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California DMV Now Offers Online Driver’s License Tests

The test can be attempted twice online. If a client fails after the first two tries, they will be asked to come to a DMV office to take the test a third time.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — In a recent Press release, California Department of Motor Vehicles have announced that they will begin offering driving license tests at home. This does not apply to permit tests.

The online knowledge testing process is supposed to “make things more convenient and modern for customers and make more things available online,” said Anita Gore, spokeswoman for the California Department of Motor Vehicles. “We’re going digital to make life easier for our customers.”

Online at-home tests are primarily for those who need to take and complete the driver’s license knowledge test before going to a DMV office.

Additionally, for those renewing their license but need to pass a knowledge test, the DMV offers an interactive eLearning course.

The eLearning class can be taken online via computer or laptop, tablet or phone and is accessible 24/7. The course lasts approximately 45 minutes and consists of seven modules as well as a quiz after each module.

As for the online knowledge test itself, it is available online on an internet-connected computer or laptop with a camera only. The DMV does not allow taking the test on a tablet or phone.

There are requirements before you can take the online test. Gore says you must:

  • Submit photos so they know who you are
  • Have your camera on at all times
  • Be connected to the Internet
  • Agree to be monitored during the test

“The computer will tell the virtual test center if you look away from the camera, look down, go to another browser, etc. so the computer tells us you will fail automatically”, Gore said.

The online test can only be taken twice. If the person taking the test fails both times, they must go to a DMV office and take the test there for the third time.

Additionally, before the test begins, one would need to download browser extensions from DMV, agree to have the computer screen monitored, record video sound and keyboard inputs, and agree to have the test session recorded. in case the DMV needs to backtrack. and watch it.

Those who need to take the test can start the online test between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday. to Fri, excluding public holidays.

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