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The story may involve a trip around the world, but for many of the cast and crew, the shooting of the indie movie “Poor Paul” was a celebration of the house.

“I don’t have to be anywhere else… All I need is between the W’s, Westerly and Woonsocket,” said Stephen O’Neil Martin of Cranston, who plays Leonardo.

Many other familiar local faces take part in the production, which took place at the Sprague Mansion on Cranston Street for four days starting last Thursday.

Among them are the accomplished Sissy O’Hara, who has dozens of credits both behind and in front of the camera, and comedian Brian Vincent.

Then there’s Adam Carbone, probably familiar to many Cranstonians from his 2020 mayoral campaign – a run that saw him arrive at a debate dressed in a hot dog costume, while trumpeting his plans for a new “Party Bagel & Cream Cheese”. He co-wrote “Poor Paul” with the film’s director, Sean Michael Beyer, and plays the main character.

Carbone’s brother David is one of the producers of the film. Rhode Island-born Courtney Danforth makes her debut as Lucia.

Kristen Falso-Capaldi, artist, author and filmmaker who teaches in Cranston Public Schools, is the production designer for the film.

A number of veteran artists from the world of film and television join the talents of Rhode Island. Richard Riehle, whose hundreds of credits range from “Glory” to “Grounded for Life”, plays Grandpa Paul, the namesake of the Carbon character. Others include Michael Emery, Abhi Sinda, and Nick Pasqual.

“Poor Paul” has been prepared for years. The screenplay is from 2012 and the pre-production work has been going on for about a year.

This is the latest collaboration between Carbone and Beyer, who respectively played and directed “Randy’s Canvas” in 2018. This film, which tells the story of a young artist with autism, was also shot in Rhode Island, and many of the same cast and crew returned for the last production.

As Carbone says: “We try to keep our core team. “

Beyer describes “Poor Paul,” which is based on a 2008-11 web series of the same name, as a “romantic comedy adventure”. Carbone, as Paul, plays an “eccentric gentleman” who inherits 500,000 miles of frequent flying from his late mother.

Paul decides to use the miles to take his roommates on a journey around the world. When they stop in Italy, however, their journey is derailed by the “mad” character of Martin, who kidnaps the group. His project ? To marry his daughter, played by Danforth, to Paul de Carbone, an American.

“But things are not going as planned,” Beyer said. This is because Paul, when stressed, “gets into heroic fantasies where he saves the day.”

“This is Captain Kirk from ‘Star Trek’, he climbed Mount Everest in an hour, this is Don Paul, like in Don Corleone,” Beyer added. “Just a lot of fun stuff. It’s very exaggerated … Kind of like “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off”, where we sometimes talk to the camera.

Beyer, from California, said returning to Ocean State for “Poor Paul” was a natural fit. He praised Steven Feinberg and Carol Conley of the Rhode Island Film & TV Office, calling them “great to work with and very helpful.”

“I love shooting in Rhode Island… Rhode Island is so good for movies,” he said.

Even more, the diversity of the locations of the State – all in the immediate vicinity – corresponds perfectly to the needs of “poor Paul”. After all, the script calls for a journey that spans multiple continents.

“We pretend all over the world here in Rhode Island – Iraq, Italy, Germany, France, England and Rhode Island… It’s a great place to shoot,” Beyer said.

Carbone said other destinations and attractions to be used in production include the sand dunes of East Greenwich, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in the same town, Providence’s Café Nuovo, the Venetian gondolas in the heart of the capital, Newport Vineyards and Battleship. Cove near Fall River.

The Sprague Mansion was also chosen as one of the filming locations, at Carbone’s suggestion. During visits to the set Friday and Saturday, an indoor dining scene and an outdoor wedding – with a vintage car – were filmed.

Meanwhile, in the mansion’s shed, a set has been created for a scene that is supposed to take place in Iraq. This isn’t the first time the shed has been used in this way – for 2016’s “Bleed for This”, a biopic about Vinny Paz from Cranston, it was the location of a mock theater room. boxing.

“We’re really trying to sell what we’ve been on to the world,” Carbone said. “It’s difficult, it’s ambitious… This whole project is ambitious, but we are having a lot of fun and achieving what we set out for ourselves so far.”

“Poor Paul” is produced by Silverwind Films. Midwest-based executive producers Tania and Bradley Burt echoed Beyer in terms of Rhode Island appeal.

“One of the reasons we came here is because there is so much talent here… and there are a lot of great historic places we can shoot in,” Tania said, adding: ” We’re thinking of developing a few more feature films here. “

She continued, “We love it. If we didn’t have our grandchildren in the Midwest, we really could [move here]. “

Bradley praised the cast and production crew, noting the benefits – both financial and intangible – of using local artists and film workers.

“They know each other. There’s a lot of camaraderie… It’s just a fun bunch to do that,” he said.

Carbone said the plan is for post-production to begin “right after we finish filming” and “Poor Paul” is due out in the spring of 2022. Tania said the film will be distributed worldwide, although one company has not yet done so. been chosen as producers explore their options.

