue paint over its dress usual yellow and black. headless chassis.

The insurer’s new best friend has also been outfitted with a frankly terrifying extendable robot arm, which makes him look like a miniature tailless sauropod and will no doubt keep it occupying readers’ nightmares for weeks to come.

While robot deployments invariably boil down to money, with technology being used to reduce the number of humans who must be paid to do a given job, deploying Spot robots in a post-disaster environment makes sense. Devastation from a hurricane, flood, major fire or other serious emergency can leave secondary services such as insurance stretched beyond their capacity, with a limited number of agents potentially dealing with thousands of claims over a large area affected by infrastructure damage, road closures, and other hazards.

As Farmers himself explained in a statement, “The robot’s agility, advanced mobility, and the perception of navigating various rough terrain will allow it to access spaces and environments inaccessible to claims employees. . field complaints review process. “

While Farmers currently plans to use Spotbots only in a limited number of situations, they are considering expanding the use if this proves to be successful.

“The robot can be used to handle non-catastrophic events such as structural fires, collapsed structures, water loss or other potentially dangerous environments in the future,” he explained.

Youtube video

The sprawling insurance company also sought to allay fears the bags of flesh might have about the detached quadrupeds’ attachment to Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics by launching the idea of ​​using them to aid first responders. in major disasters and other serious incidents, fulfilling one of the machine’s possible primary roles as a search and rescue tool.

“Farmers will explore applications that could help first responder organizations during scenarios such as post-event search and rescue, access areas to assess danger to first responders or others, and / or pre-inspections to assess the safety of anyone in the vicinity. , “It said.

The introduction of sexy new robots to the unglamorous world of insurance will certainly add an element of cutting-edge, high-tech and buccaneer excitement to the industry, suggesting that Farmers may soon be breaking free from the rigid constraints of its field. traditional, Crimson Permanent Insurance-style expertise. But it remains to be seen whether robots operate in the environments they are asked to trade.

While units like Spot can be useful in evaluating structures and properties, they will pose more of a problem than they are for hard-pressed appraisers if they get stuck, broken, or flooded and need to be retrieved whenever they are. they are sent after a disaster. situation. ®

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Become a professional adventure filmmaker

This program is designed to equip students with the specialist and professional skills necessary to work in this dynamic field of the film and photography industries. Students will be introduced to the basic production and post-production skills required to produce adventure-based film and multimedia content. There will be a number of expeditions and projects, in addition to formal courses, which will allow students to experience working in a range of environments and fields.

As part of Trinity Saint David University of Wales (which has campuses across the UK), the course works together with another amazing Carmarthen-based course, BA Outdoor Adventure Education, to offer a variety of experiences. Throughout the degree, professionals working in documentary filmmaking, photography, television and social media, as well as basic skills in outdoor activities participate.

Level 3 outdoor first aid and RSSL level water safety management qualifications are also offered as part of the program. Engagement with industry is built into all aspects of our course. This can take the form of internships, projects for external clients, modules focused on developing your employability or engagements with the many industry experts who will offer their expertise in workshops and guest lectures.

These can range from extreme sports and motorsports to wildlife, landscape and coastline filming, and aerial filming. As students progress, they can specialize in any area of ​​their choice; in their final year, students can work on an individual major project in the field of their choice, with expert input from leading practitioners. There is also the possibility of working on a client project defined by large companies in the industry.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review – A Short But Memorable Adventure

Kena: Bridge of Spirits caught my eye at the PlayStation Future of Gaming event in June 2020, but the game kind of faded from the scene until recently, when the launch trailers came out. This is a third-person action-adventure game with a few Metroidvania elements added to the mix. Fortunately, I was able to get a first copy of the game, and like every other indie game I play, I started Kena Bridge of Spirits with an open mind and no sky-high expectations, not knowing epic adventure that awaited me, and by the end of this 10-12 hour experience, I was left with nothing but praise for Ember Labs’ first indie game release.

