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BOTW’s adventure diary completely changed the link to English

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Link lost compelling characterization and detail thanks to the game’s translation of the adventure journal.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s Link was originally much more developed than the translated versions of the game offering. The Legend of Zelda has always been Link’s story. Each game centers around a reincarnation of the hero of time as he battles evil, but aside from small details, like his courage or his habit of oversleeping, which causes Link to wake up to start most games, not much is known about the character. While past Zelda games have been reluctant to establish more than these basic characteristics of Link, the Japanese version of breath of the wild broke the mold and included many more.


Link has almost always served as the silent protagonist in the Zelda series. Aside from the occasional grunts and words in Wind Waker, players never really have a clue what Link is thinking. In skyward swordLink received dialogue options that gave him more personality, which carried over to breath of the wild, where he eventually became a full-fledged character with his own name, not just a stand-in for the player. However, the biggest detail added to Link’s character in breath of the wild has been edited in the translations, changing the narrative in a key way.

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breath of the wild‘s Sheikah Slate is an integral part of the game, functioning as a map, a camera, a way to use Link’s runes, and a hub for all breath of the wildinformation. The Adventure Log, which details all of Link’s quests along with additional notes after completing them, is also included in Sheikah Slate’s database. The main difference between the Japanese version of BOTW and translations like the English version can be found here: In the English version, the Sheikah Slate appears to write Link’s quest information herself, giving second-person insights, relating the information to the player. In the Japanese version, Link writes his own first-person quest updates, providing his own unique commentary.

BOTW Adventure Log entries gave Link more personality

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Tingle Link Goron Outfit

twitter user @atomaruu would have been the first to discover the difference between the English and Japanese versions of breath of the wildAdventure log entries from , which were later transcribed by tumblr user Vadnyl. The English translation doesn’t just change”I,” at “you“, he replaces Link’s expressive tone with a fully robotic tone. Instead of Link’s own thoughts, the player hears instructions from the Sheikah Slate herself for each of the breath of the wildthe quests. For example, in the English version of the completed Captured Memories quest, the Sheikah Slate commands, “Go and save [Zelda] as soon as possible to finally lighten this burden“, while the Japanese version (as translated by Vadnyl) reads:”Even if it’s just a moment ago, I want to save her as quickly as possible. . . (I) want to see her smile again, with those eyes (mine).”

What the Japanese text accomplishes is more characterization for Link than any other Zelda game has offered. His words communicate the urgency of his mission to save Zelda, and they establish his care and potential love for her. Also, knowing that these Adventure Log entries basically serve as Link’s journal gives them more appeal due to their charm. When Link tames the Giant Horse, he writes how “cool” is that the horse can trample lots of monsters, and when he accepts the Test of Will of Zeldathe rock race of the Gorons, Link begins to playfully mimic their speech in the newspaper, ending each sentence with “goron.”

The original Adventure Log communicated many different facets of Link. It’s hard to imagine why the translators decided to make such a drastic change to the game’s narrative, especially considering breath of the wild already challenged so many longtime people Zelda traditions in its gameplay alone. Whatever the reasoning, the move hurt Link’s character. Fans outside of Japan can only hope that translations of the sequel to breath of the wild will be more faithful to the original.

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Source: Vadnyl/tumblr

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