“It’s a very, very funny storyline, and we’re thrilled… We have high hopes for the product,” she said. “We think it’s going to be really successful.”

Tania and Bradley both spoke enthusiastically about Sprague Mansion and its resident caretakers, Mary and Gregg Mierka, for hosting the production.

This is the historic house’s last contact with the entertainment industry. The mansion has been the site of other film shoots over the years, and Gregg – who was fortunate enough to play a small role in “Poor Paul” – has several movie and TV credits, including “Gettysburg”.

For the cast members of “Poor Paul”, the shooting of the film was a kind of reunion – a chance to reconnect with others who have found a home in the entertainment business, even in some cases without being based in the entertainment industry. southern California.

Martin, who began performing in 1972, toured early in his career before starting a family. He spent 30 years working for the state, but during that time, “I stayed with the company. Also a writer, he first met Carbone when the two played the roles of father and son in a short film he had written.

“It’s a different world now,” he said. “You don’t have to live in Los Angeles to work.

Riehle, who was also on “Randy’s Canvas,” said he had family in the Providence area and visited them periodically.

“It was nice to come back… It’s fun to be back with a lot of the same people for another crazy adventure,” he said.

Riehle – whose credits include many movies and comedy shows, including Office Space ”- specifically praised Carbon. The two shared a laugh as they discussed Carbone’s run for mayor.

In “Poor Paul,” said Riehle, Granda Paul’s goal is “to try to prevent [Carbone’s character] to have more trouble.

“It’s definitely a tall order,” he added with a smile.

Sinda and Pasqual, childhood friends from Pittsburgh, both expressed their excitement about being a part of “Poor Paul”.

“This film is really, really ambitious. But when you’re going to make a movie and do something creative and have goals, you want them to be lofty and ambitious, ”Sinda said. “Adam and Sean definitely set the bar really high for this.”

Pasqual, who is one of the producers and helped with the pre-production work, said it was “very surreal to finally film here after so many months of preparation.”

“So far it’s been a blast,” he said. “You see an independent film and you realize it almost feels like a miracle when it all falls into place, you know? We really have a fantastic group of people.

“Everyone,” Sinda added, “feels lucky to be here.”

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New EarthBound 64 images have been discovered

EarthBound 64 / Mother 3 footage canceled for the Nintendo 64 was discovered on disc and uploaded to YouTube by an online collector.

New images of the cancellation EarthBound 64 (also known as the original Mother 3) was discovered and uploaded to YouTube. EarthBound 64 is a game fans have been craving to learn more about for years, as little was revealed about it before it was canceled.

EarthBound 64 spent years in development, with production starting before the Nintendo 64 was released. The game was featured at various trade shows and appeared to be almost finished, before being suddenly canceled in 2000. Development was then relaunched on the Game Boy Advance, and Mother 3 will be released in Japan in 2006. Fans have been asking Nintendo for years for an English localization of Mother 3, especially with games like the original Fire emblem on the NES seeing a recent translation. At the time of writing, Mother 3 remains an exclusive title in Japan, and that doesn’t seem to change anytime soon.

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Nintendo only ever released a small amount of EarthBound 64 footage and screenshots, the former mostly existing as low-quality videos taken at events in Japan. A collector named Zen bought a copy of the Nintendo Company Report 1998 at a Japanese auction, which they detailed on their Twitter Account. This contained a disc with video footage of games still in development at the time. The new images of EarthBound 64 can be seen on the Zen64 YouTube channel. The images were intended for the Space World 97 event, where the first release of Pokémon Gold and Silver that leaked years ago has been displayed to the public.

The disc also contained clips of other games, including a trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, showing a moving perspective for the camera outside the Temple of Time. As the first 3D game, Ocarina of timeCamera controls have had an influence on the industry, and it’s interesting to think about how this mechanic was iterated before the game’s release. This is a minor reveal, however, compared to to all the information on the development of Ocarina of time which has appeared in various leaks over the past year.

The Nintendo Gigaleak has revealed a ton of content that was never meant to be seen by fans. For many, a leak of EarthBound 64 would be the holy grail of Gigaleak. Mother 3 is a beloved title, which is why people keep asking for it to be localized, and the possibility of learning more about the original blueprints of its story is something that Tied to the earth fans would love to see. The content of recent Gigaleaks hasn’t been very interesting, as it mostly contains internal Nintendo docs, but the day may come when Lucas’s original adventure ends up online.

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Source: Zen64 / YouTube, realZen64 / Twitter

Wedding Crashers x Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing couple’s wedding crashed by Gulliver

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Here’s what we love about the Toyota RAV4 adventure

by Toyota The RAV4 has been recognized as one of the best big SUVs of our time, and for families, it’s a must-have. Not only does it have a glossy exterior design and an even brighter interior, but the SUV has also been applauded for its amazing safety features. In addition to the new 2021 line-up, the brand continued with the Adventure model and the TRD version for its dedicated camping fans.

The RAV4 Adventure model stands out for its driving performance and off-road capabilities, as well as its technology. The entire 2021 RAV4 range combines a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission. We are even more impressed with the additional features of the 2022 Toyota RAV4 TRD.