The game begins when you take control of Kena in a dimly lit cave. Kena illuminates the dark cave that surrounds her with spiritual energy, symbolizing how this journey is a journey of discovery and revelation for her as much as it will be for you. Kena is a Spirit Guide tasked with guiding troubled and lost spirits through the realm. She tries to help as many Lost Spirits as possible while making her way to the mountain top shrine for her own personal reasons, unknown at the time.

Kena will meet a group of interesting characters on her journey, and each spirit she helps will have their own story and other characters associated with them. The cutscenes are done in such a way that they convey a lot of expressions and details in a very short time. They are similar to what the Overwatch shorts felt like. The voices of all of these characters, especially Kena, are absolutely relevant and filled with a lot of emotion. Kena’s VA Dewa Ayu Dewi Larassanti did a fantastic job considering this was her first attempt at voice acting for a video game character.

With this basic premise explained, we set foot outside the cave in a lush, colorful forest. The world and visuals created by Ember Labs really help make this experience an amazing one. Everywhere you look, and every place you go is surrounded by beautiful vistas. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an open world game where the world is divided into sections. Everything is transparent and there are no loading screens, even as you transition between gameplay and cutscenes. There is a village in the center of the map which acts as a central hub. Kena will visit all sides of the map as the story progresses, but everything is connected to the village, so you can also call it the bridge that connects different areas of the map.

Kena: Spirit Bridge Review

The world feels even more alive because of the way it reacts to your presence. Kena can use a pulse of energy whenever she wants, and wind chimes and trees respond to her energy. Whenever you enter a new area, it is mostly covered in corruption and muted colors, indicating the presence of something sinister. But you get that satisfying feeling of progress when you clear the corruption out of an area, and everything becomes vibrant and alive again. You can also Warp (Fast Travel) between discovered warp points, making it easier to explore previously discovered areas.

You can freely explore previously cleared parts of the map and search for any leftover collectibles or statues in those areas, as enemies do not respawn when you return to previously visited areas. There is no crowded Hud in this game to take away from the immersion offered by the vibrant open world. Another strong aspect of the game that further enhances the overall experience is the exceptional soundtrack composed by Jason Gallaty, also known as Theophany on YouTube. Each region of the map has a different soundtrack complementing the environment and setting of that region.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits takes no chances with its approach to gameplay and general mechanics. All the game mechanics and loops used here have been reviewed time and time again, implemented in different adventure games. The puzzles are very interesting and engaging, especially in the latter part of the game when more mechanics were introduced. There is nothing revolutionary here, but they implemented the basic mechanics in such a way that the game never feels boring or repetitive at any point. Kena’s main weapon is her staff which she uses for light and heavy attacks. Later, she gains a bow and bombs, which she can use both to navigate puzzles and in combat. Bombs can make certain rocks float in the air, which creates fun puzzles.

Kena can also befriend Rot. They are friendly minions who follow you around and help you move heavy items. Rot can also be used in combat to get some extra moves up your sleeves. The more rot you recruit, the more actions they will be able to perform. How often you can use them in battle also depends on their number.

Combat here relies on strike and dodge tactics. It’s something that doesn’t change throughout the game and gets a bit boring afterwards. Kena usually has to wait until her enemies are done attacking, then move around for a few combos. After that, it’s standard business to ride and wait for your turn again.

The game does a decent job of introducing new enemy types to keep you on your heels and to make the entire combat cycle less repetitive, but all of these enemy types can be taken out with the same buttons. I found myself defeating most of the mini-bosses using only heavy attack spam.

There is a very basic leveling tree to unlock, but these upgrades don’t really increase your arsenal. They simply unlock additional damage and range for existing attacks. The developers could have flushed out the combat a bit more by introducing a more complex leveling tree or perhaps let Kena learn new moves as the story progresses. She only learns 2 new things throughout the game, which is disappointing to say the least.

The main boss encounters in this game are very interesting and get more and more difficult as you progress through the story. Each of the main bosses has a distinct personality and is based on that personality. They use different sets of moves and weapons. They can be a bit tricky to deal with if you go into combat without reading their moves first, especially in the higher difficulties. Most of the mini-bosses you encounter and defeat become regular grunts from this point on and are in addition to the different types of enemies you will encounter in the open world.