The 2021 RAV4 Adventure version adds a larger touchscreen, navigation, wireless device charging, high-quality audio system, not to mention standard and available safety features, such as automatic emergency braking, rear view camera and adaptive cruise control, to name a few. little. The RAV4 Adventure is the ultimate SUV for long trips and the perfect RV for the whole family.

The RAV4 Adventure is nothing short of an amazing SUV for everyday life, and soon you’ll discover our favorite features of the RAV4 Adventure, and why it will make the perfect vehicle for you.

The RAV4 Adventure has exceptional styling accents



The RAV4 Adventure model made its first appearance in 2018, with a new look, off-road functionality and other features that have driven a wedge between it and the rest of the models in the lineup and defined it as the ultimate “adventure” Model RAV4.

In recent years, the RAV4 Adventure model has undergone some changes. It received a redesigned interior and exterior styling, safety features and a much more powerful powertrain. The new models carry the new RAV4 grille, which was introduced in 2019.

Overall, the new RAV4 is available in 7 models: LE, XLE, LXE Premium, Adventure, TRD Off-road, Limited and the all new Prime model.

Despite the many models, you will easily be able to distinguish the Adventure model among the rest as it has the Toyota logo on its grille rather than on the top of the grille as in the rest of the range. In addition, the Adventure model does not have a moonroof. The 360 ​​° view of the RAV4 Adventure on the brand’s website fully illustrates its beautiful exterior design.

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It is equipped with the standard suite of active safety features Toyota Safety Sense 2.0



The RAV4 has received many positive reviews for its safety. According to US News, the 2021 RAV4 alone received 5 stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the highest rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, and more.

That said, the Toyota RAV4 comes with a long list of safety features. Some of the standard features are forward collision warning, lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition and pedestrian detection. It also has advanced safety features such as blind spot monitoring, rain sensing wipers, and front and rear parking sensors.

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The large cabin and cargo space are exciting



The five-seater SUV has plenty of room in the cabin, with enough legroom in the front and rear for anyone to stretch out. So rest assured, you won’t feel cramped in this SUV, even on the longest journeys.

Besides the spacious cabin, the RAV4 has plenty of cargo space that puts most of its rivals to shame. The Adventure model has approximately 37.6 cubic feet of cargo space. The second row of folding seats provides additional cargo space to provide a combined space of 69.8 cubic feet

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Adventure trim adds a larger 8-inch touchscreen above the dashboard



While the LE has a 7-inch touchscreen, the RAV4 Adventure features a larger 8-inch touchscreen and comes standard across the rest of the lineup as well.

In addition to the user-friendly interface, the touchscreen is very responsive. The infotainment system also consists of physical buttons to control the weather and audio.

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RAV4 Adventure SUV interior features an 11-speaker JBL audio system



Like the XLE Premium, TRD Off-Road and Limited models, the RAV4 Adventure comes with an 11-speaker JBL audio system, which provides a high-quality surround sound experience.

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Its 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine produces 203 horsepower



All models in the 2021 RAV4 lineup feature a 2.5-liter four-cylinder that can produce up to 203 hp, with the RAV4 Prime model being an exception, as its 2.5-liter four-cylinder and electric engines can produce a combined total of 302 hp.

Ignoring the loud sound that this latest engine makes at high speeds, the engine delivers a lot of power, making it very reliable for everyday use on the highway and off-road.

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RAV4 uses Toyota’s dynamic torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system



The RAV4 Adventure is equipped with a Dynamic Torque Vectoring all-wheel drive system. The 2019 Adventure SUV car and driver test recorded 0-60 MPH acceleration in 8.0 seconds.

However, critics have said that the RAV4’s eight-speed automatic transmission system tends to stumble when downshifting.

On the plus side, the RAV4’s multitrack system can dramatically improve the car’s fuel economy by detaching the rear axle – if necessary. The RAV4 has an overall speed of 120 MPH – that’s faster than the Prime, despite the Prime’s powertrain producing more ponies.

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Upgrade packages available to customers



The RAV4 Adventure offers upgrade packages for any customer who wants more features on their adventure model.

The first package is the Adventure Grade Weather package, which complements heated and ventilated front seats, rain-sensing wipers and a heated steering wheel, all priced at $ 1,015.

For an additional $ 1,265, customers can take advantage of the Convenience Package, which adds a moonroof and height-adjustable power tailgate (standard on XLE and Premium models).

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Maserati Biturbo
Maserati Biturbo: costs, facts and figures

Here’s why the sports car represented a major change for the Italian automaker.

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James Wan’s first Malignant trailer is scary as hell

Warner Bros. is releasing the first trailer for James Wan’s Malignant, a horror film starring Annabelle Wallis as a woman haunted by ghoulish visions.

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first trailer for Smart, the last original horror film from Seen, Insidious and Conspiracy director James Wan.

The trailer centers on Madison (Annabelle Wallis), a woman tormented by terrifying visions of gruesome murders. However, when she finds out that her waking nightmares are occurring in the real world, Madison sets out to uncover the truth about “Gabriel”, the mysterious and seemingly paranormal entity who is not only responsible for these murders, but who has haunted Madison since his birth. childhood.

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Smart, which has nothing to do with Wan’s graphic novel from 2011 Smart man, is based on a story Wan wrote with the film’s writer, Akela Cooper, and Ingrid Bisu. Cooper has already written episodes of the television series american horror story, Luke Cage and Jupiter’s legacy, in addition to being a story editor on Grimm and The 100. She also scripted the developing horror films. M3GAN and The nun 2, of which the latter is a sequel to the 2018 Conjuring prequel / spinoff on the demon Valak.

Join Wallis in SmartMaddie Hasson actors (Mr. Mercedes), George Young (Containment), Michole Briana Blanc (Dead to me), Jacqueline McKenzie (palm beach), Jake Abel (Supernatural) and Bisu (The nun). Behind the camera, the film reunites Wan with several of his trusted collaborators, including cinematographer Don Burgess and editor Kirk Morri (The Conjuring 2), decorator Desma Murphy (artistic director of Aquaman and furious 7) and Conspiracy composer of the Joseph Bishara franchise.

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In addition to co-creating the Seen, Insidious and Conspiracy franchises, Wan directed the horror / thriller 2007 Dead silence about a young widower who investigates his wife’s death and her connection to a creepy ventriloquist doll created by a mysterious woman named Mary Shaw. Wan is currently preparing to begin production on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, a DC Extended Universe adventure that reunites the director with the stars of 2018 Aquaman, including his Insidious and Conspiracy lead actor Patrick Wilson.

As with so many films released in 2021, Smart was due to arrive in 2020 before being delayed by the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Instead, it will simultaneously tilt in theaters and start streaming on HBO Max for a limited time, starting September 10.

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Source: YouTube

The Flash movie introduces a third Barry Allen

The Flash Set photos appear to feature a THIRD Barry Allen

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Find your summer adventure | Spotlight on the Library | North Springs Edition

We’re in the middle of my favorite season in Colorado, with warmer, longer days, flowers and wildlife in bloom, and so much to do in the Pikes Peak area.

Even in my youth, I remember looking forward to summer (pause); yet at this time a three-word phrase was beginning to repeat itself: “I’m so bored!” Now I can’t imagine saying that and instead I often think, “If only I had more time!”

Fortunately, the library has free summer adventures for people of all ages, with plenty of options for those who find time going too slowly instead of too fast. If you’re a parent or guardian who wants to find ways to keep your children’s mind and body active until school resumes, look no further than Pikes Peak Library District.

Each year, we seek to involve children, teens and families through our annual summer reading program. Summer Adventure, presented by Children’s Hospital Colorado, encourages children ages 0-18 to read, imagine and move through August 14 with the chance to collect and win various prizes. It’s a great way to help kids of all ages improve their reading skills and tackle the ‘summer toboggan’ during their school break, as well as giving them the chance to explore and develop their interests. in an entertaining way. Thousands of people have already signed up since its launch on June 1 and we’re getting closer to our community reading goal of 100,000 days.

There are so many ways to participate in the PPLD summer adventure, and parents and guardians can choose the most appropriate opportunities for their children or teens. We welcome you to online and in-person events, including family music performances with Colorado artist Steve Weeks, encounters with the dashing goats of Wishing Star Farms, and hands-on workshops with automotive expert Chaya. Milchtein. It is also possible to create a 3D jellyfish, enjoy an outdoor family movie or virtual escape room, and participate in a teen-focused workforce preparation training. This is all in addition to on-going opportunities such as storytelling hours, coding camps, and letter writing to members of the military in partnership with Operation Gratitude.

Adults can also find summer adventures with (and without) a library card. Use our Pikes Peak Culture Pass to visit a local museum or other cultural institution at no additional cost. Discover a garden game, camera or GoPro while finding your next reading or movie to watch. Take part in our Virtual Regional History Symposium or delve into your family’s history. Come learn to 3D print in a makerspace or record a podcast in one of the two studios. Learn a new language or skill using our 24/7 electronic library. Or join us for virtual yoga, a live Shakespeare show with Theaterworks, or one of the many other programs on offer.

I promise you won’t be bored this summer – or any time of the year – if you use PPLD. In fact, you could start saying things like, “If only I had more time, I could take advantage of everything the library has to offer!” “

Michelle Ray is Director of Communications for the Pikes Peak Library District. Besides bragging about everything the library has to offer, the Kentucky native enjoys spending time with her husband, stepchildren and pets, as well as hiking, boating and volunteering. She can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 719-531-6333, ext. 6401.

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Camera for adventure

A sheep shower, a pig smile or a tasty bite are curiosities to be captured at the fair

It’s county fair season in many Kansas communities this time of year and that means there are some great photo opportunities right at your fingertips. Photographers of all ages can safely get up close to many types of animals and fun-loving events at County Fairs, making for fun photos.

Pigs in the wash pen enjoying a cool hose bath, colorful cattle lined up in the show ring, chickens with unique attitude or top knots in the chicken coop and even baby animals , like foals with a mare in the stable, are often unimportant sights that can be photographed at a county fair.