You can tell the devs were able to properly execute their vision by the overall quality of the game and the added fun stuff like the responsive photo mode where Kena and her rot mates react to the camera whenever you take a screenshot. . Not only them, but the characters you meet are also photogenic as they too are posing, smiling, and looking at the camera, which is a cool little feature.

You can also equip your rot companions with various hats that you can purchase from the hat shops dotted around the valley. You can earn money by purchasing these hats by restoring fallen shrines, looting chests and baskets, and exploring areas. I think this game will help them get better deals and maybe work with bigger studios to make even better games in the future for the next generation of consoles.

I reviewed Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PC playing it on the maximum graphics preset and the game looked and performed quite well. I encountered some dropped frames here and there, but they were more noticeable for a few seconds as the game transitioned between cutscenes and gameplay. The game didn’t crash for me even once during my 10-12 hours with it, which is always welcome considering how poorly some companies optimize their PC ports these days.

Considering this is the first game ever made by Ember Labs, I would say they did a great job overall across all departments and made a game that was extremely fun and memorable. My only major gripe with the game was its lack of a fight tree and leveling up, but I’m sure if Ember Labs were to make a sequel to this game, those departments would be improved a bit.

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Carrots can take center stage

Boulder County Farmers Markets

We are like you. We nibble on carrots at our desks or during the day. We eat them in the car on long journeys. We take them for granted, frankly. That little energy punch and crunch is what gets us through this afternoon energy crisis. But maybe they want more.

Grated carrots on a large salad are divine. We love them grated in shrimp rolls and over Asian noodle salads. They add that little bit of sweetness and texture that can enhance any dish, especially coleslaw on your fish tacos.

Carrots are in season now, so watch out for them in the markets and refuel! They keep very well cut in a bowl of water in the refrigerator – if they last past snack time in your home.

Carrots can be the center of any table when roasted and cared for. Try them grilled: topped with chimichurri or added to a mulligatawny soup, grilled carrots retain a crunch and increase their sweetness. Carrot tops make a great pesto, and they’re a wonderful addition to any soup you make.

This week, we’re sharing a Choose Your Own Herb Adventure Carrot Coconut Soup from our cookbook archive. Add a handful of all the herbs you have! We urge you to consider the often overlooked carrot tops. Tarragon and basil are also great choices. One of our employees owns an oregano plant which has become a perennial and has become a thug: he will feed an army. So oregano will work too.

Ready to bite into carrots? Order them through our curbside order this week or come pick them up at the market. Boulder and Lafayette order opens Sunday and closes at 1 p.m. Tuesday for pickup Wednesdays in Boulder and Thursdays in Lafayette. Orders from Longmont and Denver open Tuesdays and end Thursdays at noon for pickup on Sunday.

Can’t get it back? Get it delivered! We offer delivery throughout Metro Denver to select areas. Order until Thursday noon for Monday morning delivery. Details on markets, ordering and delivery are on

At the market this week

Carrots, Gala apples, cantaloupe, watermelon, Canarian melons, honeydew, tatsoi, broccoli, eggplant, kale, black-eyed peas, sweet corn, poblano peppers, peppers, shishito peppers, mixed hot and spicy peppers, Savoy cabbage , arugula, fennel, beets, basil, edamame, green beans, yellow beans, peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, golden potatoes, majestic purple potatoes, red potatoes, tomatillos, cherry tomatoes, okra, white and yellow onions , green onions, shallots, heirloom tomatoes, Italian parsley and much more.

Carrot and coconut soup

  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh ginger
  • 4 cups of vegetable broth or chicken broth
  • 10 medium carrots, peeled and chopped
  • 1 can of whole coconut milk
  • Herbs: carrot tops and choice of tarragon, basil, oregano or cilantro


  • Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the ginger and sauté for two minutes.
  • Add the broth and carrots.
  • Cook over medium heat until the carrots are tender.
  • Add the coconut milk. Puree all ingredients in a blender until smooth. (Or use a hand blender in the same saucepan.)
  • Serve garnished with fresh herbs.

If you make this recipe, show us your photos! We’re on Instagram at @BCFM.