Always remember to stay away from show exhibitors when working with their animals or projects, and be as kind and discreet as possible. A photographer should never be around for attention, and the best results are obtained by hiding in the background. Taking a camera to the County Fair can be a big adventure, but being courteous and mindful of space and safety issues is of the utmost importance.

Although the usual photography tips of using third parties, taking the time to focus, etc. apply, there are a few more tips to keep in mind for getting great photographs at the fair. If any Pratt, Stafford or Kiowa County Fair photo enthusiasts get some great photos that they would like to share with the newspaper, and read this article, by all means please send these best shots to [email protected] for possible release in a feature just to come. Make sure to include as much identifying information as possible on the submitted photos.

Tips for fairground photos:

1) Get closer – it’s a lot more fun to smell the drool on a pig smile and see the sparkle in their eyes, than maybe imagine. At the fair, show animals are often herded in smaller areas than in natural areas on the farm, so find a perch next to the enclosure and adjust the focus to get as close and as possible as possible. more personal as possible.

2) Look for the action – a duck cleaning its feathers can be a more exciting and eye-catching photograph than a simple photo sitting in the corner of its pen. A faster camera trigger is needed for taking action shots, but the payoff is capturing someone avoiding a garden hose at the car wash or finding a lathered sheep owner with their project lamb. . These are the fun and memorable photos that could be taken at the fair.

3) Avoid bright background lighting – this is difficult at county fairs and there is often a large, shaded roof on top and open-air sides that are blinding in the rays of the summer sun. The trick is to get the right angle of the photograph, perhaps by perching on a railing, or zooming in close to the subject so that the bright / dark contrast in the background lighting isn’t a distraction.

4) Be creative – static exhibits (the ones inside the fairground buildings on display) are also fun to photograph and a person can experiment with different angles to create an interesting shot. Sometimes the best photo is of an individual seeing an unexpected insect at an entomology exhibit or of a child taking a big bite out of a hot dog or hamburger at the usual food stall at the fairground. county.

All fairground photos are fun, especially when shared with others!

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The day I fished Bill Dance’s pond

I was driving through the northern Mississippi when I finally figured out I was going fishing with one of the greatest fishing legends of all time. That morning I loaded up my Toyota Tacoma with all my fishing gear for the occasion of my life.

Through my work at Source Outdoor Group, an outdoor marketing agency, I am fortunate to work for the great people at Millennium Marine and Millennium Treestands. My company manages their marketing, including public relations, media planning, creative design, and influencer management. My client, Millennium, sponsors Bill Dance and provides him with the chairs and seats you see on his boats. I hope you are now starting to see my connection to the greatest and most awkward fisherman the world has ever seen. I appreciate my relationship with the Millennium brand and the people there, and I’m so grateful that they gave me this opportunity.

I barely slept that night. I woke up every 30 minutes thinking it was time to get up and go fishing. When it was finally time to get ready, I got up and did some last-minute rigging in the Hampton Inn parking lot. I attached a few Berkley worms and blade baits on my Abu Garcia Veritas combos. I pitched in the front yard of the hotel and actually stuck a spinnerbait in a pine tree. I was getting a little nervous, so of course I had to do something stupid to make myself laugh. I pulled it out of the tree and luckily no one saw it happen.

Bill picked us up from our hotel that morning. He pulled his jon boat right outside the hotel, and it wasn’t long before a guest saw him and asked for a photo. Bill being Bill acted like he had known the stranger for years. After that, we took off to Bill’s private pond. Before I left the parking lot, I said “Mr. Bill, I don’t know where I’m going, so don’t leave me, okay?” It only took one red light to leave me in the dust. I got nervous and turned on the red light, but I haven’t seen a ticket for it yet. We then returned to northern Mississippi and looped through western Tennessee to get to his private pond.

It took forever to get there, but when we finally got there I was sure I had never seen a prettier pond. It was huge, there were hills all around, standing timber and needle grass. I pulled out my Abu Garcia canes and thought, “I can’t believe I’m putting my canes in the Bill Dance boat.”

My favorite thing that I observed about Bill was that he didn’t want anything. I asked, “Mr. Bill, what are you going to tie up for today?” He replied, “Well, dang .. I guess all I can find.” I laughed, knowing that me and most of my fishing friends are so strategic that we could even dye the pliers on a chigger caw, cut the frog legs to a specific length and paint a little red streak on a crankbait, because that we think will give us some kind of competitive advantage. Bill literally got attached to whatever was within his reach and threw it away all day. Bill also has some nice boats and the boat we took further proves my point. His favorite boat is an old bass tracker, damaged and worn out from years of use.

I threw a white spinnerbait most of the morning, until I got the inner feeling I should switch to chartreuse and pink. I threw it near the wood with a medium speed recovery, just enough to spin the blade. I knew I had made the right decision when I felt a big hit my bait and run hard with it. He would take the line and run, and I prayed that he wasn’t smart enough to wrap around the hundreds of logs in this pond and break. My client, William, was in the boat with us and said, “Uh… Bill, I think she has a good one. It takes the line! All Bill said was “Take your time .. Take your time .. Take your time.” I took my time and was totally calm until the fish jumped. I swear in my eyes at the time, this fish looked as big as a whale. I finally got the fish back, rolled it up to Bill who grabbed the fish for me and put it in the boat. I had officially lost my mind. I grabbed a six pounder with Bill Dance. Absolute fat.

Bill helped me position the fish so that an image looked even bigger than it really was. I don’t want to reveal his secrets, but what Bill did to the fish was insane and I had never seen it before. He adjusted the lure to sit perfectly for a photo and intricately wrapped the line around the fish’s upper fin. “What are you doing? I asked.” We’re going to make that six look like a ten, “Bill said. Sure enough, Bill helped me get the perfect shot and my sixes were really huge on camera. . One thing I have learned is that Bill is all about the perfect picture. He will adjust you so that the light hits you well, tilt the fish to look bigger and wrap wire around it. of the fin to keep him upright. He even started adjusting my hat and telling me to wiggle sideways or the other so he could see the sponsor logos on the clothes I was wearing. promote his sponsors whenever he gets the chance, and so do I. So we were a great team.

Bill has all the tips, tricks, stories and jokes. I have learned so much. When I find myself in a situation like this, I have the attitude that I don’t know anything and that I’m here to learn everything. I’ve fished with a lot of pros and connoisseurs, and try to be a sponge rather than a know-it-all. With Bill, I learned the benefits of putting circle hooks on a crankbait. He taught me how to fish better from standing timber. We’ve reviewed the best ways to call suspended fish, along with patterns and seasonal behavior. “Do you see them ?!” I answered a hundred times that day as Bill showed his Garmin. I learned that Bill once held a catfish record on my home lake, Lake Sinclair in Milledgeville, Georgia. I was surprised to learn that Johnny Morris bought the Memphis Pyramid and put a Bass Pro in it because of a bet with Bill Dance. “He told me he would put a Bass Pro in that pyramid if we caught a 30 pound catfish that day. And we did, so he did. Bill and his wife Dianne had also just celebrated sixty years of marriage, so he even gave me his secrets and advice on this. Bill is also a joker. If I ever looked away, he would hit my rod to make me think I had a fish.

We caught at least thirty fish that day and it was finally time for me to return to Georgia. Since Bill is a Tennessee fan, I made sure to bring a UGA hat for a photo. We were about to leave when I said “Mr. Bill, I have to take a picture in my Georgia hat with you, you know, for the folks at home.” To my surprise, he said, “Oh, you want Luke’s? You can have Luke’s. He left it. Bill then pulled up a red hat with a Georgia “G” on it that had belonged to Luke Bryan. They had shot the music video a week before for Luke’s new song. Bill Dance. Luke had left the hat in Bill’s truck, which meant it was mine now. After that Bill started telling me directions to get back to the main road about 10 times. He said goodbye to me and I left knowing I had just had the best fishing trip of my life. I was so happy that I couldn’t even understand how awesome it was until the next day.

I take great pride in the work I do for the fishing industry, but honestly I’m just a girl who loves to fish. What is most important to me are the relationships built along the way, and I’m grateful to partner with great fishing brands and great people who make these opportunities a reality for me. I will always cherish this day and the memories I was able to share with a legend and everyone’s hero, Bill Dance.

About Macy Watkins

Macy is an Angler, Hunter, God-fearing Outdoor Woman, Outdoor Industry Professional, State Publicist for Georgia Ducks Unlimited, and Graphic Designer for Athletics at the University of North Georgia.

Connect with her online

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Macy watkins

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Camera for adventure

Overview of the jungle cruise; Halloween time is just around the corner – Pasadena Star News

Park Life is a Southern California theme park newsletter that hits your inbox weekly. Subscribe now.

We got to see the eighth wonder of the world – the back of the water – in a preview of the revamped Jungle Cruise. Columnist Robert Niles talks about Disney ticket prices. And while it’s scary to start thinking about fall while it’s still July, we have more news on Southern California theme park Halloween plans. More: Meet The Disneyland Dad Who Built Star Tours In His Garage And So Much More In This Week’s Edition Of Park Life.

What was once a canoe full of skulls is now the wreckage of an expedition boat that was taken over by chimps on Jungle Cruise at Adventureland inside Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. On Friday, July 9, 2021. The ride has been altered to remove negative depictions of natives and instead of sending guests through unrelated jungle scenes, the attraction will now operate with a fully formed story connecting each thumbnail. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register / SCNG)

Floating directly on a boat

Take a first look at the new Jungle Cruise, which may be 66 years old, but got a makeover and a new plot involving a sunken steamboat and stranded passengers. Don’t worry, there are still some man-eating piranhas out there. Read more.

The homemade Star Tours flight simulator in the Eaton family garage. (Courtesy of Mark Eaton)

Dad of Star Tours> Dad of Luke Skywalker

This former Disneyland pass holder built a replica of Star Tours in his garage for a few hundred dollars – far less than the millions Walt Disney Imagineering is spending on new attractions. He also built a spinning teacup for his daughter’s birthday party. Read more.