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Elgin sent the clock home after a transatlantic adventure

Elgin sent the clock home after a transatlantic adventure

Calendar An icon of a desk calendar.

to cancel An icon depicting a circle with a diagonal line across.

Caret A block arrow icon pointing right.

E-mail An icon of a paper envelope.

Facebook A Facebook “f” brand icon.

Google An icon of the Google “G” brand.

Linked to An icon of the Linked In “in” brand.

Sign out An icon representing disconnection.

Profile An icon that resembles the human head and shoulders.

Telephone An icon of a traditional telephone receiver.

Check A check mark icon.

is public An icon of a human eye and eyelashes.

is not public An icon depicting a human eye and eyelashes crossed by a diagonal line.

Case An icon of a paper folder.

Breaking An icon of an exclamation mark on a circular background.

Camera An icon of a digital camera.

Caret An icon of a caret arrow.

The clock An icon of a clock face.

close An icon in the shape of an X.

Ellipse A horizontal 3 dots icon.

Envelope An icon of a paper envelope.

Facebook An icon of a facebook logo f.

Camera An icon of a digital camera.

Home An icon of a house.

Instagram An Instagram logo icon.

Linked to A Linked In logo icon.

Magnifying glass An icon of a magnifying glass.

Next An arrow icon pointing to the right.

Opinion An explanatory mark centered within a circle.

Previous An arrow icon pointing left.

Evaluation A star icon.

Label An icon of a tag.

Twitter A Twitter logo icon.

Video camera An icon of a video camera shape.

WhatsApp A WhatsApp logo icon.

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Mario: Every 3D Game Ranked By Critics

There are a lot of 3D entries in the Super Mario series to watch fondly, but how do they rank side by side? Mario games have taken him everywhere, from sandy shores to the void of space, and no two Mario games are exactly alike. However, Mario has a fantastic track record, so many titles rank extremely close when it comes to ratings.

Critics seem to agree that Mario’s 3D games all have their own merit, but some shine a bit brighter than others. A common complaint of older Mario titles is clunky camera controls, but that doesn’t mean newer means better. Critics and fans alike revere some titles as classics and pioneers, although they haven’t aged as gracefully as others. After averaging the Metacritic and Internet Games Database scores for the following games, here is a ranking for each 3D Super Mario game.

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8. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury – 89/100

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is the original World of Super Mario 3D on Wii U remastered for Nintendo Switch. The game was not an individual copy of the original; Character movement speeds, along with other tweaks, have been implemented to improve the overall quality of the game. However, the majority of the game remains unchanged from Mario’s original release in 3D World.

To Nintendo’s credit, they sweetened the deal by adding a new mode to the game called Bowser’s Fury. In this new 1 or 2 player adventure, Mario and Bowser Jr. must team up to save a corrupt Bowser who, as the name suggests, is furious. The gameplay is fun and unique as Mario solves puzzles with Bowser Jr. Although it was a nice expansion, it was relatively short, had a shallow co-op experience, and some critics thought it lacked sentiment. Identity, jumping between being a Mario game and an open world sandbox.

7. Super Mario 3D Land – 90/100

Super Mario 3D Land feels designed to show off the capabilities of its home console, the Nintendo 3DS. He seamlessly blended Mario’s 2D and 3D mechanics into an adventure that could fit in a gamer’s pocket. However, striving to push the boundaries of 3DS is just what it does in a unique way.

Earth is a fun Mario game with fun bonuses and a great endgame for challenge lovers, but the implementation of gyroscope controls, StreetPass and of course 3D only provided on Nintendo 3DS has made it age less gracefully than the other titles in the series. Some critics have also criticized the title for its lack of variety in boss fights and level design. Still, this is a solid title that showed the peak of portable gaming at the time and was a must buy for Nintendo 3DS owners.

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6. Super Mario Soleil – 91/100

Originally for the first time on the Nintendo Gamecube, Super Mario Sun features a fully voiced cast, new enemies, and addiction to Mario’s new companion, FLUDD Since the gameplay centers around FLUDD in this title, players can experience a Mario game that stands out from anything that came before it and followed by pointing and shooting to wash up a sinister mess that left the people of Isle Delfino in despair.

The tone of the game doesn’t keep up with other Mario titles either. Mario is in prison for vandalism and Bowser’s son, posing as an evil Mario, kidnaps Princess Peach because he thinks she is his mom. The game does not realize its full potential due to the clunky camera controls which sometimes make it too frustrating and the gameplay mechanics that some critics have called “gimmicks,” but Sunshine is still a timeless classic spoken of almost a decade later.

5. Super Mario 64 – 91.5 / 100

Arguably one of the most iconic Mario games to ever grace a console, Mario’s debut in the world of 3D gaming undergoes the transition from 2D to 3D almost effortlessly. Its gameplay, music, and graphics were top notch for the time, and anyone who owned a Nintendo 64 likely owned Super Mario 64. While it comes with its fair share of exploits and bugs, the fact that players have spent the past 15 years finding new ways to play and speedrun this game is a testament to its influence on gaming culture as a whole. .

Not all of its features have aged gracefully, like the shoddy camera system. However, its iconic levels, characters, bonuses, and mechanics set a precedent for future Mario 3D titles and make Super Mario 64 fun to review over and over again.

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4. Super Mario 3D World – 93.5 / 100

World of Super Mario 3D took the elements of Super Mario 3D Land and almost perfected them. More bonuses, more three-dimensional gameplay, new characters, and a focus on cooperative play make this a fun ride that anyone can pick up, play, and have a good time. The characters all have unique traits, similar to Super Mario Brothers 2. Luigi jumps high but is slippery, Peach can float, Toad is quick, and Mario is versatile, with Rosalina appearing as a playable character once she is unlocked.

Sadly, the game was all but dead when it arrived due to its release on the Wii U, one of Nintendo’s most notoriously underperforming consoles in terms of sales. Fortunately, with the release of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, players who missed the game the first time finally have a chance to jump in and see what they missed.

3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 96.5 / 100

Super mario galaxy 2 missed being a port to Nintendo Switch on Super Mario’s 35th anniversary, which is unfortunate for those who missed it. Galaxy 2 is one of Mario’s greatest 3D adventures, receiving perfect scores from several game reviews when it was released in 2010. The game takes basic concepts from its predecessor and expands them to make the series bigger than ever.

There is something for everyone here with immense replay value, collectibles for finalists, a natural difficulty curve, and a rewarding end game that makes the game difficult but accessible to any player. Despite a lack of cutscenes or over-the-top storytelling, Super mario galaxy 2 makes up for that with great gameplay and level designs that make it the best Mario title for some fans. Additionally, players can ride Yoshi in space. Truly a masterpiece.

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2. Super Mario Odyssey – 97/100

Mario in the air throwing Cappy, with a variety of locations in the background

Mario’s latest 3D title barely misses the top spot on the list, despite being a must-have for Nintendo Switch owners. Items presented in Super Mario Odyssey are smart and fun, ranging from collecting moons to using Cappy’s new abilities rewarding Mario.

Using Cappy to control enemies and as a way to level up is skillful and rewarding. The gameplay is fun and precise, the worlds are diverse and unique, and the final boss fight is something every Mario fan should experience. Hidden secrets settle in every nook and cranny of the game, and collecting hidden coins and moons is almost an addicting affair. Odyssey is an adventure with seemingly limitless replayability and serves as a love letter to all Mario fans around the world. It’s a classic that Nintendo will have a hard time surpassing in the future.

1. Super Mario Galaxy – 98/100

Mario in the galaxy

Super mario galaxy stands up to a standard that all 3D platforms should strive to achieve. New characters and powers, high level design and gameplay, and great use of unique Wii technology set Super Mario Galaxy apart from any other game of its time.

Although this is a series little known for storytelling, Super mario galaxy offered a deeper, more emotional story to unlock so players can learn more about Lumas’ mother, Rosalina, and how she came to be. However, what makes the game one of the best of all time is the level design and game mechanics it pioneered. Super mario galaxy had to hover through the stars for the games that followed, like Super mario galaxy 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, could go even further.