The holidays collide with Halloween time as Sleeping Beauty’s castle undergoes a makeover at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. On Friday, October 18, 2019 (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register / SCNG)

Blame it on (Oogie) Boogie

Halloween Time will return to Disneyland on September 3, including the Oogie Boogie Bash at Disney California Adventure. The Haunted Mansion will once again be transformed into a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Haunted Mansion Vacation and the Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark overlay will return. Read more.

The series “The Haunting of Hill House” on Netflix is ​​the inspiration for the first maze announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2021 at Universal Studios Hollywood. (Photo courtesy of Universal Studios Hollywood)

Halloween Horror Nights will host the ‘Haunting of Hill House’ maze

Try to say this five times faster. Universal Studios Hollywood will launch a maze based on the Netflix show for its popular Halloween Horror Nights, which return in September. Read more.

Concept art for the new Coco scene coming to “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” on July 17th at Disney California Adventure. (Courtesy of Disney)

Do you believe in “PhilharMagic”?

The 4D concert film ‘Mickey’s PhilharMagic’ opens at Disney California Adventure on July 17, and the redesign will include the first Disney / Pixar animated crossover, with a new song based on “Coco.” Read more.

Visitors to Disneyland walk up Main Street USA just after the gates opened in Anaheim, California on Friday, April 30, 2021. Since the park reopened following the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors have had to purchase a daily ticket to enter in the park, which costs up to $ 154 for a single park ticket and up to $ 209 for a parkhopper. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register / SCNG)

Pay now for later?

Columnist Robert Niles says the park has taken steps to be more inclusive, but the cost of the visit excludes many. Read more.

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Camera for adventure

Chapel man completes 24-hour Stanage Edge climb

Richard Taylor has been climbing his entire life, but last week he took on his biggest challenge ever, climbing the Stanage Edge on his own in 24 hours without ropes.

The 49-year-old started his adventure at 3:30 a.m. on Thursday and made it through Friday morning, stopping only for naps of around 20 minutes when exhausted.

He said: “It was an amazing experience, my 24 hour trip was so much more than rock climbing. It was a total immersion with nature, it is pure magic that changes life.

Richard Taylor embarks on a 24 hour solo ascent on Stanage Edge.  He set up his camera and took the photos himself using the timer function.
Richard Taylor embarks on a 24 hour solo ascent on Stanage Edge. He set up his camera and took the photos himself using the timer function.

“Being outside and seeing the sun rise, set and rise again made it a day to remember.

“Climbing is a selfish act because it only benefits the climber. So I wanted to do something that would help others. So I raised money for the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to help protect the wonderful area in which we live in. “

During Richard’s epic task, he traversed the entire length of Stanage and Burbage Edge, scaling 512 ropes-less routes and 84 boulders.

Twenty of his routes were repeats, alternate starts or finishes and 18 were done in reverse up and down, bringing the total of climbs in 24 hours to 634, meaning he climbed 4,692 meters.

Richard Taylor embarks on a 24 hour solo ascent on Stanage Edge. He set up his camera and took the photos himself using the timer function.

He said: “I had done over 400 climbs on the Stanage Edge already, so coming back I had an idea of ​​what to expect.

“However, there were a few tough times. The abrasive stone dries really fast, so after the rain the week before I knew the stone would be dry, but I stood in a puddle on a ledge and my shoes lost all grip and I slipped but I held on.

Richard grew up in Burbage and moved to Chapel and says his earliest memories were climbing The Roaches and going exploring.

Richard Taylor embarks on a 24 hour solo ascent on Stanage Edge. He set up his camera and took the photos himself using the timer function.

He said: “Climbing has always been great for me to put things in perspective, if I have a bad day I get out a bit and everything is better.”

During his ascent, Richard made inquiries with his wife and children to let them know he was okay.

In these confusing and disturbing times, local journalism is more vital than ever. Thank you to everyone who helps us ask the questions that matter by taking a subscription or buy a paper. We are all fighting together. – Louise Cooper, editor.

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C the beauty of life through the lens of CAMON 17 – Manila Newsletter

CAMON 17, TECNO Mobile’s latest smartphone, is now available in the Philippines. Various events and activities are planned to celebrate its release, including a photo exhibition on TECNO Mobile Facebook and Instagram , featuring the work of some of the country’s top photographers. Each photo featured in the exhibit aims to show the beauty of life through the lens of CAMON 17, while raising awareness of the issues and advocacy that matters. Photographers Noel Guevara, Niccolo Cosme and Andrea Beldua each put CAMON 17’s photo capabilities to the test, experimenting with different features and settings to bring out the best in their subjects.

C the best of nature

Thanks to his work, award-winning conservation photographer Noel Guevara has been able to raise awareness and push for action in favor of marine conservation, an advocacy that has fascinated him for many years. To complete his series of images, it was fitting that Noel take CAMON 17 where he does his best job – Under the ocean. During an adventure weekend in Layag, Anilao, Noel tested CAMON 17 for underwater photography, discovering many of its useful features such as mono portrait and HDR.