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Palicos that serves you food is a Monster Hunter staple

Why hasn’t Monster Hunter Rise had bigger content updates?

About the Author

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AutoWorld: Tomb of the Unknown Tinkerer

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BRUSSELS – My greatest pleasure to attend AutoSens here is its location. This annual conference, focused on automotive sensor technology (radars, lidars and cameras), is held at AutoWorld, an automotive museum that traces the history of the horseless car back to its origins in the 19th century.

Jean Piat built all of his carts in 1910. It is believed to be the only one that remains.

As I walked through the exhibition space, filled with some of the most elaborate and luxurious products in the international automotive industry, the car that caught my eye – and my imagination – was one of its prime examples. less imposing. A single cylinder cart (French for itty-bitty car) designed by the French Jean Piat was only produced in 1910. According to the explanatory sign, the AutoWorld one is “probably the only remaining vehicle in the world”.

This is understandable. Jean Piat’s obviously slow, oddly designed, and deeply failed mini (it could accommodate two anorexics) is the definition of a useless puddle jumper. In a larger, more generous perspective, however, it is a microcosm of humanity’s great motor vehicle adventure.

Consider the most impressive feature of Piat. The little car has a plush red seat with plush cushions and a nice curved half-roof. Piat drew these elements from earlier designs for horse-drawn cars, surreys, convertibles, and other vehicles – many breathtaking in their opulence.

The rest of Piat’s cart is simple and utilitarian. There is a steering wheel, a feature considered innovative at the time. Unfortunately, it’s awkwardly placed at a right angle to the frame, unlike the wheels of the last generation, and it’s small. It looks more like the flywheel of a steam valve than the graceful, nimble wheel of a ’73 Duster Slant-six.

There is a crank on the front of Piat’s car. But it is small and, it seemed to me, unusually inefficient as a car starting device. I can’t knowingly comment on the single-cylinder engine perched between the Piat’s two bike tires. I’m not a car guy so all I can suggest is this is one of the cutest engines ever made. In this regard, it is definitely French.

Put all of these elements together, however, and you have God’s gift for handymen. My brother Bill, who was a car guy, glanced at the Piat cart and rushed over to his toolbox. Let go of Bill at AutoWorld and he would have all the little nuts, bolts, valves and gadgets of the Piat engine spread out around him.

No real car guy could resist. Piat’s cart is a bare example of human compulsion to tinker with. All its functional parts are exposed. Not all of its innards are begging to be handled (despite all the “Do Not Touch” signs posted around AutoWorld). He tempts anyone with the eye of a mechanic, the wit of an engineer, or the soul of a handyman to pull out an adjustable wrench and come up with a hundred different ways to make stupidity work better. , go faster and even be prettier.

The Piat cart was certainly not the first car ever made. Indeed, among AutoWorld’s displays is the Jamais Contente, designed in Belgium by Camille Jenatzy specifically to beat the world ground speed record. The rocket-shaped single-seater hit 105.88 km / h on April 29, 1899, the first car to break through the 100 km / h mark. But Piat’s cart – which probably reached a top speed of around 15 km / h – struck me as a sort of Australopithecus among the cars.

The Never happy was the first vehicle to exceed 100 km / h.

As you remember, australopithecus africanus, a skull discovered by Raymond Dart in Taung, South Africa in 1924, was the first hominid fossil found in what is now believed to be the cradle of humanity. Over time, Dart’s Australopithecus is not the oldest hominid buried in prehistoric Africa. Since Dart, anthropologists have found older skulls and reworked their evolutionary theories. Likewise, starting with small fossils such as the Jean Piat cart, automotive technology has been the prerogative of handymen, modifying the evolution of the car by excavating – a bit like an archaeologist in excavation – with bare hands, tools specialized and crowded. established.

A few cars further down the exhibition floor, I photographed the Antithesis of Piat, the pinnacle of DIY showbiz in automotive design: a 1959 Cadillac 62 series cabriolet cherry red with red upholstery and two tailpipes. – above two rear lights. This car, as much as any automobile in history, was an excessively miserable, glorious, populist monument, do-it-yourself / designer / engineer / spectator. This is the Oh Wow car that outperforms all other Oh Wow cars.

A cherry red 1959 Cadillac series convertible with red upholstery and two exhausts above two taillights.

In 150 years of automotive history, millions of flivvers have come off the line, but not nearly as cute, silly, impractical and doomed as the Piat cart. Automakers have been building luxury cars for at least a century, but only a handful of them have ever come close to the sheer bustle of the chest. cheeky from General Motors with this super Caddy’59. No automaker will ever do it again.

Look at Piat’s little experiment. So look at GM’s triumphant monster, built 49 years later. In this contrast, we capture the power and daring of the handyman who conquers the world with a key and a cruet.

At AutoSens, they discuss the extinction of the handyman. We are quickly reaching – I’m told – a higher stage of evolution that will liberate humanity and its vehicles from intelligent engineering, compressors, hemis and turbos (whatever they are, Bill would know) , without metaphorical horses under the hood or superfluous. , super cool accessories. Besides, more steering wheel, more steering, in fact, and not even a set of big inflated dice hanging from the rearview mirror because, well, the rearview mirror is going to be a pea-sized camera built into one end. rear that looks exactly like the front end (which will have its own pea-sized camera).

I wonder. What if the auto industry finally delivers on the promises it made about a post-historic era of cars that are silent, battery-powered and run-of-the-mill “computers on wheels”? interior and exterior by robotic algorithms. The tinkerers of the world – like the second coming of Ned Ludd – will they stand up against their obsolescence? Could they revolt, set fire to robocar factories, smash radar networks and destroy electric / hydrogen charging stations?

Or – alas, more likely – do-it-yourselfers and mechanics, with their toolkits and work lights, inline skates and grease guns, secret codes and funky slang, will they just disappear as Australopithecus, from the face of the earth, waiting to be unearthed by 25th century robotic archaeologists?

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Inside Logan Paul’s British Adventure as a Boxer and YouTuber visits Stonehenge and meets Drake in London

LOGAN PAUL banged shoulders with Drake and visited Stonehenge on his recent trip to England.

The 26-year-old has posted a number of social media snaps for his 21.1 million Instagram followers showing him reveling in the UK.


Logan Paul was pictured alongside Drake in London earlier this weekCredit: Instagram @champagnepapi
Paul was also pictured laughing in front of the Stonehenge monument


Paul was also pictured laughing in front of the Stonehenge monument
Paul slammed shoulders with Canadian rapper Preme while in England


Paul slammed shoulders with Canadian rapper Preme while in England

Paul was pictured leaving the Chiltern Firehouse restaurant in London earlier this week with singer Olivia O’Brien.

O’Brien caught the attention of the music world in 2016 when she worked with Gnash on the single ‘I Hate U, I Love U’.

That same evening, he shared a photo of himself with Canadian rapper Preme, while Drake posted a photo of the couple together on his Instagram Story.

The four-time Grammy winner, 34, was in the capital to promote his sixth album Certified Lover Boy.

In another photo posted by Paul, he can be seen walking to a helicopter in his Maverick clothing line.

He was then pictured outside Stonehenge laughing while holding a Polaroid camera.

YouTube and boxing star Paul uploaded a number of photos from his time in the UK


YouTube and boxing star Paul uploaded a number of photos from his time in the UK
Paul supported his brother Jake to beat Tommy Fury if the couple met inside the ring


Paul supported his brother Jake to beat Tommy Fury if the couple met inside the ring


Singer Olivia O'Brien followed Paul out of the Chiltern Firehouse restaurant earlier this week
Singer Olivia O’Brien followed Paul out of the Chiltern Firehouse restaurant earlier this week

While in the UK, Paul teamed up with True Geordie where he commented on the potential fight between his brother Jake and Tommy Fury.

The couple are in talks to meet in the ring, with promoter Frank Warren revealing that “something could happen” in the near future.

And if the duo clashed, Logan backed his brother to win by declaring he would “murder” the Love Island star.

He said, “Dude Tommy Fury beat [Anthony Taylor]. I had been drinking 45 days after the fight with Floyd Mayweather.