Christmas Guevara

One of the photos taken by Noel shows a snorkeler swimming cautiously over a patch of coral. “The CAMON 17 Pro’s stunning 64MP rear camera allows me to effortlessly take underwater photos like this,” Christmas shares. “With such a high-resolution camera, the details of the corals stand out even in cloudy visibility. It also allows for great latitude in editing, allowing you to correct white balance and make image adjustments just like you would a photo taken with a DSLR.

C the best of beauty

Andrea Beldua is known for her cinematic style and her ability to capture subjects at their peak. Specializing in fashion and beauty photography, she produces images that are both attractive and real. Because she is able to present her subjects in their best light, Andrea has had the opportunity to work with many celebrities and personalities throughout her career.

Andrea Beldua

Andrea’s photos for the exhibition pay homage to Man Ray, her favorite surreal photographer and one of his influences. Her fascination with the female form is evident in every image in her series, which she aptly titled, Anatomies (a study). These strong and fierce photographs captured with CAMON 17 Pro, and featuring female subjects, show just how powerful a woman can truly be. There is empowerment in the beauty of every woman, and that message comes through clearly in Andrea’s photos. According to Andrea, CAMON 17 Pro’s Magic Pixel and Mono Portrait features went a long way in bringing out the beauty of every shot.

C the best of life

A photographer and creative director by profession, Niccolo Cosme is also a strong advocate for HIV / AIDS awareness in the Philippines, playing a key role in scaling up the country’s response to HIV. Thanks to his work as a conceptual photographer, Niccolo has become a master in illustrating abstract ideas and conveying messages in the form of images.

For the exhibit, Niccolo took his CAMON 17 Pro on a photo walk through Makati and Manila, producing images that take on a human-interest angle and show striking scenes of everyday life in the city. The experience also allowed him to interact with wonderful people on the street while he took their photos.

Niccolo Cosme

“This is a photo I took as I walked to the Mandaluyong Bridge which is about a 5-minute walk from my home,” Niccolo shares. “I instantly noticed a man begging on the sidewalk because of his colorful and almost coordinated outfit, I think he looked cool. His name is Arturo, 52, from Laguna. He said that his dream was to have his own house so that he wouldn’t have to beg for money on the street. He told me ‘Hindi ako masamang tao, namamalimos lang‘which melted my heart at that precise moment. I asked if I could take a picture of him, which he happily accepted, and asked if he was good looking, to which I nodded. I showed him his picture and he smiled. Hope things go better for him.

The photo was taken at sunset, and with enough light still available, Niccolo decided to use CAMON 17’s super night feature to capture more light and detail. According to Niccolo, this is his current frame of choice.

Selfie for a cause

Following the online photo exhibit, a selfie awareness campaign will be launched to encourage the community to get involved by sharing their own selfies for a cause. Anyone can join in by simply posting a selfie on social media that features their plea. Their photo caption should include a brief description of their advocacy, as well as the hashtags #TECNOMobileCares, #CtheBestofYou, and #SelfieAdvocacy. The best photo and the best caption will be selected by representatives of TECNO Mobile, and the winner will receive a CAMON 17 smartphone.

TECNO Mobile is also preparing to give smartphones and money to its beneficiary partners who are all pillars of the community – Project Malasakit, which is a scholarship project founded by Kara David; and the City of Manila through the Office of Mayor Isko Moreno, and Ina ng Lupang Pangako Payatas Parish, who both plan to reward local heroes during the pandemic for their unwavering service, as well as dedicated and promising students.

By showing its support for the community, TECNO Mobile is part of the nation’s journey to tackle life’s challenges and learn to see the best in every situation.

The new CAMON 17 series

Here is everything you need to know about the new CAMON 17P and CAMON 17 Pro from TECNO Mobile.

The CAMON 17 Pro is equipped with the clearest 48 MP selfie camera on the front and a 64 MP Ultra-Quad camera on the rear. This smartphone is powered by a Helio G95 processor with a screen refresh rate of 90 Hz, as well as a long-lasting 5000 mAh battery that comes with a 33 W fast charger. CAMON 17 Pro is available in California dream silver and Malibu blue, and is exclusively available at Official TECNO Mobile PH store in Shopee mall, at 9 990 P for the 8BG + 128 GB model and at 10 990 P for the 8 GB + 256 GB variant.

The more economical CAMON 17P has a 48 MP AI quad camera, runs on a Helio G85 processor and also has a powerful 5000mAh battery with 18W fast charging. Its high resolution FHD + 1080P display 6.8 inch provides a sharper and clearer display. The CAMON 17P can be purchased from the TECNO Mobile Concept Store in the SM North Edsa annex building, and others TECNO partner stores. CAMON 17P is available in three colors – Magnet Black, Spruce Green and Frost Silver, and is priced at just 8,490 P.

To stay up to date with the latest CAMON 17 series news, as well as exclusive offers and promotions from TECNO Mobile, be sure to like and follow TECNO Mobile France. Visit to learn more about your favorite smartphones and gadgets.



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