“I’m coming back, I fought the kid Tommy fought, he didn’t come out of the first round… He’s going to get fucking murdered [vs Jake].

Paul hasn't stepped into the ring since his exhibition fight against Floyd Mayweather in June


Paul hasn’t stepped into the ring since his exhibition fight against Floyd Mayweather in JuneCredit: La Méga Agence


“It’s not a fight between me and Tommy Fury at all, I can say whatever I want now, I really don’t care, Tommy couldn’t even finish Taylor in the four rounds.

“Do people think he’s going to win, I was watching his fight and it’s very clear that he’s still an amateur, he’s clearly built for it but there is something missing.

“From what I’ve seen from this fight, there are levels in this shit and I’m way above it.”

Logan Paul reveals he almost accidentally started a fight between UFC stars Conor McGregor and Khabib at a restaurant

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Camera for adventure

The 10 Batman movies ranked from worst to best

Ben Affleck (Batman / Bruce Wayne) in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Photograph courtesy of HBO Max

Which of Batman’s cinematic adventures reigns supreme as his best film?

The crime-fighting vigilante known the world over as The Dark Knight has done more than his fair share of showdowns on the big screen. Arguably the most popular superhero and comic book character of all time, Batman is a Hollywood heavyweight (and has been for decades), Bam, Slap and Power his way to success every time he leads a new DC Comics adventure in theaters.

He made his big screen debut in a feature film in 1966, with Adam West taking his iconic take on the small screen to the big screen, and Caped Crusader’s next offering will arrive in 2022 when Robert Pattinson puts on the hood. for the next live reboot The batman. Much has happened in the intervening decades, with stars like Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck bringing the Dark Avenger to life as names like Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder steered them behind the camera.

Yes, the proven film history has been quite rich so far and it shows no signs of slowing down. So, in honor of Batman Day, let’s take some time to reflect on this story and see which of his films reign supreme as the best of the best.

Where will your favorite Batman movie rank?

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Camera for adventure

GoPro’s new Hero10 Black is its most powerful action camera yet – Robb Report

Memories of your next ascent of Mount Everest might look a lot sharper soon, that is, if GoPro has anything to say about it.

On Friday, the adventure camera company released its most powerful model yet. Dubbed Hero10 Black, the camera runs on a GP2 processor, a new chip designed to deliver faster and smoother performance. According to the company, the new, fast device captures video at 5.3k resolution, which is 93% sharper than 4k models, and at twice the frame rate. And it can grab high resolution 19.6 MP images from videos and capture still images at 23 MP.

But the genius of the Hero10 Black may lie in a plethora of technological enhancements designed to keep your videos clear with all movement (like when you climb a dangerous mountain). Using GoPro’s HyperSmooth 4.0 technology, the camera promises to provide advanced stabilization with increased horizon leveling from 27 to 45 degrees. It also has enhanced low-light capabilities for the darker moments of your adventure.

Close-up of the rear LED display and controls of the Hero10 Black.

Go Pro

As you would expect from any GoPro, the Hero10 Black can live stream directly at 1080p. Time lapses are also a cinch with GoPro’s TimeWarp 3.0 and night lapse features. Videos can be recorded in slow motion, at speeds up to eight times slower than real time, with improved resolution of 2.7k. To make the 71mm x 55mm camera easy to control, it has a shutter button, status light, 23.6 MP sensor, microphone, and folding fingers underneath.

The company has also taken steps to ensure that you never lose your footage or run out of memory. With a GoPro subscription, users can quickly upload content from the Hero10 to the cloud with additional editing and saving functions. Captured photos and videos can be downloaded wirelessly through the Quik app, with a USB connection, or while the device is connected to its charger.

The Hero10 Black is now available to adventurers for $ 499, but with a one-year GoPro subscription, the company takes just over $ 100 off the price. If you want your camera to be equipped with all the options you can get – a spare battery, 32GB SD cars, a camera case, boyshorts, and a magnetic swivel clip – that’ll set you back $ 549.99 (449 , $ 98 with subscription). Either way, it’s not a bad price to pay for memories that can be, well, priceless.

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